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I Need a Finishing Service in the Americas
Decorative nickel on 10 x 6 panels, NY, June 1
Type 3 anodizer, MO, May 27
I Need a Finishing Service in the Eastern Hemisphere
Cutlery Mfgr. needs Silver Plating in India or Europe, June 6
Boric-Sulfuric Anodize, Malaysia, Apr. 26
I Need Consultant-Chemicals-Equipment in the Americas
Electropolishing racks, MA, Apr. 15
Air vent permit consultant, NJ, Feb. 25
I Need Consultant-Chemicals-Equipment in Eastern Hemisphere
Hot dip galvanizer needs QA/QC format, Apr. 22

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46389. Removing rust from bearing rail (June 25)
08611. What coating for a new line of cast iron salt & peppers shakers? camera (May 19)
60988. Need Hard, Inexpensive, Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel (April 18)
18779. Teflon Coating of Stainless Steel open Q. (April 14)
01686. Hard Chrome Plating vs. Plasma, HVOF, Flame Spray (April 3)
07897. Galvanic issue with copper terminals on galvanized electrical boxes camera (April 1)
04019. Brass/Galvanizing Corrosion? open Q. (March 24)
55146. Nickel plated brass vs. 304SS for dilute sodium hypochlorite (March 7)
23142. Good selective coatings for solar absorber -- black chromium plating vs. Thurmalox/paints open Q. (February 28)
13026. Is it possible to coat silicon nitride with a graphite coating open Q. (February 9)
09142. What is Emissivity of Coatings? Alochrom, Black Plating (February 7)
20972. Designing a single plastic part suitable for painting, plating, PVD, or hydrography (February 1)



45366. Acceptable visibility of polishing lines on mirror polished stainless, if any? camera open Q. (June 26)
61098. Proper Buffer Work Height? (May 19)
61106. Need 5RA finish on .180" elbowed hole in 316L open Q. (May 13)
05054. Videos of polishing stainless steel coil? open Q. (April 2)
05629. Vibratory polishing of stainless steel components (March 15)
43564. Polishing aluminum extrusions (February 12)
06053. Best but least expensive polishing of stainless screws (January 24)
09252. Want beadblast look on Titanium from tumbling or vibratory finishing (January 24)
26572. Can you tumble stainless to a high chrome mirror finish? (January 22)


61101. Electrolytic acid works on outside of welded steel tanks, but inside rusts (June 16)
13366. Zinc phosphate has yellow stains (June 15)
45662. Sandblasting Versus 5-Step Dipping Process? Pretreatment for Powder Coating? open Q. (May 22)
41404. Rusting after zinc phosphating open Q. (May 14)
34052. Black and White Spots after Mn Phosphating open Q. (May 1)
30988. Corrosion resistance of zinc phosphate to ethylene glycol? open Q. (January 2)


05476. Masking material / method for electroless nickel plating (March 21)



12570. When does nitric acid need replacement when Passivating SS 316L? (June 25)
61104. Baffling Citric Acid passivation bath issue (June 9) vip
39278. Surface Contamination of Stainless Steel Resulting in Red Rust Spots open Q. (May 28)
17774. Type 303 parts burned during passivation (May 9)
01744. Free-cutting stainless for 400 hours of ISO 9227 salt spray test camera (May 3)
12132. Passivating welded stainless steel open Q. (March 15)
32377. Titanium anodizing color uneven (February 21)
53878. Want near-mirror polishing on SS 420 open Q. (January 17)
13628. Change to Surface of SS Etched with Nitric Acid increases adhesion open Q. (January 9)
02963. Non-uniform chrome finish on stainless steel parts camera open Q. (January 9)


