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Substitute for polyvinyl alcohol


Q. I am looking for a substitute for PVA. We use it in textile rotary blanket as adhesive for cloth. Please recommend.

Abdul Samad
Samad Textiles - Faisalabad


PVA can mean
Poly Vinyl Alcohol
or Poly Vinyl Acetate

Poly Vinyl Alcohol

Poly Vinyl Acetate


Q. How can I make poly vinyl alcohol or poly vinyl acetate for adhesive purpose. Please suggest your respective advice.

- Jalandhar, Punjab, India

February 10, 2009

A. We can use thermoplastic resin for blanket coating which is permanent. As far as PVA is concerned, permanency is less as compared to thermoplastic resins.Also tack is also excellent with suggested products.

Pravin Bhandare
- Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Substitute for PVA in production of biodegradable plastic


Q. Are there any substitutes for polyvinyl alcohol? Because I am using PVA as polymer in my thesis, but I find it very expensive and worse, it's too limited. My thesis is about production of biodegradable plastic from squash rind. Thanks! more power!

Espiridion S. Alvia Jr.
- Zamboanga City, Philippines

Silicates and PVA


A. You don't say what you are using your polymer for, so we cannot suggest any substitutes. I don't know much about squash rind, but one "old" biodegradable polymer developed in the 1970's was based on starch - its worth a try as a copolymer. You could also try cellulose or even polysaccharides (sugars). There is also a commercially available biodegradable polymer called Bio-Pol and that may be of interest to you. Have you considered using a copolymer that destructively reacts with UV light?

trevor crichton
Trevor Crichton
R&D practical scientist
Chesham, Bucks, UK


Q. Hi there! I just want to have your ideas regarding my thesis on biodegradable plastic, coz I find it hard to search on supporting literature about how the amount of starch related or affect the tensile strength and elongation of a starch-based biodegradable plastic? Your immediate response and kindness is highly appreciated! Thanks and More Power!

Claire Madarimot
- Zamboanga City, Philippines

Ed. note: This is just a public forum, Claire, and good responses may not come for a week, or a month, or a year. It took you almost 4 years to find it and add your thoughts :-)


Q. This is an important issue. I'm also looking for PVA substitute. It is difficult to produce and contaminating the environment. I use it because of its high friction factor and looking for material with similar friction factor. Any ideas?


Arie Dvir
- Gan Ner, Israel

October 26, 2017

Q. Kindly guide me how to increase the drying speed of Polyvinyl alcohol solution -5% and to increase its viscosity.

Sorbh Manra
Adhesives - Jalandhar, Punjab, India

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