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A good Wrinkle-finish at home.


Q. To Whom it May Concern,

I want to re-paint an old Atwater-Kent radio (from 1927) in the way it was originally done in brown wrinkle-finish paint. I have a can of brown wrinkle-finish paint I got from Perry & Derrick (I think they make the 'Kennedy Brown' wrinkle finish paint that is used on tool boxes). I have prepared the surface and primed it. (Actually, the primer that is on it is the wrinkle finish paint that comes in a spray can; it didn't work at all - it dried with a nice smooth finish. That is when I found that one must actually bake the paint as it dries.) The instructions that I have indicate that I should apply the paint the surface with a sprayer leaving a 1 mil thickness and then put it in an oven at 325 degrees F for 12 minutes. My question is this: can I get away with using an old electric oven that I have or am I setting myself-up for an explosion given the rather high vapor-pressure of the paint?


Robert Manning
- Cleveland, Ohio

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Black Wrinkle Paint


A bare metal surface, should even say that on the can. I've used quite a bit of it in aircraft and never used any heat either. Apply with one HEAVY coat, the 3 min. later apply a second heavy coat. That should do it, hope you found my advice useful.

Robert Hartman
- Mineral Ridge, Ohio


A. Instead of worrying about your fumes exploding in a hot oven (I'd actually suspect the possibility of this happening to be small, but it's better to be safe, and I haven't smelled your paint:), you could try getting the piece up to temperature first; then painting. [try this on a small piece of a similar metal first]

Put the piece in the electric oven at 325 F for enough time to get the heat all baked through the piece you want to paint. Place it then quickly into an insulated environment and apply the paint. With luck your paint will dry quickly into a beautiful wrinkle finish that's tough and durable. Credit to R. C. Locher, Jr., W9KNI, Deerfield, IL and TIS at the ARRL for this hint.

Cyrus Yunker
- Raleigh, North Carolina

Ed. note: For the adventurous, please see letter 409 for a discussion of how wrinkle paint works and perhaps how you can make it.

February 21, 2009

Q. What is the correct procedure for applying and curing antique (1937 Chevrolet) interior wrinkle paint

rick robert
hobbyist - southgate, Michigan

October 3, 2010

A. I have just completed a series of test patches using wrinkle paint in order to match the finish on a WW2 USAAF Radio and finally found a perfect "fine" wrinkle match in black using VHT wrinkle paint. Think about it folks - in those days there was no time for fussy and time consuming methods - it had to be simple and quick, they were producing some 800 - 900 radios a week - minimum! Here is the method (always on clean bare metal - no primer)
1. clean solvent degrease.
2. spray one even fairly heavy coat of VHT wrinkle.
3. place under infra red heat lamp or lamps for 10 - 15 mins

A perfect very fine wrinkle exactly as the original!

Duncan Stuart (VA7DU)
- Vancouver BC, Canada
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