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The finishing.com Hotline includes more than 60,000 Shop Problems, Q&A's and RFQs about metal finishing. This page is an archive of a thousand of those discussions. You may prefer to start at our Home page, view the most recent threads, or search the site.

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59000. Zinc electroplating poor coverage in corners and edges
59001. Anodized balcony railings on oceanfront condo - some are fine, some are pitting
59002. Passivating and testing 716 stainless steel
59003. Aluminum finishing options with good heat transfer
59007. Antique coat hook snapped: How to fix it or find someone who can?
59008. Alkaline Etch of Aluminum leaves a Marbled Finish
59009. What is this satin finish on aluminum
59010. Comparison of stainless steel sheet to GI sheet for industrial roofing purpose
59012. What does "HR screw HM20" mean?
59014. Improve polyamide adhesion on nickel film
59015. Sound specification for powder coated items?
59016. Chrome peels on a high Rockwell surface
59017. Brush Plating for repair of Type 316 Stainless Steel Urea Reactor
59018. 6K Series AL Anodizing - Loss of dye near close tolerance inlays
59019. Explanation of zinc phosphating theory
59020. 420 C-1 stainless steel gets rusty fast
59023. NaOH & KOH titration procedure interchangable?
59024. Rust Bluing problem: the work turns brown instead of black after boiling
59025. Undercutting of Silver Braze on Brass after Silver-Plating Process
59026. Added Cyanide Zinc Brightener to Acid Zinc; now the parts are black
59027. Excess sodium cyanide in copper cyanide electroplating solution
59031. Painted brass door knob is very bumpy
59032. Electroforming with gems/minerals - resist from electrolyte?
59033. Alternatives to hexavalent Chromium
59034. Filter Pump Cause Pitting
59036. Experience with Brown dye in Anodizing?
59037. Post cleaning passivated 303 stainless steel
59038. Fastener coating for Aluminum 6061-T6 piece bolted to steel flange
59039. Resistance of anodizing or powder coating to flexo graphic ink
59046. Possible to use electrically charged metal plates to clear wine before bottling?
59047. ferric chloride [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon] vs. Cerium as Coagulant
