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The finishing.com Hotline includes more than 60,000 Shop Problems, Q&A's and RFQs about metal finishing. This page is an archive of a thousand of those discussions. You may prefer to start at our Home page, view the most recent threads, or search the site.

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1000. Etching of zinc die-castings
1001. Small Passivated Zinc Plant
1002. Electropolishing of s/s surgical instruments
1003. Thin Dense Chrome
1005. Counterflow Rinsing
1006. Non cyanide copper plating Q&As / Problems & Solutions
1007. More details - copper brush plating "Down under"
1009. Sludge separation in waste treatment
1010. Help Plating and Special finish for Aluminum
1011. Cadmium Replacement
1016. Operating limits of powder coatings
1018. Anodizing MMC material (Al30Si70)
1019. Process control for zincating
1020. Chrome plating on plastics
1021. Craters on Powder Coated Aluminium Sheets/Extrusions
1027. Post-plated material vs. pre-plated material
1029. Electroplating fiberglass sculptures
1031. High Temp Water Base
1032. Black Nickel Plating on SS
1034. Anodizing / 6061-T4 / QQ-A-250/11
1037. Pyrophosphate zinc plating
1039. Blackening and finishing stainless steel chainmaille
1041. Spent silver baths
1042. Anodize Inspection Technique to ensure 100% coverage W/O breaks
1043. Desperately seeking shop vacuum
1044. Anodizing Beryllium
1045. Cleaning and Passivating brass and stainless
1046. Microstructure of electroplated bronze
1047. Non-chromated conversion coatings
1048. Alkaline Non-cyanide Zinc - Good, Bad, or Ugly?
1049. Pulse plating: worth the money?
1051. Aluminum Chrome Plating
1059. Hot dip tinned aluminum sheet
1060. Hard anodizing questions
1063. How to resolve tin/lead whisker and excess solder
1066. Looking for books on Electropolishing of metals
1067. Anodizing Magnesium?
1069. Caliper Piston Plating, Automotive
1070. Zinc phosphate
1072. Governmental standards for electropolishing
1075. Hard chrome school / training
1076. Breakthrough anodizing process?
1078. Silicon carbide whiskers
1079. Yellow Chromate Conversion Coating - Improvement Needed!
1081. Type 2024 Aluminium Hard Anodize Problem
1082. Chromate-free conversion coating
1083. Blue Chromating in automated zinc plating line
1085. Anodizing Pen for Touch-ups?
1086. Masking alternatives for blind areas
1088. General info about plating
1089. Laymen Needs Plating Guidance
1092. How to Etch & Finish Tungsten Wire
1093. Water soluble wax
1095. Should Galvanic Corrosion be a concern in computer chassis?
1098. Settling of tin solution suspensions
1099. Delayed peeling of decorative chrome from aluminum
1100. How do you protect internal surfaces?
1102. Pitting problem with acid copper plating
1103. Copper deposits are forming nodules
1106. Request for advice/info on reworking improperly sealed black anodize
1107. Information on metals used by electroplating job shops
1109. Sodium Polysulfide price/manufacturer?
1111. Statistical Process Control
1114. Bronze plating solution and parameters
1115. Zinc and nickel brighteners
1116. Sand blasting & pretreatment
1119. Long term corrosion resistance of aluminum
1120. Preventing copper from discoloring
1121. Electron affinity of silicon nitride
1122. Knoop hardness measurement
1123. Electrostatic application of talc
1125. Plasma or corona treatment of plastics before metallizing
1126. Painting galvanized roofs
1128. UV reflectance data
1129. Conductive paint?
1130. Effect of Sulfuric concentration in anodizing
1132. One too many scratches?
1134. Electropolishing Plain Carbon Steel
1136. Best metal pretreatment before powder coating?
1137. Filtration system for high volume E'less Ni tank
1138. Purpose of sodium dichromate in passivation solution?
1139. In search of non-chromated Conversion Coatings
1140. Calculating Anode Area
1142. Estimating Air Releases
1144. Heat colouring or lead dipping stainless steel
1147. Pretreatments for various substrates for EN
1148. Hardcoat vs. regular anodize
1150. Black oxide process?
1151. Chroming plastic helmets
1152. Touching up powder coating
1153. Where do I find a low VOC clear coat for brass?
1154. Electroless Nickel Re-purification/Re-cycle
1155. Need Permalloy electroplating
1156. Mechanical vs. Electroplated Zinc
1159. Dacrotizing
1160. Corrosion protection for powder coated aluminum
1162. Damaged chrome plated surface
1163. Looking for Colored Chromium Chemical
1164. Thickness measurement methods for gold
1165. Aluminum Substrate Corrosion Problem
1167. Polysulfone electroplating for EMIRFI shielding
1168. Gold Plating Pewter
1170. 65 'Cuda Textured coating needed...
