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Need pistol grip black anodized, NH, Oct. 25
We need carburizing services, So. CA, Sept. 16
I Need a Finishing Service in the Eastern Hemisphere
Cutlery Mfgr. needs Silver Plating in India or Europe, June 6
I Need Chemicals, Equipment, Etc. in the Americas
Wanted: Masking Wax set up, RI, Oct. 10
Chrome Plating Consultant, Brazil (remote possible), Sept. 27
Nickel Sulfamate Consultant, AZ, Sept. 5
I Need Chemicals, Equipment, Etc. in Eastern Hemisphere
Hot dip galvanizer needs QA/QC format, Apr. 22

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 Organic Finishing: 3a. Electropainting, Autophoretic 3b. Powder Coating 3c. Lacquers, Clearcoats
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31503. Galvanic compatible material mating to Aluminum and Nickel open Q. (November 26)
54549. What base/substrate material for gold plated electrodes? open Q. (November 21)
34271. What is this finish? camera open Q. (November 18)
07984. What spring material is resistant to 30% HCl? (November 14)
61165. Establishing a standard for matte black finish open Q. (November 11)
07352. Want rainbow iridescent coating open Q. (November 10)
10157. Nitrile Rubber not bonding properly to mild steel pipe camera open Q. (November 8)
61144. Need zinc-gold plating on stainless steel open Q. RFQ (November 3)
37526. Want gold colored finishes without use of gold open Q. (October 29)
30286. What happens to stainless spring if attached to part while it's zinc plated? open Q. (October 29)
27167. Galvanic corrosion issues: aluminum and stainless steel (September 29)
23255. Aluminum Rivets / Aluminum Channel (September 17)
13807. High Friction Coating Material? (August 27)
61135. Chrome plating banned. What will substitute? open Q. (July 21)
46389. Removing rust from bearing rail (June 25)
61132. Kombucha and Stainless Steel open Q. (May 27)



21712. Deburring of Aluminum components (November 22)
45366. Polishing Stainless Steel to a Mirror Finish open Q. (November 20)
42216. Cottonball and/or Mirror Finish open Q. (October 2)
08632. Vibratory Polishing of Automotive Wheels (July 9)
61098. Proper Buffer Work Height? (May 19)
61106. Need 5RA finish on .180" elbowed hole in 316L open Q. (May 13)


61171. Formulation or Citric or Sulfamic acid pickling solution for 12L14? open Q. (November 27)
47183. Manganese phosphating or black oxide on S7 tool steel & gun parts open Q. (November 12)
61166. Unusual reaction of Bohler K390 steel to phosphoric acid open Q. (November 11)
00479. Pickling and Passivating of Welded Carbon Steel Pipes (November 6)
37928. 718 nickel parts discolor when pickled after EDM (November 6)
37180. Vibrofinishing doesn't remove scale ... will acid? (October 25)
10242. Zinc Phosphate coating problems & issues; Q&A's (September 9)
00395. Alkaline Rust Remover Formulas, Q&A's (September 6)
61101. Electrolytic acid works on outside of welded steel tanks, but inside rusts (June 16)
13366. Zinc phosphate has yellow stains (June 15)
45662. Sandblasting Versus 5-Step Dipping Process? Pretreatment for Powder Coating? open Q. (May 22)


61172. Masking of keyways when anodizing & electroplating open Q. (November 27)
03836. Masking problems in chromic acid anodizing cameraopen Q. (October 26)
46445. Need TURCO 5580-G / BONDERITE S-MA 5580 G masking product RFQ (October 21)
59199. How to achieve two tone finish on jewelry? (July 20)



61169. Do I have to passivate after mag particle inspection? (November 25)
51045. Sodium Dichromate passivation (ASTM A967) Q&As (November 24)
61104. Baffling Citric Acid passivation bath issue open Q. (November 17) vip
17652. Staining & Pitting of 304/304L Stainless Steel after cleaning camera (October 29)
09252. Titanium Tumbling/Polishing/Vibratory Finishing vs. Electropolishing (October 16)
32993. How to gel pickling paste? (October 10)
09061. Recommended process cycle for UDI open Q. (October 1)
05422. Electropolishing defects camera open Q. (September 30)
46108. Passivation Process for 304SS Fasteners for Battery (August 17)
53913. Creating a rough surface on titanium, Ra >4 camera(July 16)
12570. When does nitric acid need replacement when Passivating SS 316L? (June 25)


