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6000. Zamak, Za-8, or other cosmetic finish for zinc die castings
6004. Restoring bronze statue
6005. Specular polishing of aluminum
6006. Information on AA5086 Aluminium
6007. Properties of Zinc vs. Manganese phosphated fasteners
6009. How to get black finish on Stainless steel plates
6010. Anodize
6011. Nickel Plating a Motocross bike frame
6012. Protective Coating "Clotopas concentrate Z21"
6014. Nickel Stripper MSDS needed
6015. Corrosion problems with Nickel plated Phosphor Bronze
6016. Masking tape for gold and silver plating
6017. Waste treatment solution needed
6018. Silica scale removal from cooling water system
6019. What phosphorus percentage should plater hold?
6021. Recycling Chromating Wastewater
6023. Pickling Cobalt Chrome
6024. Preventing Copper From Discoloration Inside PVC Cable
6028. Tin ceiling restoration
6029. Cast Iron sculpture restoration
6030. How to get Metallic or Pearl finish on lamp
6031. Galvanized refinishing
6032. Chromium Testing for Science Fair
6033. Young's modulus and Poisson's ratio for ITO
6035. Vacuum chamber anodising
6036. Surface chemistry after chromate conversion
6037. Zinc electroplating
6038. Twin moulded non conducting plastic also getting plated
6039. Use of hot dip galvanize in coastal area
6040. Cyanide treatment by hexavalent chromium
6041. Spray defect: Fisheyes/cratering/cissing
6043. Improve Our Finishing of Stainless Kitchen Equipment
6047. Passivation of Corrosion Resistant Steels
6048. Looking for info on these few chemicals used in anodizing
6049. Yellow dichromate vs. Yellow chromate?
6050. How to harden AL 2024-T351?
6051. Heat Drop - 12L14
6053. Shining finish on stainless steel bolts/screws
6056. Galvannealed VS. Hot dip galvanized
6057. Ebonol C optimal operation conditions
6060. Test for difference between 316 and 304
6061. Safety / environmental issues in aluminium degreasing
6062. Voltages for Brush Electroplating
6066. Teflon coating of electropolished copper
6067. Proper prep and bonding of Invar to epoxy panels
6071. Buying zinc sheet
6073. High-speed rotor coating material needed
6076. Titration for iron in sulfuric acid needed
6078. QC saying: "...what you don't measure"
6079. "Antique" Finishes for Iron & Brass Firearms
6080. Gold plating, making of gold potassium cyanide
6082. Difference Between Chrome and Nickel-Plating
6083. Tin whiskers a problem with immersion tin PWB finishes?
6084. Stainless Steel Preparation before painting
6086. RMS Roughness of SPI/SPE finishes?
6091. Anodizing problems
6092. Hard chrome pitting
6095: Butynediol and its derivatives for nickel sulfamate
6096. Total, free and phenolphthalene Alkalinity
6099. "Fisheyes" on surface after electrophoretic coating of brass
6102. 1927 Pierce-Arrow pitted parts need nickel and exhaust manifold needs powder coat
