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metal finishing cover

11001. Anodizer touch-up pen
11003. Compatibility of types of screws and nails (s/s vs. galvanized etc)
11005. #302SS Chemical Analysis
11006. Anodized coloring titanium
11007. Olive drab Chromate Coating
11008. Achieving a chrome finish at a third of the cost
11009. Galvanized or Galvannealed?
11013. Do coins corrode more in salt or fresh water?
11014. Thesis: A Knowledge base for corrosion diagnosis in main water pipelines
11015. Aging bronze and coloring copper without paints
11017. Human consumption of deionized water
11019. Surface Tension
11020. Article 669-Electroplating
11023. Q&A's on Electrostatic Transfer Efficiency: Effect of Paint Resistivity
11024. Phosphating
11025. Ra Values and Description
11026. Embrittlement of Ni electroform after heating
11027. Tarnishing of zinc plate under lacquer
11031. Phosphating and corrosion resistance
11035. Anodizing
11037. Ductile Nickel Strikes
11041. Remove silver plating
11042. Yield strength of metals
11043. Antiquing cast resin for small scale production
11045. Rexolite plating
11047. Help with specific gravity testing of electrolyte and replacement of electrolyte
11048. Electro Deburring
11049. Zinc dichromate appearance
11051. Protective Finish for PhBr Electrical Contacts
11053. Zinc Dust/Zinc Ash
11057. Electroplating gold onto silver
11060. Determination of a non-ionic surfactant
11061. What is the difference between Chromate and Dichromate plating
11062. Chlorine pitting corrosion of chromium-plated steel cylinders
11063. Electropolishing Tungsten
11064. Surface treatment for magnesium
11066. Reference book in plating for zinc die cast
11067. Glass coatings colors
11068. Plating thickness measurement machine
11069. Purified Water Conductivity Levels
11070. Pre-Plated Steel
11073. Tin pest
11075. Corrosion with Rhodium over Gold?
11076. Federal color standards
11077. Chrome steam
11080. Boric acid level in a sulfamate nickel bath
11083. Advice on New Technology that utilizes MgO to control pH
11087. Tempering help
11091. Conductivity of Alodine coating
11092. Scotch Finish
11093. Lowering Shrinkage of Raw Materials
11095. Wood Finishing - Maple
11097. Internal Stresses in Plastic Products
11098. Standards for certain laboratory testings
11099. Micro gold plating
11100. Graphic hard ground for etching
11101. Protecting Space Frames against internal corrosion
11103. Chemical Formula of Fiberglass
11106. Titanium etching
11108. Air curtain blowing off powder paint
11111. Penny cleaning
11112. Properties of A304 Stainless Steel
11113. Kinetics
11114. PVD Cracks
11115. Improving throwing power of tin bath
11116. Cleaning of Tellurium
11120. Drying aluminum chromated parts
11123. Platinum Machining
11124. A standard for the amount you can bend alkaline zinc without flaking?
11125. Removing laser scale for paint application
11126. Inhibitors in silane films for corrosion protection of aircraft alloys
11127. Gold colored brass fixtures
11129. Standard procedures for cleanliness
11134. Grainy appearance on hard anodize
11135. Satin Matte Finishing
11137. Corrosion protection for overseas parts
11138. Removing nickel from aluminum and iron sheet
11139. Zinc migration mechanism
11140. Hydrogen Embrittlement and Electroless Nickel
11143. Using Anodize as a Maskant for Hard Anodize
11144. Looking for non-stick surface treatment for PP, PE, etc sealing