27360. TDS limit for boiling water seal? (November 26)
01927. Sharp edges not anodising and dyeing (November 25)
34147. Brushed, glossy anodizing on 70's & 80's HiFi Front Panels? open Q. (November 22)
32137. Burning problem in Hard Anodizing of Aluminum open Q. (November 21)
61168. Applications for room-temperature hard anodizing open Q. (November 20)
14229. Extreme brown discoloration after clear anodizing camera (November 19)
61167. Two new polymer-based seals for anodized Aluminum: Non-Hazardous, No metals open Q. (November 19)
39479. Sulfuric Anodized 2024 Al turning Pink camera open Q. (November 19)
39276. Non nitric acid baths for bright dipping aluminum open Q. (November 14)
46442. PVDF over 25 micron anodising open Q. (November 10)
12445. Sulfuric Acid Anodizing Type IIB procedure & problems camera (November 10)
01177. Aluminum cathodes for anodizing tanks (November 6)
01611. Parameters for Pulse Hardcoat Anodizing 2xxx Aluminum (November 1)
57240. Blackening of ADC-12 Aluminum in Humidity Testing open Q. (October 29)
61161. Type 1100 Aluminum Burns During Anodizing (October 27)
33956. Creating 'antique zinc' patina on raw aluminum cameraopen Q. (October 27)
05333. Can we anodize cast aluminum alloy car wheels? open Q. (October 27)
01148. Tell me about "cold anodizing" (October 26)
43248. Inorganic black dyeing of aluminum? (October 26)
61158. Chrome plating and matte black anodizing open Q. (October 20)
57001. Q&A, Anodized Parts are Pitting -- Problems & Solutions camera (October 20)
25040. Bright dip "tearing" line camera open Q. (October 19) 4th Request
00080. Anodize Issue: is pitting due to material, machining coolant, etching, or what? open Q. (October 7)
50211. Sealing of anodised aluminium and testing of sealed layer (October 6)
61091. Energy savings in high temperature Type II anodizing (October 1)
18483. Clear Iridite for Boat Railings (September 12)
58771. Clear Zinc Chromate has 'burn mark' camera open Q. (September 11)
07152. Plating onto Magnesium? Q&A's open Q. (September 4)
15288. Bright dipping vs. standard anodizing process (September 3)
16229. Can Mil-5541 trivalent touch up pen by used on ASTM B449 parts? (September 3)
54202. Cleaning Alodine with IPA leaves yellow stains on cloth open Q. (September 3)
26918. Discoloration of New Anodized Aluminum Window Sill Flashings camera open Q. (August 28)
27828. Setting up hard anodizing on 7075 aluminum alloys (August 26)
46468. Anodizing 7075 & 7xxx aluminum. Problems & Solutions, Q&A's camera (August 24)
14462. ASTM B136: Is this result pass or fail? camera (August 22)
61139. Manual anodizing versus automation vip (August 20)
13822. Quick dissolution of aluminum cathodes (August 16)
57881. Identical parts anodized exactly the same look different camera (August 15)
61137. Pretreatment Steps for Anodizing of AW 2017 Aluminum? (August 1)
03227. How to prevent poor extrusion and blotchy unneven anodizing open Q. (July 30)
41155. Materials of construction and how to do Boric-sulfuric anodizing 2nd Request (July 28)
04511. Dusty Surface on Chemical Brightened 6061 Parts (July 24)
44324. Bead Blasting of Aluminum: Specifications, Q&A, Problems & Solutions camera (July 17)
40100. Sealing Process for Hard Anodize MIL-A-8625oen (July 16)
45936. Chromic acid anodizing of 7075 Aluminum open Q. (July 9)
55804. What is the life of Clear Alodine coating on Al? (July 2)
06701. Same anodizing voltage, time, & area as always ... but thickness is lower (July 1)
61130. Need black anodized aluminum Iphone 7 Repolished RFQopen Q. (July 1)
34125. Sulphuric Anodise Upgrade Problem (June 28)
61127. Facing black marks from grinding anodized aluminium camera (June 23)
01988. Allowable Storage Time between blasting and coating aluminium casting open Q. (June 19)
50982. Copper is depositing on anode & cathode in anodizing tank? camera (June 19)
56735. Loss of mass after Anodic oxidation of aluminium (June 12)
47480. Pretreatment of A356 aluminum before anodizing camera (June 12)
42711. Anodized 2xxx aluminum alloy fails 48-hour CASS test (June 8)
39286. Anodized parts are too light in color camera (June 7)
05112. Ematal Process, Opalizing: Special Aluminium Anodizing open Q. (June 2)
61116. Conductivity and anodized Aluminum (May 31)
61114. Must aluminum be blasted before ceramic coating? open Q. (May 28)