1172. Powder gun "puffing"
1174. Silver on PMMA
1175. Cad waste water
1177. Material for Anodizing Cathodes
1178. How to remove silver tarnish?
1178. How do I tarnish silver?
1179. Bright Anodized Lighting Reflectors
1180. Looking for info on powder coating
1182. Post Treatment to Black Chromium plating
1183. Hard Chrome Plating of Chilled Cast Iron and Cast Iron
1184. Tank Design layout for chrome plating with push-pull hood
1185. Tin Plating Problems
1187. Water marks on dried parts
1190. Gold Plating
1192. Chrome Electroplating Aluminum Wheels
1194. Cracking Powder Coated Finish
1196. Buffing Aluminum to a Mirror Finish
1197. Need aluminum anodizing equipment/system
1198. Safely darken Copper, Brass or Bronze
1201. Nickel free silver plating for jewelry
1205. Test specifications, ASTM, MIL, AMS, etc.
1207. Looking for information on Ferritic Nitrocarburizing
1208. The I.S. Meter - alive or dead?
1209. Post treatment after plating
1210. Simple method of black anodizing aluminum wanted
1212. Bringing paint mixing in house
1213. Surface finishing, chemicals, abrasives
1214. Colorful Textured Coatings
1215. Antiquing Gold
1216. Hydrogen Embrittlement
1217. Potassium Dichromate Seal for Anodizing
1219. Titanium anode baskets in CYANIDE COPPER
1221. Abrasive applications in electronics
1222. Zinc electroplating without cyanide
1224. Alkaline cleaning
1226. titanium products
1227. copper strike
1230. Anodization of aluminum for electrical insulation
1231. Tests for Fastness of color of anodized colored aluminium
1232. Chrome plating
1236. Basics of Barrel and Reel-to-reel Plating
1237. Plating rhodium on white gold
1242. Electro Deposited Phosphate
1243. Electropolishing and/or bright dip
1245. Anodizing as pretreatment for powder for architectural use
1247. Finishing of Black Powder Naval Cannons
1249. Stoddard in the anodizing tanks
1250. Metal and wood finishes
1252. Tarnish as a finish?
1253. Electrical Properties of Passivated Stainless Steel
1255. Powder coating on plastic or composite material
1257. Electroless Nickel Plate Life-testing
1258. tin plating bath with low throwing power
1260. Hobby, student plating
1261. Beryllium Electroforming
1263. Interference color anodising / 2-step color anodizing of aluminum
1264. Preparing steel for painting [descaling]
1265. Anodizing titanium
1266. Compliant Clear Coatings
1268. Criminal to Concentrate Wastes?
1269. Ductility in Nickel Electroplate
1270. Need wet/dry Shop Vacuum for chemicals and corrosives
1272. Metal climbing in bright acid tin
1277. Low VOC substitute for polyurethane with spatter finish?
1280. Ceramic coating
1282. Loss of current in anodizing tank with concrete body
1284. Anodizing and dyeing alloy 6262
1285. How to measure silver plating thickness
1287. Chlorine fluxing wands, ceramic coated
1290. Copper coated Aluminum has Galvanic Corrosion Problems?
1292. Applications for aluminium anodizing other than windows/doors
1293. Cleaning copper pennies in the garage
1296. What is "black" and what isn't?
1297. How to maintain Electroless Nickel deposition constant?
1298. Nickel Plating Solution Recipe Needed!
1299. Cadmium on Spent Electrowinning Cathodes
1300. Off-The-Shelf Cad Plating System
1301. Nickel Sulfamate: Gone Matte
1302. Electroplating Training courses, materials & videos
1304. High cost of chrome plating of motorcycle & auto parts
1304a. Want procedures for chrome plating of plastics
1308. Auto parts , Protecting magnesium polish
1312. Painting on fishing lures
1313. Die Attach Solderability problem using parts with a Ni Coverage
1315. The process of color anodizing
1316. Polypro balls
1317. Magnesium parts : environmentally safe alternative to chromating
1318. How to paint aluminum?
1319. Silver plating polyester
1321. Medallion Products and gold "immersion plating" product
1323. Exterior, brass, lockset refinishing
1324. Practical Chromium plating books
1325. Pickling of stainless steel
1326. Testing oxide coating by salt spray
1329. Hydrogen Embrittlement of 301 Extra Full Hard SS caused by Electroplating
1330. Tantalum plating/aluminum oxide barrier
1331. '70 Goat , Black anodized aluminum- is refinishing possible?