61130. Need black anodized aluminum Iphone 7 Repolished RFQopen Q. (July 1)
34125. Sulphuric Anodise Upgrade Problem (June 28)
61127. Facing black marks from grinding anodized aluminium camera (June 23)
06701. Same anodizing voltage, time, & area as always ... but thickness is lower (June 22)
01988. Allowable Storage Time between blasting and coating aluminium casting open Q. (June 19)
50982. Copper is depositing on anode & cathode in anodizing tank? camera (June 19)
56735. Loss of mass after Anodic oxidation of aluminium (June 12)
47480. Pretreatment of A356 aluminum before anodizing camera (June 12)
42711. Anodized 2xxx aluminum alloy fails 48-hour CASS test (June 8)
39286. Anodized parts are too light in color camera (June 7)
61091. Energy savings in high temperature Type II anodizing (June 5)
05112. Ematal Process, Opalizing: Special Aluminium Anodizing open Q. (June 2)
61116. Conductivity and anodized Aluminum (May 31)
61114. Must aluminum be blasted before ceramic coating? open Q. (May 28)
35677. Protecting non aluminum metals when anodizing (May 27)
45834. How to print patterns onto Anodized Aluminum (May 24)
60958. Hard Anodizing On a Budget (May 24)
23481. Conversion coating aluminum with a mirror finish open Q.(May 13)
04343. Coating small aluminum parts in bulk for seawater resistance (May 11)
61100. What is Nickel Fluoride Bath - Dow, British 830,597 (May 11)
46468. Anodizing 7075 but retaining ability to dye (April 30)
37711. White Streaks during anodizing of 6063 extruded Aluminium (April 27)
15288. Considering installing a bright dip & anodizing facility for small parts RFQ (April 8)
44807. Mixing stainless steel parts in anodize process? (April 8)
22496. De-smutting of clad aluminum leaves black residue open Q. (March 24)
42739. Cast aluminum turns black when chromate conversion coated open Q. (March 22)
57462. Anodizing watermarks (March 22)
00080. Black Anodize Issues: pitting, bleedout, purple haze camera (March 21)
43248. Bleed out problem with black anodize on a tin sulfate electro color process open Q. (March 21)
05030. Best anodizing method for small parts? open Q. (March 16)
02758. Color variations in machined aluminum castings (March 13)
61084. Laser cutting removes UV printing from anodized aluminum open Q. (March 11)
33933. Masking/stripping when chromate conversion and anodizing on same part (March 9)
61083. Where to buy 7175-T736 aluminum open Q. (March 6)
61082. Anodizing Dye Color Naming conventions? 4A, AEN, 3GL open Q. (March 6)
44778. Anodize defect or material (forged wheel) camera (March 4)
27314. Artist Anodizing of Aluminum (February 26)
13775. How to Chromate Conversion Coat ADC12 Aluminum (February 26)
30736. Aluminum Brite Dip Chemical Composition (February 24)
01177. Aluminum vs. Lead cathodes for anodizing tanks (February 20)
00524. Carbon/Soot buildup on chromic acid anodizing cathodes (February 20)
40421. Hard anodizing stopped offering enough wear resistance (February 15)
54202. Cleaning of chem-film conversion coating open Q. (February 13)
61075. How to reduce high zinc content in Socosurf open Q. (February 12)
19802. Sulfuric acid / peroxide process as a desmut/de-ox for aluminum? (February 6)
45931. Can Type IIB class 2 Anodize be touched up? (January 20)
00062. Type II B anodizing discolors with heat open Q. (January 19)
05333. Can Cast Aluminum be Anodized? camera open Q. (January 7)
27542. Anti-galling surface treatment for aluminium? (January 3)