11146. Replacement for corrugated iron...
11147. Light Furniture Scratches
11148. Plastic Float Mist Suppressants
11150. Passivation kits
11152. Modulus of elasticity
11153. Problems with engagement ring
11154. Problem with dissolved iron in trivalent chrome passivate
11155. Teflon coating of magnesium?
11156. Efficiency of Ni-P alloy plating
11157. Advise on parameters that influence hardness of anodised layer
11159. What are pennies made of?
11161. Manufacturing Techniques of Zinc-Nickel Plating
11162. Chromate Free Mil-C-5541 Replacement Help
11163. Effect of salt and/or acid concentration on the rate of rusting
11164. Body filler over powder coating
11165. Anodizing Finish
11169. WHAT IS E513 FINISH?
11172. Preparing acid copper brightener
11173. Seal quality test
11174. Process parameters that influence hardness and thickness of anodized film
11175. Removal of acid etching graffiti
11176. Photographic examples of stainless steel finishing and their standard codes
11177. Embrittlement in the deep ocean
11178. Non-conductive plating for copper
11180. Substitute for polyvinyl alcohol
11181. Black Conductive Finish?
11183. Refinishing a Chrome Baby High Chair
11185. Cheap and Sturdy Metal Finish
11190. Dihydrogen oxide
11191. Manufacturing Process of Nickel Sulphate and Nickel Chloride
11192. Rust prevention over plated surface
11194. Magnesium ribbon and hydrochloric reaction
11195. Painting copper gutters
11197. Chemical or Physical?
11198. Changes in tin pest
11199. Chrome plating details
11200. Cleaning Copper
11202. Can aluminum pipe be chrome plated?
11203. Anodise vs Alodine vs zinc chromate
11204. Is reblueing all that necessary if you don't care what the gun looks like?
11205. SS sword blade polishing and etching/engraving
11207. Antique Gold finish on Zinc
11209. Alternatives to FFKM
11210. Stripping or Removal of Platinum Plating
11212. Sandblast or Pickle?
11213. Metasilicate cleaners - when are they not recommended
11216. Coefficient of friction
11217. Need major help on a science fair project!
11218. Outside tub refinishing
11219. Plate Aluminum
11220. Chemical Polish for Brass
11221. Non-confirmed health hazard
11222. Powder coating or urethane on stainless steel gates
11223. Zinc Plating
11224. Two grams of hexavalent chromium = ? kilograms of zinc plated fasteners
11225. How can Anodized Aluminum be made "Dishwasher Safe?"
11226. Selective Etchant for Ta
11227. Can you powder coat direct to anodised aluminium surface?
11228. Effect of boric acid on animals
11233. Bombing
11234. Iron deposits on S/S?
11235. Lathe polishing
11236. Regarding TZ/70565 0.085/0.095 THK G60 Galvanized Steel
11238. Aluminum Alloys
11240. Musty smell in house
11241. Specification for bright dip
11243. Iridite Coating For Casting Parts with AL 380
11244. Citric acid concentration
11245. Parts too big to passivate?
11246. Need info. on Zinc for a chemistry project
11247. Salt on Chrome Problem
11251. Complete electroplating solution composition
11253. Discoloration of E-Ni plating of 440SS
11255. Patinas for metals
11256. What is a cheap source for a stripping chemical?
11257. Artificially aging a brass and steel item
11258. Plating Vs. Anodize
11260. Ammonium Bifluoride
11263. Painting of anodized aluminum window frames
11264. Chrome plating for plastic parts?
11265. Seeking equipment for drying copper tube
