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The finishing.com Hotline includes more than 60,000 Shop Problems, Q&A's and RFQs about metal finishing. This page is an archive of a thousand of those discussions. You may prefer to start at our Home page, view the most recent threads, or search the site.

metal finishing cover

8000. Bright Dip for Beryllium

8001. Electroless copper(Cu) and electroless nickel (Ni)

8002. Adhesion intensity of Kanigen EN plating on 15-5PH stainless steel

8003. Chromium coatings

8004. Powder Coating for non-metal products

8005. Teflon coating

8006. PTFE disadvantages?

8007. What part does voltage play in electroplating?

8008. Corrosion Protection for Aluminum and Steel

8009. Tin Plating

8010. Can a topcoat substitute for Zinc iron Plating?

8012. Dacrotizing on Brass

8013. Black Chromate Finishing

8014. Hours of corrosion resistance

8016. Book about zinc plating

8017. I need some tech help

8021. Non-conductive corrosion coating

8022. Anodizing or Plating?

8024. Concentration of Passivate Bath (Nitric for Stainless)

8026. Seeking Chrome-6-free Zinc Cobalt Plating Service

8027. Poor coverage of copper parts in stannous sulphate tin bath.

8031. Antiquing shiny, polished brass sheet.

8038. Diff between metallizing and phosphating

8041. Nickel plating over aluminum

8042. Tank material for anodize strip

8043. UV curing opposed to gas oven plus UV compatible paint

8044. Copies of Metal Finishing Magazines

8047. Aluminum corrosion

8050. Compatibility between zinc and hard chrome plating

8051. Nitric acid as polishing agent

8052. Plating application question / recommendation

8053. Gages

8056. Good books on Plating, Anodizing, and Chem-Films.

8059. Polishing anodized aluminum

8061. FeC12 and FeC13

8062. Electroless Silver Plating on Stainless Steel

8063. Extracting Silver Nitrate

8064. Role of silica gel as fillers

8067. Trivalent Chromate Plating Enquiry

8068. Pre-Treatment?

8069. Passivation of 300 series Stainless Steel standoffs

8070. Nickel silver Etch

8071. Stainless color from anodizing

8074. EN on NiCr

8075. Conductivity - Galvanized / Galvannealed

8078. Specs for hardcoat anodizing

8079. How to etch perspex

8080. Electroplating Boron

8082. White stain/contamination of chemical polished Al extruded and machined parts

8083. Dulled bath enamel

8084. Chemical etching stencil process

8086. Chromic acid anodize

8090. Sand Burning

8093. Brass Investment Casting Finishing Process

8094. Tin Plating Finish Problem on Aluminium Castings - Fungus Formation

8096. How do I seal a brass bed after it's restored?

8097. Anti-reflective paint

8100. Etching Aluminium and Steel

8101. Need Bright Dip Mix

8102. Kovar plating problems

8105. NCS0502B = Kitchen white?

8106. Electroplating - I did it, now why can't I do it again?

8107. Rusting Process, environmental concern and suggestions....

8114. What exactly is the Heat Stain on Stainless?

8117. Seeking Blue Chromate Solution

8119. Seeking Gold Plating of Busbar

8120. Salt-spray performance of zinc electroplating

8122. Nickel Treatment By Sodium Hydroxide PPT

8124. Stainless steel sheet etching process method

8126. Hardcoat Anodizing of die cast parts

8127. Hardcoat Anodizing

8129. Activation process for silver on nickel plating after 24 hours of plating nickel

8130. What is "diamond like carbond" in PVD technology?

8131. Venting and sealing of products to be hot dip galvanized.

8134. Galvanneal/phosphate

8135. Techniques for Liver of Sulfur Patina on Copper?

8136. Options for Gold Plating Acrylic Plastic Resins?

8137. Sealer for Copper Kitchen Countertop

8138. Copper patination

8139. Electroforming on plastic

8140. Oxidized wheels


8142. Why does silver tarnish?

8147. Finishing medical titanium implants

8149. Removing Anodization

8150. Stainless steel etching

8152. Nickel used on old piano hardware

8157. Aluminum Casting Squeak

8158. Hard anodized layer "chipping"

8159. How does acid affect dirty pennies?

8160. Electroplating

8161. Solderability problem on nickel plated headers

8162. Hydrogen embrittlement test

8164. Phosphate Sludge Removal

8166. Advantages of nickel plating over chrome plating for tyre moulding centre mechanisms

8169. Nitric solution tank

8170. Color finishing stainless steel

8171. Flash Coating

8173. Tin plating a stainless steel tube

8175. Removal of metal impurities in Cu plating tank

8176. How do I safely remove "white rust" from hot dip galvanized steel

8177. Salt Spray Cabinets Corrosive?

8178. Seeking Flat chroffles

8180. Stress fractures in plated Q-45 wheels

8181. Electro plating machine

8183. Internal anodization of coiled aluminum tubes

8184. Indium tin oxide

8185. Wear abrasion test for anodize

8187. Nickel plating vs electroless nickel plating

8188. Chrome plate plastic

8189. Japanese Nickel Plate Specs (On Steel)

8192. 17-7 PH Stainless as a contact material?