59048. Electroless Coloring of Brass Pins
59049. Defects of anodic oxidation of aluminium: dye not adhering
59050. Hardcoat Anodizing Defect - Buildup?
59051. Anodizing Al precision miniature screws for electronic device
59052. Sporadic Arcing in Electropolish
59053. Tin plating process
59055. Plating aluminum without using fluorides
59058. Anodizing hot-dipped aluminized steel
59059. Removing Trombone Tarnish
59062. Will heavy white rust on zinc ingots hurt their use in galvanizing?
59065. 301 Stainless Sheet Stock Flattening
59066. Exposing screws to high voltage (35kV) causes red rust
59069. Specification for powder coating so we can give 5 year Warranty
59070. Ultrasonic cleaning prior to hot dip galvanizing
59071. Defects from Titanium Etching Process
59073. Triplex nickel
59074. Alternate for Pegasol organic degreaser
59077. Non-reflective durable finish for machined aluminum parts that process currency
59080. Problems nickel plating high speed steel
59081. Checking for plating coverage
59083. How to etch photograph on 7 micron gold plate?
59086. What is Vortex Anodizing?
59087. Aluminum finish is matte and unappealing? What went wrong?
59089. What equipment do I need to plate out Gold & Pt to test mineral samples
59090. Electroless Whitening Process for Aluminium
59091. Activation of 300M steel for hard chrome plating
59093. Is there lead in steel?
59094. Alkaline Zinc Plating is coming out of the plating bath black
59096. What is "G"-standard "Gold Plating"
59097. NiCr sputtering on silicon peels off during dicing
59099. Plating on cast iron threads
59103. What can be made from SODIUM BISULPHATE (a byproduct of CHROMIC ACID manufacturing)
59105. How to stop plumbers ink?
59106. How to remove tungsten from ceramic and aluminum
59107. Backyard hot dip galvanizing
59109. Trivalent chromium plating VS non-hex chromium plating ?
59110. Best attachment method for Rifle Gas Block
59113. Slippery Rubber-coated Rolls on our Electro-polishing bath
59115. Electroplating different size features through resist
59116. Food-safe bead chain for use as pastry weight
59117. Performance standard associated with epoxy e coat over 380 aluminum
59118. Krauser ABS Pannier bag refinishing
59119. How and where to hot dip a lead strip by continuous process
59123. 17-4 Stainless fails copper sulphate [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon] test after laser mark and passivation
