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Category: "Electroplating & Electroforming"

29547. Problems copper plating gravure cylinders open Q. - December 31

29662. The Role of sulfuric Acid in Copper Plating - December 30

26738. Silver Plating brighteners Q&A open Q. - December 22

34440. Formula or recipe of Zinc brightener - December 18

61622. Removing discoloration patches from nickel plated brass - December 13

56583. Repair of hard chromium plated parts open Q. - December 11

50709. 50709-1i Acid Zinc Plating turns gray in 3 months - December 9

61616. Brass Hull Test Panel Cathode Cleaning - December 8

61563. 61563-3i Silver plating with Auxiliary Anodes - December 8

61617. Need silver plating on 13K per year 2" dia x 73" long aluminum bars RFQ open to all: Jackson, MS - December 6

61604. Adhesion No Good for Nickel Plating on Neodymium open Q. - December 1

61612. Zn25 vs ZnNi12 - Expected lifetime for marine indoors open Q. - November 27

25432. Zinc-Nickel Plating and Chromating Problems & Solutions open Q. - November 21

24309. Carbon treating silver plating solution with activated carbon cartridges open Q. - November 21

33386. Roughness in copper-nickel plating on zamak - November 13

  5106. Tin Plated Parts are Turning Black open Q. - November 11

61598. Cadmium Cyanide adhesion issue open Q. - November 8

47026. Chrome plating and coefficient of expansion - November 8

  5101. Want to find an alternative chrome plating process - November 1

61594. Unusual behaviour of thief wire in chrome plating open Q. - October 25

44143. Chrome plated engine valves nodular and peeled in one area open Q. - October 23

10051. Brass plating is tarnishing and turning black open Q. - October 22

39912. Black Passivation and Black Trivalent Plating - October 22

43916. 43916-2 Cyanide spots and stains in brass plating - October 15

27192. Facing issues with air locks! - October 14

28851. Zinc-Nickel Plating very thin in some area of padbolts open Q. - October 14

  2406. It takes an hour to zinc barrel plate in ammonia chloride open Q. - October 11

  6132. Do We Use DuNuöy Ring or Wilhelmy Plate Tensiometer for Chromic Acid? open Q. - October 8

49988. 49988-4i What are these crystals on cadmium plated parts? - October 7

• Nickel plating peeling problem - September 27

61579-1i 'Skip' problem when doing black passivation in stainless steel baskets open Q. - September 26

• Formula for Woods Nickel Strike - September 21

• Yellow shade in decorative chrome plating - September 20

• Copper plating staining & oxidation problem, bright dip fails open Q. - September 19

• Nickel adhesion to silicone open Q. - September 7

• Zinc plate rubs off on thumb - September 7

• Chrome plating of zinc die castings -- Problems & Solutions open Q. - August 29

• Preventing Tarnish on Gold Plated Brass open Q. - August 24

32077-6i Black spots/patches in acid zinc barrel plating - August 21

• Platinum Plating with P-salt open Q. - August 20

17234-2i Black spots on welding cords after Zinc-Nickel plating - August 18

34543-1i Gold plating attacked by stainless steel passivation process? - August 17

• Nickel plating cost calculation - August 16

• Want electroforming machine to make gold jewelry open Q. - August 15

• How to remove Zinc contamination from Nickel plating bath - August 5

56121-3i Nickel-chrome plating has white patches that grow with time

• Brass anodes are polarizing

• Brass Plating Q&A's, Problems & Issues

• Satin nickel plating problems Q&A

• Cyanide zinc electroplating problems

• Micro Porosity of Substrate a Major Setback for Hard Chroming

• Acceptance criteria after zinc plating and salt spray test

• Nickel plating / striking on stainless steel

• Hydrogen Embrittlement Failure. Details for Chromium Plating

• What is dog bone and what causes it?

• Copper plating hardness is dropping

• Zinc Dust treatment of alkaline zinc plating solution

• Wood's Nickel Strike Bath Analysis & Maintenance

• Silver plating thickness distribution problems

• Surface roughness after hard chrome plating

• Effects of bath contamination in tin plating, limits for metallic impurities?