8193. Bronze extrusion discoloration

8194. Pre cleaning before plating for removing molykote from the surface

8195. Seeking equipment for Platinum aluminide coating

8196. Photos of zinc plating for QC?

8197. Black Oxide Clear Passivation of 303 Stainless Steel

8202. Tank Contamination

8203. Salt spray test on zinc plated parts

8204. Scratched and dull surface on stainless steel refrigerator door

8206. Bath to etch small brass parts

8211. Distortion during Chrome plating of Plastic parts

8213. Nitric Acid/DI Water Solution Tank/Basin

8214. Deionized water metal compatibility

8216. Proper/best solution for gunmetal finish on jewelry items?

8218. Colour of Dacromet coatings?

8219. Want to buy stainless steel paint

8221. Deionized Vs Distilled Water

8222. Zinc-plating vs. mechanical vs. hot dip galvanized coatings for small parts

8223. Electroplating vs. vapor deposition of aluminum onto carbon


8228. Gold Sulfite removal

8229. Please, help me remove a stain from a bath tub.

8230. Cad Plating 101 and beyond

8231. Removing gold spray paint from Pewter

8232. Removing oxidization from aluminum with chemicals.

8233. Voltage, brighteners and buffer requirements

8234. Troubling iridescence with liver, ferric, copper

8237. Problems in experiment on chemical conversion coating of aluminium

8238. Etchant for aluminium

8240. Coating for steel 'V' rails

8241. Black coatings for vacuum use

8242. Producing photo resist pcb's

8243. Alodine 1200 finish

8244. Chrome Plated matte finish

8247. Old School Desk

8249. Remove Rust from Brass

8250. AMS and ASTM Specifications sought

8251. Electroless nickel plating integrity

8253. Graphite corrosion on anodized aluminum

8254. Hydrogen embrittlement vs. electroless nickel plating

8255. Phosphate sludge samples wanted

8256. What is Sermalube

8258. Demonstration how to plate a copper penny with zinc

8261. Hazards of copper sulphate Solution

8262. Plating for Phosphor Bronze parts

8263. Surface Finishes Equivalences

8265. Electroplating of selenium

8266. clear cadmium vs. electrolytic and electroless nickel plating

8267. Seeking US Companies in China for plating shop start up

8270. Regulations for anodize/Cr exhaust fumes

8271. Heat resistant clear coat for fireplace accessories.

8272. Looking for metal samples

8275. Cleaning Copper based Alloys

8276. Spatter finish

8277. Seeking Chevron Perfect Paint

8279. Finish thickness

8280. Passivation Standards

8281. Concave surface after electrolytic nickel plating on tiny surface

8285. Etching titanium

8288. Need information on Nickel Plating!

8289. Gold coated microscope slides

8292. White chromate treatment of aluminium

8293. 5052 Aluminum Reaction To De-ox

8294. Bright dip dissolved aluminum

8296. Chrome hardness vs Temperature graphs

8297. Alkaline cyanide free zinc process

8298. Powder Coating Job Shop

8300. Mils Specs in Australia

8301. Seeking DAG 213

8302. Reflective Coating on Car headlights

8303. Coating for Steel to Aluminum Interface

8304. Non plating materials

8305. Degreasing with Corn Cobs

8307. Hard Anodizing of specific alloys

8308. Dirty anodes in our copper sulphate bath.

8309. Polyketone-containing coating

8313. Zinc yellow passivation poor adhesion

8314. Hydrogen bakeout temp

8315. Gold stripping

8317. Seeking chrome plating of 4 wheels rims

8320. Powder coating pot metal

8324. Titanium tumbling

8325. Unwanted deposition in brush plating

8330. Plain stainless to brushed stainless at home?

8331. BBS Emblems for rims

8334. Silver color on aluminium (impossible)!

8336. Blister Causes

8337. Effect of ripple in DC supply for electroplating

8339. Mechanically Galvanized Fasteners

8345. Mechanical over air agitation

8348. Remove chrome plating

8350. Platinum or white gold?

8351. Help regarding Permakote

8352. Are their non-metallic magnetic shields?

8354. Depassivation of 17-4PH stainless steel for Malcomizing (Nitriding)

8355. Electropolishing of 316L stainless steel

8356. 2 tone anodising

8357. White patches on clear anodised parts

8359. QQ-P-416


8365. Chroming fiberglass

8367. Iodine corrosion - spillage in booth of car

8368. Aluminum anodizing

8369. Pipe (Polypropylene)

8371. Chromic Acid Anodizing