59124. Post Baked missed
59125. Zinc Nickel plating
59126. Food safe platings for aluminum
59127. Conductive coatings
59131. Failed Passivation Stainless Steel (PH Grade): Pickling/Acid Descale Preparation
59132. I need an alternative to black hard anodize on 2024 aluminum
59134. Problems with determination of lead in 90:10 Tin lead Solution
59136. Surface defect on steel strip/sheet from Chrome Plated work rolls
59137. Difference between Electroplated Nickel to BS3382 vs. BS1224
59138. Want Pure Titanium Coating
59139. Stray current in Ni bath
59140. Masking Failure when Copper Cyanide Plating
59142. Leaching gold
59143. How to purchase a wedding ring for a Levite
59144. Can't Get Rust To Form On Forging
59147. Extraction with Benzene
59148. What aluminum alloy is equivalent to R.R. 56?
59149. Nickel Black plating using pH 8-9 Nickel plating bath
59154. Is this 304SS over polished?
59155. Nickel Plating Carbon Steel for Furnace
59158. Nickel Plating of antique Hot Rolled Steel Entry Doors
59159. How to fix a horizontal hairline crack outside of toilet bowl vitreous china
59163. Strange marble defect on anodised coating
59164. Post plated parts rusting
59165. Red Rust Rating 6 or better, white Rust 2 or better
59166. Huge shoulders/thickening after hot dip galvanizing
59167. Will larger tanks create a throwing power problem?
59168. Masking parts for black oxiding
59169. Hydrogen embrittlement of INCO 718 by silver plating possible?
59170. Thermal Spray Aluminium Coating
59171. What is the temperature of galvanizing bottom dross
59172. Poor electroless nickel plating appearance near threaded area
59173. Coating to prevent high temperature discoloration of stainless steel
59174. Will EDTA attack Stainless?
59176. Electroless nickel plating of fly ash
59177. Hard Chrome plating and small holes
59178. High Chrome Levels in Zinc Phosphate Sludge
59181. Electroplating/electroforming on 3D Printing and Stereolithography (SLA) models
59183. Can Surfactants Be Used in Chem Film and Sodium Dichromate Baths
59184. Making hand tools from metal coated 3D printed plastic
59185. Spraying over/repairing UV coated cabinets
59186. Solution will solidify if agitation fails. What to do.
59187. Phosphate Free Pretreatment Chemicals
59192. How can I safely powder small quantities of zinc lead tin alloy.
59193. Analysis for metal ions in fruit juices
59194. Photo resist peel off at the edge of wafer
59195. ASTM heat treatment conditions vs. European Norm conditions
59198. Is it possible to bright dip then chromate conversion coat in lieu of anodizing?
59199. Masking for two-tone Micron Gold Plating
59201. Corrosion Resistance to mid-strength Sulphuric Acid
59202. How to deposit Stainless Steel on Titanium foil
59203. Level 2 layer of passivation
59205. Best Wastewater Treatment for Alkaline Zinc Nickel Plating
59206. Anodizing aluminum with sodium bisulphate instead of sulfuric acid
59208. Etching or blasting benday dot pattern onto mirror polished stainless steel
59209. Creating patina on vintage metal seam roofing
59210. Acid Copper Plating over Zinc
59211. Yellow residue on tank surface after electropolishing it
59213. How to heat treat metal to a black or yellow color
59214. Can this iron material be used in a structural application?
59215. Sputter etching of stainless steel
59218. Material to be used for lab tables and interior partitions
59219. Is nanofiltration a viable option for phosphoric acid recovery
59222. Tin-zinc plating isn't alloyed, but a layer of zinc & a layer of tin
59223. Rivets for denim
59225. Zinc Plate with Trivalent Chromate - Red Rust Corrosion
59233. Protecting chuck from corrosion when doing brush plating on lathe- mounted work
