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The finishing.com Hotline includes more than 60,000 Shop Problems, Q&A's and RFQs about metal finishing. This page is an archive of a thousand of those discussions. You may prefer to start at our Home page, view the most recent threads, or search the site.

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58000. How to verify that "stainless steel" cookware is really not aluminum, or another harmful metal?
58001. Burning stainless to give it a 'yellow' effect
58002. Derusting hot dip galvanized nuts
58003. Want white gold ring platinum and then rhodium plated
58005. Commercial availability of nano composites?
58006. Electrodeposition of gold nanotube in AAO (or PAA) membrane
58007. Automotive cad re-plating is too grainy
58008. Homemade hot tub - not as smart as I thought!
58009. How to remove stubborn lacquer from coffee table
58010. Industrial coatings for concrete floors in plating shops
58012. Hydrofluoric acid was accidentally added to Nickel Strike tank
58013. Need fume scrubber 3000 cfm to 5000 cfm for chrome
58014. Gold plating looks more silverish then yellow
58015. How to repair a Waterford sleigh ornament
58016. Where to get Zinc counter tops
58017. Can silver be plated out from sulfuric-nitric silver strip solution?
58018. Can change of D.I. resin colour affect the quality of water?
58019. Pretreatment prior to PVD coating on co-cr-mo (f1537)
58020. Problem with Hardcoat Anodize flaking off
58021. Need "rubberized" coating on/for Zamac pens
58022. Does Mil-DTL-5541, type II class 1 A imply trivalent chromate?
58023. Activating 304LN stainless steel for plating
58024. We strip our clear anodized bars to get them black anodized, but tapped holes go out of tolerance
58025. Best method to remove buffing compound
58026. Titanium basket as an anode shield
58027. Can't successfully scale-up Electrodeposition from good lab results
58028. Electroplating of (not onto) Kovar alloy
58029. Identifying the materials in a fire screen
58030. Looking for an Iridium wedding band
58031. Teflon coating on Alumina Tubes to specified thickness
58032. Cleaning Small Parts after Salt Bath Hardening
58033. Black Passivation Job Coaters Needed
58034. Need process line for Tin plating on copper bus bars
58035. Laser cutting holes in stainless steel, then blending in finish
58037. Re-plating parts that have holidays
58038. What is the tolerance when a DFT is specified?
58040. Preventing immersion deposition of copper on steel tubing
58041. Is cleaning Armetale to original state after dishwashing possible?
58042. Mostly white rust spots (some red) on "fresh" zinc plated 1215 steel parts
58043. Corrosion protection of soft aluminum tube in 44% salt water concentration??
58044. PVC based powder coatings
58045. Spill Kits for plating shops?
58048. What does Passivate "Condition B" mean?
58049. Powder coating adhesion failure after nanotechnology pretreatment
58050. Powder coating finishes: textured, structured, plain
58051. A36 steel requires a high quality matte chrome finish
58052. Suggestion Required - Stainless Steel Electropolish
58054. Anodized finish: Saturn silver glossy
58055. What happens to acid trapped in pipe before galvanizing
58056. Outside diameter are undersized after plating.
58057. Copper undercoating before nickel plating
58058. Polyolester lubricant and anodized finishes
58059. Can Alodine 1200 be used for Condenser coils?
58060. Cylindrical grinding down to mirror finish
58061. Stainless Steel: which is more important, surface finish or grade?
58062. What is "eloxadize" finish?
58063. Black Oxide Needs 24-hour Salt Spray Resistance
58064. How to recognize electrogalvanized vs. hot dipped steel?
58066. Plater dull nickel plates heat sinks; customer wants bright
58067. Need Plated Zinc castings in Northeast USA
58068. Dissolving Nickel while leaving Copper Unaffected?
58069. Gold plating Alloy 625 without peeling
58070. Fixing oxidation of stent after vacuum failed in annealing
58071. What type of steel is Nickel-free and Lead-free?
58072. IMDS ID for CED coating?
58073. A co-worker is skipping process steps and maybe making dangerous parts
58074. Spring Steel Coloring and Rust Prevention
58076. Cleaning acrylic for better electroless deposition
58077. How is Cyanide Hardening process done?
58078. Diamonds acquire black haze from masking for rhodium plating
58079. Acid degreaser formulation
58080. How best to replicate brushed steel
58081. How to drill EN7 AISI 100: carbide drill bits break
58082. Need Chrome Effect Refinish
58083. Are all metals food safe?
58085. Powdercoat Questions left unanswered in 2011
58086. Watts nickel barrel comes out completely black
58087. How to get matte deposit from acid zinc bath
58090. Gold Plating Repair Needed on Ferrous based flatware
58091. What is the most lubricious and durable finish for my GLOCK?
58092. Can we use a titanium heater in a solution of 120° C. phosphoric acid
58093. Anomaly in Electroless Nickel Plating
58094. ASTM, NACE or SSPS standard for allowed amount of rust on new steel
58095. How will Sulfamic Acid affect Stainless Steel, Ductile Iron and Carbon Graphite?
58096. Chemical etching in Bangalore or Chennai
58097. Looking for plater to handle computer chassis parts
58098. How to recover Silver from silicone rubber containing silver
58099. Weld Hastelloy c276 to 304 stainless steel?
58101. Need Cooking Surface plated with Nickel vs. Chrome question
58102. Effect on Electropolish of carbon content in 304 stainless
58103. Need Gold and Silver Brighteners
58104. 24k gold plating for I-PHONE 4
58105. Is diffused nickel-cadmium plating a hazardous material
58106. ferric chloride [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon] use in waste treatment