61541-1i White Rust on Zinc Plated Bolts after 19 hrs neutral salt spray

• White Bronze Plating: an alternative to nickel

• Tin plating on Aluminum: copper and tin diffuse together

40095-9i Problem in Acid Chloride Zinc Plating: parts get cloudy after a few days

44771-5i Acid Copper Plating Problems Q&A

• Pitted zinc-nickel plating

38877-15i Alkaline zinc continuous wire plating

• Dull Nickel Plating Bath Q&A, Problems & Solutions

• Copper plating steel grounding (earthing) rods

• Iron Plating problems (Electrodeposition of Iron onto other materials)

• Plating zinc onto stainless steel?

• Formulation for blue nickel plating

• Applying a color onto a Zinc Die Casting

• Understanding Duplex & Triplex Nickel Plating Process

• Sulfite gold plating -- Problems & Solutions, Q&A

9144-6i Hard Chrome Plating Failures on Boat Lift Hydraulic Cylinders

• Discoloration and blackish marks on cyanide copper

• Black spots in cyanide copper plating

• Cracks on hard chrome plated spools

29547-1i Repair gravure cylinder with brush plated copper

• Plating zinc diecast (Zamak-3): Process sequence?

• Parting/passivation Agents to Keep Electroforms from Sticking to Cathode/mandrels

11955-5i Chrome Plating Problems on Gravure Printing Cylinders/Rolls

• Tarnishing of tin plating

• Hydrogen embrittlement in cadmium plating

• Plating conductive microfibers embedded in ABS

• Anode to Cathode Ratio. Nickel Buildup In Bright Nickel Solutions

• Want very dull nickel plating on brass jewellery

• Alkaline Zinc Plating Problem: Delayed Blistering on Steel Parts

• Current required in hard chrome plating?

• Black Zinc-Nickel Plating has poor corrosion resistance

61525-1i Chloride Nickel Plating is black and burned.

• Zinc Plating on 12L14 carbon Steel (Blistering & Flaking Problems)

• Small parts coupling together in MSA Sn (Tin Plating) bath

• Nickel plating on aluminum contains phosphorous

• Rough Titanium Cadmium plate

• My acid copper plating bath is very slow

61530-1i Nickel plated sockets are cloudy/milky without a copper preplate

58278-2i Partial Plating of Chrome on copper base cylinder

• Zinc plating with chromate: is temperature causing the corrosion?

• Platinum plating on silver Q&A Problems & Solutions

• Brighteners used in Silver Plating bath

• Blisters in Nickel Plating after Heat Treatment

• Need Ductility in Nickel Electroplate

• Nickel Carbonate not Dissolving

• Wood's Nickel Strike Bath Analysis & Maintenance

• Brass plating peels off -- Q&A, Problems & Solutions

• Non uniform thickness problem in electroplating

• Gold isn't bright when plating leaded stained glass

11955-4i Chrome thickness variations on gravure cylinders open Q. - February 26

• Choosing Plating Rectifier Voltage & Current

• Zinc plating thickness vs. salt spray resistance

• Nickel Electroplating is peeling off Stainless Steel

• Alkaline zinc plating rundown streaking

• Zinc-plate appearance problems (white, powdery, rough surface)

• Non cyanide copper plating Q&As / Problems & Solutions

• Activating old Nickel plating for Replating

• Peeling problem in reel to reel plating

• What Part Does Voltage Play in Electroplating?

• Hard Chrome Plating Failures on Hydraulic Cylinders

18361i What is the Corrosion Life of Nickel Plated Components?

• Nickel plated stainless steel batteries getting pinholes

• Tin plating: how to improve Salt Spray hours?

• Gold plating rubs right off!

28851-9i Very large black rack marks in Zinc-Nickel Plating

• Alkaline Zinc Plating Q&A's, Problems & Solutions

• Plating time too long (acid zinc)

• Heavy parts chrome plate well; light ones don't

• Nickel plating Inconel Q&A: Bumps in low-stress nickel

61510-1i Silver plating delaminates from copper parts but not brass parts

• Relationship of Plating Thickness to Current/Amperage

• ISO a Metal Plater with loooooooooong tanks! 2nd Rqst, open to all RFQ South Florida - January 7

35342-4i Why is chromium failing?