61131. No service for me from finishing.com (June 29)
01006. Is 250 micron non-cyanide [alkaline] copper plating possible? open Q. (June 28)
12243. Tin Plating Problems (June 28)
18854. Carbonate removal from a potassium cyanide bronze bath open Q. (June 27)
61128. Switching from Brush Cadmium plating to Barrel cadmium plating (June 26)
56595. Surfactant for Acid/Zinc Bath open Q. (June 23)
50276. Plating Thickness vs. Amps/square foot? (June 20)
45759. Nickel plating blisters and peels off 3 of 10000 racks of parts (June 19)
38047. Horizontal hard chrome plating plating vs. vertical open Q. (June 19)
31884. Zin plating and chromating (June 16)
55192. Anodes for Alkaline Zinc-Nickel Plating (June 15)
35202. Matte Silver Plating Q&A. Problems & Solutions (June 15)
02236. I made PGC & gold plating solution but it turned yellowish (June 15)
14813. Zinc-nickel plated parts are failing Kesternich testing camera open Q. (June 12)
41517. Gold plating turns black and leaves green lines on skin (June 9)
60081. Over pickling leading to zinc plating issues? cameraopen Q. (June 9)
50922. Why lead and titanium anodes being used together in Chrome plating (June 4)
61112. What maintenance is needed on trivalent chromate bath? (May 28)
33784. Can you plate zinc castings with 1/2% lead? (May 19)
61103. Temperature limit for cadmium plated aluminum parts? open Q. (May 14)
01029. Chrome Plating Shop Wants to Plate on Fiberglass open Q. (May 13)
51925. Silver anodes are expensive; we want alternative (May 11)
35480. Zinc plated components got rusty during transport by sea open Q. (May 9)
25483. Rust bleeds from welded seams after zinc plating camera (May 9)
46145. Blistering issues plating over porous zinc die cast surface camera (May 8)
61088. Nickel electroforming with very thin stainless steel foil as mandrel (May 8)
02797. Strange look to defective nickel strike on stainless camera (May 8)
44143. Small White Spots In Chrome Plating open Q. (May 8)
17612. White corrosion on cadmium plating camera (May 7)
47519. Nickel & chrome plating Q&A for rotogravure open Q. (May 5)
00473. Removing/freezing excess carbonate from cyanide silver plating tanks (May 2)
43239. How to do nickel plating with a "butler finish"? open Q. (April 30)
03892. After carbon treatment Ti-Cad plating is rough camera open Q. (April 25)
40136. Hard chrome plate 0.03" thick, or better to use nickel underlayer? (April 20)
03013. Satin nickel plating process open Q. (April 9)
01219. Copper is depositing on titanium anode baskets in cyanide copper plating open Q. (April 8)
03085. Considerations for electroplating of ZA-27 diecasting alloy (April 7)
23629. Cost calculation for plating (April 3)
28851. Peeling Problems in Zinc-Nickel Plating open Q. (April 2)
19033. Surface Prep for Chrome Plating (March 22)
33245. Trivalent Chrome Plating (March 21)
39337. Gold plating purity -- should lower karat cost less? (March 21)
37526. Want gold colored finishes without use of gold open Q. (March 21)
30879. Plating thickness variation in hard chrome plating (March 21)
55478. Touch-up of scratches in olive drab cad plate finish (March 21)
12211. Thread dimensions after plating (March 17)
19004. Discoloration of Chrome Plated Parts after Citric Passivation camera (March 15)
27192. How to avoid defects occurring in electroplating (March 9)
44979. Nickel strike on carbon steel (March 9)
53041. NaCl or NiCl2 for nickel electroplating bath (March 9)
45698. Pits & defects in nickel plus hard chrome plating open Q. (March 5)
49988. Cadmium anodes turn black only while plating (March 2)
28863. Problems in cyanide copper plating (February 28)
46795. Light patches in black zinc plating (February 28)
27562. Thermally conductive and salt-water resistant finish (February 27)
30532. Durable chrome plating for a 2 stroke exhaust? (February 24)
14164. Iridium Coated Titanium Anodes: how to plate open Q. (February 20)
04497. How to Do Platinum Plating/Coating onto Titanium (February 20)
28003. Silver plating has milky finish that comes off when punching holes open Q. (February 20)
42108. Brown/yellow near hook when Rhodium plating (February 18)
38946. Zinc Plating of Iron camera open Q. (February 13)
00575. Hard chrome plating of brass-plus-aluminum guitar tuners camera (February 9)
61066. Risks of diluting an evaporated nickel plating solution? (February 6)
04001. Rusting On Iron parts after Nickel Plating (February 6)
03201. Internal anode for copper plating the I.D. of tubing (February 6)
61062. Need harder nickel free plating for zipper sliders (February 4)
47214. Cadmium plating black spots camera open Q. (February 4)
10415. What to use on gold plated surfaces to avoid fingerprints & grease? open Q. (January 30)
32077. Black spots in zinc plating open Q. (January 24)
51293. How to clean blind holes for acid zinc plating (January 23)
28127. Allowable current density / amps per square foot for zinc plating? (January 21)
41922. Nickel Plating defect: white patches (January 20)
01183. Hard Chrome Plating of Cast Iron camera open Q. (January 19)
35573. Nut with black zinc coating fails 96-hour salt spray test (January 18)
40095. White layer forms during acid zinc plating but not on Hull Cell panels camera open Q. (January 18)
35543. Porosity problems in hard chrome plating open Q. (January 18)
02412. Electrolytic gold plating is immersion depositing on non-electrified housing (January 17)
53207. Hard chrome plating inside the cylinder camera (January 16)
05424. What is the thickness of zinc plate from an acid based plating process? open Q. (January 9)
19274. Gold plating of aluminum open Q. (January 7)
55075. Hard chrome plating chip off at chamfer camera (January 6)
37336. Need chrome plating to survive 72-hours of SO2 corrosion testing open Q. (January 3)
55289. Porous cadmium plating specs needed open Q. (January 3)
49751. White Bronze Plating, an alternative to nickel (January 3)
54184. Re-chrome bronze castings open Q. (January 3)
31565. Plating onto Aluminum Bronze substrate (January 3)


