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A bit of history explains why advertising on is an unparalleled value ...

Appreciating the power of communication, loving metal finishing, and believing in shared knowledge, Ted Mooney established the "Finishing Technology Hotline" electronic bulletin board system (BBS) way back in 1989.


Elsevier published our forum discussions as the internationally popular "Heard on the Hotline" column in Metal Finishing magazine for many years.


So when the internet caught on in 1995, we already had a trove of fascinating content plus a 6-year jump to launch, "The Home Page of the Finishing Industry®".

Over the years, we've posted a quarter million problems & solutions, attracted tens of thousands of authoritative answers from the luminaries of the industry (many sadly have passed away); we were honored with the AESF's prestigious Industrial Achievement Award, and made a quite successful business of it.

... but as happens to us all, I got older and didn't want to continue commuting every day, supervising employees, maintaining an office, etc. -- so I semi-retired and run the website from home as a microbusiness & hobby.

Those decades of authoritative content are still on line and continue to draw thousands of daily visitors looking for finishing answers, products, and services. But with no employees or rent anymore, expenses are reduced to almost nothing and we can offer this traffic & exposure for just enough to have fun and survive :-)

Far more traffic than any developer or SEO resource can bring you, but at a tiny fraction of what they need to charge. Your company can profit from this if you wish. Find out why we have customers who've advertised here for decades :-)

Ted Mooney

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You know your products & services and have learned a thing or two; and we've run the World's #1 Metal Finishing destination for 34 years.
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