1333. Electropolishing Questions
1335. Revealing grain boundaries in aluminum alloy 357
1336. Alumablack
1340. Rinse water criteria for electroplating
1341. Adhesion in hot dipped galvanized articles
1347. Wastewater treatment
1348. Stripper for electroless nickel
1352. Anodizing Zinc Alloy Castings
1353. Anodizing Additives; Room Temperature Hardcoating
1354. Import of various metal and wood finishing Chemicals
1356. "Tie-dyed" anodizing
1358. Chrome Application Machine
1359. Treatment of Magnesium
1361. Clear coat on heat-colored copper
1363. Building construction for plating
1364. Plating as a maskant for nitride
1366. Cleanroom design
1367. Need help polishing hardened steel without introducing pits
1369. Preparation of Stainless Steel for Epoxy Powder Coating
1373. Hydrogen Embrittlement issues in Electroplating
1374. Can you vacuum metallize Delrin
1375. Cleaning with Bugs
1377. Electroplating brass onto carb needles
1382. Need corrosion comparison, galvanneal vs. unplated steel
1383. Coloring of stainless steel
1384. Help choosing Anodize Coating for Marine Environment?
1385. Bubbling/blistering/blackening of tin plating on brass
1386. PCB Connectivity fixed by plating
1387. Wear and hardness of chromium coatings
1391. Trouble with free machining copper substrate
1392. Polish a part in 316L MIM
1393. High strength strip steels hydrogen embrittlement
1394. Gold finishing
1395. Solder Joint Corrosion
1397. De-wetting problem
1400. FDA SEZ "How do you know it's electropolished?"
1402. Powder Coat Questions
1403. Brightening agent for iron
1404. Electro-chemical polishing bath for silver
1407.Protective coating for ink
1410. Surfactants in wastewater
1411. Alkaline paint remover
1412. Difference Between Type I and Type II anodize
1413. Cleaning corroded chrome plated steel
1414. Accomplishing heavy oxidation on Copper
1415. Recycling of chrome plated aluminum
1416. Nickel Strike for Silver Plating
1417. Activating stainless steel
1419. Anodizing MIC-6 and Jig Plate
1420. Powder coating pretreatment on a septic system.
1421. Shear Test specification for thermal break
1423. Smut on nickel fluoride seal
1424. Ripple in Chrome Plating Rectifiers
1425. Ti Nitriding?
1427. Anodizing Zirconium
1428b. Technique for Mirror Polishing Aluminum
1429. Black Oxide rusting
1431. Welded aluminum vacuum chamber cleaning
1432. Replating flatware
1435. De-Ionized Water
1436. Evaluation of Diffused Nickel-Cadmium Plating
1437. Anodizing Specifications-- a grand compilation
1438. Central electrode in anodizing bath
1439. Brush Plating
1443. Surface Cleaning and Finishing for type 410 AISI Stainless Steel
1445. Oxidation of Titanium? Can somebody do it?
1453. Ball burnishing
1454. Cost of hard chrome
1458. Powder coating anodized aluminum
1459. Plating Copper onto Aluminum?
1461. Painting or plating Porsche 928 valve covers & intakes
1462. Alkaline wash solutions
1463. Plating on stainless steel
1468. Surplus plating solutions: shelf-life? repurposing? trading?
1471. Re:Aluminum Painting
1473. Etchant for Stainless Steel
1476. Removing Chrome
1478. Anodizing and sterilization
1479. Plating Expos
1480. Anodizing & Coloring line for aluminium profile
1481. Help with drying plant
1482. Finishing of Guard Rail Framework for a houseboat
1483. Solderability and Corrosion Resistance
1489. Stamped hardware problem - Any takers?
1492. Blackening of Stainless Steel
1494. Preparation of galvannealed steel for painting
1495. Problems with 6000 series aluminum