6103. Titanium nitride at 750C in nitrogen atmosphere?
6105. Is there nickel plating at 99.86%?
6107. Fuse polyethylene butt joints together?
6109. Hard Anodizing rack problems
6110. Brush plate chrome onto aluminium
6111. colored plated strip steel
6112. Temperature of part during anodizing
6113. Conductivity checking of anodizing electrolyte
6115. Chrome plate vs. stainless steel thermal expansion
6125. Gold plating Door Hinges
6127. Gold Plated Roses
6129. Autophoretic coatings
6130. Chrome-Free Passivation
6131. Cl plasma etch of Al using photoresist as a mask
6132. Tensiometer vs. Stalagmometer Readings
6134. Removing old chrome
6137. Nickel oxidation causing adhesion problems?
6138. How should nickel be activated?
6139. Sealing decorative chrome
6140. Prep of galvanized for painting
6141. Cost of sludge disposal
6143. Gold plating with diamond dust
6144. Anodizing Ferrari's brass deck lid latches
6145. Wastewater from Aluminum brightening
6148. Electropolishing Solution Excessive Foaming
6149. Powder Coating Galvanized Substrate
6151. Plating project issues
6153. Electropolishing of Al parts for deburring
6156. Al-Cu-Sn vs. Al-Ni-Sn?
6158. Paint adhesion is poor on Welds
6159. Improving adhesion of paint to polypropylene
6160. Ripple measurement
6161. Hardness measurement of brittle materials
6163. White spots on anodizing parts
6166. Aluminum Hardness Testing -- and fast!
6167. Restoring old silverplate
6170. The right trays for Iriditing
6174. Plasma Nitriding and Masking
6176. Spot Blueing
6177. How to remove anodizing from aluminum Porsche wheels?
6178. Copper As Carburizing Stop-off / Hydrogen Embrittlement
6180. Metal building rust inhibitor
6181. Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Agent Corrosion of Aluminum