11267. Between galvanizing and plating (zinc and nickel)
11268. Acid zinc pretreatment problem
11270. Can type 316 stainless steel become magnetic?
11272. Patches Chrome Plating
11273. Finishes suitable for plastics
11275. Effect of rate of deposition on the adhesion of hard chrome plating
11276. Deburr corner
11277. Stainless steel seized with aluminum after corrosion test for automotive industries
11278. What are effects of NaOH on 440 stainless steel bearings?
11280. Galvanizing plaster
11284. Weight of a U.S. mint nickel
11285. How to color aluminum and its alloys
11286. Rhodium plated Gold
11287. What is taper abrasion test? How to do it?
11290. Nickel plating
11292. Staining in brass plating
11294. Rust Proof Coating
11295. How to produce the rust finish on iron work
11296. Corrosion resistant plating for flashlight springs and contacts
11297. Definition of "passivated"
11298. Required media for mirror polishing
11303. Olive oil stain on Granite Countertop
11305. Electroforming Process Set Up
11307. Biological safety of anodized surface
11309. Mill Scale Removal
11310. Adhesion inspection standard
11313. Copper bath start-up trouble
11316. Gold Flash on Plastics?
11317. Ni Plating Adhesion
11319. Galling resistance of FDA approved materials for food processing equipment
11320. Economical zinc/tin alternative?
11321. Green Copper
11322. Aluminum is shiny, need black finish
11324. Material for tank in acidic solutions with ph 3
11325. Powder Coat Painting Specification
11326. Vapor deposition of titanium on aluminum
11331. Grade 50 Mechanically Deposited Coatings
11335. Waterproof coating suitable for direct skin contact with detergents
11342. Citric Acid Passivation
11343. Definition of "free cyanide"
11344. Silver 'plating' removal from laboratory glass
11345. Acidic etch of Au without etching Rh
11346. Ion Painting
11348. Pickling a fireplace
11349. Yellow Iridite Touch-Up
11350. Powder Coating Drawback?
11351. ZrN coating?
11353. Yellow Zinc Plating or Clear White Zinc Plating
11354. Plating Problems with Tool Steels
11356. MASKING
11357. Zinc Chromate vs. Ethanol
11358. Nickel plating on copper
11359. What is antique verdigris?
11360. Carbonitriding at Meshbelt Furnace
11361. Copper Sulphate Penta Hydrate, Poisonous?
11362. Titanium within oxygen-rich environments
11363. Black smut on nickel
11365. Hard anodize for 2024 Al alloy
11368. Inventor of electroplating process
11369. Antique microscope
11370. Quest for Black Pots!
11372. GAL - XC Finish for preplate Zinc
11374. Can Iriditing 'Migrate' to Tin?
11377. Taking an antique brass bed apart
11378. Plate Wear with Web Offset Printing Plates
11380. Steel wool electroplating
11385. Brass bed refinishing and cleaning
11387. Expensive ring ruined in three days
11388. Tip for speeding up copper oxidation
11390. Refinishing brushed coated aluminum parts
11393. Plating racks build up with plated metal
11394. Corrosion resistance properties of electroless nickel plating
11395. Suitable metal plating for phosphorus bronze
11397. Ni PLATING
11398. Alternative for SNAP-AM (MacDermid)
11401. Aluminum anodising
11402. Help, is my electropolishing bath contaminated?
11404. Scratches on satin finish stainless steel
11407. Zr electroplating?
11408. Methods for electroless plating of silver
11409. Heat Treatment: 4340 Steel
11412. Masking
11413. How do they get the hole in a thin, little hypodermic needle?