61129. Patterns at Tops of Parts in Electroless Nickel Tanks cameraopen Q. (June 26) vip
00934. Electroplating non-conductive material (June 21)
61124. Primer for liquid metal top coat open Q. (June 8)
39153. Salt Spray Test Hours for Electroless Nickel over BeCu (May 12)
18069. Plating on Plastics: ABS vs PC/ABS -- What substrate to use? open Q. (April 1)
32954. Peeling / poor adhesion of Electroless Nickel Plating on Steel Parts (March 5)
15914. Spotty speckles on PC+ABS chromed parts (February 11)
59181. Plating 3D printed Steel (60% stainless + 40% Bronze) (February 11)
28217. Electroless nickel on aluminum - high temp (February 8)
20973. Copper contamination of Immersion Gold bath open Q. (January 7)
25101. How does Electroless Plating work? (January 3)


07846. How to get dark cold color with cathodic arc PVD? open Q. (June 24)
13115. 24 karat gold color PVD TiN? open Q. (May 1)
60771. High Temperature PVD Coatings for Gas Burners & Firepits (March 27)
56405. Problem with stainless bolts in plasma chamber open Q. (March 13)
35675. Color problem with PVD Titanium Nitride coating: bright pink camera open Q. (February 24)
61071. Metalized parts turn 'gold' even before topcoat open Q. (February 11)
61057. PECVD anti-finger print coating on PVD pieces open Q. (January 8)
45276. Marks on PVD coating camera (January 3)
14081. Cleaning ceramics before PVD coating open Q. (January 2)


21047. Treating galvanized steel sheets to avoid white rust open Q. (June 25)
22164. Difference between electrogalvanized and hot dip galvanized steel (June 8)
41367. Zinc consumption control in hot dip galvanizing open Q. (May 21)
61110. Remove hand sanitiser stains from hot dip galvanised material cameraopen Q. (May 20)
61094. Can we use Cold Rolled Sheet Metal for Hot Dip Galvanizing (batch type) open Q. (April 25)
57418 Galvanic compatibility HDG and Galfan open Q. (April 5)
38207. Want flower [spangle?] in hot dip galvanizing (March 21)
46006. Rough and lumpy finish on galvanized parts camera (March 9)
60905. Galvanizing Flux cleaning (March 7)
43365. Hot dip galvanizing flux Q & A's, Problems and Solutions open Q. (February 12)
58479. Wiping pad questions for wire galvanising? open Q. (February 4)
16257. Painting galvanized pipe (January 24)
33979. Does hot dip galvanizing work for stainless steel? (January 20)
40753A Starting-up a Galvanizing Kettle with Zinc Ingots (January 11)
61054. Stains from post-treating galvanizing with tannic acid camera (January 8)
00009. Black Stains & White Rust on Hot Dip Galvanized Zinc Coating (January 7)
61050. Prepare the steel before galvanizing (January 7)


36214. Formula for cold blackening / cold black oxide open Q. (June 9)
32017. Black oxide on spring steel open Q. (May 29)
31820. Zamac 5 or 3 Post Machining Blackening open Q. (May 11)
13097. White residue on black oxide (April 6)
61087. Black Oxide with Supplemental Coating open Q. 2nd Request (April 3)
11740. Black oxide formula for Hot Blueing of Guns/Firearms open Q. (March 14)
01150. "Military barrel" steel comes out red instead of black (February 17) open Q.
01754. Black oxide on 329 SS not taking (January 15)

    2h. OTHER INORGANIC FINISHING: Mechanical Plating, QPQ, Metal Spray, Zinc-rich Dip-Spin Coatings, Sherardizing, etc.