48149. Adhesion issue between electroless nickel and cyanide silver plating open Q. (November 27)
04076. Turn iron into gold color (November 27)
18314. Need chromate-based anti-tarnish for silver plating RFQ (November 25)
55235. Zinc Plating with Black Passivation comes off during handling (November 24)
45598. Chromate Rubs Off cameraopen Q. (November 24)
17286. Best electrically conductive plating for mild steel? camera (November 24)
52627. Problem Dissolving Aluminum Mandrel after Electroforming on It (November 24)
16200. Zinc plating on Zamak blisters & peels camera open Q. (November 22)
37838. What causes blistering of nickel plated parts? (November 19)
08491. Want to formulate HEEF-25 myself (November 19)
41922. Nickel plating white patches and dullness camera (November 19)
44964. Black Nickel Bath Formula for Barrel Plating open Q. (November 18)
23416. How to achieve iridescent finish on zinc plated steel camera (November 18)
09737. Need to touch up Cadmium plate on Arinc 600 connector camera (November 14)
34867. Black chromate on cadmium rubs right off open Q.(November 12)
41182. Q&A: Tin plated parts turn yellowish (November 10)
47263. Reducing chloride concentration in acid copper bath open Q. (November 9)
28032. Electroplating with Brass (Electrodeposition of Brass) open Q. (November 6)
05659. Shelf Life of Tin Electroplate open Q. (November 2)
00713. Decorative chrome plating without copper plating first? open Q. (October 30)
26274. Nickel bromide for nickel sulfamate plating seems terribly expensive (October 26)
32623. Black Spots/Patches in Acid Zinc Plating camera open Q. (October 25)
15007. White Patches observed 4-5 days after Alkaline Zinc Plating (October 22)
29461. Nickel plating on leaded steel bubbles at soldering temperature
49988. No cadmium plating coverage on large or rough parts camera (October 11)
25432. Zinc-Nickel Plating camera (October 11)
50375. How much gold plating thickness corresponds to 0.25µm rhodium thickness? open Q. (October 11)
46818. Gold over nickel plating is Pitted cameraopen Q. (October 10)
40095. Edges of coin-shaped discs won't acid zinc plate open Q. (October 10)
59916. Nickel and gold plated components failing; is gold too thin? (September 29)
61103. Temperature limit for cadmium plated aluminum parts? (September 29)
44771. Acid Copper Plating Problem camera (September 29)
46141. Silver plated copper parts are turning brown (September 28)
42646. Operating a ZnCl2 plating bath without HCl open Q. (September 26)
26448. Problems Black Chromating on Zinc Plating open Q. (September 24)
61154. Plating of Parts Longer than Our Tank open Q. (September 17)
34107. Zinc-plate appearance problem (white, powdery, rough surface) cameraopen Q. (September 14)
47124. Passive anodes acid copper sulphate plating. Phosphorized anodes (September 14)
24316. Can White Bronze make up solution be used for Pen plating open Q. (September 11)
54953. PdAg Plating as intermediate layer for Electrical Contacts (September 9)
04834. Carbon Treatment of Nickel Plating Bath open Q. (September 7)
05302. Nickel Chrome Plating: "Stardust" Micro-Pitting camera (August 31)
51990. Parts turn black in Wood's Nickel Strike (August 30)
50185. Plating & Painting of Shopping Carts Q&A's Problems & Solutions (August 29)
61112. What maintenance is needed on trivalent chromate bath? (August 26)
28863. Problems in cyanide copper plating (August 23)
25409. Plating shop seeks formula for Uranium plating solution (August 22)
61145. Copper plated aluminum sand casting gets brown dots camera open Q. (August 22)
25982. Iron Plating (Electrodeposition of Iron onto other materials) (August 16)
11955. Chrome Plating Problems on Gravure Printing Cylinders/Rolls camera open Q. (August 16)
59257. Bright nickel plating over silver-bearing solder camera (August 13)
40743. Substitute/Alternate/Replacement for Rhodium Plating open Q. (August 12)
38047. Horizontal hard chrome plating plating vs. vertical (August 9)
33131. Chrome and gold-tone plating on brass (August 7)
04996. Black splotches on hard chrome plated rolls camera open Q. (August 7)
00902. Need info on Rhenium Plating (Electrodeposition of Rhenium) (August 6)
61088. Want Rounded Edges on Nickel parts plated on sheet SS (August 1)
15383. Nickel plating for high power water-cooled silver mirror? open Q. (August 1)
25523. Chrome plating a 75 mm dia. x 4m long shaft in a facility built for shock absorber pistons (July 30)
27736. Silver plating thickness distribution (July 28)
44143. Small White Spots In Chrome Plating (July 22)
23303. Nickel + Tin plating is cracking upon crimping? open Q. (July 11)
00496. How to Electroform nickel -- Introduction to Electroforming (July 6)
28610. Black rhodium wore off gold wedding band in days open Q. (July 2)
61131. No service for me from (June 29)
01006. Is 250 micron non-cyanide [alkaline] copper plating possible? open Q. (June 28)
12243. Tin Plating Problems (June 28)
18854. Carbonate removal from a potassium cyanide bronze bath open Q. (June 27)
61128. Switching from Brush Cadmium plating to Barrel cadmium plating (June 26)
56595. Surfactant for Acid/Zinc Bath open Q. (June 23)
50276. Plating Thickness vs. Amps/square foot? (June 20)
45759. Nickel plating blisters and peels off 3 of 10000 racks of parts (June 19)
31884. Zin plating and chromating (June 16)
55192. Anodes for Alkaline Zinc-Nickel Plating (June 15)
35202. Matte Silver Plating Q&A. Problems & Solutions (June 15)
02236. I made PGC & gold plating solution but it turned yellowish (June 15)
14813. Zinc-nickel plated parts are failing Kesternich testing camera open Q. (June 12)
41517. Gold plating turns black and leaves green lines on skin (June 9)
60081. Over pickling leading to zinc plating issues? cameraopen Q. (June 9)
50922. Why lead and titanium anodes being used together in Chrome plating (June 4)


