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Is reblueing all that necessary if you don't care what the gun looks like?


I happened upon a Remington Model 1100 12-gauge with a Poly-Choke (hand adjustable choke) 28" barrel at a gun show about 2 weeks ago for $200. It was in serious need of re-blueing, but other than that is is fine condition. I have two questions (the first primarily to any knowledgable gun enthusiasts): 1) is the Poly-Choke a useful option or was it something that Remington tried and found wanting? My hunting friends don't know much about it and I didn't see another Model 1100 like it anywhere at the show (and no mention of it on Remington's web page). Would I be better off buying a new barrel without that contraption on the end? And 2) how necessary is it to re-blue the gun if I don't care how it looks? I bought it to have a "beater" gun anyway. I went and shot sporting clays with it yesterday and came in 2nd out of 4 guys (the other 3 shoot dove MUCH more than I do), so it seems to shoot well. I'll admit I don't know much about what blueing does for a gun other than make it look good and possibly prevent rust. But if I clean and oil it well, does it really matter? Especially if I don't care what it looks like?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Jon Davis
- San Antonio, Texas


I have dealt with some poly-chokes and I have found that they do not hold real tight patterns, however for dove or light shot they have work fine. Do not shoot 00 buckshot or slugs until you see what kind of poly-choke it is some are aftermarket. If you don't care what it looks like and just want to hunt with it. Coat it in used motor oil (Or any heavy oil) and use it. Bluing just helps prevent rust and dulls it down so it is less noticeable on a hunt.

Stephen Reedy
- Athen, West Virginia


Polychoke has been manufacturing the Poly-Choke tube since the 1920s. Remington never offered it from the factory. They are quite functional and were very popular until the major manufacturers finally made screw-in chokes affordable. These adjustable chokes are either loved or hated by shotgunners. The lovers usually own one, the haters almost always are someone who hasn't fired one but doesn't like the looks. Although there are other adjustable chokes, there are no "aftermarket", imitation Poly-Chokes - Poly Choke is a major brand name that has ALWAYS been aftermarket for it's 55+ years! Like Kleenex, it became a commonly used name for all adjustable chokes. Poly-Choke is still being manufactured. All but Poly Choke went by the wayside although a new brand has popped up recently. A $200 1100 with Poly-Choke is a steal!
You don't need to re-blue, just use a rust preventative on the steel.

Dennis Menefee
- Newburg, Maryland USA

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