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Painting a Car at Home With Tremclad-Type Paint


I want to paint my car with a roller using Tremclad paint and I want to know if there is an additive I can use to speed up the drying process so the dust and air particles will have less chance to settle.

Marilyn Barisitz
hobbyist - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Hey, I just painted my truck with roll on Tremclad. no, you can't quicken the drying process; use a clean 2 car garage it worked for me. Hope this helped.

Murray Fontaine
- Edmonton, Alberta

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"How to Paint Your Car"
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I just got my truck out of my bosses body shop and I was wondering if I could paint it with Tremclad through a paint gun. And would I have to put a clear coat over Tremclad paint?

Cole Krauss
student - Oakburn, Manitoba, Canada


Tremclad works fine...but you need to follow the advice on the can and not try to wax or buff it for at least 7 days. It takes that long for the stuff to "harden" to where it will chip instead of peel if scratched accidentally.

Steve Bishop
- Seeley's Bay, ON, Canada


There is a huge forum going on about painting your car with Tremclad and rollers. You use mineral spirits [affil. link to info/product on Amazon] to thin it and it will dry over night between coats. About six coats and wet sanding in between and your lookinG good. Go to this web site there is a 22 page and growing forum dedicated exactly to this project with pictures and trial and error.
hope this helps

Evan Green
- Berkeley, California, USA


I have painted three trucks in the past with a roller and Rustoleum. I didn't know about Tremclad and didn't wet sand between coats. I did wait a few weeks and buffed it out pretty hard. Please note these were old beaters but from a few feet away they looked pretty cool. Total outlay was a weekend and under $60.00.

Milton R. Ninde
- Fairfax, Virginia

December 9, 2011

Hi, I painted my car with Tremclad. I used a small airless spray gun ($100 approx.) to spray it. The actual paint job took less than 1/2 hour. Repairing the body was the long part. Hiding the parts I didn't want to paint took almost an hour. The results are ok. The car is not glossy but it still looks quite good. Here is a link to my blog if anyone is interested: www.davestuff.ca/WordPress/

Dave Amos
- Verdun, Quebec, Canada

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