21317. Barrel plating on plastics: EN comes off in copper plating step cameraopen Q. (November 27)
39992. Chrome plating peels off of electroless nickel camera (November 25)
36373. Decomposition/Plate-out of Electroless Nickel Plating Bath (November 20)
56574. Palladium activation for electroless nickel process open Q. (November 19)
16897. Problem doing EN on stainless with only non-magnetic plating open Q. (November 19)
42907. Black/Brown stains on electroless nickel plating open Q. (November 16)
36730. White Stains and Unplated areas in EN Plating camera open Q. (November 16)
25101. How to Electroless Plate PBT Plastic? (October 17)
36290. Nickel plating / striking on stainless steel (August 15)
47083. Wrinkle marks visible in copper plating open Q. (August 9)
61134. How to prevent fungus on plastic chromed surface in production open Q. (July 17)
46476. Electroless Nickel (EN) Plating on Aluminum (July 17)
25680. Need Guidance Electroless plating CBN Onto 304 Stainless Steel? open Q. (July 8)
61129. Patterns at Tops of Parts in Electroless Nickel Tanks camera (July 2) vip
00934. Electroplating non-conductive material (June 21)
61124. Primer for liquid metal top coat open Q. (June 8)


43061. PVD coating on SS wire (August 20)
07846. How to get white color with PVD? open Q. (July 30)


23115. Re-galvanizing Worn or Partially Galvanized Steel camera open Q. (November 27)
54105. Why can't we add pure aluminum to galvanizing kettle? (November 27)
52776. Pre-Galvanized Sheet vs. Post-Galvanized Components (November 27)
57460. Rinse tank operating guidelines for galvanizing plant (October 27)
49676. How to calculate and measure the thickness of zinc coatings open Q.(October 27)
46006. Rough & lumpy low quality galvanizing camera (October 13)
56797. Discolored weld seam during hot dip galvanizing open Q. (September 28)
61141. Galvanizing of very thick plate is silvery and non-adhering camera (September 9)
61110. Remove hand sanitiser stains from hot dip galvanised material camera (September 4)
54709. Dichromate for hot-dip galvanizing (July 22)
21047. Treating galvanized steel sheets to avoid white rust (July 18)
49901. Welding of hot dip galvanised kettle open Q. (July 12)
22164. Difference between electrogalvanized and hot dip galvanized steel (June 8)


48674. Blackodising and black oxide are the same or not? (November 6)
13935. Black oxided stainless fails salt spray, but supplier says it passed when supplied open Q. (November 2)
11807. How to give steel a dull appearance open Q. (November 1)
36214. Cold Bluing of Screwdriver Tips open Q.2nd Request (October 27)
11776. Post black oxide oil application (July 30)
32413. Need sweet spirits of nitre for gun bluing (July 30)
61087. Black Oxide with Supplemental Coating (July 24)

    2h. OTHER INORGANIC FINISHING: Mechanical Plating, QPQ, Metal Spray, Zinc-rich Dip-Spin Coatings, Sherardizing, etc.