1496. Need help on Alzak process
1497. Electro-plating for gun restoration
1499. Chemical Polishing of Titanium
1500. Discrepancies in Rockwell hardness readings
1501. Plating on Z.A.M.A.C.
1502. Searching for clear gloss coating
1503. Platinum Electroplating
1506. How To Deposit Boron?
1512. Zinc-nickel jobshop
1513. Nickel plating impact question
1514. ISO 9000 and QS-9000 registered company list?
1516. Chemical deburring titanium
1517. Hard anodizing processes
1521. Non-tank passivation of stainless steel?
1522. Need some basic definitions
1523. Painting on zinc
1527. Tin ceiling restoration
1529. Outgassing in Nickel Plating
1530. Silver Plating for Galling Resistance
1531. Phosphating Definition Procedure
1532. Annealing Process Equipment
1533. Enhancing the reflectivity of mirror polished stainless
1535. Remove brass finish and accelerate tarnishing
1536. Chrome maskant
1538. Rechroming of motorcycle parts
1540. Epoxy adhesion to nickel plating
1541. Help on chlorides in Chromic Anodize
1543. Chrome plating repair material
1545. Zinc-rich powder coating as a base coat
1546. Verification of proper Iridite Finish
1547. SB14 (California Senate Bill 14?)
1548. Aluminum Rack Systems
1550. Best clear coat for wheel application
1551. Milling of Stainless Steel
1557. Coefficient. of Friction of Anodized Alum.
1558. Acid recovery
1565. High Temperature Clear Coat for Aluminum
1566. Plating nails
1571. Galling between silver plate and nickel plate threads
1572. ORP values for treating waste water
1573. Rectifier ripple
1574. Aluminum anodizing by current vs. voltage
1577. Electrocoat priming of classic car
1580. Unknown coatings, Sanstrom coating and Parker Lubrite #5
1581. Brass plating problems
1587. Black chromate on acid Zinc-Cobalt
1588. HCN Concentration in Dilute Cyanide Solutions Used in Plating Process
1591. Aluminium etching and desmutting
1593. Electrophoretic Polyurethane Coating Required
1594. Pit of parts in dye and seal tanks of anodizing line
1595. Cleaning Carbon Deposits from Copper
1598. Chrome Remover and Nickel Activator recipes?
1599. Affect of anodizing on aluminum fatigue strength
1600. Looking for info on TiN and TiCN coatings
1601. Finishing wrought iron furniture
1602. WWT reaction tank design
1603. Anodizing of IVD aluminum
1604. Electroless Pb deposition
1605. Using Metal Filler when parts will be Powder Coated
1607. Electroplating - Vat Heaters and Thermostats
1610. Electroplating vs Plasma Spray Coating
1611. Hard Anodizing using Pulse Rectifier
1612. Restore automotive interior plastic
1613. Fisheyes
1615. Bend test
1617. Black Nickel Plating
1618. Necessity for primer with powder coatings
1620. UV coating of Brass
1621. Aqueous degreasers vs. vapor degreasers
1622. Cadmium stripping on high strength steels
1624. Wet Abrasive Blasting Equipment
1626. Hardcoat Anodizing
1628. Krytox lubricant films
1631. Electropolishing of Aluminum or SST
1632. Protective Finish for Copper
1634. Geometric Tolerancing
1639. Black Optical Coatings on 304 Stainless Steel
1640. Gold as an etching resist
1641. Low cost anti-corrosion coating for steel
1642. Info re Electropolishing of Tool Steels
1643. Feasibility of electrowinning technology
1644. Tin whisker growth
1645. Powder Coat, how can I paint on top of it?
1649. Nitric or non-cyanide silver electroplating solution
1651. Plating beryllium and beryllium copper
1652. Electrowinning Cell Vendors
1653. Acid cleaning - alloy oxide removal, brightening processes
