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metal finishing cover

16003. Copper Content Detection in ferric chloride Etching Solution
16004. Zinc/iron
16006. Dissimilar Materials
16007. 304 vs. 304L Stainless Steel
16010. Copper leaves
16013. Quality test for chromate conversion on aluminium
16015. Require coating for use in sulfuric acid
16017. Reclaimed Water
16030. Cleaning Aluminium/Magnesium Alloys
16031. Firearm coating
16032. Cleaning tin humpback trunk
16033. Demulsification of effluent
16034. Salts in the Distillation Pipes
16035. Tape Adhesion Test
16036. Sample prep for SEM
16038. Metal Anodization
16039. Plating aluminium tubing to allow soldering
16044. Need source for military treatment specs
16046. Surface contamination of silver plated wire
16047. Avoiding blue sealing blooms
16048. Internal rust on plated tubes
16049. Zinc vs Electroless Nickel for steel leaf spring - breakage
16052. Valence effect on electroplating quality
16057. Neutralizing agent
16058. Passivate or not
16060. Deburring
16061. Dielectric coating for stainless steel
16062. Molybdenum coating
16063. Zinc Plated Fasteners vs. Stainless Steel
16069. Removing Emblems
16071. Dirilyte BP coating
16074. Trying to polish aged nickel
16078. Tin plate of 12L14
16079. What does Alodine do to the part?
16081. Galling of press-fit assemblies
16087. Stainless Steel Scratch Remover
16090. Microetching of alnico alloy
16091. Effect of steel in Alodine 1200 solution
16094. Iridescent anodized aluminum
16096. RMS and RA Finishes
16097. Steel vs chrome
16098. Coating for aluminium
16099. Concentrated CYANIDE destruction
16107. Removal of lacquer finish on brass lighting fixture
16108. Halar on fan blades
16110. Brass Trumpet Restoration
16111. Common anodize defects
16120. Science question about copper sulphate
16121. Having a problem plating a pewter pot with silver
16123. Maybe brass, but how to remove it?
16124. Durability of Extruded vs. Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture
16126. Tin Drinking Cup
16128. Fabric for anode bags
16130. Water Requirements
16131. How to separate the diamond crystal from the nickel bonding
16133. Problem with thinner formulation
16134. Polyester coating powders
16136. Gold electroplating efficiency
16137. Micro Porous Chromium
16140. Rust remover for bullet
16141. Manganese Phosphating
16143. Contact aluminum/ss rack: problem of corrosion
16144. Protect annealed copper tube against rust
16146. Discolored Copper Hardware in Kitchen
16147. Specular aluminum
16152. How are pennies made?
16154. Sealing a painted patio
16158. Price inquiries for rhodium replating
16161. Copper content detection in ferric chloride etchant during etching process
16162. Zinc Plating process, Thickness Measuring, and Corrosion
16166. Cleaning copper
16170. Coating for "flexing" material
16175. Free acid to total acid ratio
16176. Protecting brass from tarnishing
16177. In search of carbon contamination detection methods
16186. Dating of 19th century kitchen knife
16188. Cleaning Brass and Copper
16189. Restoring a 1876 Cast Iron Stove
16190. Galvanize Metal Rusting
16196. Chromic Acid Anodising
16198. Surface Tooling Finish
16199. Copper Corrosion in Air Conditioning Units
16200. Zinc plating of zinc
16201. Can chrome be applied via metallizing flame spray
16213. PVDF Coating
16215. Protecting Copper Outdoors
16216. Carbon monoxide
16217. Chromium removal from Alodine wastewater runoff
16220. Anodised or powdercoat - what should I choose?
16225. Scratched rim
16228. Stainless Grill
16229. ASTM B-449
16230. Color Trivalent
16233. Partial chrome plating on ABS plastic
16236. Best cleaning method for aluminum to be anodized
16237. Chemical vs. Mechanical Polishing of 303 SS
16238. BeCu EMI/RFI contact compatibility with 316 Stainless Steel and Silver
16239. Kettle erosion problem