08591. Thermal Diffusion Coating Process (September 14)
10669. Anodizing Tungsten Carbide for Electrical Insulation open Q. (July 23)



39698. CED Paint conductivity is dropping open Q. (November 12)
32574. 'Dents' in CED Coating camera (November 3)
51966. CED Coating Fails Bend Test open Q. (October 11)
39726. Can I replace epoxy e-coat plus powder coating with acrylic e-coat? (September 29)
23047. Reduce paint thickness in Cathodic Electrodeposition (CED) system? open Q. (September 17)


55450. Salt spray life of powder coating mild steel sheet after shot blasting surface treatment (November 27)
51818. Powder coating onto zinc-iron plating open Q. (November 11)
45526. Need formula for epoxy powder coating master batch for bold structure/texture open Q. (October 29)
42644. Pinhole problem in Powder Coating (October 27)
01926. Can Powder Coat Be Used for Electric Insulation? (September 25)
32204. Powder coating problems on Aluminum (September 17)
21706. Problems & Solutions in Powder Coating of Steel Tubing open Q. (September 9)
45394. Cause of cissing defect in powder coating open Q. (June 19)


01734. Polymer Coating of Sterling Silver as an Anti-tarnish Treatment open Q. (October 10)
61150. Protecting Engraved Manganese from Corrosion open Q. (September 12)
42425. Color plating of chrome - what's the process? camera open Q. (August 8)
06067. Prep before BR-127 Primer on Invar open Q. (July 6)
53021. Copper particles in ED Coating on Hard Disks open Q. (July 2)


23245. Painting of flexible polyurethane and vinyl objects cameraopen Q. (November 10)
02102. Poor adhesion of paint to aluminum open Q. (August 23)
33359. D-I-Y HDPE Primer (August 13)
61109. Visual change to finished Thermoplastic PVDF because of post painted heat open Q. (May 16)



46777. Paint is peeling from chromated zinc plating (July 26)
47325. Zinc plating with blue chromate has fat brown stripe camera (June 19)
12511. Info on blue passivation (chromate conversion coating on zinc) open Q. (June 10)
61111. C377 Brass Forging turned silver from Scotch-Brite Polishing camera (May 23)


09676. Solderability of tin plate containing intermetallic compounds (November 19)
01216. Hydrogen embrittlement relief is softening our carburized parts open Q. (October 7)
00796. Hydrogen Embrittlement bake was NOT performed (September 25)


40778. Stripping nickel from copper open Q. (October 19)
00988. Stripping Zinc-Nickel Plating (October 11)
21020. Nickel plating removal / stripping camera (September 25)
61153. Cyanide vs. Non-Cyanide Electroless Nickel Stripper vip open Q. (September 17)
14351. How to strip SermeTel (August 17)
61142. Sublimation coating removal open Q. (August 13)



30106. Zinc plating didn't rust in salt spray test, but got thinner open Q. (November 24)
04589. Anodizing I.D. (internal diameter) of hollow aluminum tubing (November 20)
04626. Analysis of HF in Mixed Acid Baths (November 19)
44029. Analysis of metals and acids in Electropolishing Baths for stainless steel open Q. (November 6)
44293. Calibrate a spectrophotometer with home-made standards? (October 26)
22320. Hull Cell Q&A open Q. (October 20)
20173. Preece Test on Galvanized Parts (October 16)
41654. Determine % Nitric Acid. Titration? Conversion factor? (October 11)
61113. Can M3 thread plug gauge be used on Nylon 66 plastic part? (September 8)
15616. Salt spray / salt fog pH variation (September 8)
03427. In-house lab setup for plating & anodizing shop (September 8)
35573. Painted part rusted in 48 hour salt spray test (August 7)
15586. Determination of boric acid in nickel plating baths (July 16)
24697. Analysis of Sulphuric Acid in Chemical Industry (July 4)
11434. Cyanide Copper plating Solution Analysis (July 2)