58109. Zinc plating lasted only 5 years
58110. Rhodium Plated electrical contacts get spots (burns?)
58111. Backside of wafers are dielectric but still become Electroless Nickel plated
58112. Which acid dissolves iron but doesn't attack copper, silver, or zinc?
58113. Brass and nickel plating pendants
58114. How to make steel look like oil rubbed bronze?
58115. Difference between Mil-s-A8625 Type II Class 2, and BiFluoride etch Alum Anodize
58116. Aluminized spray to correct undersized parts
58117. Thumb rule for checking sulphuric acid conductivity during anodising by its color or appearance
58118. Wash Primer and Mil-C-5541
58119. Need de-chroming of aluminum hydraulic hand controls
58120. Is there a 'strike table' for what platings can be done on what substrates?
58121. Corrosion resistance tests for AMS2700 passivated stainless
58123. Tin plated copper wire 'dusts' when drawn
58124. Black traces on electropolished parts at jigging area
58125. Want stainless water bottles to look like anodized aluminum
58127. Need animal bone coated/plated for necklace
58128. Seeking BA furnace manufacturer
58129. Continuous cooling of acid bath for anodising aluminium
58130. Cost and durability of nickel plating versus chrome plating
58131. Cadmium plating attempts lead to black smut
58132. Removal of Artificial (dark/black) patina from antique belt buckle
58133. How to check the chromate content in dichromate solution
58134. Electrostatic relationships in powder coating
58135. Differences between black oxide and phosphating processes
58136. My silver is now a copper color from soaking it in ammonia
58137. What is suitable to store Nitric Acid? Is it advisable to store it in SS316?
58138. Black spots on zinc plating during salt spray test
58139. Dross & lead on galvanizing kettle floor
58140. How to remove new silver plating from old pewter?
58141. Excessive thickness variations when hard chroming with old plating solutions
58142. Using lead to repair dents in copper before gold plating
58143. Caustic Etch / Deox Versus Tri-Acid Etch
58144. Looking for nice Rhodium plated Sterling silver ring mounts
58145. Chrome plating - anode slurry
58146. Pitting of aluminum parts when stripping and re-chroming bores
58147. Coating aluminium on glass beads by PVD process
58149. Chromic Anodize Analysis Conundrum
58150. Sulphuric Acid Consumption in Hard Anodizing
58151. Racking for anodizing of flat aluminum sheets
58152. Scrubber to extract the chromic acid
58153. Low chrome deposit
58154. Corrosion Resistance of Hardcoat Aluminum with Hot Water Seal
58155. How to measure the thickness of Copper Strike on Copper?
58156. Protection of stainless on a construction site
58157. Food grade powder coating
58158. Stainless steel coating/colouring
58159. Cleaning aluminium castings and carbs on Honda CB500/4
58160. Care of GAB GENSE 18/10 cookware that I recently inherited
58161. How to repeatably darken pennies across the whole spectrum from bright to black for art project?
58162. Re-coating or restoring silver coating on antique glassware
58163. Aluminium vs Galvalume roofing
58164. Must galvanized hydrant pipes be painted before burying?
58165. How to tarnish or "age" new electroless nickel plating
58167. Welding issue on copper metal with dull nickel plating and tin plating
58168. Best Practice on drying Specimen after Salt Spray Testing
58169. Finish/Coating for Brass coated steel
58170. Tapping issue with powder paint
58171. Anomalous defects on nitrided parts
58172. Heat treat 6061 T6 for grain structure
58173. Removing ink from ABS plastic
58174. What makes dry tumbling media break down faster than usual?
58175. Selecting type of plating for BBQ charcoal basket
58176. ABS vs Acetal gears
58177. UBAC copper plating of stainless steel cavity for dark matter experiment
58178. Supplier needed of etching fluid solution for stainless steel/electro-static
58179. Durable matte black plating for an already plated cast Aluminum D-Sub connector shell
58180. White 'dusting' on nitric acid passivated 304L parts
58181. Alternative to Nickel Plating for pump seal wear resistance
58184. Stainless steel BBQ grills: is 304 or 420 better?
58185. Is Black oxide NSF approved?
58186. What type of plating or passivation process for 300 hours salt spray resistance?
58188. Zirconium and iridium plating of copper
58189. Nickel and cadmium separation
58190. Plating automotive bearing shells to increase outside diameter by .0005"
58191. HAE Post-Treatment Dip
58192. White lines after Hardcoat Anodizing