16240. Plating problems
16241. Anodizing as pretreatment for Aluminum (6061-T651)
16242. Chemical Conversion Coatings
16253. Is it really copper or a great deception
16254. Giving mild steel that "Medieval" look
16257. Painting galvanized pipe
16258. How do I paint a Cast Iron and Brass Bed?
16264. Powder coating after e-coating
16267. About aluminium alloy casting surface treatment
16268. Corrosion resistance
16270. Process for elimination of dendritic networks in alloy steel investment castings
16272. Coloring Aluminum
16277. How to antique polished brass
16281. Chemical engineering project
16284. Efficiency and ripple content of rectifiers
16285. Finishing Lead Castings
16287. Scrap Generation in Hard Chrome Plating
16295. Coating Stainless Steel with Copper
16298. Rhodium Plating
16302. Restriction on hexavalent chromium and chromate conversion coatings
16304. Restoration of Baldwin Brass Finishes
16305. 316 stainless steel rust / pitting
16306. Aluminum as an 'art' painting surface
16308. Plating on be, copper components
16310. Sample audit format for 5S
16314. Surface treatment detection
16315. Yellow Brass turns Green
16318. Zinc coating "outgas"
16319. Electroless Nickel Activation
16326. White vinegar and water. Which will affect coins the most?
16328. ZPYP/ Cd Plating
16329. 8 tank hot phosphating process
16331. Black surface treatment brass
16340. Will heating aluminum wheels to powder coat cure temp reduce their strength?
16342. Powdercoating v Colorsteel
16343. Blue patina on zinc sheet metal
16344. Nickel Gold Adhesion Blues
16345. Ni and Cr Plated Mild Steel Parts
16346. Spark erosion on alloy suspending wires during anodizing
16347. Anodising titanium
16348. Embrittlement
16349. Yellow zinc-galvanize comparison
16350. Titanium finish requirements
16351. Defining a finish as a drawing note
16352. Porosity or plating pits?
16355. Paint Stripping Problem
16356. Zinc plating process suggestion
16357. Can a nickel-chrome plate be applied to bright annealed stainless tubing?
16358. Seeking KCN for photography
16362. Cleaning of Brass Plated Bed
16363. Brass sanding and sealing products methods
16365. Determining if you have hexavalent or trivalent zinc chromate coating
16366. Sea water coupling
16370. Can gold be dissolved in sulfuric acid alone?
16372. Activation and pre-treatment for electroless plating
16375. Changing yellow gold to white gold
16377. Gold retrieval electroplating
16378. Plating Ni to copper surface
16380. Yellow zinc dichromate alternative
16383. Oil stain removal
16384. Nickel vs. chrome in instrument (guitar) applications
16386. Black phosphating
16387. Muriatic Acid on Stainless
16388. Looking for sources of Nitro-Cellulose Lacquer paint (is it still made?)
16390. Rusting on stainless steel welding
16391. Hard coat failure
16392. Plating Standard
16393. Anodization of Aluminum
16396. Copper plating air bubbles
16397. Electropolish chemicals for stainless
16399. 800 lb Sodium Gluconate disposal problem
16401. Passivation of 306SS
16402. Pretreatment for AI 4130 Steel
16403. Information about chrome free passivation in zinc phosphating line
16407. Chromate coating for Zinc Diecast
16411. Removing plating from old chrome plated cowboy spurs
16412. Aluminum Brush Finishing
16415. Pickling of galvanized sheet
16416. Hand held grainer
16417. Sputter coating of Nickel on Aluminium
16419. DIN 50938 Black Oxide Finish
16428. Making Copper Weather Vanes
16429. Needing a copper sealant to prevent oxidation and maintain appearance
16430. How do I paint brass?
16432. Pickling bath pollutants
16433. My husband is really sick
16435. Ni/Zn Passivate adhesion post Ni/Zn plate
16436. Looking for GM E-coat Specs
16437. Conductive silver
16438. How to Quote?
16439. Galvanic action between chrome, steel and aluminum
