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Category: "Electroless plating, Immersion plating, Plating on plastics, Chrome-look sprays"

61608. Electroless copper plating onto wax - November 25

61597. Best Bright Chrome effect paint for polystyrene plastic open Q. - November 2 vipInquirer often helps others, so especially deserves our help

57786. Random parts are not plating completely in electroless nickel open Q. - October 22

57992. Conductive paint for plating on plastic, flowers, glass, non-conductors open Q. - October 20

36755. RCA test for electroless nickel open Q. - September 27

• Epoxy separating from Electroless nickel after thermal stress exposure open Q. - September 14

• Need mirror finish electroless nickel plating on inner walls of holes - September 9

• ENIG (Electroless nickel / immersion gold) & ENAG Plating open Q. - September 8

• Electroless Nickel anti-tarnish treatments, post dips, chromates - July 28

• Chrome plating onto 7075 T6 ALUMINUM? - July 28

• Plating copper onto aluminum

• Mirror finish spray chrome paint: topcoat yellowing

• Electroless nickel plating on copper Q&A

• How does "Rub-on Tin plating" work?

• Plating Electroless nickel onto stainless steel powders

• Hydrogen Embrittlement vs. Electroless Nickel Plating

• Spray chroming with silver nitrate

• Can citric acid passivate a stainless tank used for electroless nickel plating?

• Palladium activation & Plating on Plastic

• Heat treatment of Electroless Nickel Plating

• Electroless gold plating (autocatalytic)

• Composite electroless nickel-PTFE plating

• Electroless Nickel Plating of Aluminum without Zincate

• Barrel plating on plastics/ABS

• A method for electroless brass plating?

• Electroless nickel-boron plating

• Immersion gold plating vs. electroless gold plating

• EN Plating on Aluminum shrunk the parts but increased hole diameters

• 'Contact' plating questions

• Stability Problems with Electroless Palladium Solution

• Heat treatment of Electroless Nickel for 400-500 Vickers

• Poor adhesion of Electroless Nickel Plating onto steel

• Electroless Nickel Plating for wet sour service

• Electroless nickel plating is turning black, tarnishing

• Chrome plating peels off of ABS+PC

• Preventing discoloration of tin plated copper bus bars

• Need EN on Magnesium Touched Up

• Palladium-free direct plate technology for plating on plastic?

• Electroless Nickel plating on NiCr

• Immersion gold) peels off of electroless nickel

• Selective Electroless Nickel Plating or Stripping

• In-situ Electroless Nickel Plating Repair

• Racks for plating ABS/plastic get electroless nickel plated

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