58193. Brass staining (probably due to cleaners and lubricants)
58194. Electropolishing parameters for maximum burr removal with minimal stock removal
58195. Aqua-regia Process Loss
58196. How to do NiB electroless plating on top of NiP electroless nickel plating
58197. Machining an anodized coated piece of aluminum
58198. Hexavalent chrome product replacements (Meets MIL-C-5541 Class 1A)
58200. Zinc-Nickel Brush Plate Solution
58202. Galvanic corrosion: Zinc-Nickel plated steel in contact with copper
58203. RoHS Compliant Thermal Barrier
58206. Polyester based high-gloss coil coating is too rough
58207. Coating brass bullets and casings to prevent tarnishing
58209. Evaporation for plating waste water
58211. Fine polishing, mirror finish with automatic grinder/polisher
58212. Electropolishing Zirc-2 for nuclear applications - sulfur contamination question
58213. Increasing cutting tool life by teflon impregnation
58214. Anodizing aluminum wire for insulation
58215. Will plated ABS be watertight?
58216. Will polished copper retain luster at 1500° F? Gold plated? Chrome Plated?
58217. Copper paint for heat control
58218. Yellow chromate and yellow passivate the same?
58219. Can't get chrome plating to adhere to sandblasted copper
58220. How to plate copper-phosphorus alloy onto copper?
58221. Electroless nickel produces dusty finish; Bright copper deposit is rough
58224. Chrome Remover Agents
58226. How to do our first melt in new galvanising kettle
58227. Copper anode consumption
58228. Why must mild steel be dull coppered?
58229. Blackening aluminum without paint
58230. Bolts for aluminum brackets - SS or Galvanized?
58231. Electroless plating of "other" metals
58232. Bluing coming off my Rueger
58233. Dacromet high strength bolts in contact with green concrete
58234. Surface of hot dip galvanizing bath is "creamy"
58235. Clear cadmium over Electroless Nickel blisters at masked thread holes
58236. Chromium contamination limit in Cyanide Gold Bath
58237. How much metal must be removed to achieve a given Ra value?
58238. Good way to harden forming mandrels?
58240. Chrome & paint Effluent Treatment
58241. Water contaminated with Paint Stripper
58242. GI sheet vs. CRCA for rust prevention
58244. Inconsistent appearance of zinc plated with black chromate parts
58245. Anodizing Process Risk Management
58248. Is this just tarnish -- or a strange finish?
58249. Can worn jewelry be dipped in silver?
58250. Aluminum impurities in Nickel Sulfamate bath
58252. Effect of PVC coating on Galvanized wire
58253. Why don't my 18-8 finish washers shine?
58256. Can inspection methods affect a passivated component?
58257. Reaction between Stainless Steel and Tantalum in Hydrochloric Acid
58258. Carbon nanotube coating on steel & aluminum textile machinery parts
58259. Electro chemistry
58260. Does Oxi-Clean damage an anodized coating?
58261. Zinc Plating and black/yellow/blue chromating waste disposal concerns
58262. Instrumentation to measure tin plate surface finish texture/roughness
58263. Refinishing antique phone booth
58264. Aluminium Anodising with TEA (triethanolamine)
58266. Stripping process for "Forever Nickel"
58268. Does Alodine without hexavalent chromium contain any color?
58269. Can I use graphite anode in copper plating
58270. Unusually high current while anodizing
58271. Streaks in clear anodized 3003 Aluminum Alloy
58273. Urgent question: Surface roughening/coating for welding prep
58274. Steel Wool for Copper Removal from large rinse tank after copper strike
58275. Cadmium plating waste products
58276. Painting of Powder Coated Material
58277. Powder coating exterior handrails
58278. Chrome Plating: White streaks on the ends of the rotogravure cylinder
58279. Can a pH 1.0 buffer be made of HCl and nothing else?
58280. Bleed Through in White Powder Coat
58281. Cobalt ions more difficult to remove from wastewater than nickel?
58282. Anodized aluminum or titanium for high temperature
58283. 1100 Aluminum staining brown spots of discoloration during the cleaning process.
58286. Is 'white' and 'black' rust considered 'ferrous corrosion'?
58288. Questions about plating aluminium
58289. Feasibility of doing zinc phosphating at high temperature
58293. Excess fluoride consumption in cold sealing bath?
58296. Immersion Silver solderability issues
58298. Oil mark issue in satin nickel plating
58299. Arcing incident in hard chrome plating
58300. "International Standard" for tolerance on 1 micron of Gold Plating Jewellery?