32578. Need photo of chrome tank with mist suppressant please open Q. (November 9)
11909. Mixed bed de-ionizer / Water Polisher (October 18)
43864. Electroplating Wastewater Treatment Q&A's, Problems & Solutions: CN, Cu & Ni open Q.(October 4)
31963. Recovering tin from electroplating sludges (July 19)
41130. Alternative uses for high TDS waste from RO system? open Q. (June 24)
05582. Removing aluminum from anodizing bath, separating aluminum salts from sulphuric acid (June 12)
61070. Mixing Nickel strike with Copper sulfate bath for disposal (June 9)
32443. pH of DM water is a mystery open Q. (June 6)


37601. Can I safely cook my Turkey in galvanized trash can? camera (November 26)
03786. Chromium plated teas strainer scares me ... a lot (November 25)
07164. Dishwasher repaired with zinc plated washers (November 12)
08906. Safety Aspects of Chromate Conversion Coating on Aluminum (October 30)
00295. Does cyanide gold plating bath release hydrogen cyanide? (October 26)
47407. Chrome Plated Wrench Shards Injured Me (September 4)
40784. Is chrome plating safe for food processing tools or machines? (August 26)
24793. Safety of Galvanized Steel in home-made DIY smokehouse camera (August 13)
22256. Is Trichloro Ethylene (TCE) banned in India open Q. (August 2)
20858. Toxicity of nickel silver flatware (July 21)
20708. Hazards of eating off of rusted flatware (June 20)
21703. Toxic effects from galvanized food preparation utensils (June 12)


59993. Push manifold for open surface tanks (plating shop) (November 5)
61163. Need spare parts for Eidschun Automatic Plating equipment camera RFQ(October 31)
39979. Cleaning a Silicone Contaminated Plant open Q. (October 26)
39112. How to clean filter press effectively? open Q. (October 21)
17769. Substitute for copper rod in plating barrel open Q. (October 16)
61155. Avoiding Tank Overflows (October 13)
38265. Why must Copper Bus Bar be Tin Plated? (October 7)
13245. Using uncoated stainless steel racks for nickel plating of aluminium (October 2)
61151. Rack/basket material for Iridite chromate conversion coating (September 14)
38160. Heating open-top tanks Q&A (September 5)
32320. Cost of PVDF pipe vs. cast iron (August 7)
02742. How to verify that ammeter reading is correct? (July 30)
61118. Material of construction for alkaline Zinc Nickel Plating process (June 1)


09511. Metal Finishing Guidebook -- How to Get It? (November 23)
57971. Stress relief & de-embrittlement baking when hardness of parts varies? open Q. (November 19)
61162. What is spec P56011 and P55004? open Q. (October 29)
35810. Need Electrolift specification open Q. (October 2)
26629. Please enlighten us with PFZn5c open Q. (September 15)
28114. Paint Spec P510.2N open Q. (August 20)
56433. What is the standard thickness for zinc plating on sheet metal? (August 20)
02536. Plating Shop Software open Q. (July 21)
27698. Trouble with NADCAP Audits (July 21)

    5f. W...W...W...WORD OF THE WEEK

03159. What does Surface Current Density mean? (July 30)
61136. What is this mystery "electroplating over paint" process? (July 24)
08792. What is 'Kelite'? (July 4)

    5g. REACH, RoHS, EOL Directive; Cd, Pb, Cr+6, Nitric Acid & Phosphate Replacements

45368. Does Trivalent Plating Revert Back to Hexavalent Plating (June 8)

    5h. MOSTLY METALLURGY; Heat Treatment

36240. Aluminum temper T6 vs. T66 open Q. (November 6)
08114. Does grinding hurt stainless properties? open Q. (October 23)
40943. Can I strip & replate all motorcycle hardware to same black finish? open Q. (October 20)
27700. How to solder, weld, fasten Titanium (September 26)
61149. Problem of Brass finish burning off during sintering furnacing open Q. (September 8)
50226. Is 202 grade SS food grade? open Q. (August 27)
51470. Blacksmith's EN9 hammers aren't hardening right (August 20)
61146. Stainless steel dumbbells: economic corrosion-resistant grade? (August 20)
28258. Webster hardness of 6005 T6 aluminium open Q. (July 28)
33491. Discoloration of 310SS after brazing and heat treatment open Q. (July 21)
31110. Difference between aluminum vs. jig plate aluminum? open Q. (June 19)