16440. How to eliminate HCl acid fumes corroding stainless steel screws in small valves
16441. Copper powder
16442. Chrome misplate
16446. Seeking plans on how to build a automotive spray booth
16447. Can this be restored to either it's original or a better finish?
16450. Information sharing and learning
16451. Naming specific solutions used in electroplating
16452. Painting options for 55-gallon polyethylene food barrels
16453. Electroless nickel to replace cadmium
16454. Getting lead out of bronze castings
16456. Safety over Style
16457. Corrosion at dissimilar metal connections in geo thermal closed loop
16461. Hot-Dip Tin Plate Composition
16462. Care of Chrome Headers
16463. Failure of Ti Ni on GSXR 1000 fork legs
16465. Black Chromating Iron Castings
16466. Electroplating on titanium
16470. Seeking alternative to zinc plate w/blue chromate
16473. Golden yellow finish on aluminum
16476. Stripping paint off of chrome tile
16477. Zinc nickel cadmium
16479. Deva Inquiry
16480. Removal of Barium sulphate From Recovered Chromic Acid Solution
16481. Stripping MIC-6 Alloy
16482. Black Finish for Mechanical Plating
16483. Master cylinder seal wear
16484. Etch on extruded aluminum
16490. Too Difficult to Passivate on Site; need alternatives
16504. Water based fluid in bladder accumulator, bag lube effects
16508. TiW etching selective to AlCu
16509. Procedure for mirror finish on stainless steel
16510. Etching Aluminium Sheet
16515. Cement statues for garden
16516. Magnesium Alloy Plating
16518. Decrease the roughness of electroplating NiFe
16519. Polishing Inconel Steel
16520. Government Minting
16525. Alkaline zinc/nickel over electroless
16526. Electroplating in China and Hong Kong
16529. Penny Experiment
16530. 2024 properties
16531. Anode-cathode reactions to form A1203 coating
16532. Silverplate inductors made out of copper wire
16533. Film on Copper anodes
16535. Pickling of galvanized sheet
16542. Mil-F-14072 requirements
16543. Lacquering on plated plastic component
16545. Phosphoric acid anodize testing
16553. What is the lower temperature limit for copper oxidation in ambient atmosphere?
16554. Reactivity of Aluminum and Cobalt
16555. Elemental composition of American coins
16557. The effect salt and other contaminants have on rusting
16559. Refinishing wrought iron patio furniture
16562. Automobile Clear Coating and Overspray
16563. Seeking machinery for chrome coating finishes
16565. Powder Coating Shrinkage/Thinning at Edges
16568. Testing quality of blackening coating
16569. Corrosion problems on unplated areas of hollow components, where outer diameter was being hard chrome plated
16570. Precipitation and treatment of chelates in waste streams
16571. Hydrogen embrittlement of brass
16572. Faded paint
16573. Need instant rust
16580. Carbon on stainless
16583. Surfactant Analysis
16585. Water storage tanks
16587. Electro Polishing
16588. Clear Coating
16593. Potassium gold cyanide's poisonousness
16594. Porous Plastic Pipe, sediment holder, research project
16595. Polishing Motorcycle Case
16598. Hydrogen embrittlement relief after plating for alloy parts
16601. When PVD coating have found
16603. 911 Memorial Park
16604. Alodine or Fill Sequence
16605. Anodize one surface on Alu
16606. Help for Corrosion Problem
16608. Suitable Material of Construction
16610. Bleach stained chrome/chrome-plated aluminum
16611. Design copper rack for zinc plating operation
16612. Glossmeter
16613. More sludge in Zn phosphating tank
16614. Nickel-free Black finish for jewelry
16616. Initiating E-Ni onto E-coppered surface
16617. Welding after Zinc plating
16618. Is it supposed to look like this?
16619. Plating recommendations for salt spray test improvement
16627. Plasma nitriding experiment
16628. Tin importer and EPA regulation on waste water treatment
16630. Cleaning with acid without taking away the finish