58303. Need Tantalum Coating on Silver
58304. Best way to blacken newly etched framing squares
58305. Removing gold plate from aluminum wheels
58306. Tank integrity with respect to passivation process
58307. How to prepare hot rolled sheet for priming & painting?
58308. Paint for soft thermoplastic elastomer fishing baits
58309. Issues with passivation of 304L SS machined parts
58311. Alternative clear coat for die cast zinc
58314. How to make glass hydrophylic with nano titanium dioxide coatings
58315. Bare spots for CAD Plated Bolts
58316. Liquid masking for anodizing
58317. How to make silicon rubber parts with metallic look?
58319. Nickel plating replacement on hardware
58320. Am I having an allergic reaction to galvanized steel?
58321. Nickel surface treatment solution wanted
58322. Stainless steel discolouration after washing off laser etching solution
58323. Protecting a cedar log headstone from corrosion
58324. What is VW 13750 t330 finish?
58325. Burnishing & corrosion-proofing zinc diecastings in one step
58326. Flaking of chromate on zinc plated crimped ferrules
58327. Anodized reflector doesn't read enough ohms
58328. Composition of MIL-A-8625 - Type 1C anodizing bath
58331. Zirconium hydroxide as a coloring agent
58332. Artistic plating over zinc die cast buckles
58333. Why doesn't stannous sulphate (SnSO4) dissolve in 0.3M sulfuric acid?
58334. MSA consumption in tin plating lines
58335. Blackening using ammonia nitrate without sodium hydroxide
58336. Cadmium Analysis - Cadmium Cyanide Bath
58338. What to plate on our tobacco pipes?
58339. HDG for Threaded Rods for 12 ft
58340. Zinc-cobalt plating won't survive 96 hour salt spray without white rust
58341. Cooling system for alkaline zinc plating solutions
58343. Thermal destruction of cyanide fumes
58344. Is the chipping an anodizing or shipping problem?
58345. Setting up our electropolishing system
58346. Suitable material for Cl2 vaporizer tubes
58347. Book suggestion for chromic acid anodizing
58348. Food coloring stain on polished granite headstone
58349. Buying a badly corroded building previously used by pool supply company
58353. Tank filling question
58354. Workshop/seminars on Electroless Nickel Plating?
58355. Black Oxide Pitting and Intergranular Attack (IGA) Inspection Process?
58356. Plating Steel and Aluminum die cast
58357. Seeking matchplates that can be finished as samples
58359. Stripping paint from antique Galvanized windmill
58360. Clear Epoxy Bathroom Floor
58361. Sealing polished aluminum against oxidation
58362. Using Record Album Covers and Clear Coat as a Floor
58364. Electropolishing of case hardened 304
58365. Anodic alkaline cleaning and anodic acid etching
58366. How to plate aluminum & white metal?
58370. How to define thickness of teflon coating on heat coil?
58375. Arsenic reaction for decoration of nickel objects
58376. Best Way to Remove Iron Phosphate?
58379. How to activate idled pre-treatment solutions?
58380. How to Increase pH in citric acid [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon] Passivation Tank
58381. Hot Dip Galvanizing of parts that trap water
58382. Pitting of 2000 series aluminum from type II sulfuric anodize
58383. Passivation of Stainless Steel for Increased Adhesion / Better Gluing
58385. LM6 Casting - Surface treatment finish
58386. Need to reduce galvanizing thickness to 85 microns
58387. Cost of chrome plating chemicals per area per thickness on plastic
58388. Nickel fluoride disposal ?
58389. Cast iron parts rusting before powder coat
58390. Is Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief required after passivation?
58391. PVD Chroming of Glass for EMI Shielding
58392. Nickel-Chrome plating is Blistering / Peeling when Stressed
58396. Issues in Cadmium plating with yellow passivation
58397. Best process to color stainless steel eyeglass frames
58398. Teflon Black Coating vs. Black Nickel plating
58399. Pitting on Zinc Plated Steel
58400. Why does Nickel corrode in hot, medium, and cold water?
58401. Dry film lubricant over a zinc chromate?
58402. How to make stainless steel rust
58404. Specification EN 2831:1993 Slow Bend Test for Hydrogen Embrittlement
58405. Lacquering over a non-electrolytic brass coating
58408. Need complete chemical-related information on galvanizing process.
58409. 13.5 pH requirement for Seal on Anodizing
58410. Do Electroplating tanks need grounding (or) earth?
58411. Painting on PVC Coated Material
58412. Electro-phosphating on steel wire
58414. Is a yellowish/greenish (sodium dichromate) appearance on galvanized structures a process defect?
58415. Finishes with Pantone Colours on stainless steel
58416. JIG - what does it mean in galvanizing?
58417. Passivation of EXTERNAL surface of air cooler fin-tubes after cleaning
58418. Why does stainless steel pipe need a blasted finish?
58419. Chemical polishing of aluminum wheels to reduce mechanical polishing
58420. Jewelry Cleaner CAUSED Tarnish?
58421. Does imitation jewelry need dull nickel before bright nickel to resist corrosion?
58422. Nitric acid changed colour of aluminum sheet dipped overnight
58423. Predicting coating life on the basis of corrosion rate of electroplated bolts
58424. How to Remove Coating from a Polyolefin Thermoplastic Elastomer
58425. How is Tin Plating done on Copper Lux ?
58426. Pad printing over nickel acetate-sealed anodized aluminum
58427. Removing "water spots" from electroless nickel plated parts
58431. Need samples of yellow chromate and chrome for easy I.D.
58432. Considering blackening of corrugated steel roofing
58433. How to test the chromium level in stainless steel? i.e., 12.4% chromium 410 SS
58434. Mil-DTL-5541 Chem Film in yellow trivalent
58435. ABS mechanical properties after chrome plating
58436. Scaling Buildup in Nickel Sulfamate Plating Process
58437. Chrome plating over other bases than nickel