1655. Chemical polishing of stainless steel
1657. Stainless screens for electroforming
1659. Copper deposition on Si substrates
1660. Effect of chromium contamination in bright nickel plating solution
1662. Hobby Electroplating Kits... safe?
1664. Nickel plating stainless steel springs
1670. Black matte paint for space use
1671. Where is the Nikasil?
1675. Monitoring anodizing parameters
1677. Anodize Problem
1678. Looking For Aluminum Alloy Composition Information
1679. Adhesion of Nickel plate onto Stainless Steel
1680. Black Nickel Plating
1681. Zinc plating vs hot dip galvanizing
1684. Brass Blackening Solution
1685. Removing dye from anodized parts
1687. Copper plating looks more like brass
1689. Copper and tin electrodeposition
1693. Selective cyanide detector
1694. Autophoretic Coating Process
1695. Lactic acid or metacrylic acid in Watts nickel plating
1696. Acid purification problems
1698. Ni/Au Immersion
1700. Nickel plating process
1701. Powder coating a bridge
1704. Testing electrical resistance/conductivity of chromated aluminum
1705. Emissivity Control or Coatings for Thermal Management
1706. Variability in 3005 Anodized Aluminum Finish
1709. Information on commercial anodizing processes
1711. Aluminum Refinishing
1712. Silver plating on coins
1714. Ultrafine Metal Finishing... "Durasurf"?
1718. Spotting/bleed out of plated lead castings
1721. Temperature of acid copper solution
1723. Sheet metal cleaning
1725. Copper/Ni barrel plating on die cast zinc
1726. Brass Plating
1728. Drying parts after plating
1729. Effluent streams
1730. Cleaning tarnish from brass
1731. Hard Gold Plating Problems & Solutions / Q&A's
1732. Stainless Steel Pickling Alternatives
1734. Polymer Coating of Sterling Silver as an Anti-tarnish Treatment
1735. Copper Plated Roofing Material
1736. Chrome removal question
1738. Plant layout
1743. Passivation of 440 stainless steel during heat treatment
1744. Salt spray test for austenitic stainless steel
1746. Copper Tarnish
1747. Chrome plating
1748. Hydrogen while stripping?
1751. Satin Chrome on steel and brass
1754. Stainless steel blackening thru chemical dipping
1759. Restoring Hardware For Cupboards
1760. Intentional tarnishing of brass
1761. Recommended Al alloy for bright dip & clearcoat anodizing
1762. Titanium anodizing -- setup, specs, voltage, contamination, problems
1763. Potentiostat/Galvanostat: is there a market in plating industry
1764. Size of metal finishing market
1766. Introduction to Powder Coating
1767. Boron Reduction Problems
1768. Lab equipment
1770. Electropolishing electroless nickel
1771. Formulas for electroplating on plastics
1775. Fundamentals of Speculum
1777. Barrel plating media
1778. Thickness measurement
1779. Termosil process
1780. Powder coating Pretreatment
1781. Removing powder coating from magnesium
1783. Antiquing a new chrome finish
1784. Faster nickel deposit
1785. Anodizing brass air pistol parts
1789. Zinc-nickel plating
1790. Anodizing on reflectors
1791. Dummy plating Copper from nickel sulfamate
1797. Hot dip tin plating
1798. Anodized material like heatsinks
1799. Electroforming of waveguide structure
1800. Aluminum pool ladder
1801. Erosion-corrosion protection
1804. Imperv-X Hardcoat Anodize Help
1805. Anodizing 6061 T6 vs. T651
1806. Stripping electroless nickel
1813. Copper Brightener problem?
1819. PTFE Impregnated Hard anodize of Aluminum
1820. Eductor agitation benefits
1821. Measuring the current density in a chromium bath