59234. Brite Dip Anodize Washes Off; Matte Anodize Doesn't
59235. What electrode material for palladium brush/pen plating
59236. Clutch cover preparation for chroming
59240. Trivalent Plating turns pink when insert molded with phenolic plastic
59241. Need No Mar Coating for Steel
59242. What process to use to color a small spring?
59243. Newly chrome plated aluminum bracket is tarnishing
59244. Sealing of hard anodised parts that are subsequently painted
59247. Effect of excessive amps per square foot on cadmium plating
59248. Minimum substrate thickness required for aluminum to be anodized
59250. Electropolishing threaded bushings
59252. Producing a continually diminishing taper of hard chrome finish on gun barrel bores
59253. Powder coating that can be repainted without conventional mechanical surface prep?
59254. Modern Vehicle Brightware Trim
59256. What is this brownish gold finish on glove box latch?
59257. Plating compatibility nickel plating over tin
59258. Type III, Class 2, Black Anodize of 2195 Aluminum Alloy - Tips/Techniques?
59261. What is in cleaning tank?
59262. Vinyl plastisol adhesion (to ED) at low temperature baking
59265. How to minimize smoke in galvanizing plant
59267. Ion Plating vs. Anodizing.
59270. Goldsmith needs Incralac in Germany or Netherlands for Palindrome Cannon
59271. Car restoration zinc plating gone bad
59272. Black engraving onto silverplate flatware
59273. Chrome Plating Stainless Steel with Aluminum Backing -- possible to not mask the Aluminum?
59274. How to make large diameter, super thin copper dish
59275. Ni-Cd Pocket Plate Battery Design Question
59276. Tin plating over silver
59277. Ultrasonic Cleaning with Micro 90 ruined Electroless Nickel Plated Parts
59278. How to polish Britannia Metal and pretreat it for silver plating
59280. Low alkali enzymatic degreasing chemicals
59282. Laser engrave and then chemfilm or vice versa
59283. Removing scratches from stainless steel sheets
59285. Tin plating on heat sink appears to be melting during wave soldering
59286. What chemicals can chemistry & art teacher safely apply to copper?
59287. Nickel sulfamate bath can't reach target amperes
59288. Rust formation on steel after electrolytic cleaning
59289. Should refurbished truck wheels be zinc plated before powder coating?
59292. Hard Anodic Coating Not Building Up Sufficiently
59293. What nickel plating process was used on this 1966 Fender amplifier?
59296. Can UV Ink Prove the Rejects Aren't Ours?
59298. Delamination between copper plated layers
59299. Pump Fittings Clamp Load Differences due to Hexavalent vs Trivalent Coating?
59300. Blistering of Zinc Plated surfaces during Alkaline Degreasing
59305. Automatic cadmium plating line doesn't give coverage on inside corners
59306. Black pattern staining found Sulfuric acid anodizing 7050 hand forging parts
59307. Tin plating over zinc coated high carbon steel wire
59312. One key on vintage flute is misplated with something
59313. Help with old Pratt color spec 'Polar Gray', color# 71937 or equivalent
59314. Separating tin & lead, then making copper sulphate [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon] crystals from copper dust
59315. What are the finishing processes used on Ipad Mini?
59316. Germanium plating as an alternate to Zinc plating
59318. Mistake: Nitric Acid in Trichrome plating bath
59319. Laser dross removal seems more difficult if delayed
59320. Welds and Oil Rubbed Bronze
59321. Type 2 Anodizing at Ambient Temperature
59322. PFOS Free Surface Tension Reducer for Chromic Acid Anodize / Plating
59325. Reagent Water Type IV for copper sulphate [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon] Test per AMS 2700