58438. If base metal is shotpeened before plating, must it be shotpeened again if plating is reworked?
58439. Semi-bright nickel plating is coming out black
58440. Best sulfuric acid concentration and iron content for pickling
58444. Aircraft cutaway drawing on a sheet of anodized aluminum
58445. Electroless Nickel Plating of Bi-Metallic Copper-Aluminum Chassis
58446. Watermarks on Cadmium Olive Drab Finish
58447. Heat treated parts erupt with gas during HCl acid washing
58448. Heavy brass plate for antique cars that looks like solid and can take a polish??
58452. Nickel peel-off on Siclanic (Cu/Ni/Mg/Si alloy)
58453. Definition of "Shop Galvanize"
58454. Does zinc phosphating require fume scrubbing?
58459. Analysis method to check Palladium size and condition under scope
58460. Is copper oxide removal from wafer required before plating?
58461. Newest/most advanced thinnest way to put ferrite
58462. Chrome finishing on bar stools
58463. Repair and paint a Fiberglass deck to restore watertightness
58464. Removal of excess oil in acid zinc tank
58466. Need recommendation for corrosion resistant plating for steel
58467. Fastener coating for 1500 hour salt spray
58468. How to specify Chrome Plating for fasteners
58478. Tin Silver wettability problem after reflow in Copper Pillar Process
58480. Magnetism in Nickel Bath and Electrocleaner tank
58481. Does Propanol ruin Silver Plating?
58482. Plating of steel circlip for use on silver plated copper conductor
58483. Contaminants in Chromic Acid Anodize attacking existing Hardcoat Chrome Anodize
58484. Martensitic Stainless Passivation
58485. Good Coating for lug nuts
58486. Is it possible to paint a tire (of a wheel) without disassembling its parts?
58487. Can Alocrom make the appearance of scratches worse after treatment
58490. How to create dielectric oxidation between steel and brass part?
58491. Etching primer required for painting standard electro-plated EMT conduit?
58492. Ted-Ed and Khan Academy -- a chance to exchange knowledge
58493. Determining the concentration of active sulphur in nickel plating baths
58494. Wire surface activation before electrogalvanization
58495. Sulfamate Nickel - Bubbling & Blistering - Strange Distribution
58496. Seeking a temporary, easy-to-remove rust inhibitor for mild steel
58499. Passivation Staining on 17-4 PH Stainless Steel
58500. Dust-like Specks, Water-like Spots After Timesaving
58501. C-4 powder coating gun surge
58502. Copper disguised as magnetic steel to fool me
58503. Removing cobalt from hard gold dragout
58504. Heat transfer paper coating
58507. Clearcoat peels from Rustoleum Multi Spec Paint where graphics are applied
58508. Spring Steel blades are corroding
58512. Reducing Coefficient of Friction Between Metal and Rubber
58513. Material of construction for boiler-cleaning booster pump
58514. Good plating for battery contact for PCB pad
58518. Will Hamilton Plating on Sterling Silver Tarnish?
58519. Bi-metallic corrosion of electrogalvanized espagnolette bolt
58520. Want to open a metal finishing shop; where to get the money?
58522. Need disposal info about an old plating product
58523. "Spot electroplating" for art project
58524. Where to find info on older technologies for Chromium removal from wastewater
58525. Good materials for galvanizing kettle support
58526. Food contact with chromium plated parts
58528. Outdoor finish for large diameter wire
58532. Jewelry company in Nepal is looking for practical information re gold plating
58533. Waste-less one step phosphating
58534. Why does the cathode gain more than the anode loses?
58535. How to Braze Aluzinc to Aluzinc
58536. Bright Dip for blank brass keys (acid wash)
58538. Recommended book for jewelers?
58539. Removing aluminum deposit inside boiler tubes
58541. Industry Standards for Silver Plating on Metal Jewelry
58542. Bending bronze art objects
58543. Electrodeposition for digital image correlation
58545. Method for Keeping Cadmium Rinses Clean
58547. Molybdenum contaminant in Watt's nickel plating solution
58548. Sealed Anodized Hard Coat Aluminum in Contact With Food
58549. Conductive, wear and corrosion resistant coating for aluminum
58550. Coating steel poles inside/outside to prevent rust.
58551. Best stainless alloy for scratch resistance
58553. Plating zinc onto steel "How To" and protection of the zinc afterwords
58554. NOx Air Emissions and Best Available Control Technology
58555. False positive for silver in wastewater test?
58556. Please help - looking to replicate a finish!
58561. Question about Salt Spray Testing of Teflon Impregnated Panels MIL-A-63567A]
58562. Overmolding of gold plated ABS is causing discoloration and blistering
58563. Corrosion resistance of copper, nickel and tin plating on CRCA
58564. Will tin plated pins survive overmolding temperature?
58565. Chrome plating on cylinder rod of wheel loader bubbled/blistered on dealer's lot
58566. Problems in z black plating of jewelry metals
58571. Coating recommendation for mechanical seal sleeve coating in Raw/Sea water application
58572. Home Made Corrosion Test for 80/20 SnPb Solder Plated Copper
58573. Haze problem in Chrome plating
58574. Which plating is the best for glossy-black finishing? black chrome?
58575. Cadmium dichromate toxicity/safety
58576. Silver Reclaim from Nitric-Sulfuric Strip
58580. Problems with copper on glass
58584. Why do people use hazardous chrome plating?
58585. Gold plating vs. gilding antique mirror?
58586. How to do durable silver or gold plating on musical instrument mouthpieces
58588. Can't get adequate solution flow in salt spray test
58589. No current in my nickel electroplating bath
58591. Color difference in anodized parts
58592. Questions about Activation & Adhesion in Electroplating
58593. Nickel Use in Hot Dip Galvanizing
58594. Seeking advice on passivating aluminium, maintaining conductivity, and with marine environment resistance! Tough combo?