8372. Price calculation

8373. Sulfamic Acid compatibility with galvanized or copper finishes

8374. Jewelry Repairman Used Rhodium Plating

8375. Pretreatment for tungsten-copper alloy

8376. Non cyanide plating bath

8377. Problems with zinc/iron over forged parts

8378. Salt Spray hours for zinc with / w/out chromates

8379. Aluminum Concrete interaction

8380. Ammoniacal etching of copper

8381. Seeking highly reflective powder coating for solar application

8382. Plastisol primer formulation

8386. Platinum plating?

8390. Zinc anodes in a fresh and sea water

8392. Seeking teflon coating m/c required

8395. Corrosion of silver plated contacts

8396. Stripping of Powder painting jigs.

8398. Looking for book

8399. Removing tarnish from pennies

8401. Inquiry about uses of sulfamic acid

8402. Determination of field breakthrough capacity of limestone filters in removing copper from wastewater.

8403. Imaging compound curves

8404. Seeking Iriditing

8406. Dry Film Lubrication

8407. Black anodize turning brown

8408. Treating Copper Fountain

8411. Aluminum coating on copper

8413. Require copper surface finishing with homogeneous color

8414. Max Iron Content Of Nitric Acid Solution For Passivations.

8416. Copper removal from Acid Etch

8417. Alodine 1200 and Alocrom 1200

8419. Hard chrome purification

8421. Powder coat as a Corrosion Inhibitor for Automotive product ?

8422. Alternative to chromate Conversion coating

8423. How do I remove brass plating at home?

8424. Stripping silver-plating from nickel-silver

8425. Diamond Coating

8426. Cleaning - refinishing brass hinges - locks - corners on a travelling trunk.

8428. Outdoor copper patina

8429. Silver plating

8430. Chrome and paint

8431. Zinc phosphate solubility

8435. Wastes from Electroplating industries

8437. Magnetic shielding laminate required!

8439. Bronzed anodized aluminum curtain cleaning and polishing

8442. De-embrittlement Chrome Microcracking

8449. Nikasil plating

8450. Using HVLP Sprayer to paint house - paint pot?

8451. Vinyl Siding

8452. Stay bright - Polished Aluminium

8455. Clear powder coating

8459. Separation of aluminium from zinc

8460. Corrosion

8462. Coupons of Finishes

8464. Aluminum corrosion in presence of nickel

8465. Removal and masking of anodize surfaces

8467. Brown patches on gold plating

8469. Seeking plastic chrome plating equipment

8470. Zinc ammonium chloride solution heating

8471. TechnicalWord: Rust

8473. Cracking in Chrome Plating: chicken wire, mud cracks; fill cracks?

8474. Boiling Water Adhesion Test

8478. Sword Rusting

8482. Help ! Urgent - Electroplating used?

8484. Tungsten carbide dies

8486. Constantan Resistivity

8487. Chrome and gold plated effect

8488. Seeking Contract finishing 316L jewelry items

8489. Seeking help for Zinc-Nickel Adhesion Problem

8491. Additive for Hard Chrome Plating

8492. Process for better corrosion protection

8493. Copper cyanide strike

8494. Gold plating

8497. Material cross reference Swedish to US

8499. Fiberglass helmet chroming

8500. What is the difference between electro nickel plating and electroless nickel plating

8501. Stripping one color and Re-Anodizing another on Aluminum.

8502. Rhodium plating

8503. Treatment of oil emulsions by polymerised aluminium sulphate

8505. Etching of stainless steel materials

8506. Removing Scale from Stainless Steel

8507. Black Anodising and Chrome conversion difference for radiation

8508. Seeking gold plating machinery

8509. Looking for method to coat with a silver layer

8510. Electrogalvanising Procedure

8511. Problem in Electroless Ni/Au

8512. Seeking tube galvanizing plant

8514. How do I blacken Niobium?

8515. Please help! - chrome wheels

8516. Quantitative Determination of Surface Iron Oxide

8517. Phosphorus content of post-plate samples

8519. Low melting Alloys

8520. High heat stovepipe spray paint in colors

8522. Galvanic corrosion between aluminum and graphite

8523. White Rust on Galvannealed

8524. Iridite 14.2 Suppliers?

8530. Carbon Plating on Copper

8531. Brass coating?

8532. Alcohol and perfumes resistant clear lacquer.

8533. Plating thermoformed plastic?

8535. Welding fumes from galvanized metal

8536. Achieving superior surface finish in cylinder bore tubes