6182. Blisters on Nickel-Chrome Plated Articles
6183. Controlling bacteria in e-coat post rinse stages
6187. Electroless Nickel Thickness Vs. Salt Fog Resistance
6192. Nickel plating-pitting
6193. Preventing tarnishing of metal jewelry
6194. Pollution control measures for chrome plating
6195. Gunbluing Recipe Wanted
6196. Cleaning of church organ pipes
6200. Gold plating thickness on copper contact pins
6201. Prepping metal cabinets that have rusted
6205. Making Nickel Plating Brighteners
6206. New to Copper Plating, need specific info
6207. Price difference between hexavalent chrome & trivalent chrome coatings
6208. Silver precipitating in black chromate
6209. Prepping aluminum boat for repainting
6210. Brass clear-coat for marine hardware
6212. Teflon finish blistering on coolant water valve
6217. Anodising after chromic acid stripping
6218. Castings and Black Anodizing Color
6221. Sterilizable Stainless Steel Coloring Process Needed
6223. Industrial toxic chemical poisoning
6225. Painting galvanized ductwork
6226. Chrome plating as high school project
6231. Cadmium brightener
6234. Inspection & Test for Zinc+Yellow Bolts
6237. Sticky film on anodize
6238. Magnesium anodizing processes
6239. No chrome coverage in LCD area
6241. Gold plating on glass
6243. Tin whiskers in computer flooring
6244. Zinc lined copper tub
6245. Gold plating Brass horns
6246. Surface roughness conversion
6249. Hardness in nickel sulfamate plating
6253. DI water test methods
6254. Plating Jewelry
6258. Corrosion resistant Al alloy + coating
6262. Removing copper from silver nitrate
6263. Gold/nickel plating on A356 Cast Aluminum
6266. Coloring stainless steel
6269. Tin Plating Fishing Hooks
6272. Triple chroming at home
6276. Adhesive wear - Archard's equation
6277. Power requirements in honing operations
6278. Heat treatment of low carbon steel
6281. Amount of chromium used in plating in the U.S.
6282. Control Parameters in Pickling of Hot Rolled Coil
6283. Scared to reblue
6284. Repair of metal to be chromed
6285. Wetting agent for electroless Ni coating of aluminum
6291. Orange Peel Standards
6294. Passivation of stainless steel
6295. Hardness of Silver Electroplated Deposits for Engineering Use
6296. Does chromate coating strength degrade above 200 °F?
6297. Maximum current density, thin film
6298. Brush plating a hole
6299. Chrome plating electroless nickel plated parts
6300. Satin Finish Over Chrome Plate
6301. Plating electroless nickel to repair oversize bore
6302. Plastic Painting Parameters
6303. Electroplating and anodizing
6304. Data on passivating solutions
6305. Spontaneous Combustion of Buffing Lint
6306. Need to black anodize golf club head
6308. Surface Reflective at 365nm?
6309. Copper plate + tin plate without rinse
6310. Anodizing 201R5
6311. Cadmium plating small parts
6312. Zinc Plating
6316. Quality of Deionized water
6317. Iron Phosphating - burner tube attack
6319. Alumite process? Anyone heard of it?
6321. Tin Whiskers (Terminal lugs)
6323. Need Laser Engravure Machine for Rotogravure Plant
6326. Problems achieving glossy anodized parts
6327. NiCaSil Coating
6328. Stripping chrome off my golf clubs
6329. Plating density tests
6331. Remove ZrN coatings PVD
6332. Deionized water for medical devices manufacturing
6333. Burned-out and Bluish/Cloudy Chrome plating
6336. Can 17-4PH stainless steel be magnetized?
6338. Rhodium Plating Solution
6341. Cadmium Plating Ban
6344. Adhesion problem, powder coat on anodized aluminium
6345. THIXON coating?
6346. Internal spraying of tubing
6347. Customer's surface preparation prior to Anodizing
6348. Low permeability of NiFe film?
6349. Conductive Copper Paint
6350. Conductivity & density of conductive metals
6353. "Van Der Paus" structure for electrical determination of plating thickness
6354. What makes up silver plating solution?
6361. Copper contamination of galvanizing bath
6362. Clear or clear/tinted finish for galvanized steel sheet
6364. Maintenance of barrel danglers
6369. How to vacuum metallize wood
6370. Chemical Reaction of SST, Chlorine & Hydraulic Fluid?
6371. Electropolishing
6372. Rust on 304 SST
6373. Effect of passivation process on nickel
6374. Sub 8Ra Plastic Finish
6375. Finishing notes
6384. Removal of oxidation specs from brass
6386. Mini powder coating equipment sought
6388. Black dust problem from cathodic dichromate
6390. Optimum citric acid concentration for cleaning Copper
6392. Roughness from CuNiCr
6393. Hot Dip process
6394. Brightener for nickel sulfamate solution
6395. Aluminum finish
6397. Aluminum Intake Coatings?
6400. Books on electropolishing
6405. Reddish-brown smut in black oxide steel parts
6408. Powdercoat paint training
6410. Anode basket material for MSA lead-tin baths
6411. Regenerating/purifying iron phosphate bath
6415. Hard gold plating queries
6416. Hard anodizing technology
6417. Use of NRP as a corrosion protective coating
6418. Gold Plating on Top of Tin for Nickel Plated Copper Leadframes
6420. Common uses for boric acid, how to make borax
6430. Methylene chloride - Ensuring a Safe Working Environment
6432. Non-stick food screens
6433. Abrasive Media for Tumbling Barrels
6434. Satin finish on stainless steel
6435. Separating Zinc & Aluminum Dust?
6438. Constant color Anodizing
6439. How to reduce the amount of trivalent chrome in hexavalent chromium bath
6440. Info on Nickel oxide staining of stainless steel Electroless nickel tanks
6442. Help on darkening stainless steel ball bearings
6443. Ceramic surface coating
6444. Cleaning stains on silver powdercoat
6448. Waste treatment by electrofloculation
6450. Hard Chrome Poisoning
6453. Lacquer repair question
6454. palladium-what is it and how do I recycle it?