38870. Separate gold, silver, and platinum from each other open Q. (October 22)
32894. Melt old gold to make new jewelry open Q. (September 26)
34676. Best and Easiest way to refine gold dust to get 99.9% purity open Q. (September 15)
18889. Reclaiming gold from electronics open Q. (September 14)
26990. How many computers for one ounce of gold? (August 20)
20150. Fineness of gold is lower after smelting open Q. (August 7)
41891. How to dissolve stainless steel but not gold open Q. (July 10)
26353. Cleaning gold that has been burned (July 3)
42389. Extracting gold from copper open Q. (June 22)



01550. How best to finish CNC aluminum wheels for my early Bronco camera open Q. (November 20)
55159. Touchup chipped enamel on old baby bathtub open Q. (November 20)
27475. How do I sell platinum and iridium? open Q. (November 20)
12879. Alligator Clips Causing Marks on Copper Electroplating (November 18)
43334. Cannot make nickel sulfate, problems with solution open Q. (November 17)
16808. Refinish a cast bronze sculpture camera open Q. (November 14)
09330. Clear coat for galvanized sheet metal (November 15)
12146. White film on stainless fridge after wiping spill camera (November 12)
17968. Changing oil rubbed bronze back to brass (November 11)
29414. Copper plating of lead bullets cheap and simple (November 9)
56181. Lacquering or clearcoating of Anodising (November 6)
18957. Brass spray nozzle stuck on an aluminum hose end (November 6)
03191. Power Supply for Hobbyist Zinc Plating (November 6)
06773. Q&As about Gold Plated Flatware camera open Q. (November 2)
03603. Restoring a tin ceiling open Q. (November 2)
29629. Silver plating of Musical instruments Q&A (November 2)
13519. Cleaning White Gold ... help! (November 2)
32537. Belling oven front ruined by oven pride cleaner open Q. (November 2)
31298. Cast Iron Stove outdoors? open Q. (October 28)
00085. Problems and solutions for copper electroforming open Q. (October 27)
54654. Chroming a Brass Fire Pole (October 27)
16643. How can I coat for sublimation printing on a low budget? open Q. (October 27)
12130. Current/Voltage for Aluminum Anodizing (October 26)
23481. Polished Aluminum Clearcoat Secret open Q. (October 23)
30700. Ruined silver candlestick when removing wax (October 21)
16306. Applying artist acrylic gesso to sanded Kynar aluminum panels open Q. (October 20)
46708. Rhodium plating is grainy open Q. (October 18)
61159. What to do with dog's head bas relief? camera open Q. (October 14)
46505. Sublimation Coating Q&A (October 13)
22507. Stripping Silver Plating from brass sconce (October 13)
38809. Antique baby carriage restoration Q&A's open Q. (October 12)
14122. Re-anodizing Aluminum which has been previously anodized open Q. (October 11)
21693. Sealing Aluminum to prevent oxidation? open Q. (October 11)
19652. Thick silver Electroplate in a Home Studio open Q. (October 9)
41460. How to give steel a dull appearance? open Q. (October 9)
18255. Anti-fouling paint for plastic boats camera (October 6)
28059. How to remove rust on vinyl siding (October 5)
41066. Dishwasher ruined shiny aluminum (October 2)
04913. DIY Nickel plating camera (October 2)
24520. Anodizing of stainless steel bolts to gold color (October 2)
42007. Can I paint a walk-in cooler? open Q. (October 2)
33203. How to make a paint stripper not harmful to plastic parts camera open Q. (September 30)
50455. Restoring the dark brown finish to copper sinks camera open Q. (September 29)
33531. Non-cyanide silver plating for jewelry & silverware (September 22)
57832. Plating onto lead-free tin solder (September 22)
22903. Ospho prep left tacky film open Q. (September 21)
13388. Galvanized roofing for shower, bathroom walls & kitchen backsplash open Q. (September 18)
36445. Removing chrome plating from plastic (ABS) parts open Q. (September 14)
16343. Blue/green/verdigris patinas for zinc open Q. (September 13)
35277. Can Brass Vase Be Filled with Water for Flowers? (September 5)
12044. Identifying nickel plating on brass (September 2)
10068. Remove stuck paper from plastic sheet (August 30)
37205. How to tell silver plated from sterling silver? (August 29)
43774. Cleaning silver ring that blackened (August 23)
38754. Nambé in the dishwasher dulled it. How to fix it. camera (August 23)
25637. Enameling of plated metal open Q. (August 20)
23536. Wetting agent for for 'spray chrome' open Q.(August 20)
27833. Type of paint for hand art on a vehicle open Q. (August 17)
52605. How to protect chrome for use outdoors (August 13)
16699. Geneva cabinet parts? open Q. (August 10)
14585. Rhodium plating on silver rings open Q. (August 9)
55951. Home nickel plating with vinegar and salt camera (August 7)
61140. Want motorcycle kickstand & centerstand that won't rust open Q. (August 6)
07137. Dirilyte gold-tone flatware: Cleaning / Polishing cameraopen Q. (August 5)
32168. How to waterproof Styrofoam? open Q. (July 30)
54890. Theda Sterling Silver Jewelry? camera (July 19)
52694. Solid silver with yellow patches camera(July 17)
24229. Homemade concrete stain open Q. (July 14)
49168. Remove paint but not a signature open Q. (July 9)
24664. Copper pipe electrolysis from touching steel? (July 9)
12602. How do you clean/restore old zinc countertop on Hoosier cabinet open Q. (July 8)
61133. Plating onto tin substrate open Q. (July 6)
30186. Lime-A-Way destroyed stainless steel sink camera (July 5)
12601. Need Teflon Spray for Cooking (July 5)
26881. Now my bright nickel plating process suffers pitting camera open Q. (July 3)
09585. How to Remove Varnish from Brass camera open Q. (June 28)
28788. What is electroplated gold? (June 28)
45056. Lead leaching from galvanised steel raised bed? (June 28)
30522. Penetrol or graphite paste for a structural column? open Q. (June 26)
60259. Best material for aluminum siding fasteners? (June 26)
18437. Remove rust and keep it off Mason jar lids open Q. (June 26)
56595. Surfactant for Acid/Zinc Bath open Q. (June 22)
55324. Prevent Tarnish on Gold Plated Silver & Brass (June 19)
00800. Preserving polished aluminum finish on classic toys (June 19)
45264. Galvanized metal and concrete Q&A's: anchor bolts, rebar, embedded pipe, wet cement (June 18)
60064. Gold plated 'jeweler's bronze' jewelry (June 15)
10497. Resistance of a chrome plating bath open Q. (June 12)
61126. Brush plating & patinating automobile sheet metal (June 10)
38381. Painting/powder coating a mid-century cone fireplace (June 9)
26699. Industry specs for powder coating thickness open Q. (June 7)
61123. Hardcoat Anodizing Polished vs. Blasted Aluminum camera open Q. (June 7)
43905. Brass plating of 3D printed plastic lamp (June 7)
61122. Lime Away took away the shine on my stainless steel fridge door open Q. (June 6)
61120. Need recommendation for protective adhesive: rhinestones to faux leather camera open Q. (June 5)
61097. Need Advice for Cleaning Aluminum Coil open Q. 2nd Request (June 5)
61119. Paint stripper for wood deck that rests on a rubber roof cameraopen Q. (June 5)