1823. Corrosion spots on stainless steel 316 L
1824. Non-cyanide mil spec cadmium plating
1827. Electropolishing titanium
1828. PVD Corrosion Barrier Options
1830. Wrinkle finish on antique radio
1831. Removing protective coating on motorcycle frames
1832. Comparison of corrosion resistance of Galvanneal and Zinc Plating
1835. Silver-Lume silver process
1836. Slack tower
1837. Anodization process
1838. Industrial testing standard on Dacrotizing
1840. Metal Coating/Plating Techniques (Carbon/Graphite)
1841. Blackening of stainless steel without chromates or boiling caustic
1842. Electro deposition, control algae
1844. Cobalt co-deposition in conventional hard chrome baths.
1845. Anodizing small aluminum parts at home ?
1846. Maximum allowed curing temperature for coated zinc diecastings
1849. Copper Contamination in Pre-CAA Deoxidizer Solution
1852. Interested in Kanigen
1856. Reflocking GI Joe
1858. PVD coatings
1859. Cleaning solder flux
1861. Plating C14500 tellurium copper
1862. White finish for Stainless Steel Crowns
1864. Wear Couple: Hardcoat vs. Chrome Plate
1869. Technology for Superabrasive Electroplated Products
1870. Film Build-up After Anodizing
1871. Pitting in hard chrome plated steel
1873. Primer for galvanized metal
1876. Silver Plate Hydrogen Embrittlement
1877. Plating on Stainless help
1880. Electropolishing of High Speed Tool Steel?
1881. Lowering metal concentration in electropolish solution
1883. Bronzing (Hollow) Wax Objects
1884. Deburring machine for aluminum extrusion
1885. Sulfamic acid
1886. Corrosion of hydraulic cylinder rods
1889. Delamination at copper/steel interface
1893. Questions about Cyanide Brass Plating: bleedout, stainless anodes, freezing out carbonates
1894. thermal passivate
1897. How to depassivate?
1899. Nitrite accelerator substitute (sludge free)
1902. Powder coating on anodized Aluminum extrusion
1905. ASTM B-201 vs. ASTM B-1117?
1907. Design of Experiments on Chrome Plating
1908. Copper electroplating adhesion problem
1909. Nickel and chromium automatic temperature control
1910. How to Strip Electroless Nickel
1912. Mil-spec/Processing software
1913. Hard chrome plating
1914. Replacement of cadmium plating
1916. Electropolishing
1917. Reference material on zinc plating
1918. Need materials...Liver of sulfur and jewelers rouge
1919. Galvaprep
1920. Satin/Matt Nickel help please
1923. Gaseous vs. Salt Bath Nitrocarburizing
1926. Powder Coat and Dielectric Path?
1927. Sharp corners and hard anodizing
1928. Stripping and clear-coating old steel furniture
1935. Conductivity Measurements
1937. Need help with cleaning brass inserts
1943. Hydrogen embrittlement
1948. Corrosion problem
1951. Chrome plated furniture
1953. Paint-filling etched metals
1959. Electroless nickel on silver?
1963. "Whitewash" on Chrome Plate
1967. Inefficiency in Zinc Nickel Plating - the role of Carbonates
1973. Gold plating on mild steel and welds?
1974. Garage Plating
1977. Looking For Anti-tarnish Agent Applied On Silver-plated Jewelry
1978. Chromic Acid Anodizing (CAA) Future?
1979. Chrome vs chromite
1980. Info on pewter finishing and polishing
1984. Atomic Absorption Instrumentation - How to choose the best?
1985. Beryllium...?
1988. Coating Aluminum Sand Castings
1989. Equipment
1990. Deoxidizing for castings
1993. Vibratory polishing--cleaning process water
1994. Plating seashells
1999. Carbon dioxide pellet blasting

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