58595. Want clarification & photos of the following zinc plating finishes: US2C - 2CD - 2D - 2G - 2H
58598. Brass plated silver turns black
58599. Delayed Inconsistencies In Browning Brass with JAX Brown
58600. Electroless nickel plating over a chromium film?
58601. Want Conductively-doped Silicon Carbide coating
58602. Need RoHS Compliant Black Oxide
58603. Why cadmium plate beryllium copper only to remove it?
58607. Best thickness for 316 Stainless Steel cladding
58608. Tri-Clover Clamp Finishing
58609. Extracting gold nuggets from mercury
58610. Boron 10 plating options
58611. Laser welding 4047 aluminum that has been chem film finished per MIL-DTL-5541 class 3
58612. Best lining for concrete retaining pit for Anodize Line
58613. How to test purity of red iron oxide?
58614. Alternate to acid pickling of Stainless Steel Strips
58619. Switching from hexavalent to trivalent chromating of aluminum
58620. Silver is immersion plating on unwanted area of nickel surface
58621. Copper corrosion and copper sulphate [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon] crystals on silver plated copper parts
58624. What and how to formuate electroplating baths?
58625. Chromated aluminum, and ASTM standard to simulate swimming pool conditions
58626. I have a plant for tin plating copper lugs; what other products can we make?
58627. Refurbishing discolored 316SS clad cargo tank
58629. Acid Chloride Zinc Anode Polarization
58630. Newly Chromed Motorcycle Parts Are Pitting
58631. Must we drill holes for galvanizing? Alternative to galvanizing?
58632. Stainless Exterior Hardware with Powder Coat is Chipping/Scraping at Latch-Point
58633. Choosing a coating testing regime
58634. Rusting of bricks that have high iron content
58635. "silver"
