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Privacy Policy

About information collected which you DON'T deliberately supply ...

This website is "no registration / no passwords" for easy reference & open browsing, and we ( don't track you nor maintain any databases or mailing lists of such visits. You can view everything on this site without providing us ( with any personal info. However, all web servers (to our knowledge) create & maintain IP address logs as a guard against hacking.

Advertisements and analytic software served by 3rd Parties may track you.

If you click thru to one of our supporting advertisers' sites, we maintain a "click-thru log" of date, time, and IP address.

Information which you DO deliberately supply ... is not restricted to being a reference site, it it also a place of interactivity & camaraderie. So if you CHOOSE to submit a public posting, we require and print your name, city, & state -- like a newspaper or magazine would. We will delete your last name or entire posting upon request (you might be unwelcome to post in the future though -- deleted postings drill holes in our site and are insulting to the responders who helped you).
If you do a posting here, we also require your e-mail address. We don't publish it, but use it to advise you of responses to your posting; and we capture your IP address as a guard against spoofing (a poster claiming to be one of our other posters).

If you are seeking a supplier, you can CHOOSE to post an RFP/RFQ and we'll pass along the contact information you supply to suppliers who wish to respond to it. When we do so, we attach the following instruction--

PRIVACY NOTICE: This contact info is forwarded to you under the terms agreed to by the inquirer who provided it. You may respond to THIS SPECIFIC INQUIRY but you may not add this contact information to any database, send any unsolicited offerings of any type to the inquirer, nor pass this contact info to any third party.


If you feel that anyone has spammed you through info available from this site, or you wish to delete a posting you made here, or you have any privacy concerns, please let us know. Thanks!
Ted Mooney <>

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revised September 20, 2021