14164. Selective passivation of Iridium edges open Q. (November 26)
19274. Gold plating of aluminum and superconductivity (October 22)
00350. How to electroplate onto Tungsten (October 14)
42492. Electroforming of Nickel -- Nickel Sulfamate Experiment camera open Q. (October 5)
46254. How to measure nickel plating thickness without any device (July 15)
26556. Understanding the Equations for Electroplating Nickel (June 22)
61096. Rotating field for electroplating (June 5)


30852. Copper plating onto steel from copper sulphate (August 11)
18683. Rusting Nails: student experiment & research (June 5)


18029. Problems in White phenyl Manufacturing cameraopen Q. (November 21)
57929. Formula for electroless nickel plating solution open Q. (November 19)
28915. Getting rid of odor in zinc lined oak icebox open Q. (October 29)
12373. Zinc oxide production by French process (October 22)
24359. Belmont Barber Chair problems open Q. (October 12)
22987. Make GOLD from Copper, Silver & Plant Extracts (September 29)
26176. Steelcase Tanker Desk Restoration Tips (September 14)
53795. Want a chemical that heats up when mixed with water (September 12)
35650. How did we get from calling it kitchen zinc to sink? (September 8)
28915. Getting rid of odor in zinc lined oak icebox open Q. (September 8)
31079. How to Make Artificial Sweat and Conduct Testing open Q. (September 4)
33777. Boiling Rings in Peroxide and Vinegar Stops Rash! (August 20)
19333. How can I get rid of a scratch in my toilet bowl? (August 17)
14057. Mill Scale Uses and Applications open Q. (August 11)
09128. How often must I re-add copper sulphate to my pool? (August 8)

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