11415. Electro-Plating of Suspension Components
11416. Gold did not precipitate as anticipated :)
11418. Composition of Phosphating Chemical
11420. High/Medium/Low Phosphorus Electroless Nickel Bath
11423. SUS 440C electropolishing
11425. Corrosion of mild steel grating in coke plant
11428. Restoring a cast iron wood stove completely covered in rust
11429. Waste zincate treatment
11430. ASTM B117 24 hour salt spray test = 10-15 years in environment?
11431. Teflon Coating Aluminum
11433. National certificate question from electrotechnology
11434. Copper plating solution analysis
11435. Heat treatment standard
11436. Condition of cyanide zinc solution and blackening
11438. Stainless steel and magnets
11439. Hydrogen Embrittlement in a Phosphatizing Process
11442. Removal of zinc phosphate from steel
11447. Parameters for acid pickling of steel coils
11452. Etching aluminum with caustic soda based etchant
11454. HEAT effects of Thermal Deburring
11455. Emulsion cleaners
11460. Silver recovery danger?
11461. Removing Seal Coat on Concrete
11462. Alternatives to trichloroethylene to clean or vapor degrease parts
11463. Streaks on hard anodize surface
11465. Phosphate coating
11466. Ductile Iron Zinc Plating
11468. Need industry statistics for pollution in metal finishing companies
11473. SS 410 finishing after hardness to prevent corrosion
11474. Tough, low friction coating for conduit interior needed
11476. HCl as a cleaning agent for some forms of copper corrosion?
11478. Embrittlement in silver plating
11480. Cleaning Alloy42 for 60Sn/40Pb Solder Dipping
11483. Which is environmentally friendlier, Powder coat or zinc dip?
11485. Science fair project - copper oxide
11487. Health concerns regarding polyester resin handling
11488. Model 94 refinishing help needed
11489. Bright brass refinishing
11490. Is platinum a better choice?
11491. Tarnishing silver/nickel
11492. Metal finishing question from a non professional
11493. Corrosion of dissimilar metals in the construction industry
11495. Stellite hazards?
11499. Removing TiN (Titanium Nitride) coatings
11500. Making a small plating tank
11501. Pickling of copper washer to maintain its shining
11502. Effects of DC Current on Galvanic Corrosion
11504. Need help killing wasp invasion
11505. Gold auri cyanide
11506. Role of surfactants in electroplating
11507. Cleaning stainless after production
11508. Copper cyanide and bio-terrorism
11509. Deionized v distilled water
11511. Electroplating of Plastics
11514. How to bake a spring steel?
11516. Copper cyanide
11517. Pre-plate cleaning of soldered parts
11518. Surface finish measurement - spherical
11519. Compatibility of bright dip on certain alloy
11528. Cyanide Filter Disposal
11529. Need help removing BAD rust!
11535. Zinc Oxide or White Rust?
11536. Plating/Coating Chemistry
11537. How do I avoid finger marks on passivated zinc plating of mild steel?
11541. ASM-2488 C for titanium anodizing
11542. Aluminum Finish
11544. Zinc plating bath draining and storage
11547. Adherence strength of chrome plate to mild steel
11549. Electrolysis of Zinc and Copper
11551. Coins in vinegar [affil link]
11552. Help on my science fair project on apples!
11559. Copper diffusion in gold
11561. Number printing on steel by chemical etching
11563. Coatings for Aluminum to be used in high purity applications
11565. 431 stainless steel - malleable or hard?