61500-1i DI water stains Nickel plated surface

• Nickel and Gold Plating onto Bronze Workpiece

• RoHS Zinc Plating of Machine fasteners and Bolts

• Electroforming onto silicone forms/mandrels

• Zinc Plating / Electrogalvanizing Mild Steel Wire

• How to make platinum pen plating solution?

• Plating Thickness variation in hard chrome plating

• Tin plated parts turn yellowish

• Conductive Black Coatings: black zinc

• Platinised titanium anode turning black?

• Our nickel plating is white and milky

• Want plant for Plating zinc diecast

• Need highly Conductive Zinc-Nickel Plating after Chromating

61497-1i Nickel Anode Disintegration

• Tin Cobalt plating problems

32077-5i Delayed black spots (peeling?) in zinc plating

• Unwanted chrome plating build-up on sharp edges

41922-3i Nickel Plating defect: white patches

• How to calculate the current density for all plating baths?

• Satin nickel plating problem

• Tin over nickel on aluminum bus bar turns black

• Problem in Acid Chloride Zinc Plating

• Calculating zinc consumption in acid zinc plating

In Search of a Metal Plater with loooooooooong tanks!

43776-3i Bright silver doesn't blister in diffusion bake, but blisters upon 2nd bake

20394-1i Tin plating solution is turning grey

• Can applying a strike solution reduce the usability at high temperature?

• Trivalent Chrome Plating Q&A's, Problems & Solutions

• Tin plated parts are turning black

• Pitting in hard chrome plated steel

• Why does dummy plating work?

• Zinc Plating Internal Threads: dimensional changes & coverage issues

• Nickel Electrowinning Q&As, Problems & Solutions

38877-14i Alkaline Zinc Plating Q&A's, Problems & Solutions

• How to obtain yellow colour in brass plating?

• Nickel Plating Rotary Textile Screens

• Hard chrome plating vs. salt spray hours requirement

• Brass Plating not sticking to underlying nickel plating

• Plating zinc diecast (Zamak-3): Process sequence?

• Zinc-plating appearance problems (white, powdery, rough surface)

• Alkaline Zinc plating: How can caustic & zinc concentrations vary independently?

• Q&A on Silver plating of flatware, serving platters, etc.

4996-4i Really bad adhesion and lack of shine in Hard Chrome plating

• White and black rust on zinc plating after salt spray test

• Black Chrome Plating

9144-4i Hard Chrome Plating Failures on Hydraulic Cylinders

• Electroplating / Electrodeposition of Aluminum

• Hard chrome plating chip off at chamfer

• Inconsistent appearance of zinc plated with black chromate parts

• Is brass plating over silver plating possible?

• Rubber mixed into my chromium plating solution

• Best plating process for cabinet handles?

• Hard chrome plating has high coefficient of friction, not low

• Residue when Drawing a Tinned Copper Wire

• Plating time too high in alkaline non-cyanide zinc plating

• Precipitating stannic ion from tin bath

• How to specify Conductive Black Zinc

• Cadmium plating and trivalent chromate

• Immersion gold plating Q&A's, Problems & Solutions

17929-2i Nickel plating over copper flash history

• True that cast iron can't be Zinc Plated?

• Copper plating on Inconel adhesion problem

• Discoloration of bright acid tin plating

• Platinised titanium (or niobium) anodes for hard chrome plating?

• Effect of Temperature on Alkaline Zinc Plating Operation

• How to reduce brittleness in copper (PCB) plating

• Zinc Plating + Iridescent Chromate expected, but parts are white

• Tin plating peels off copper plating when baked

• Nickel plating blisters & peels off

61459-1i Source of Contamination on Hard Gold Contacts?

• When did copper flashing on steel for nickel plating begin?

• Sn (tin) plating bath has turned violet/purple

• How to Remove calcium from Nickel Plating Solution

• Silver Plating is Blistering

• Pitting problem in nickel-chrome plating on brass

1963-1i "Whitewash" on Chrome Plate

• Alkaline zinc plating at 40 ASF

• How to reduce hardness in nickel sulfamate plating?