16631. Dip painting
16632. Electroless Chrome
16634. Salt spray life
16641. Ion Specific Electrode
16642. Chemical Removal of Brass Plating
16643. How can I coat mugs for sublimation printing on a low budget
16644. High Texture Coating
16645. Plasma nitriding pulse shape
16646. Rust spot removal
16647. Non-mechanical way to remove forging scale sought
16648. Corrosion
16649. Dissolution of nickel from graphite
16651. Reaction between acid and metal
16655. pH determination
16659. Fixer-recycling /silver-recovery legal and hazards questions
16661. Gas Buildup From Electrolytic Reactions
16663. Acid washing the cooling system in a marine engine
16664. Need info concerning Hot Dip Galvanization
16667. Alodine 1200 do we need a electrolytic bath
16672. Re-create factory finish on stainless sheets
16675. Hexavalent Chrome or Trivalent Chrome
16677. Heat treating scale prevention/removal methods for selective areas
16680. Information on the use of various acids in metal finishing
16681. How to calculate % of CrVI in bath to % on finished part
16682. Mild steel finish
16683. Black or darker base coat for Zinc and Black Chromate plating
16689. Measure of case depth with NDT methods and equipments for ion nitriding plasma
16693. Controlling pH in Electroless Nickel
16694. Oiled Bronze
16695. Walnut vs apricot grit
16699. Painting Metal Kitchen Cabinets
16700. Need a project on continuous process improvement
16701. Are pans safe after removing Teflon?
16702. Surface Finishing
16703. Flaking of Gold Plated Aluminium
16704. Adherent Nickel Plating on Haynes 214
16705. Nickel contamination in brass bath
16712. Bluing steel
16713. Are these following finishes conductive?
16714. How can I grow crystalline gold?
16715. Chrome polishing dust fire
16716. Long-term durability of rough anodize finish?
16717. Hot rolled steel patina finish
16718. Galvanic corrosion or porosity
16723. Science project on toothpaste
16725. Aluminium alloys
16726. Stainless Steels Corrosion by Phosphoric Acid
16728. A copper oxidizing solution needed to create reddish purple results
16730. Solderable coating on mild steel
16731. Optical black paint
16733. Flaking of silver on SS
16734. Chloride contamination of acid tin bath
16735. Zinc plating process qualification
16736. Ultrasonic media
16737. Appropriate vibro media for deburring boron steel
16743. Eye problems in the pool
16745. Sealing of mirror luster, bare aluminum surfaces
16749. Flash Gold Plating (50 Microns)
16751. Anodizing an aluminized coating on a steel acme treaded rod
16752. Aluminum Scratches
16754. Bad chromium coverage of nickel products
16771. Oxidizing copper bands
16772. Metal Ring Removal From Glass
16773. Dichromate corrosion protection
16774. OLD "F" Specs
16775. EN adhesion problems
16776. Passivating a small 410 stainless steel component
16777. Pickling Alloy-20 and Monel
16780. Bacteria and the oxidation process
16781. Further Corrosion Resistance for Galvanized Steel Planter Boxes
16782. Sodium hydroxide / water mixture
16792. Changing brass finish
16793. Bonded dry fill lubricant
16797. Porosity sealing on chrome plated surfaces
16799. HCL compatible white chemical
16800. Conductive Black Finish on Aluminum
16801. How to remove rust from steel drums
16805. Tarnished Pennies
16807. Is phosphating a must for sliding pump parts? any alternative non polluting process ?
16808. Cleaning paint off bronze
16809. Polishing frame
16810. Anodizing books
16811. Nickel and silver dissolution reactions
16819. Coating for auto parts
16821. Banning of hexavalent chromium
16822. End of Life Vehicle
16823. Methods for anode top-ups
16824. Alternative to Triklone
16825. Self limiting electroless silver plating thickness
16826. Recipe needed for silver electroplating using silver nitrate solution
16827. Zinc phosphating
16832. Passivation of titanium