11566. Lemon juice as energy
11567. Plating out multiple metals using sulfuric acid
11570. Scratch repair on clearcoated paint
11572. Corrosion prevention
11573. Cleaning oil/fat from steel surface
11575. Pitting in Mold Steel
11577. Coatings for Nails
11579. Friction effects of zinc dichromate plating
11580. Can I get yellow color with a trivalent chromate
11581. Outgassing problem on lamp reflector
11582. Color chip standards
11585. Improve Current Efficiency
11589. Thermocouple fabrication
11590. Carbonitriding Passivation Problems
11592. Health concerns
11593. Protective coating on polished aluminum
11595. Plating activators
11596. Painting over corroded powdercoating, How?
11597. Transparent chromium plating process
11598. What is the best high temperature plating material for OF copper wire?
11599. White spots on anodised surfaces
11600. White Anodize
11601. Chromate conversion coating that can be used on a surface to be heated?
11603. High temp and abrasion resistant coating
11607. Copper Sulfate, equation for decomposition
11608. Turning pennies gold
11613. Copper from mild steel
11614. Lacquer removal
11616. Solder of tin plating over copper or brass
11617. Need help with painting technology for aluminum block engines
11619. Platinum control in waste water
11620. Testing method to check the life of coating for two years
11621. Aluminum color control
11624. Rust Removal on Polished Brass
11628. Gun Bluing
11630. AFM of polished steel backing supports used in alpha spectrometry
11634. Painting or sealing asphalt shingles
11635. Science Fair
11636. Phosphatizing of aluminum
11637. Alum Vs. Steel
11644. How to get started in chrome plating
11645. Zinc nails and rusting
11647. What is the detailed process for electroplating silver onto copper
11648. Plating Aluminum to make it food-safe
11649. React Tin to slate finish?
11650. Wrinkling Paint
11651. Painting aluminum storm doors
11652. Automotive finishing specs
11653. Ford plating verification
11654. Boric Acid Depletion in Sulphamate Nickel Electroplating
11655. Oxide Removal from Sapphire
11656. Corrosion resistance of TiN
11657. Alternative to Ni plating
11659. Electrical resistance property of Class 3 coatings
11660. Phosphoric acid anodize, why can't I rework more than once?
11665. Conversion of concrete silo from granular to liquid use
11670. Technical aspects of chrome plating for industrial usage
11671. Chromate conversion concerns
11674. Electroplating
11675. Convert resistivity units to conductivity units
11676. How to teflon-coat a heat exchanger
11677. Electrical switch black carbon buildup on brass material
11680. Appropriate metal coating for sealing LDPE bags
11682. Percentage composition of copper sulfate hydrate
11683. Applying a thin silver coating to small cenospheres
11684. Brass finishes
11686. Yellow chromate formulation
11687. Quality of rhodium solution
11688. The international price for anodizing
11689. Scratch resistant electrically conductive aluminum coating
11694. E-coating
11698. Help ! Blistering after baking
11699. Irregular passivation appearance
11700. Surface texture symbol
11703. Sulfamic acid disposal
11705. Problem: plating on zinc die cast
11708. Mu-metal
11709. Electroless and electroplated nickel
11712. Muriatic acid
11713. Cleaning pure nickel surface
11714. Spilled acid on his shoes
11715. Can you electroform with brass?
11716. Clear finish for untreated mild steel door?
11717. Allotropes of tin
11718. Anodizing
11719. Why citric acid changes the polarity of the tin-iron couple in NaCl?
11721. Nickel free watch requested
11722. Copper Cookware: silver lining and/or gold plating
11724. White spots on bright nickel finish
11727. How do I clean old brass and bronze portholes
11728. Chrome Passivation Reaction
11732. My friend digested copper sulphate
11733. Copper Sulphate Crystals
11736. Corrosion tests
11738. Iron paint
11740. Hot Blueing
11741. Nickel underplating thickness
11742. Degreasing steel
11753. Cracks at bends on copper tin plated bus. cold bending vs heated
11755. Inspection of plating
11756. Masking holes for anodize/chem-film
11757. Is there a printable masking-paint?
11758. Alternative to zinc dichromate for in-house finishing?
11759. Chromate conversion coating on zinc alloys
11760. Alkaline Nickel as Strike?
11761. How to wire brush inside of cake pans
11762. Passivation / Electropolish -- Proper Sequence?
11764. Lamination in Aluminum Diecastings
11768. Metals won't alloy for me
11770. Yellow passivation film is turning blue
11771. Gold plating
11772. Testing for Passivation
