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metal finishing cover

29000. How to protect 316 stainless steel from salt deposits
29003. Stainless steel and H2O2
29004. Teflon coating on aluminum
29005. 304 Stainless Steel type of finish
29008. Grain Size of Silver
29011. How to restore pewter finish damaged in dishwasher
29012. Indium plating
29013. Plating of Magnets
29014. Post Wash of Nitric solution from passivate
29019. Corrode pennies
29021. Can you plate titanium
29023. Electroless Nickel
29024. Solder Plating on Mold Compound Resin
29026. Prevent water corrosion with aluminum
29027. Mild steel and S.S.316 compatibility in historic building preservation
29031. Electrolysis in industry
29033. Detergent removal
29035. Iron release from aging passivated 304 steel
29036. Chrome Plating Tank Design
29046. Some important queries about hard chrome plating
29048. Implant material
29049. Bioremediation of tannery effluent
29051. How do I get a more aggressive parkerizing finish?
29052. Unsuccessful oxidizing of red brass for oil rubbed bronze finish
29053. Sink mfgr can't get the copper dark brown
29054. Zinc plating for 400 hours of salt spray test
29059. Surface quality of anodized aluminum plates
29062. Mercury Poison or Crazy?
29063. Continuous varying alloy plating
29064. How much per gram for 14 K gold jewelry
29065. Removal of gloeocapsa magma from asphalt and metal roofs
29067. Eggs damaging cars
29068. Metal looking finish on plastic parts
29072. Cadmium plate specification CD 10 FIC
29075. Etching in anodizing
29081. Phosphating of tool steel
29084. Looking for an acid to eat through bolts on a metal structure
29087. Electroplating Semiconductors
29089. Extreme side-effects of toxins due to welding aluminum
29090. Wrong acid in Ni strike
29094. Dacromate Coating
29095. Handbook on epoxy lacquer formulation
29096. Tin Plating
29097. Chemical usage of cleaning buildings
29098. Painting ceramic tiles
29099. Where to find copper hardware
29107. How to made stainless steel bracelet black color, no painting
29108. Identify maker and age of spoon
29110. Same material, two different finishes, will they gall?
29127. citric acid
29130. Material selection
29131. Extraction of nickel from a spent catalyst
29133. Restoring a proof coin to original finish
29136. Rusting nails quickly
29138. Surface Finish Conversions
29140. High temperature resistance of zinc plating
29141. Can Isothiazoline breakdown? At what Temperature?
29143. Sulphuric acid corrosion to 316L SS
29147. Substitute for trichloroethylene
29153. What does ascorbic acid and citric acid do to a penny?
29154. What's a penny made of
29156. Ways to produce silver
29163. Painting a car at home with Tremclad type paint
29164. How to clean lead for copper and nickel plating
29171. Is it safe to drink DI water
29172. Will any acid cause hydrogen embrittlement to case hardened steel?
29174. Step plating in copper sulphate bath
29189. Recovery metals from sludge of chemical precipitation processes
29191. Chrome plating business
29192. Retinning and care of copperware. Need relining of copper pots, or tell me how to
29195. Acid and enamel ware
29200. Stainless steel finishing
29208. The effect of citric acid on steel
29211. Paint chip-off
29213. Will life on earth ever live with fossil fuels?
29214. Muriatic acid spill on stainless steel sink and outdoor grill