8537. Steel boat blasting and priming in cold climates

8538. Small bubbles on silver plated surface, galvanic corrosion?

8539. Galvanized and Galvanneal sheet steel

8540. Life expectancy of powder coated finishes in water?

8541. Passivate 980005

8542. Copper plating at home

8544. SS welded joint failure due to acid attack

8545. Copper, Nickel, others metal brightener

8546. Titanium Nitride Gold Coating

8550. Information sought about steam heating anodising sealing tanks.

8552. Leaching, titanium pollution

8553. Pictures for a micro structure

8560. Kool-Amp

8561. Why do we do Plating?!

8562. Electroless nickel question

8564. How to measure composition of a bright dip tank

8569. Nickel removal

8571. Problem Of High Pressure Flexible Hoses

8574. Effect of magnetic fields on the electronic laboratory equipments

8575. Water Stain on Teak Wood

8576. Primer on cement statues

8577. Preventing Corrosion on Outdoor Spiral Stairs

8580. Steam Homo vs Black Oxide Treatments

8581. Hard Anodizing of 6061-T6 Aluminum and Black Oxide for steel

8582. Hot Dip Galvanize versus B633 Zinc Plate

8583. Rust spot due to "sweating"!

8586. Chrome Passivate film Detection

8588. Metal baseball bats vs wooden baseball bats

8589. Aluminum Bats Vs. Wooden Bats

8590. Phosphating process audit

8591. What is Sherardizing?

8593. How do I clean discolored stainless steel (new)oven shelves due to hi heat

8594. Ductile nickel undercoat

8596. Corrosion resistant finishes

8599. URGENT - Roughness Problem with Electroless Ni over Brass

8600. Soft water quality standards for plating

8601. Stripping clearcoat finish from an automobile

8602. Interactions between silver plated surfaces with protective lacquers

8603. Prevailing torque flange nuts with GM7111M finish

8605. Differences between pitting and blistering

8606. Electroless nickel plating on aluminium alloy - blistering

8607. Decorative ion plating

8609. Attaching anodes and heaters to PP plating tanks

8611. Rust removal of caps on salt and peppers shakers

8613. Roof patina interacting with cedar wood

8614. How do acids clean pennies?

8616. Manufacture of Na(O)Cl by electrolysis of NaCl

8619. Iridite testing

8620. Hard anodized coatings

8623. Electro Plating/ Electroforming

8627. Corrosion testing

8628. Chromate Conversion Hazard?

8630. Gas Nitriding Process

8632. Polishing Cast Aluminum Wheels

8633. Antique finish for Brass

8634. Gold plating metal

8635. ASTM A105 heat treatment

8638. Adhesion Quality of The Chrome Layer

8642. lacquer removal from brass hardware

8644. Extracting silver from silver nitrate for Oscar statue

8650. Consistency of anodization color

8654. Epoxy Removal

8655. Solution being trapped in racks.

8656. What's SPI/SPE?

8660. Silver cleaner

8665. Iron-carbide diagram

8666. Nickel

8669. Chemical Composition of Titanium-Alloy

8671. Gold potassium cyanide

8673. Federal mint authority

8674. A conductive black finish?

8676. Brass bonding

8677. Cobalt on WC

8680. Electrowinning of silver from sulphuric acid

8681. Brass Oxidation Stain Removal Inquiry

8687. Blisters on silver plating

8688. Fatigue strength related to chrome plating

8689. Hydrogen embrittlement of cast iron

8690. Help with HE on bent plate 1/2"

8691. Welding Hi Solidur

8692. Zamak - definition.

8694. Restoring yellow plastic

8698. Use of SS-304L for concentrated sulfuric acid, 98% at ambient temperature, max 50° C

8700. Durable finish for wire mesh container

8702. Self regulating electropolish solution

8705. "Blind" hole anodizing

8706. Matte or Dull Anodized Surface

8707. Polish and matte finish on anodised Al

8708. Black Dyeing of Chromic Acid Anodize (2024 Al)

8712. Blistered plating at the nickel interface to extruded base aluminium 6063

8715. Hot-dipped galvanizing visual, aesthetic appearance

8717. How to apply/bond PVDF to metals?

8718. Gold Stripper

8719. "Ferroxyl" test for passivated SS-304

8722. Can Scrubber Pad Cartridges Be Cleaned?

8724. CASS test standards for functional chromium plating

8725. Silver-Plating

8727. Dry film lube Q&A's; Mil-PRF-46010

8730. Scratched Stainless Steel Watch

8731. Bright Acid Copper Solution

8732. ? How to accelerate the process of aging brass ?