16833. Eliminating corrosion where aluminum cathodes are bolted to carry bar in anodize tank
16834. How to tell if SiO coating is taking place
16835. Stainless steel surface without fingerprints
16840. Clad Plating in Cookware
16841. Chrome plating
16842. Damaged copper tub
16843. Putting a chrome finish on a doll
16844. Wrought iron refinishing for an amateur
16845. Hazards of welding
16846. ELECTROPLATING onto Rubber
16848. White run down stain from chrome tank
16849. Seeking method to control HF concentration in Titanium Chemical Milling Operation
16851. Alkali Permanganate Cleaning
16855. Fluoride ion-selective electrode
16857. How Can I Remove Tarnish/Corrosion From An 1800's Fireplace Insert?
16858. Solder
16860. Buffing compound for minor scratches on Stainless Steel
16867. Powder coating crackle effect on metal
16868. Is electroless nickel corrosion resistant to hog manure
16869. Gold plated gate spear heads for external application
16870. Hardcoat Degradation / Aluminum sulphate "Dust"
16871. Clean the Oils or the Compound First
16872. Polishing Bike RIMS, Frame and Attached Components
16874. Calculation of thickness of aluminum for carrying 3.5 A
16875. RV electroless damage
16877. Peeling of CHROME on MAZZAK after repeated exposure to 500 deg F
16879. Platinum PVD scratch resistance
16885. Coins
16887. Nickel silver-- problems with tarnish during tumble polishing
16889. SPI-SPE b3
16891. Electroplating Lead on Lead Alloy
16892. Correct level of saccharin
16893. Increasing sulphate range without adds
16894. Anode attack in Hard Chrome Plating
16895. Corrosion in refrigeration piping
16896. Nickel strike for circuit boards
16897. Electroless nickel over stainless steel
16902. Brazing on electroless nickel
16904. Mechanical finishing of aluminium
16905. Anodizing streaks from cathode proximity
16906. Lead-effect coating of Cast Iron
16907. Instances of rusting metal
16908. How long does it take for iron oxide to form on iron?
16909. Reaction Mechanisms
16912. Heat coloring metal
16913. Confuse on method of determination of nitric acid content in acid bath
16914. Fixing my Chrome
16916. Chrome Wheel Protection
16917. Copper plating without the use of electricity
16920. Vendor improvement for powder coating, electroplating
16922. Foaming from chrome suppressant
16925. Pit marks observed after zinc plating
16927. Coloring stainless steel (anodizing)
16928. 5052-H32 Coil Surface Roughness
16929. Surface finish standards conversion
16933. ATM standard of 4340 steel
16936. Soldering sapphire window onto stainless steel
16937. Protection for buffed surfaces of aluminium parts
16938. Chrome vs Nitride
16939. Electroless Nickel
16942. Steel in sea water - or something better?
16946. Bichromate process details
16952. Saltwater staining and silver nitrate test
16954. Rhodium plating diamond earrings
16955. Finishing processes utilizing hexavalent chromium
16956. Pitting of Steel caused by Electroless Nickel Bath
16957. Contact material with coating for low voltage switch applications
16958. Reworking Passivated Parts
16959. Where can I find a good low friction coating?
16963. Chemical solution for removal of copper oxide from monel
16964. Refinishing brass
16969. Cheap way to apply Al coating on Al
16970. PVDF electrode removal
16973. Titanium information needed
16974. How to rust proof golf clubs
16975. Electroplating
16976. Analysis of Trivalent Chrome
16977. Analysis of Nitric Acid in the presence of Hydrofluoric Acid
16979. Loss of free sulfuric in hard coat
16981. Dip painting galvanized tubes
16982. Heat Safe Metal Paint for Indoor Use
16983. Pennies of 1982
16988. Copper plating not bonding to steel object
16990. Chrome Harley Bags
16994. Weathering standards
16999. Science fair project and hydrochloric acids

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