49676. How to calculate and measure the thickness of zinc coatings open Q. (May 31)
61055. Sintered Iron Part - Gas Nitriding Unsuccessful (January 16)



32574. CED e-coating bubbles/holes? Defect problem on chrome plated surface camera open Q. (March 21)
11694. E-coating solvent: butyl glycol? open Q. (March 4)
39698. CED Paint conductivity is dropping/climbing open Q. (February 24)
23620. Is E-coating or powder coating more capital intensive? (January 6)


45394. Cause of cissing defect in powder coating open Q. (June 19)
31082. Thermoplastic powder coating - Polyolefin Vs Polyamide PA11 open Q. (April 23)
47439. Issues Powder Coating Galvanized Steel (April 3)
25190. Will powder coating prevent galvanic corrosion? (March 21)
45394. Cissing problem in powder coating open Q. (March 13)
03180. Powdercoat Blistering on Zinc plus Chromate (January 10)
36503. Thickness standard for powder coated aluminum open Q. (January 3)


51966. ED paint not circulating through bag filters open Q. (June 7)
15129. Best decorative finish process for Zamak5 open Q. (May 13)
61085. Need e-coating of our skateboard tools camera RFQ open Q. (March 15)


61109. Visual change to finished Thermoplastic PVDF because of post painted heat open Q. (May 16)
26415. Clear coat peel off problem from spray chrome open Q. (April 24)
13023. Plastisol as a finish for steel roof and facade panels open Q. (January 27)
25091. Need highly reflective or glow paint to handle 300 °F temperature (January 22)
43155. Failure in CASS testing of Wet acrylic paint on aluminium rims open Q. (January 8)



47325. Zinc plating with blue chromate has fat brown stripe camera (June 19)
46777. Paint is peeling from chromated zinc plating open Q. (June 18)
12511. Info on blue passivation (chromate conversion coating on zinc) open Q. (June 10)
61111. C377 Brass Forging turned silver from Scotch-Brite Polishing camera (May 23)
61105. Why is chemical conversion coating wiping off with Acetone? open Q. (May 12)
18314. Electrolytic chromating of Silver (March 4)


00796. Hydrogen Embrittlement bake was NOT performed (May 21)
01216. Hydrogen embrittlement despite baking (May 7)
54023. Zinc plated & chromated parts are 'frosted' after baking camera (March 21)
59335. Hydrogen embrittlement test (ASTM F519) failures on notch test bars (February 23)


21020. Nickel plating removal / stripping camera (June 18)
61089. Stripping zinc nickel passivated with black hex from electroless nickel/aluminium open Q. (April 9)
24769. Arc detection unit for electro chemical stripping open Q. (March 5)
61076. Strip aluminium from steel dies without caustic solution camera open Q. (February 20)
44254. How to strip 60/40 tin lead (January 23)
34973. Remove Residual Nickel Plating after Blasting (January 22)



22320. Hull Cell Q&A (June 9)
18375. Can I calibrate magnetic thickness gauge with a standard or must I strip a part? (May 28)
61107. Motor housing with sharp edges fails salt spray test (May 15)
26015. How do you test a surface to see if the coating on it is PVDF? (May 14)
44450. Determination of percent Oil in soak/electro-cleaner (May 11)
17894. Sodium Hydroxide: How to make to 0.5 M strength (April 1)
15345. Titration vs Spectroscopy measurement for HF-nitric-Ti solution open Q. (February 13)
23303. XRF Testing for Nickel plating adhesion? open Q. (February 13)
23826. Electroless Nickel XRF App calibration open Q. (February 13)
03695. Razor blades as plating thickness measurement coupons? open Q. (February 6)
61046. Labs say there is no chrome on our 'chrome plated' parts (February 6)
02550. Salt spray test chamber spare parts, calibration, & service open Q. (January 6)


41130. Alternative uses for high TDS waste from RO system? open Q. (June 24)
05582. Removing aluminum from anodizing bath, separating aluminum salts from sulphuric acid (June 12)
61070. Mixing Nickel strike with Copper sulfate bath for disposal (June 9)
32443. pH of DM water is a mystery open Q. (June 6)
60409. Effluent from Nickel Acetate Sealing (May 20)
13753. Treating plating wastewater then re-using it (April 6)
04630. Demineralization (Water Treatment) Problems open Q. (March 17)
41896. Continuously recycling high calcium sulphate effluent open Q. (March 5)
26453. Recycling of off spec hard chrome plating bath (February 12)
04924. Electrocoagulation for wastewater treatment? (January 9)