58636. Color variations in aluminum anodizing
58637. Testing for cure of Chromate on Zinc
58638. Nickel as an aluminum anodizing contaminant
58645. Chrome wheels on lawn tractor
58646. How clean is your rinse water?
58647. Is it possible to Dye parts which are already plated.
58648. Is black iron or galvanized pipe better for fire exit handrails?
58649. Visual Blemishes in trivalent chromate passivation on zinc plating
58650. Trying to electroform, but getting only black fur
58651. How to achieve highest quality plated finishes for decorative items on cabinet doors
58652. Is Tin use restricted in Hot Dip Galvanizing in Europe?
58654. E-coat over Cadmium plating: How and Why
58655. Copper/Nickel Alloy Plating is Brittle
58656. How to plate chrome out of liquefied wood (acid solution)
58657. How to preserve coins made out of aluminium
58658. Wear resistant ceramic coating on SS 316
58662. Chemical treatment to approximate a beadblast finish on stainless steel
58663. Masking tape melts into cured powder coating
58664. Flame shot out of Galvanized Pipe Handrail when drilled
58665. Black and white rhodium plating on the same item
58668. Salt spray life of lead plating?
58669. Using EDM on electroplated Nickel
58671. Tinplate passivation using trivalent chromium
58672. Setting up an Electroless Nickel automobile body coating plant
58673. Pale parts after Ni/Sn electro plating
58675. Tin plates okay on O.D. of leaded bronze bushing, but not on I.D.
58676. Brass plated silver wire turns black over time
58677. Gold plating, rose gold plating and rhodium plating on sterling silver
58679. How to strip PVD
58680. Need to learn Hot Black Oxide
58684. Make a Magnetic Chalkboard
58685. Surface prep for three-layer PE Coating on Duplex SS
58686. Want to install hot blackodizing process
58687. Test for completeness of copper plating removal from Cr-Co steel
58688. Repair scratches in electroless nickel plated components
58689. Ultrasonic cleaning after electroless plating on aluminum
58690. Flash rusting after iron phosphating
58692. Trying to lower the pH of Chem film causes smut
58693. How big is a bare patch?
58694. Is FRP coating of galvanized structures practical?
58697. Want bluing that goes all the way through for golf irons
58698. What is the meaning of DFZn1 (a Suzuki plating standard)?
58699. Time between pickling treatment and painting
58700. Is there a term for Acid Carbonate?
58701. In the context of electroplating, What is a Strike Solution?
58702. Electroless Nickel Plating on aluminum is blistering when stressed
58707. Surface defects on 6082 aluminum parts machined on a CNC lathe
58708. Tubing and fittings for Nitric Acid and Hydrofluoric Acids
58709. Tin plated, galvanized, or stainless busbar for gantry crane
58713. Production arrangement for Dry Film Lube on Hard Black Anodize
58714. Does nickel electroplating always include some zinc catalyst / contamination?
58715. Palladium vs. White Bronze as substrate for Rhodium plating
58718. Zinc plating spec ASTM B633
58720. Powder coating as a base coat for a car
58721. How to remove stains/discolouration after EDM cutting of carbon steel?
58722. Galvanised bolts have yellow shade over half the surface
58724. Does nickel acetate seal leave nickel on anodized parts?
58727. Safety of cadmium plated home appliance
58728. Telling the difference between a nickel finish and a chrome finish
58730. Welded stainless - rusting issue after powder coat
58731. AAMA 2605 Anodic Coating
58732. Nickel plating bi-metal screws
58735. Anodizing a large, bent, awkwardly shaped piece
58738. Is chrome plating of atomizer of electronic cigarettes safe?
58740. Copper stains in Zinc-Nickel Plating
58741. Need info on chrome-like paints
58742. Matte finish plating / anodizing of steel
58743. Orange anodized parts are fading when heated in machine tool coolant
58745. Blistering problem on chrome plated aluminum
58746. Master electrician questioning corrosion and possible current leak in fountain
58747. Alternative to iridescent trivalent plating for brake parts
58748. Chromium plating of mesh material
58749. Will CBN hard turning in lieu of grinding cause chrome plating problems?
58750. Would type 304 stainless steel outdoor furniture be okay?
58751. Air or Oxygen trapped into barrel in zinc nickel plating
58752. Why do Aluminum Ladders have various brush finishes?
58754. Crystal texture left on steel surface by phosphoric acid treatment
58756. Efficient Racking/Handling for Anodizing of small profiles
58758. US28 Anodized Aluminum
58759. Conversion coating for aviation pulled rivets
58760. Designing a disappearing bullet for a story
58761. How to strip zinc from stamped metal sheet before e-coating
58762. MIG Welding Galvanneal: Effect on Opposite Surface?
58764. What are 'Active' Titanium Anodes for Hydrogen Generators
58765. What kind of rubber is HS 84?
58766. Need help with powder coating specification
58767. Brown contaminant on stainless steel after plating
58771. Spotting on aluminum parts with chromate finish
58773. Pre-cleaning for anodizing left white marks on etched 6063-T5 extrusions
58774. Really Need Some Info About QC Galvanizing JOB
58775. Etch solution for 15-5 Stainless
58778. Welt defect on GI products
58779. Calibration of Temperature Controllers for Plating Tanks Unnecessary?
58780. TiN Coating on Graphite Material
58781. Ptmax Surface Finish
58783. Black fasteners and hardware on Japanese motorcycles - late '70s to current
58784. Cooling zinc in emergency pot
58785. Removing chrome oxide passivation layer from stainless nano particles
58787. Stainless Steel Etch formulation
58788. Sludge Production in Triacid Aluminum Etch Tank
58791. Protective coating for limestone grave ornament
58792. Zinc-Nickel plated part corrodes when part is slightly deformed
58794. Was hose defective or was it destroyed by electrolysis?
58797. Brown Zinc Chromate finish
58798. Electro galvanizing for 'spangly' muscle car parts
58799. Electroplated versus galvanized hardware for wooden playset
58800. ER2209 vs. ER309 Corrosion Resistance Comparison
58801. Agitation of Solvent Degreasing Bath
58802. Chromate based Paints versus Surface treatments
58803. PWB: ENIG vs Gold over silver
58806. Need spangled galvanize finish, but not bright
58807. Masking for Powder Coating Problem
58808. Chrome plated piston is rusting at jig point
58809. Non strip aluminium racking components
58810. Abrasive Blasting Dents/Pits Parts and Still Slow
58812. Polish on Chilled Cast Iron rolls
58815. Extending Kicker plate flashing in stucco.
58816. FED. SUP CLASS 3120/MS14238 finish codes
58817. Anodizing Removal by Bead Blast?
58818. Is Hard Anodize or PTFE coating preferable?
58819. Need to platinize vanadium for extreme temperature and corrosion resistance
58820. Desert Environment & Zinc Plated Nuts and Bolts
58823. Quality Manual for Anodizing
58824. Effect of foundry gasses on roof corrosion
58825. How to make a perfect tin-copper alloy
58826. Third stainless steel hot water tank failure after 3 weeks
58827. Aluminum bronze for small diesel engine?
58828. Specification for Pre-galvanized sheet for cold rolled lip channels
58832. Removing Anodizing from Threaded Holes
58833. Can an electroless plating bath be used to generate hydrogen for production of electricity
58836. Electroplating or electroplating of 'Aluminium Filled Epoxy'
58837. Electrodeposition of zinc on titanium
58838. Gold Tone Finish for Aluminum
58839. 18/10 Stainless Steel for Exterior Beach Use
58840. Autocatalytic silver plating
58841. Bending Chrome Plated Steel Tubing
58842. Problems in tin-silver plating on copper seed layer
58843. Bead Blasting Tungsten Carbide vs. Wire Wheel Cleaning?
58844. Anodization of Porous Aluminium from sputtered thin films
58845. TiN coating for 300-grade Maraging Steel?
58846. Is Nickel Passivation required after Electroforming Process?
58847. Hard anodizing of iron aluminide (Fe-Al)
58848. Please explain Electroplating Additives
58849. Chem teacher keeps getting Nickel Hydroxide in his Nickel Electroplating
58850. Why is mercury used by jewelers?
58851. Electrolysis for rust removal: effect on chrome plating?
58852. copper sulphate [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon] Tests in Stainless Steels