55225-2i Alkaline zinc plating problem: Black dots/spots that grow with time

61429i Blue Chrome defect in hard chrome plating

Nickel plated parts peel when powder coated but not when heat quenched

Acid zinc plating Anodes are black-ish

Sodium Vinyl Sulfonate usage in electroplating industry

Best filler material (ball bearings?) for barrel plating aluminum parts

44143-5i Pin holes on hard chrome plated bars

Can we use stainless anodes in silver plating to battle rising concentration?

61440-1i White haze on parts after sulfamate nickel plating

How long can nickel current be interrupted

zinc plating rainbow color Zinc Plating has unwanted Rainbow Color

Alkaline zinc plating goes faster at low temperatures than high

Why must diluted acid be used in nickel plating, not concentrated?

Cost/pound for FO1 Zinc Plating w/ Clear Chromate on steel

61431-1i Need Silver or Tin Plating of Low-Voltage Contacts made from Copper & Brass

Poor Salt spray test results on black zinc plating

28851-6i Some problems in Zinc-Nickel Plating

47325-4i Zinc plating with clear chromate discoloration issues

Need Shop to do Chrome Seal per PS 11501

Acid zinc plating: peroxide is doing something to clog our filters

Sulfamate Nickel Strike Problems

Function of Boric acid in Nickel Plating

Activating/reactivating old Nickel plating

Alkaline Zinc Plating Rundown Streaking

41663-1i What is Blue Chromate Plating?

36277-1i Weird Hard Chrome on Sulfamate Nickel adhesion problem open Q. - April 23 vipInquirer often helps others, so especially deserves our help

15007-2i Cloudiness & rainbows after Zinc Plating

Substitute/Alternate/Replacement for Rhodium Plating

Nickel or Electroless Nickel plating on nitrided steel

Non cyanide copper plating Q&As / Problems & Solutions

How to make Rhodium Plating Solution

Cause of white patches in yellow zinc plating

copper-nickel plated door lock Copper & Nickel Plating Thickness vs. Salt spray Resistance

40095-7i Acid Zinc Plating: Problems & Solutions

Brass Plating Problem: we add zinc salt but analysis shows no increase in zinc concentration

How to calculate plating cost?

Brush plating stainless with Wood's Nickel

HCl immersion time for replating old car parts

Turbulence limit for chrome plating of inner diameter?

Nickel Contamination of Gold Plating Bath

52366-5i Hard chrome broken & burnt

Electrical conduction properties of nickel plating

We need gold plating consultant

61406-1i Our nickel plating on copper & brass suddenly started peeling

15017-2i Chrome Plating Throwing Power

Problem holding Zinc concentration in alkaline Zinc plating bath

3606-9i Black Chrome Plating is making our hands dirty

Rhodium plating of silver rings Q&A's

Ruthenium plating on high phosphorous EN

Hydraulic fluid leaks through/over hard chromium plating

Need Cadmium Plating per NAS672

Zinc plating thickness vs. salt spray resistance

Copper Tungsten: Activation / Plating / Surface Treatment

Hydrogen embrittlement in zinc plating of auto parts from the 1960's

46024-2i Thin Dense Chrome has Brown Spots open Q. (February 15)

Nickel plating onto alumina dispersion-strengthened Cu alloy (February 14)

Barrier layer when gold plating on sterling silver open Q. (February 13)

Poor plating adhesion on Remko (high purity iron) material (February 13)

Hard chrome plating on copper open Q. (February 11)

Matte Tin Plating on top of Bright Tin Plating open Q. (February 11)

White Spots on Cadmium Plating from wooden shipping crates? open Q. (February 10)

Cost of hard chroming a cylindrical shaft (February 10)

49988-3i Cadmium Plating Problems

How to make gold plating last longer? open Q. (February 9)

Need Tin-cobalt plating RFQ Wheeling, IL (February 4)

Need to hold surface finish on Zinc Nickel plated parts open Q. (February 3)

Clear zinc plating develops brown stains with time open Q. (February 3)

Fingerprints on silver plated finish (February 2)

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