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Chromic Acid Anodize


This is probably a little basic but can anyone tell me why it is important to paint aircraft parts within a set time of chromic acid anodising?

Ian Moore
- North Wales


Chromic acid anodising is at times used a bond preparation rather than corrosion prevention in the aircraft industry. (Particularly in Europe). The formation of the oxide coating if exposed to the atmosphere particularly a warm and wet atmosphere can lead to hydrolysis of the oxide structure. This is detrimental to the bond strength and durability. The presence of water in the oxide layer can lead to the formation of an oxy-hydroxide which is more massive than the oxide leading to a build up of stresses at a crack tip and can promote crack propagation along the adhesive, metal interface. Ultimately leading to bond failure. Adhesion mode of failure.

If the anodise coating has primer applied to the surface it prevents this degradation of the oxide structure and extends the bond strength and in particular its resistance to a warm wet environment. The finger like structure of the oxide also ensures any crack tip is maintained in the adhesive layer rather than migrating to the metal surface. This structure also acts to disperses any forces at a crack tip effectively stop drilling any crack. Cohesive failure mode.

Ciaron Murphy
- South Wales

October 9, 2008

I found Ciaron Murphy's answer very interesting and I would like to have more information about what he said.

What tests have been performed to prove the adhesion failure modes and reaction in the coating?
Are these failures recognized for aluminium and its alloys only or for all metals that can be anodized?

Do you recognize any other failures of acid anodic coatings?

Rieu Amandine
PhD - UK

October 15, 2011

You can find a lot of useful info. about CAA on "Adhesion in bonded Al joints for aircraft construction" by W.Brockmann-Fraunhofer Institut.

I think you can get the article from "sciencedirect".

Good Luck

Masih G.
- Tehran, Iran

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