29215. Which steel is best suited for a horse trailer
29217. To Paint or to Lacquer
29218. Remove the gold electroplated finish from automotive trim
29219. Cleaning Cast Iron/Porcelain Surfaces
29222. Rubbing test for plastic painting surface (e.g indoor cordless phone)
29223. Compatibility of autophoretic coating with top coats
29224. High Resistivity problems with Acid Tin Plating to MIL-T-10727
29225. Nails and the New Pressure Treated Lumber
29226. Mild Steel anti corrosion
29227. Rechroming Drum Hoops and Lugs
29238. TRENNCOAT metal coating
29242. copper sulphate disposal
29246. Meaning of C
29247. Will Teflon withstand 1400 deg C?
29248. Zinc vs. Nickel for Steel Fasteners
29251. Chrome Bumper Stripping
29257. Soldering a Brass Ferrule and Stainless Steel Wire
29258. Grinding a chrome plated roller
29260. Hardness of Gold Plating
29278. Converting percent by volume to oz/gal NH03
29280. Need 18k gold plating process
29281. Muriatic acid eye damage?
29282. Is chrome a metal or a color?
29283. Galvanized Steel Temperature Resistance
29289. How does Zirconium-based passivation work?
29294. Which is better: 18/8 or 18/10 stainless steel?
29295. Rust on AISI 316L
29296. Deep etching on steel
29297. Palladium-alloy white gold versus nickel-alloy white gold
29300. Repairing plastisol coatings
29308. About Rhodium Plating
29310. Getting a brass patina finish to antique door hardware
29311. Nickel Strike and Acid Dip for blister problem
29312. Making a Silver Catalyst Bed
29313. Need the thickness for passivation dip
29315. Chroming Plastic
29316. Black and streaked deposits of EN coating
29318. The real relation of content of nickel electroless bath
29320. Rust coming through Tremclad
29321. Chemical film and anodizing
29322. Why are colors after iron phosphating different?
29326. Electroplating metals from seawater
29328. Electroplating in Nanostructures, rate control
29330. Stripping nickel from beryllium
29331. Need info on treatment of Sel-Rex chemicals
29339. Stove refinishing
29340. Distortion due to nitriding
29342. What is Tenifer
29343. Painting new galvanized gutters
29344. Stripping paint off brass
29345. Surface rust is appearing after only a few days using a water based paint
29347. Shock absorber shaft finishing
29353. Restoring Ice Cream Parlor style chair
29356. Preventing rust when welding galvanneal
29358. What exactly is Solder Plate?
29370. Marking system for plated rings
29381. Como llegar a un acabado espejo en los metales
29386. Rechrome car rims
29388. Shipwrecks-restoration of artifacts
29390. What metal other than nickel for piercing?
29392. Rinse Tanks-Confined Space or Not?
29394. Acid reaction with metals as identification
29396. Hot dip galvanizing of gate
29398. Electrical conductivity of a zinc plate finish on mild steel
29400. Organic removal from gold
29401. Chemical etching electrolyte
29404. Heat resistant rust protection
29405. Coating Peeling from Stainless Steel
29406. Problems with orange peel on stainless
29412. Corrosion by chlorine dioxide gas
29414. Cheap and simple copper plating of lead bullets
29415. Emulsion liquid membrane for waste water treatment
29418. Co-efficient of friction of Chrome Plating vs. Electroless Nickel
29419. 11% phosphorous by weight electroless nickel - technical and economic challenges?