20708. Hazards of eating off of rusted flatware (June 20)
20858. Nickel plating a cooking pan (June 15)
21703. Toxic effects from galvanized food preparation utensils (June 12)
61086. Coronavirus copper plate door handles (May 14)
07164. Are galvanised aluminum shutters poisonous? (May 13)
00295. Is HCN gas released from an acid gold bath? (February 28)
61053. Lead poisoning from machining steel & stainless steel? open Q. (January 7)
11007. Danger of olive drab chromate? (January 1)


02742. How to verify that ammeter reading is correct? (June 20)
61118. Material of construction for alkaline Zinc Nickel Plating process (June 1)
55973. Rack Distribution Study: Too much zinc plating thickness variation camera (May 15)
38265. Aluminum joint star point in NGR panel is overheating (April 25)
00829. Getting power to wire or strip without brushes or contact rollers camera (April 21)
56947a Coupling Rectifiers to increase amperage (April 20)
06364. Plating barrel danglers and other maintenance problems open Q. (March 18)
44455. Will a filter press successfully remove phosphate sludge? (March 11)
05142. Materials of construction for zinc phosphating tank (February 28)
09527. Purchasing an existing chrome plating shop (February 8)
56563. Coating Plating Racks with insulating stop-off? (January 30)
50556. Copper Bus Bar Sizing for DC low-voltage high-amperage (January 22)
06109. Alternatives for attaching to the fly bar for huge (heavy) parts open Q. (January 2)


43572. Need a copy of MIL-DTL-5541D open Q. (May 29)
46957. Standards for Life expectancy of zinc plating & powder coating open Q. (February 27)
61077. M.S. recommendation: Material science or Material engineering open Q. (February 25)
32813. What is MIL-STD-171 finish 4.1 (February 13)
08473. Spec for Grinding of chrome plated steel open Q. (February 6)
18276. Replacement for MIL-STD-1878 (January 28)

    5f. WWWord OF THE WEEK

17345. The "Secret of silver plating in Thailand" open Q. (May 22)
61014. Nickel striked or struck? silly :-) (February 20)

    5g. REACH, RoHS, EOL Directive; Cd, Pb, Cr+6, Nitric Acid & Phosphate Replacements

45368. Does Trivalent Plating Revert Back to Hexavalent Plating (June 8)
40069. Chromate Delamination of Zinc Chromate from Zinc on Steel open Q. (May 15)

    5h. MOSTLY METALLURGY; Heat Treatment

50226. SS202 vs. S304 for exterior railings (June 28)
27700. How to solder, weld, fasten Titanium open Q. (June 28)
31110. Difference between aluminum vs. jig plate aluminum? open Q. (June 19)
14356. Gray/Black surface of austenitic steel wire open Q. (April 22)
35145. My Brass is Pink not Yellow (April 18)
32665. Heating zinc plated hook screws in order to bend the hooks (April 3)
51470. Blacksmith's EN9 hammers aren't hardening right open Q. (March 15)
19723. 904L steel vs. 316L in watchmaking industry (March 3)
46092. Top layer peels off Phosphor Bronze in stamping process camera open Q. (January 24)
51470. Hardening EN8 / EN9 parts. Q&A's, Problems & Solutions open Q. (January 19)
30998. Making a solid rhodium ring camera (January 17)
15043. Problems in Annealing of Copper Wire (January 3)


42389. Extracting gold from copper open Q. (June 22)
33616. Recovering Gold and Palladium from test strips (May 23)
52884. The economics of buying gold and having it purified (May 14)
20033. Recovery of fine floating gold (April 22)
26353. Cleaning gold that has been burned (February 24)
32894. Melt old gold to make new jewelry (February 24)
53511. Precipitating gold from a cyanide solution (February 15)
37685. Washing PGM salts before refining (February 4)
07382. Extracting Silver From Photographic Fixer open Q. (January 21)
19529. Refining of silver chloride to silver metal open Q. (January 9)