59326. Achieving thick copper layer on aluminium without electroplating
59327. Corrosion and ash formation
59328. Is there an electrically conductive e-coating?
59330. Anodized aluminum patio set gets too hot to touch
59332. Zamak 5 parts do not pass humidity tests
59334. Surfaces must be free of 'imperfections' ... but what does that actually mean?
59335. Validated hydrogen embrittlement test failure (chromium plating with HF/H2SO4 anodic pickling pretreatment)
59336. Proper anode to cathode ratio for plating? What are the consequences if too low?
59337. Recover silver and antimony from the anode slime of lead electro-refining
59340. Surfactants for synthesis of alpha Mn2O3 nanoparticles
59342. RoHS Zinc Plating ASTM B633 Type III - are trivalent chromates ready for prime-time
59344. Designing a Nickel Manganese Phosphating installation
59345. Chemical stripping then solution analysis to determine heavy metals in plating layers
59346. Hydrogen Embrittlement and Magnetic Particle Inspection
59349. How to Analyze Chloroacetic acid [affil link on Ebay & Amazon]s
59350. Coating for polyisoprene elastomer
59351. How to verify that anodizing is completely stripped?
59352. Orange peel effect on gold plated bracelet
59353. Coating/plating for mild steel part that will survive 50 dishwasher cycles
59354. Hot Forged Components Have Black Spots That Don't Get Clean and Don't Plate
59355. Single Passivation Bath for Multiple Series of Stainless Steels: 300, 400, and PH series stainless
59358. Coated steel vs. stainless steel for saline solar heating system
59359. What metal can wet solder without leaching into it?
59361. Replating on hard chrome & S143
59362. Effects of oil and grease on the GAC filters in wastewater treatment plants
59363. Painting process preceded by a surface preparation process
59364. Want a colored finish on 5/8 inch steel balls
59365. Tiny holes in welded areas of acid copper plating
59370. Gold surface is flaking
59372. Chromic acid anodizing of Clad 2024 aluminum alloy sheets vs. bare material
59373. Most durable finish available to nonprofessionals?
59374. Problems with chemical coloring in automatic line
59375. Scale on the dcoat after hard chrome plating
59378. Blisters on Sulphuric Acid Anodized Parts
59380. Is GME-00254 a Type II Sulfuric Anodizing Spec?
59381. Cathodic protection of buried 316L piping near the sea
59383. Mysterious reduction in spring wire thickness during plating
59384. Corrosion resistant painting on galvanized steel sheets
59385. Wash tank drip marks on finished product
59386. Peeling detection Bake Process for Gold/Ni on Beryllium Copper - Time/Temperature?
59387. Need "Hardcoating", Ceramic coating, or Metal Spraying on PVC Pipe
59388. Regarding 'Black oxiding' of aluminium
59389. Copper oxide deposition
59390. Want thick electroless copper on nickel strip
59391. Gold plating on lithium niobate
59393. Passivation of 300 Series Steel using ASTM A967 Nitric 1
59394. Galvanized watering trough is producing green colored water
59395. Clear coat for gold leaf and leaf-type silver paint
59396. Conversion from Pt to Ra
59398. Electroplating: Is it possible to have deposition mass greater than theoretical values of Faraday's law?
59402. Plating on Floor Tiles
59404. Fixing white powdery stains on a metal statue
59405. Plating chainsaw chain
59406. Removing gold soldered on stainless steel
59409. "Shrinking" anodized parts
59410. Proper wire for making cocktail picks
59411. Kettle Cook-Off Time in Hot Dip Galvanizing
59412. Understanding the Voltage current relation in hard chrome plating
59413. Powder Coating as Sheath Material
59415. Electroless nickel plating on Sn (tin) thinfilm
59416. Looking for Decorative Finish Guide for Designers
59417. Dimension change after heat treatment of flat spring using alloy 25 0.2 Be-Cu Strip of NGK JAPAN
59418. Passivation after black oxide on stainless steel?
59420. Slip Coated pre-galvanized Steel
59422. Cu/Ni/Au corrosion products on ABS
59425. Problems plating Copper onto Copper substrate
59426. Solution to prevent inside rust formation on tube after powder coating
59427. Copper vs. dull nickel for base for show quality chrome
59428. Hot dip galvanizing over electroplated steel?
59429. Calcium compound as corrosion product of copper alloy
59433. Chromate Conversion Coating on Hot-Dipped Zinc Coated Steel
59434. What is "zero cross time" for electroplating?
59436. Automotive Fastener Finishes of the 1900's?
59437. Selective area metal deposition of Tin & Silver on Copper busbar
59439. Iridium Oxide Coating Removal
59440. Need To Clean Aluminum 6061-T6 with Acid etch Process for Ultra High Vacuum Chamber Application
59446. Time between plastic injection and paint spraying application (October 31)
59447. Coating on Telescoping Aluminum Parts - White/Black/Grey
59448. Tin Contamination of Nickel Plating Bath by Media Ball Dissolution
59449. Exhaust Manifold Plate
59450. Stainless steel finishes for 1000-hour salt spray
59453. Starter solenoids on tractors fail due to galvanic corrosion
59454. Plating on a Steel chute used with aluminum product
59455. Plating onto an assembly of aluminum and steel
59460. How to get spangled look with zinc electroplating?
59461. Did galvanized metal kill my bees?
59465. Spalted steel?
59466. Zinc Phosphate is red-brown on non-machined area of forgings
59467. Can iron plating restore an 1850's cast iron turbine?
59468. Clear anodized aluminium part turned yellow from contact with rubber belt
59470. Need Cyanide Compatible Paints
59471. Searching for alternatives for rubber seal coatings
59472. Calfran VTU150 Waste water recovery unit question?
59475. Black spots on Nickel/Chrome plating
59476. On line monitoring of heavy metals in wastewater
59477. Precoated sheet vs. powder coating post cure?
59481. Coating for caps for blood bottle: EN vs. Nickel-chrome plating
59483. What is S190 plating
59484. Zinc Plating Problem: We must choose either Blisters or White Rust
59485. Finish for handles on amusement machine
59486. Can we pretreat steel for phosphating in an aluminum anodizing line?
59487. What is Chrysler spec #32-99008?
59489. Brush plated silver is flaking at the edges
59491. Producing functional acid copper electroplating solution from vinegar [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon]