29421. VCI packaging stains on aluminum
29422. Pickling compound for 300, 400, 17-4ph alloys
29423. Must phosphate coated wire be oily?
29424. Coating pre-treatment chemical replacement
29425. Alternative to stainless steel shot blast media
29426. What plating/coating for aluminum to match titanium?
29432. Hardcoat anodize polish finish
29447. Need brass lacquers
29448. Hydrogen Electrolysis
29450. How to clean antique bronze items
29451. Acid Etching Aluminum Plates
29453. Cylinder fin polishing
29454. White spots on motorcycle chrome
29455. Restoring copper contacts
29456. Aluminum busbar conductivity
29457. Drag-in tank for Chrome Plating
29458. Adhesion failure on stripped brass
29459. Pink Tinted Clear Chromate
29460. Plating roughness
29461. Nickel plating leaded steel
29463. Darken nickel marked with a laser
29464. Degreasing
29470. Copper kitchen countertop clearcoat protection
29471. Chrome Plating Chrome
29473. Thumb impression on stainless steel satin finish
29474. Pro and Cons of autophoretic line
29477. Weldability differences of galvanized steels
29478. Problem on electroplating
29480. Citric Passivation of 410/420 Stainless
29481. Stainless finishing
29483. Food safe finishes
29492. Gold plate on ABS plastic
29493. Availability of "Colored" Anodized Aluminum Extrusions
29494. Electroless Silver plate on an electrolytic mandrel
29495. Help about Zn plating
29500. Salt to NaOCl
29502. Coating aluminum gates
29504. Sealing galvanized metal
29505. Computer Metals Recycling
29512. Specification Callout
29513. EN plating for 25 year seawater service
29515. Mil Spec for hard anodizing
29516. Shelf Life of Muriatic Acid
29519. Dip Masking for HardCoat Anodize
29522. Contacts for Brush Plating
29526. Dentist needs electrolytic cleaning of 18-8 stainless steel
29527. Buffing aluminum triple trees for my Harley
29528. Aluminum boat with copper paint problems
29529. How to do white chromating
29531. Steel Spring, Zinc Plated, Hydrogen Embrittlement
29533. Safety in a Zinc hot-dip galvanizing process
29535. Need Passivation alternative
29536. Steel shot contaminated stainless steel fabrications
29537. Material Selection for organic solvent
29538. Series 300 beams for ocean front use
29541. Electrical grease for bronze saddles
29542. How to do I set up for electrostatic precipitation of gold
29543. Removing chrome plated WW2 pistol to blue
29544. Washing machine drain line backs up
29545. Visual clues to Electroless Nickel plating wear
29546. Re-activating tin plated screw machined electrical contacts
29547. Roughness in acid copper while plating gravure cylinders
29549. Polishing zinc metallized cylinders
29550. Require very small barrel plating equipment
29553. Looking for dimensionally stable electrodes-DSA Titanium
29554. Best possible shine after using sandpaper for motorcycle frame
29555. Hydrogen Embrittlement Problem
29556. White residue after phosphating
29557. Vibratory finishing of ornamental pewter
29563. Gold Coating on Tungsten Wire
29565. Salt that conforms to ASTM B-117
29569. Stainless bluing and argon
29570. Sea water couple of SS316 and SS304
29571. Need my exterior brass hardware replated permanently
29572. Eating fork needs silver plate
29577. Risks of trivalent chrome
29578. What Hardness of PU is best for Vibratory Finishing Machine Bowls?
29580. Stop silver from tarnishing
29581. Seven changes were not effective to remove one defect
29589. EN series
29590. Testing for nickel-free
29592. Searching for a better EMI solution than powder coat or anodizing and masking
29593. Plating Preparation
29595. Source for dental lathe buffing supplies
29599. Bluing brass
29600. Thick copper plating to fill pits and stretch marks in steel
29604. Brass bed, how do I add character?
29605. Refinishing old steel furniture fixtures
29607. Looking for bronze dip
29608. Getting started in plating
29609. Potential fate and remediation of detergent-polluted water
29611. Iron Nail in Bleach
29612. Nickel plated shine
29613. Electrochemical polishing 316L ss coronary stents
29614. Accelerated Test for Decorative Tin Plating on Nickel
29615. Various platings onto Titanium-Nickel alloy
29619. Looking for PVD PLASMA COATING machine
29620. Dubois #200 Rust Preventative
29621. EN plating on KOVAR needle parts
29623. Surface pitting in NiTi alloys
29627. Is nitrocarburizing appropriate method to be done on hardened punches to increase wear resistance?
29629. Musical instrument electroplating
29630. Plating gold onto copper mesh and stainless
29632. Chemical polish to get matte finish on NiTi
29633. Stains on stainless steel mirror finish surface
29635. When is it recommended to use the passivation process
29636. Stainless Steel and Chlorides
29637. VERY high reflectance stainless