09585. How to Remove Varnish from Brass camera open Q. (June 28)
28788. What is electroplated gold? (June 28)
45056. Lead leaching from galvanised steel raised bed? (June 28)
30522. Penetrol or graphite paste for a structural column? open Q. (June 26)
60259. Best material for aluminum siding fasteners? (June 26)
18437. Remove rust and keep it off Mason jar lids open Q. (June 26)
30186. Lime-A-Way destroyed stainless steel sink camera (June 25)
43774. Cleaning silver ring that blackened (June 25)
18957. Brass spray nozzle stuck on an aluminum hose end (June 24)
56595. Surfactant for Acid/Zinc Bath open Q. (June 22)
55324. Prevent Tarnish on Gold Plated Silver & Brass (June 19)
00800. Preserving polished aluminum finish on classic toys (June 19)
45264. Galvanized metal and concrete Q&A's: anchor bolts, rebar, embedded pipe, wet cement (June 18)
60064. Gold plated 'jeweler's bronze' jewelry (June 15)
30852. Alternating Copper and Nickel Plating Layers (June 15)
10497. Resistance of a chrome plating bath open Q. (June 12)
61126. Brush plating & patinating automobile sheet metal (June 10)
38381. Painting/powder coating a mid-century cone fireplace (June 9)
26699. Industry specs for powder coating thickness open Q. (June 7)
61123. Hardcoat Anodizing Polished vs. Blasted Aluminum camera open Q. (June 7)
43905. Brass plating of 3D printed plastic lamp (June 7)
38754. Nambe in the dishwasher dulled it. How to fix it. camera (June 7)
61122. Lime Away took away the shine on my stainless steel fridge door open Q. (June 6)
61120. Need recommendation for protective adhesive: rhinestones to faux leather camera open Q. (June 5)
61097. Need Advice for Cleaning Aluminum Coil open Q. 2nd Request (June 5)
61119. Paint stripper for wood deck that rests on a rubber roof cameraopen Q. (June 5)
24359. Nickel or Chrome Plating on Koken Barber Chair? (June 5)
23096. Mild Steel Countertop Finishing camera (June 5)
29414. Copper plating solution questions (June 3)
07423. Paint not sticking to Ospho open Q. (June 1)
60503. Grout haze won't come off of penny floor (June 1)
32087. Best gold finish for costume jewelry (May 28)
56181. Lacquering or clearcoating of Anodising (May 27)
16699. Geneva cabinet has both a hinged top and a drawer camera(May 25)
25827. Can't remove protective plastic film adhesive residue from stainless steel camera (May 25)
44569. F.B. Rogers Tea Sets camera (May 24)
06773. Q&As about Gold Plated Flatware (May 24)
31510. Screws for aluminum pool cages (May 23)
34465. Pre-coating for sublimation transfers onto ceramic open Q. (May 20)
59210. Acid copper plating of zinc coins (May 18)
19652. Electroforming of Silver open Q. (May 18)
24076. Is Heat-Colored 304SS more or less subject to corrosion? vip (May 18)
04125. Plating at home (May 15)
61108. Polishing a Mini Draco for Shiny Gold Plating (May 15)
22096. Polishing Aluminum TrickFlow Upper Intake camera open Q. (May 14)
04913. DIY Nickel plating is taking days (April 3)
05729. Etching copper designs & circuit boards (May 20)
30604. Dealing with rust in freezer coils open Q. (May 1)
06873. Old Japanning Paint Recipe wanted camera (April 28)
10651. Titanium vs. steel Samurai Swords open Q. (April 27)
11988. Cleaning an antique brass tray camera (April 27)
12073. Rust-oleum Aluminum Bright Coat as an alternative to real aluminum open Q.(April 26)
32537. Remove oven cleaner damage from aluminum (April 26)
20660. Buffing lines appear when polishing aluminum open Q. (April 25)
38809. The wheels come off the buggy (April 24)
20323. Brass Finishers in the 1800's (April 22)
32106. Using HCl (hydrochloric acid) to remove rust (April 20)
28905. How to restore discolored stainless steel cookware open Q. (April 20)
39909. Electroless nickel on an aluminum alloy pistol frame (April 17)
23824. Mixing nickel plating & bluing on pistol slide (April 17)
34726. Is my countertop Zinc or Galvanized Steel? (April 17)
17478. How to rust steel on purpose (April 15)
10015. Restore Mattel Sizzlers battery corrosion/tarnish (April 15)
32107. Fixing a zipper frozen by salt spray or corrosion (April 15)
17382. Activation of old Nickel plating for new Electrolytic Nickel plating (April 14)
26881. Chemicals for nickel plating hard to find camera open Q. (April 9)
35232. Clear coat sealer for cast iron (April 8)
39708. Is it ok to leave Lime-a-way in a pot over night? (April 8)
02080. Remove rust without damaging bluing on antique 1864 Springfield open Q. (April 6)
00085. Copper electroforming problems (April 6)
22174. Looking for Green Engraver, or parts and manuals, Model D2 or 106 camera (April 5)
57992. Polishing Copper Plating on Plastic open Q. (April 4)
00779. Clean up corrosion/patina on old Spanish chandeliers camera open Q. (April 4)
12601. Need Teflon Spray Can for Home Cooking Pans/Pots (March 27)
28857. Bonding galvanized sheet metal to itself open Q. (March 24)
44444. Fire chrome/plasma chrome/flame chrome (March 24)
07137. Dirilyte gold-tone flatware: Cleaning / Polishing open Q. (March 22)
16808. Remove paint from 15th-century bronze Buddha camera open Q. (March 16)
07352. How to coat objects for iridescence (March 14)
31886. Finishing secrets for Parawood tables, chairs & furniture open Q. (March 12)
11826. Cause of black mark on skin from gold jewelry (March 12)
49696. Protect Steel Countertop from Corrosion (March 9)
15987. Change the color of solder to copper color (March 7)
25588. Knoll Platner table: cleaning of nickel plated steel open Q. (March 3)
26994. What is the proportions of HCl and the other chemical? open Q. (March 3)
40345. Chrome peeling / curb rash camera (February 29)
61081. Vulcanizing Rubber (CR) binding to steel for 1939 Buick part camera open Q. (February 29)
52237. Color Dying Ink-Washed Zinc Figurines camera open Q. (February 28)
29192. Tin Electroplating the Inside of Copper Vessels camera (February 27)
06245. Rose Gold Plating a Saxophone (February 27)
27814. How to Recover Platinum from Catalytic Converters open Q. (February 27)
61080. Resurfacing existing wood paneled walk-in refrigerator open Q. (February 27)
28963. What could be causing the pitting and corroding to chrome fixtures (February 23)
06028. Tin Ceiling Restoration Help Please (February 22)
02076. Remove/strip anodizing from aluminum (February 22)
10337. Recycling rhodium plated brass earrings open Q. (February 21)
04785. Cleaning/Polishing Silver with Aluminum Foil and Washing Soda (February 14)
15155. Creating a patina on pewter open Q. (February 13)
41066. Boiling aluminum for 24 hours for corrosion protection (February 13)
13393. Preparing sea shells for crafts or display open Q. (February 9)
21527. Does the air in my new apartment tarnish silver? (February 8)
17968. Refinishing Oil Rubbed Bronze open Q. (February 6)
10145. Remove oxidation from aluminum siding and clearcoat it? open Q. (February 4)
08881. Want to powdercoat Corvette wheels but save Chrome center hubs open Q. (February 1)