58853. Is a "tube finish" shot blasting followed by galvanizing?
58854. Electroless nickel counterflow rinse troubleshooting
58855. Does a zinc plater need to pre-bake parts before plating?
58856. Anodising Tank Quickly Overheats
58857. Blackening of 316 ss screws
58858. Nickel Chrome Plating over parts with a gold PVD finish
58859. Non-electrolytic pretreatment for alloy which will be electroless nickel plated
58860. Electroformed nickel foil peels off mandrel too easily
58861. Barrel Plating Gold
58862. Correlation between Nitinol thickness removal after electropolishing and corrosion resistance
58863. Nickel plating characterization for QA purposes
58869. Hand painting gym equipment
58870. Measuring surface roughness on plastic vs metal
58873. Black Oxiding problems and questions
58874. Electroless Nickel Deposit: Determining Phosphorus Content
58875. Powder Coating Discolors during Autoclaving
58879. What is NTA893A Finish?
58880. Chemical etching of stainless steel to get matte finish
58881. Rust on metal stamping parts
58885. Can a Dip Brazed Aluminum Chassis Be Hard Anodized
58886. High current density Electro-deburring
58887. Hard chrome plating of engine liners step by step
58888. Powdered Metal PM Sintered Steel Coating Surface Pretreatment new
58889. My old Ford Bumper Got Green Spots - How To Fix?
58890. Good Ceramic Coating for 300M steel
58894. Material Defect or Anodizing Defect?
58895. Best coating for for 7-8 years life on mild steel Solar Thermal Disks
58896. Silver plating directly onto gold
58897. Will 2nd Baking Damage Alkaline Zinc Plating?
58900. Bad Solderability of Copper Zinc Plating
58902. Stripping Nickel and Gold from Type 303 Stainless
58904. Electroplating as art?
58905. Delrin"AF",Teflon Impregnated
58908. Gold coating a temperature sensitive material
58909. E coating Application
58910. Is electropolished surface damaged by scotchbright or buffing?
58911. Dishwasher-safe coloring of flatware
58912. How to measure carbon nanotube powder density
58913. Reducing Chloride Content in Sulpho-chrome Pickling Solution
58917. Commercial name of Al 2024 T351
58919. Laptop Computers for Plating Shop Environment
58920. Ceramic Coatings for non-marine application
58921. Hot dip Galvanisation of already electrogalvanised metal
58922. Soft anodize vs. bad seal
58923. Exterior Aluminum finishes
58924. Easiest in situ path to making a mirror polished and a brushed sheet match each other
58925. Required Tin Plating Thickness for Strip Plated C110 Copper Connector?
58926. Need surface of microwave cavity to be electropolished but active copper
58927. Gold Plating the Magnetite Inclusions in Magnetite Jade Knife Handles
58928. Micro Electronics Nickel/Gold Plating to Completely Eliminate Nickel Oxidation
58929. Does thermal-only metal coloring subject us to 40 CFR 433?
58930. Zinc-phosphate coating and1x cataphoretic soaking.
58933. Holey utility zinc sink!
58934. Durable stainless steel finishing with high aesthetics: electrophoretic lacquer?
58935. TOC levels in PCB acid copper baths
58936. Chrome plating corrosion in diesel fuel
58937. Corrosion resistance of 316L Electropolished Stainless with waterjet cutting marks
58938. What percentage of bright brass parts should pass decorative standards on first pass?
58940. Designing a rinsing plan for Zinc Phosphate line
58941. Carbon Black in black inks attacking aluminum
58942. What is safe PPE for handling of diluted HCl and at what % should you use a face shield?
58943. Treatment of high TDS water from manufacturing of PPT silica
58945. Plating with an Alloy of Copper & Silver or Copper & Gold
58946. Repairing a Molten Sulfur Tank that is in operation
58947. Toy safety: White Bronze vs. Zinc Plating
58948. Why does the log cabin door feel warm, but the brass handle feels cold?
58952. Mechanical galvanizing on HDG fasteners
58954. How to analyse aluminium content in chromadizing tank
58956. Hanging dissimilar items in same frame for hot dip galvanizing
58957. How to Make Sodium Gold Thiosulphate
58958. ED Coating on Plastic
58959. Was Drano test for sex of baby harmful to expectant mother or baby?
58960. What does "flashed" mean in regards to galvanizing repair?
58961. Want paint system that can be applied under water
58962. Chrome Plating (ASTM B604-91) Specification Questions
58963. Titanium anodizing defects - veins (due to previous machining?)
58964. What is Suzuki plating spec MFCr40-S -- nickel-chrome, hard chrome?
58968. Different pH-level solutions effects on metal
58969. Granite stone melting chemical
58971. HF/HFSA chemistry For Aluminium
58972. Can Rhodium plating be used over a variety of unknown jewelry metals?
58973. What controls fogginess level of nickel chrome plating?
58974. How to Rubber Coat Nylon Tubes
58975. What methods and compounds to use for polishing magnesium fluoride
58978. Anodizing dye tank has a scum on it
58979. Common electrolytes for electroplating solutions
58980. Copper Corrosion from Clear Chromate
58981. Choosing rotary dressing wheels to dress grinding wheels
58983. Patina solution sprayed on my copper gutters doesn't look good
58985. Part-time Gunsmith wants to do hard chrome and nickel boron plating
58987. Vapour degreaser issues
58988. Repairing silver plated tea pot
58989. How much to charge for plating consulting gig in Saudi Arabia/UAE
58990. Zinc plating vs. Nickel plating for this application?
58991. Arc-like Pits around Contact Area in Sulphuric Acid Anodising
58993. Lead Content Found in Nickel Plating
58994. Handling dangers of yellow zinc plated hardware
58995. Long term corrosion protection for a classic British motorcycle
58996. Titration/analysis for determination of hydrogen peroxide concentration

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