29638. Surface Finish Requirements for Biotech, Pharma and Food Industries
29641. Removing heavy corrosion from aluminum aircraft
29642. Changing color of rust finish
29643. Cleaning a church bell
29644. Destroy potassium cyanide in the lab
29649. Electroless nickel plating
29651. What are iron nails coated with
29652. Corrosion Prevention - Alloys
29655. Non leaking, jellifying or solidifying filling material
29656. Connection between aluminum / silver flat pad
29662. Purpose of Acid in Copper Plating
29664. Painting plastic planters
29665. Non-toxic patinas
29666. Remove steel scale from seawall
29667. Tin Solder coating for mil 202 method 208
29668. Titanium Cooling Coil
29669. Boiler water treatment
29670. Conversion Coating on Zinc Cast
29671. Paint for Hot Air Ducts and Flue Gas Duct and its support structures
29672. Technology for plastic coating on Metal - Mild steel
29673. Problem for the REAL Experts
29674. Can I use only 2-butyne 1,4-diol as brightener for bright nickel deposition?
29675. Passivation causing an increase in PH Stainless Steel
29677. Chrome Rims
29679. baumé conversion to Concentration
29680. Non conductive coating on brass
29684. Seems like plating but it isn't
29685. Uniformity in plating Co-P alloy
29686. Paint for old aluminum caravan
29687. Inside out reflective paint
29688. Masking powder coat painting on mild steel
29689. Copper/nickel/tin problem with blistering
29690. Nitric acid and fluorohydric acid blend in gel form
29692. Teflon recoating of pots & pans and kitchen utensils
29693. Need information about chrome peeling off of automobile wheels
29694. Paints for Aluminum
29696. Poor plating results on steel sand-blast parts
29697. YAG laser masking
29698. Sealant for copper floor
29701. Standards for Brass Plating
29704. Friction Factor for EN
29705. Nickel Plating Thickness and Related Specifications
29706. Nickel Plating of self tapping screws
29707. Coating Magnesium
29708. Aluminum alloy for HDD frame
29711. Reflective Coating Potential on Magnesium
29716. Purchase of cyanide antidote kit
29718. Marine Growth Protection System
29719. Need iso-free clear for auto painting
29722. Aesthetics of gold
29724. Electroplating monel alloy on steel
29725. Thin Acid Resistant Coating for Metal Device
29726. Cleaning 14k gold diamond ring
29728. Cleaning fluorescent hairspray off aluminum wheels
29729. Gold plating optimum conditions
29730. Autophoretic chrome
29731. Required Velocities in DI Distribution
29734. Aluminum Brightening Without Anodizing
29735. Is 316SS right for pool fencing?
29736. Strip and Dip my Wheels
29738. Alternative to anodizing aluminum black
29739. Need restoration of Kesey-Hays mags for '67 Shelby
29741. Increasing the size of Copper Oxide precipitation from etchant treatment
29742. Plating EN directly on epoxy/Alloy 42
29744. Procedure For Zinc-Nickel Plating
29745. Welded Stellite vs HVOF Tungsten Carbide CoCr powder
29746. Chrome plating on zinc die castings
29747. Painting motorcycle engine caused overheating
29752. High Temp Purple Paint
29753. What happens to my parts/items at the plating shop?
29754. De-anodize hard anodized cookware
29755. Zinc chromate plating vs chrome
29756. Grain size versus surface finish of hard anodized aluminum forgings
29757. Failed Passivation Test
29762. Adhesion problem between copper and nickel
29763. Some questions about smoked chrome
29764. Feasibility of clear anodizing 4 cast aluminum boat hatches
29766. Dewetting Detection
29767. Porous Chrome
29768. Electropolishing for ultra-high vacuum
29769. G. M. THM 400 automatic transmission steel clutch plate finish
29770. Two years old and rusting already
29771. Need DFT meter and a surface profile gauge
29773. Removal of AlF3 (aluminum fluoride) from aluminum surface
29774. How can repair shop clean scale off inside of Brass Instruments
29775. Can excess muriatic acid in community pool be harmful?
29776. Burners for bluing/browning tanks
29777. Do you seal aluminum after it has been brushed?
29778. NaOH vs HCl Chrome Stripping...which is better?
29779. How to rework blue zinc plating defect
29780. Anticorrosive coating on steel
29781. Heat treatment of Electroless Nickel
29782. Blisters and peeling in Cu-Ni-Cr
29783. Part plating of precious metals
29784. Stainless Steel Weld Cleaner
29789. Primer before Tremclad Enamel on previously painted steel door
29790. Desperately seeking soft copy of NiDI document 9012 - Finishes for SS
29791. Can't plate onto 316 stainless steel
29794. Improving life of grinding plates
29797. Refinishing a newly installed oil rubbed bronze bathroom fixture
29798. Looking for tough, low friction, biocompatible plating
29799. Chromic Acid Anodization process control