26556. Understanding the Equations for Electroplating Nickel (June 22)
61096. Rotating field for electroplating (June 5)
29724. How to do cupronickel plating (May 19)
04835. Mechanism of covering or throwing power improvements by cyanide (April 30)
16897. Electroless Nickel, copper and silver on stainless steel (March 23)
39965. Digestion of mineral-organic mixture (March 12)
38317. What grades of aluminum work best for Hardcoat Anodizing? open Q. (February 25)
22644. Increasing plating speed with agitation, or higher temperature open Q. (February 24)


18683. Rusting Nails: student experiment & research (June 5)
27348. Tarnish on pennies: Is it rust, copper oxide, or copper sulfide (February 24)
32807. Nails rusting science project (January 15)
28434. Electroplating copper onto nickel for science project (January 6)


33143. Stiffel lamps need repair (July 1)
19039. Cast Iron Cook Stoves: Where to find parts and how to restore open Q. (June 25)
37680. Zinc pest and newer diecast models (June 15)
33365. Shafting and bushing/bearing issues open Q. (June 10)
31904. Sealed concrete is now looking white open Q. (June 3)
09128. How does copper anode stop algae in swimming pool? open Q. (June 3)
61113. Can M3 thread plug gauge be used on Nylon 66 plastic part? open Q. (May 28)
12373. Zinc oxide production by French process (May 15)
18029. Problems in White phenyl Manufacturing (May 8)
13743. Maple Syrup Boiling / Evaporator Pans: use Mild Steel or Galvanized or What? (May 2)
15596. Sodium metasilicate stained car's glass and paint open Q. (April 25)
08792. Where's my Allied-Kelite pension? (February 8)
53795. Want a chemical that heats up (February 5)
10153. Sedgwick Residential Elevators Parts and Maintenance open Q. (January 27)
15053. Boric acid -- safe for humans? (January 24)
04902. Reflection from windows is melting plastic siding open Q. (January 6)


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