59495. Galvanizing: Maximum reduction in Reverse Process
59496. Flash Rusting of PUD water based coating
59497. Zinc oxide white seal
59499. Plasma cut edges don't galvanize; how to affordably prepare?
59501. Can zinc plated nuts be used on copper plated studs?
59502. How Can a Galvanizer Pass the NSF Test?
59506. DIY atomically/molecularly smooth surfaces on aluminum (and maybe other metals) . . . any tips?
59509. Specifying the Various Plating Types
59511. Immisicible liquid (like oil) forms in my tin plating bath
59512. Nickel Sulfamate plating over Silver underlayment
59513. Need new acid pickling formula for aluminum
59514. Reinforcing brass bearings with alumina for wear resistance
59515. Coating for aluminum which is ESD compliant for tooling use
59517. After tumbling of titanium, how to remove oxides for brighter anodizing
59518. Testing Zn purity
59519. Is it possible and safe to electroplate a patinated copper plate?
59520. Galvanic Issues with Earthing Spacers/Standoffs
59522. Can you please brief me about MIL-A-8626
59527. Color options for Dacrotized screws?
59528. Can an Ampere-Hour Meter accurately calculate amount of nickel consumed for theft control?
59530. Chrome 3 vs. Chrome 6: Different coefficient of friction?
59532. Science project: my elements and the periodic table
59533. Sculptor Needs Help with Mirror Polished Welds
59535. How to reduce gold consumption in plating
59537. High amount of Zinc in Anodizing waste water
59538. Barrel plating for electroforming
59539. How to find Iron & Oil content in various steps of Zinc Phosphate Line
59540. "Decanning" of steel coils
59541. Making a telescope mirror by plating onto carbon fiber backing
59542. Reaction between tin and nitric acid
59544. How to do satin finish on a copper sink
59545. Lüders bands in Hot Dip Galvanising
59546. Copper current collector in CED line
59548. Want 3-phase-diagram for Al-Fe-Zn
59549. Vibratory tumbler finishing of 3D printed parts
59550. Spray acrylic didn't harden on decoupaged coffee table
59551. Chrome salt consumption for 1 sq ft by 1 micron thick
59552. Chrome poles look wrong after 3-1/2 months of light use
59553. Best way to prepare a security door for paint
59554. How to passivate AISI 410 Stainless Steel at own work shop
59556. How to Remove Oil content from Hydrochloric Pickling Acid
59557. How to electroplate type 204 stainless steel
59558. Polished die casting suffers abrasion in use -- how to protect it?
59560. Chrome Layer Only is Peeling from Nickel-Chrome Plated Brass
59563. Joining Copper Busbars by welding or brazing
59564. Masking for Zinc cyanide plating bath
59566. Electroplating onto a pattern with geometric shapes without distortion
59567. Need high temperature oxide coating with high conductivity
59571. Corrosion failure on zinc plated rod
59572. Nickel plating peels from type 17-4 stainless parts after hydrogen relief baking
59575. What is MICROBON treatment on a chrome plated surface
59576. Apt Material requirement for Healthcare Furniture?
59581. Setting up a small Gold Plating Line
59582. Activation of silver plating
59583. How to do weathered steel finish on stainless steel fixtures
59584. Fire in bag house serving Galvanizing line
59585. What is causing this "alligator skin" finish on Hot Dip Galvanised steel?
59586. Bright Dip for Zinc-Nickel Alloy to thin down the plating
59587. Bonding limit between round wire steel and Hot Plated Finishes
59589. 10kt & 14kt Gold Parts Embrittled by Rhodium Plating
59590. Protective Coatings for Stents
59591. Using Bronze Powder on Steel for Imitation Bronze Look
59595. Imaging art onto steel for exterior location
59596. Corrosion Protection for 6061 Structural Aluminum Container
59597. Phosphorous Content of EN (Electroless Nickel) Plating
59599. Will Chem-film getting on 18-8 stainless steel hurt it?
59601. How to achieve "Polished Magnesium Look" on aluminum wheels
59605. Best way to color small metallic pieces
59606. Giving stainless steel a rustic finish
59607. Repair pot metal car trim (heavy thick trunk trim 1966)
59609. Electroless nickel for EMI/RFI shielding on aluminum
59610. Any Ni-ceramic coating systems in use?
59614. Plating with Beryllium - guidance please
59616. Any safe method for "conversion" coatings on DIY home zinc plating?
59617. Is Black Oxide of Chrome Silicon Springs Possible?
59618. Zinc plating is coming off as "dust". Why?
59619. Zinc plating of chassis -- Internal anodes
59623. Can we barrel polish 6" dia. stainless steel spheres?
59626. Can Aluminium have an vintage, distressed silver finish?
59627. Conductive coating that resists molten aluminum
59629. How to extract calcium from its salts
59630. System for Teflon coating ID of pipe
59632. Benrus USA Military Watch finishing: Parkerize versus Passivate?
59633. Discovering an Aluminium Layer after Chrome Plating Process
59634. '87 Grand National exhaust heat shield plating/coating?