11773. Complete loss of coloring on anodized(?) aluminum hinge
11774. Copper corrosion problem
11776. Do we have to have oil on the BLACK OXIDE?
11779. How to make copper surface hydrophilic?
11782. Plating Steel with Aluminum
11783. Car badge mold to be polished....HOW?
11785. Faraday's Experiments
11786. Removing Brown Tarnish on SS316
11787. Zinc Removal
11788. Mechanical Zinc/Tin plating effluent recovery
11789. Vinyl coating on metal?
11790. Coating for water-based sign paint
11791. Tantalum+Platinum coating
11793. Heat-resistant shiny surface for cast aluminium
11794. Removing Silver Tarnish
11795. Electroplating
11796. Nickel plate removal
11799. Ion Exchange
11800. Problems in acid copper plating
11801. Pretreatment
11803. Poor solderability using gold finish - gold too thick?
11807. Dull grey finish on interior furniture
11810. What is black chrome?
11811. Establishing a good bond at the bottom of deep micro cavities
11814. Copper plating problem
11815. Zinc plating procedure
11817. Corrosion pitting of electrodeposited chromium in swimming pool
11818. How to prevent silver from sulfur impact?
11819. Simple organic plating
11820. Electropolishing problem
11822. Passivating steel/when to
11823. Welding yellow chromated CRS parts
11826. What's that black line?
11827. Removing stains from stainless steel sinks in rental apartments
11831. Surface finish in Nickel Plating
11835. Design of anodes for consistent precision hard chrome plating
11837. Titanium oxidation
11840. Pitting problems with polished 316L SS pumps in sea water
11842. Aluminum Plating Issues
11844. Silver lacquering
11845. Electronic Coagulation
11846. Chromate conversion market
11847. Restoring the gold Iridite color to die cast parts
11849. Electroplating wastewater compositions
11851. Chemical cleaning of house piping
11853. List of surfactants
11856. ECD of sheet metal components
11865. Effect of hydrogen on aluminum
11867. Cost of anodizing
11868. Spontaneous Combustion in Hay
11869. Un-Tie Dye?
11870. Real rust as a protection
11871. SPI/SPE Standard Requested
11872. Conditioning anodized aluminum test coupons for Taber Test (ASTM D 4060)
11874. Discoloration following annealing of Be Cu
11875. Galvanized vs Cold Rolled: what is the best all-around for paint quality
11879. Rusted Parts
11880. Passivation of nitrided stainless steel
11881. Three Stage Phosphate System Design
11882. Chlorinated water pump
11883. Silver coin
11890. Hazardous Waste Reduction
11894. Crowsfoot with torque wrench. What is the math?
11895. Oxidation
11896. Another Ring Scam
11897. Verdigris finish for copper
11898. Hard Chrome Plating on Cast Irons containing Graphite
11900. Conversion of roughness
11902. Etching on stainless steel
11905. Finishing procedure for architectural installations in granite and marble
11907. Antique silver finish
11909. Water Polisher
11910. Humidity-spray booth-waterborne paint
11913. Electroless of copper
11915. Metal idols of ancient times
11916. Black anodizing of titanium
11917. What can I do to prevent polished aluminum engine parts from tarnishing?
11918. Dead Plastic
11919. AgNi plating over Cu base metal
11920. Wax tank heating oil
11926. Dust from polishing chrome plating - how dangerous is it?
11927. Heat Treat for Resistance
11930. Silver Tea Set
11931. Hexavalent-free passivating on steel rolls
11934. MIL-STD-105E
11936. How to etch Elgiloy (metal)?
11937. Anodes Darken
11944. Wetting of stainless steel fibers
11948. Electroforming
11949. Aluminium anodising
11950. Trivalent Chromate Coatings
11951. Reverse pulse additive analysis
11952. Au-Sn Alloy Plating Solution
11953. Environmental concerns re zinc or yellow di chromate zinc plating
11955. Chrome Finish Peeling From Printing Cylinders
11962. Calculations of compressive springs
11964. "Recipe" for chroming
11965. Plastic Coating for Kitchen Sinks
11967. Chemical Prices
11971. Electrolyte composition
11972. Recipe for patina
11973. Copper Oxidization - The Thermal vs Chemical Causes
11974. Galvannealing cross-section question
11975. Aluminum to polycarbonate bonding
11980. Bright Nickel forms dark green crystals and dark brown liquid
11981. Nitric acid treatment
11982. Resilvering compound
11983. Finishing for cast aluminum part
11985. Is there a way to speed up the natural green patina aging on a copper roof?
11988. Cleaning an old copper kettle
11992. Chromium and nickel stripping from pewter
11995. SS surface preparation problem
11997. 19 carat white gold
11998. The use of copper sulphate in plants and seeds
11999. Allergic to nickel in jewelry

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