8733. Mixing Formulas for.....

8735. Zinc and Aluminium anodes

8737. Science research galvanization of steel

8740. Electroplating Insects

8741. Steel Backed Bronze wear Strip Material

8742. How to get rid of moulding for sealant at bathroom

8743. Special metal

8745. Properties of steel

8747. Shear stress of stainless steel 316?

8748. Weld Smut Removal (Mig Welding)

8749. Copper plating for oxidation/decarb resistance

8751. Welding Galvanneal

8753. Control Of Copper Ion In Descale and Pre-dip baths Prior to Tin/Lead Plating Onto Alloy 42.

8761. Dry film Lubrication

8762. Lacquer coatings for jewelry

8763. Temperature testing strips

8764. Decorative product made with aluminium die cast parts

8765. Is an MSDS required for finished parts?

8772. Copper tungsten infiltration

8775. Hologram finish on iron name plate


8777. Carburetor Body finish improvement

8781. Opaque chrome finish

8782. Plated anode basket

8783. Ni activation

8784. Seeking Chrome Plating on Plastic or Fiberglass-reinforced Resin

8785. Powder-coated fencing for indoor cat enclosure

8789. Test to verify if Clear Chem-Film is on Al substrate?

8791. Hydrogen Control for Enclosed Anodizing

8792. What is 'Kelite'?

8793. Brass cleaner/restorer

8796. Ceramic etching

8797. Forms of Copper Sulphate

8798. Metal-Marble-Granite-Finishing

8799. Scratches on Stainless Steel Refrigerator

8805. Ivd new idea

8809. Kennel floors

8810. Seeking turn-key Passivation system

8813. Tin Whiskers Pest

8814. Dangers associated with copper sulphate testing

8816. High Temperature Clear Coat

8817. What dissolves copper and not nickel

8818. Passivation with low strength Nitric Acid

8819. Passivation of Stainless

8822. Seeking to buy galvanizing plant

8824. Methods of analyses

8825. Q&A's on Stump grinder teeth selection, sharpening, replacement

8828. Copper plating

8830. Etchant for aluminum plating

8831. Bright nickel plated aluminum

8832. Oxidation of carbon steels at temps between 500-600 °C

8834. Soft stainless steel

8836. Iron phosphate treatment of chromate treated electroplating

8837. Surface characteristics in Electropolishing stainless steel

8838. Alodine 1200 - v - 1201


8843. Ingredients for metal finishes

8849. Electroless nickel deposition on copper

8851. Magnesium AZ31B and ZK60A

8852. Magnesium corrosion protection

8854. Cost change from hexavalent to trivalent process?

8856. Checking stainless steel surface

8862. Smooth texture on zinc plated parts without finger prints

8863. Sourcing Incralac brass lacquer

8867. Old problem with new area - Dendrites (SnPb)

8868. Discussion about the MPM

8869. Cooling coil material

8872. Seeking gun for 2-part silvering