59635. Painting a Chrome Plated Eyewash Station to Make It Suitable for Clean Room
59636. Iridite, Cromak or other Coating on 1943-Denver Mint Wheat Cent?
59637. Chinese Customer Finds our Gold Plated Surface Contaminated, but US Customer Does Not
59638. Reduce damage to parting line faces of aluminum molds
59639. PVD coating failure
59640. Corrosion of gold plated 316 stainless steel garter springs at the weld point
59642. Unsatisfied with jewelry plating services, is quality plating possible?
59644. Passivate Cadmium Plating?
59645. Need a Silver Sulfide Surface
59648. How to remove aluminium adhered to stainless steel die
59649. Galvanizing "chipping" after 2 years in the field
59650. FPC Connector Pin Is Not Getting Soldered
59651. Create Restoration Hardware Look
59652. Want Galvanizing Spangle to Match
59653. Possible to electrochemically deposit zinc on thin film of nickel?
59655. Passivation problem on 4130 Steel
59660. Assessing a Site's Corrosive Potential
59662. White Powdery Residue on Cad-Plated Hardware - How to Address?
59664. Old passivation specification "3P-5"
59666. Cleaning cycle for Electroless Nickel Plating of 42CrMo4
59667. Brightening of aluminium cookware
59669. Gold Electrophoretic Lacquer is Blistering
59670. Why would 16 month old hot dipped galvanised powder coated gates rust
59671. Do Architectural Bronze Door Handles Require a Topcoat or Finish?
59672. Pinholes in Mazak Parts after Vibratory Finishing
59675. Sculptor wants Gold plating of large cylindrical tubes
59677. What is the best finishing process to choose for a keychain?
59678. Sulphamate nickel electroforming problem: White spots
59680. Electroless Nickel Plating on Aluminum is Leaving Water Stains
59681. Chrome Plating of Plastic -- Unusual Plating Defect: Rough Raised Ridges
59682. Can you change oil rubbed bronze finished electrical fixtures to look cast iron black?
59683. Racking Inside Small Holes + Lengthy Rinsing = Poor Rinsing / Streaks?
59689. Most Economical Substrate for Skin Contact
59691. Sodium Metabisulfite and its reaction with water
59694. Plated part is rusting mid-process
59696. Tank size for acid copper barrel plating
59698. Stopping corrosion of brass
59702. Can citric acid [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon] solution cause hydrogen embrittlement?
59705. Need alternative to ERW pipe for luggage trolleys
59706. Turco brass dip composition?
59708. How to do Decorative Colored Finishes on Stainless Steel Medical Devices
59727. Touch-up of 304SS pre-polished tube changes tint from yellow to grey
59742. Can Stress relief be done before nital etch rather than after?
59744. Masking for Decorative Chrome Plating (December 9)
59746. Exhaust System Design for Printed Circuit Manufacturing (December 5)
59747. Powdercoating questions remaining unanswered for 4 years (December 17)
59749. Acids/Chemicals Historically Used in Iron Chain Pickling (December 8)
59750. General expiry date of powder used in powder coating? (December 13)
59752. Galvanizing thickness varies on torch-cut surface
59753. SS304 or SS316 for a Still?
59754. Allowable weight loss in pickling low carbon steel with HCl (December 17)
59755. Immersion Plating Precious Metals Out Of Water Sources Using Aluminum (December 17)
59756. Is it possible to galvanize in black?
59758. How to do Dome shape or pointy shape copper pillar electroplating (December 22)
59759. Remember the "splatter" paint in trunks of GM cars?
59763. Electrically Conductive Finish on Aluminium / Other Alloys
59764. Satin Coat alternative for electronic equipment enclosure
59765. Recommended Steel Finish for Outdoor Waterslide
59768. Chrome plating hardness: Is 4H pencil hardness the maximum possible?
59770. Can yellow zinc plating lose thickness in sealed plastic bags and with no evidence of corrosion?
59774. What to do if AMS2759 heat treat cycle was interrupted
59776. Dye "blobs" sticking to aluminum (in part holes and titanium/aluminum interfaces)
59777. Do we need Chromate treatment after Zinc Plating if surface will be primed?
59778. Aesthetic, non-allergenic plating for a zinc die casting
59779. Powder Coating Rework Disaster
59783. Want to develop a lacquer based on food byproducts
59786. Flaking powder coating on dryer drum
59788. Online measurement of acid concentration
59791. How do spotwelds affect steel's resistance to rust?
59793. Passivating stainless steel with helicoils installed?
59794. metallizing Disposable Polystyrene Spoons, Knives & Forks, Plates, etc.