29805. Disposing of nickel strike
29807. Lacquer coating our line of stainless garden furniture
29808. Gold plated stainless foil for solderability
29809. Blisters in the hardcoating process
29811. Stripping metallic and inorganic coatings
29812. What are the ingredients in white vinegar ?
29840. Reel to reel joints
29841. Individuals striving against corporations
29842. Preventing rust/oxidation prior to final coating
29847. Dulling a galvanized finish
29852. Powder coated-matte black stainless steel hinges and handles used externally
29854. Chemical reaction mechanisms between HF, HNO3 and NH4F with stainless steel dross and stainless steel
29856. Amorphous silicon plating of aluminum
29857. Rechrome of plastic hub caps
29862. What is degassed water?
29863. Well driller needs help with electrolysis
29864. HELP with chrome refinishing
29865. Trivalent chromates for zinc alloy castings
29869. Exterior steel painting specification
29870. What do you do when powder coating doesn't work and rusts through
29871. Chrome Plating Bends
29872. Anodizing of Titanium
29873. Table saw mfgr. needs to mirror polish cast-iron tables
29877. Need all purpose polyester Resin in 5-gallon containers
29879. Convert micro inches to micro ms
29880. First aid in the use of HF
29881. Electrocoagulation model
29885. Need non-outgassing black anodize
29886. Bare spots after anodize
29887. Finishing large sheets of aluminum
29892. How should I clean a belly dancing chain?
29894. Testing free sulfuric acid
29895. Analysis of HF content in mixed electro-acid
29896. Soldering Lead Composition
29897. Forklift mfgr. needs wax for forks on forklift
29898. Is powder coating performance better on CRCA than HR sheets
29899. Adhering metals to Polycarbonate
29905. Diffusion of Ni in Cu
29906. Substitutes for chromium metal
29909. Testing of Electroless Nickel Plating Solution
29910. Stripping of black oxide
29912. Duplex coating: galvanizing plus powder coat
29914. Bond building between stainless and carbon fiber panel
29915. What is N7 in metric standard
29916. Polish a .116 dia hole in 303 stainless
29917. The quality control of the corrosion protection
29918. What Alodine treatment for bonding efficiency
29919. Electroless nickel plating on PC/ABS
29920. Can I avoid Powder Coating build up?
29921. Chrome Plating Baking Process
29923. Using hypochlorite to destruct cyanide
29924. How to darken zinc plate and galvanized hinges
29925. Hydrogen release, zinc plating heat treated parts
29927. Yellow chromate versus clear chromate
29928. Chroming plastic Lexus grill
29929. Rechroming bike rims and forks
29933. What etchant for 6061 aluminum?
29934. Powder coating in chrome
29935. Do we need holiday detection?
29936. Powder Coating against chlorine
29939. Bright dipping for aluminum
29940. Flash rust converter for steel bridge painting
29944. Gold electroless solution for making gold mirrors
29946. Disposal /Recycling of lead or chromate painted components
29947. Copper plating large pieces
29949. Alodine 1201 vs 1203
29950. Color Changing of Phosphate Bath
29951. Pickling of steel
29952. Want Gold (Bright) finish in free cutting brass component
29953. Electropolishing of copper aluminium alloys
29954. Liver of sulfur for "antique" mirror manufacturing
29955. Trying to restore copper ornamental dome on historical building
29956. Brass Restoration
29957. Silver radiator paint
29958. Analysis of nitric acid in aluminum cleaning
29959. Anti tarnish for silver plated jewelry
29961. Submersible clear coating or plating over bronze
29963. Teflon sealing after anodising
29964. Dye thickness in anodize
29965. Fuser roller coating
29970. Need Nitriding 17-4 per AMS-2753
29971. Real turn key solution for zinc phosphate and soap
29972. Sourcing High Temp Paint
29978. Best way to paint a cast aluminum boat sterndrive
29979. Changing finish on Brass Bed to Antique look
29980. "Colour Gold" Plating
29981. Forming of Zinc plated steel, seeking ZAM
29982. What type of plating is MGAg3-6?
29983. Filtering of Carbon Residue from ferric chloride during chem milling
29984. Remove Na from wastewater for irrigation
29985. Marking a conveyor chain while moving
29986. Electroless copper plating on non conductive plastics
29987. Pits and dents from electroplating process of PCB
29988. Rusting Stainless Fitness Center
29989. Control of grain refiner for manganese phosphate
29990. Coatings for titanium fasteners in salt water
29992. GOOD Books and references for electroplating
29995. citric acid in cleaning metals
29996. Color etchant for monel
29997. Black oxide classification
29998. Cleaning mild steel panel for coating purposes
29999. Using galvanized welded mesh for food prep

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