8873. Seeking Nickel Sulphamate Solution

8877. Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Market

8878. Powder Coat Contamination

8879. Gearless Contractometer Use

8881. Chrome removal from Aluminum Wheels

8885. Reducing time for salt spray testing

8887. Help ! Gun Blue #5

8888. Painting on ABS-PC computer case

8890. Abrasion properties of polyester fibres

8892. White Layer removal from Gas Nitrided

8893. Nitriding of SS420

8895. Holes in Hard Anodize

8896. Hardcoating for deep vacuum application

8898. NICKEL brighteners needed

8901. Seed layer on PMMA and polycarbonate for electroless nickel or copper

8903. Seeking Anti Tarnishing for Silver

8904. Salt Spray Hours

8905. Checking ph of DI water accurately

8906. Safety Aspects of Chromate Layer

8907. teflon restored

8909. Copper Weather Vane

8913. Japanese theory of the 5S

8914. Phase diagram

8916. Magnetic Stainless Steel

8917. Corrosion Black iron vs Copper

8918. Need nitriding cost info...

8919. Adhesion solution

8921. Is high-sulphur nickel strike worth it?

8923. Need old Frederick Gumm MSDS

8925. Material for anodising tanks

8928. Vacuum Sealed Aluminum

8929. Lacquer furniture

8930. Conductivity of a liquid electrolyte

8931. Where to buy sodium chlorate for my copper oxidation

8933. Problems with rate of electroplating

8934. What happens if electrodes touch?

8935. Machining of magnesium alloy

8937. Metal finishing Inquiry

8939. Aluminum oxide removal

8942. Electroplate on plastic with masking

8944. Stripping of TiN

8946. DI water for medical device applications.

8948. Anodized pewter

8950. Black Chrome or Nickel plating

8951. Info. about superfinishing and methods

8957. QPQ Process Q&A's

8958. NH3 and TKN in wastewater

8962. Hard anodizing aluminum cookware

8966. Cleaning gold plated tea service

8967. Gold and Silver plating of Titanium Jewellery

8969. Most dense metals

8970. 5 Step Process Prior to Powder Coat

8973. Best Surface Preparation for Painting Aluminum with Spray Enamel

8974. PTFE coating

8975. Simple Method for Corrosion Test

8976. Sodium hydroxide analysis of alkaline zinc.

8977. Deionized water and aluminum

8978. Spec for mechanical zinc-tin plating?

8979. Seeking iridium or titanium tinting of motorcycle screens

8980. Indian brass statues: how to polish them?

8981. Coloring Titanium

8982. Welding and annealing temp. of titanium

8984. Anodizing and Sealing Aluminum

8985. Potassium permanganate problems

8992. Drawing of titanium pipes.

8993. Galvanizing alternatives

8995. Titanium post pickling procedure

8996. Hard coating needed

8999. Copper brightener

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