59797. Corrosion resistant and heat conductive housing?
59804. Nickel-chrome Plating and Electroless Nickel Safe for Skin Contact?
59805. Copper on Copper plating for thermal performance
59806. Surface quality requirement for raw material which will be polished and plated
59810. Palladium processing
59811. Is this gold colored dust real gold?
59813. How to rework PCBs with signs of corrosion
59815. Two layers of nickel for "show" chrome -- common or rare?
59820. Anodize did not penetrate scratches of brush finish
59821. Anodize pre-etch of polished part created totally flat finish
59822. How to deposit Nickel over chrome?
59823. Electroplating parts that are epoxied together
59825. White spotting on electrogalvanized chain link fence wire
59827. Platinum vs. chrome plating for PECVD electrodes
59831. Is supplier providing zinc coated iron tubes instead of aluminum?
59840. Removing Iron from 80% percent pure Platinum
59842. Stainless vs. copper or bronze for best plateability?
59844. Plasma pretreat for metallization process on Polycarbonate material
59845. Sandblast mask / sandblast resistant paint
59846. Help! Having issues anodizing 7075 aluminum fasteners and small parts
59847. Electroless Nickel Plating Cracking after Swaging
59848. Annealing 12L14 Steel
59849. Protecting Nickel Plated Steel from Zinc Chloride
59859. Bubbles in powder coating on solvent-wiped, non-descaled, hot rolled steel
59860. Will Inductive Anode Destroy the Plating Additives?
59861. Stripping Anodized Aluminum Coating from Copper Tubing
59864. Zinc from galvanizing is building up on stamping dies
59865. Consultant for Motorcycle Painting Plant
59866. Want to dissolve broken steel bit in stainless steel part with nitric acid
59867. Organic Nickel Plating
59871. Saxophone key nickel plating
59875. Electrocoating gold plated water faucets with hand-set gemstones: drip mark problems
59876. Preparation of Titanium and CRES steel for primer application
59877. High Contamination in Hard Chrome tanks (HEEF-25)
59879. Etching for metallography creates so much smut that grain structure isn't visible
59880. Clear anodize has a yellow tint
59881. Alternatives to 17-4PH Stainless
59882. Pretreatment for Copper Infiltrated Powdered Metal Parts 2nd Request
59883. Lag bolt and washer coating for HSS Columns and plates
59884. Nickel oxide plating for alkaline water electrolytic cells
59885. Steel wire phosphating after cold drawing
59886. Solder joints corroding and leaking at elbows in copper hot water plumbing lines
59889. 304SS or 316SS for handling Dry Granular Salt
59890. Change nickel or zinc (silver color) hardware to black
59891. Salt Spray Hours for MFZn8TC Zinc Plating plus E-coating?
59892. Zinc plating + hex chromate on Zinc diecasting is not correct Olive Drab color
59894. Is tin plating bath contaminated? Heat treated steel is cracking
59895. How to conceal brass detail within Engagement Ring?
59896. Cadmium Plated Nuts with Zinc-Nickel Bolts
59898. Need to do Selective Electroless plating (Cu or Ni)
59900. Wax Finish for Exposed Steel I-Beam
59901. ICP-MS tests for RoHS show Cadmium in Tin Plated Parts
59902. Paint Adhesion Testing Method on Casting/ forging surfaces
59903. Restoring vintage tortoiseshell antique
59904. What are Aloxan Salts (in Nickel Acetate Seal after Anodizing)
59905. Repairing enameled cast iron pot
59916. Nickel and gold plated component is failing sweat test
59918. What is the reaction of a petroleum product on zinc plated parts?
59919. Can I Use Rain Water In Plating Tanks
59921. Nickel growing from titanium anode baskets
59923. Clear anodize turning yellow after powder coating
59924. Thermal and Electrical Conductivity of Nickel Plating
59926. Annealing a Zinc Die Casting
59929. Corrosion Resistance of Milled aluminium windows
59941. How to waterproof a copper roof over a bay window
59942. Required surface finish for steel prior to brass plating
59943. Trapped solution problem with zinc plated ring seal welded component
59944. Maths
59946. Motorcycle forks rust after grinding, and their I.D. rusts after chrome plating
59949. What chemicals do all plating shops have in common?
59952. Black chrome plating of Invar 36 material is not uniform
59956. Corrosion of mild steel in marine conditions
59957. Effect of Silicon content in CRCA
59959. Problem with plating and coating (gold and silver)
59960. Rust on Chrome Plated 9V Battery Contacts
59961. Copper plating jam jar lids
59962. Plating Types, Thicknesses, & Corrosion Resistance
59963. Removing scratches from a solid nickel kitchen counter
59965. Cathode/air agitator tubing combination design
59966. Plating on Micro-porous Concrete
59967. Finish for magnetic antenna base for cars
59969. Will Black Oxide on Stainless Steel hardware prevent Galvanic Corrosion with cast Aluminum
59979. Hydraulic tubing finish corrodes in ammonium nitrate service
59980. Titrating to find ferrous iron in manganese phosphate bath
59981. Calculating required aluminum anodizing time
59984. Potential Uses for Gold Scavenger Chemistry?
59985. Dissolve brass fitting out of stainless flange
59986. Welding of thin sheet metal base plates without warpage
59990. PEEK coating very small objects
59991. What Metals Will Hard Chrome Not Deposit Onto
59993. Chemical tanks lip extraction flow required

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