6456. Cleaning chromate conversion coating
6465. Coating glass rods with indium-tin oxide
6467. Search help needed where to obtain mil specs
6468. Terminology (dichromate)
6471. Science fair project about marine corrosion
6474. Chrome vs. Electroless Nickel Plating Comparison
6476. Pickle bath for castings?
6480. Heat-treatment of ENP Coating reduces corrosion resistance
6481. HCl cleaning on Hot Dip Galvanizing Line
6486. Want dull Finish on bright SST
6496. Steel Corrosion Treatment
6497. Effects of Zn Yellow Dichromate Fasteners on 6061 T6 Aluminum
6498. Solutions for galvanic action
6499. Carbon removal
6500. Electropolishing of zinc
6501. Alodine 5200 vs. Alodine 1200
6502. Product, dip or acid to brighten and protect aluminium
6505. Copper pollution of zinc plating baths
6507. Chemical formula or substitute for benzotriazole
6511. Hex Chrome Bans in Europe
6513. Copper restoration
6514. Re-plating of bathroom fixtures
6515. Gold plating for weather exposure
6516. Mildew in my basement
6518. Material properties for AA8011 aluminum
6522. Problems with my EP
6524. Zinc alloy plating
6528. Coating for Polyethylene Material
6530. Chrome Failure, Microgalvanic Cell
6531. Tough black finish for spring steel?
6534. Removing rust from stainless steel
6535. We know nothing about Chrome Re-plating!
6538. Cobalt plating on Copper surface
6539. Information about zinc nickel and tin zinc electrochemistry
6549. Surfactants & Emulsifiers
6550. Nickel plating bath stress measurement and control
6552. Zinc plating of compression springs
6553. How many hours salt spray equals 30 years life?
6556. Drilled hole cleaning technology
6557. Resist for copper (dry film vs. pad print ink)
6559. Alodine 600 is not coating all aluminum alloys evenly
6561. Hard Chrome Plating: Hardness vs. Thickness
6562. Coating plastic reflectors
6564. Powder Paint Attributes
6565. Tenemic Paint
6566. Silver oxidation prevention paper source
6569. Calibration of Plating Rectifiers
6570. SECC zinc-plated steel sheet
6572. Etchant for Damascus knifes
6580. Pin hole leaks in stainless steel ozone tanks
6584. Is there anyone around who does Cyanide Copper?
6585. Re-blackening Porsche Lug Nuts
6587. A Nickel Bath Puzzle
6589. Restoring Interior Plastic in auto
6590. How to paint a galvanized metal roof
6595. Remove potassium permanganate from carpeting
6596. Removing smut from copper surface
6598. Seek info regarding what solder to fill holes in chrome
6599. Constraints in decorative anodizing
6600. Electropolish
6604. Chromium stripping
6605. Black corrosion-resistant finishes for socket head screws
6606. Help with Oxalic Acid and Hard Coating
6613. Corrosion Resistance to 316 ss
6618. Seeking info about Modified Bouver_Vogel (mbv) method of coating aluminum
6620. Hot Dip Galvanising compared to Zinc Electroplating
6621. Plating SiC with Al
6622. Suggestions needed for inhibitor system during pickling
6623. Alternative to pickling acid for deburring
6630. Matte / Frosted Chrome Plating on Aluminum Alloy & Plastic
6632. Sludge Dryer types
6634. Info for satin Nickel plating on ABS plastics, and electropolishing process for SS filter in dishwashers
6637. Help! stainless steel sinks
6639. Coloring ship model coppering
6641. Ductile protective coatings. Aluminium deposition?
6643. High Definition Plasma cutting?
6645. PTFE coating vs Hard Chrome Plating
6647. Black chrome plating
6648. Re-tin my copper sauce pan
6649. Needs help with electroplating problems
6651. Oxidizing zippers without spoiling the material
6652. Luger rust blue
6653. Anodizing sprayed aluminum surface
6656. Wear coating for aluminium to aluminium sliding contact
6659. Electroplating onto Aluminum
6661. Removing salt stains from corrugated iron
6662. Stripping away old paint - what lacquer to prevent rust?
6664. Cost of Filter press and Tray Dryer
6667. Green passivation
6668. Seeking info on electrolytic polishing of steel
6670. Silver peeling
6674. Need a mil spec sheet for plating of sheet metal
6675. Needs Info for school project on removing rust from pennies
6682. Seeking gold toned finish on wire?
6684. Why phosphate? Which kind to use?
6685. Fatigue life improvement by anodising or TiN coating?
6686. Faded Anodized Parts
6687. Alternative copper/cyanide plating anode
6688. Faster Blackening of cast steel and A2 & D2
6689. Sodium build-up in autophoretic bath
6690. BHN of high temp samplesl
6692. Metal build up on reel-to-reel masking belts
6695. Why is citric acid in shampoo and conditioner?
6696. Polymer Bonding
6699. Au/Sn solderability problem
6700. Help needed on bluing that turned out red-purple
6701. Want formula for processing time for anodizing
6702. Chem Film Question
6703. Environmental friendly surface treatment of aluminum
6705. Ferricyanide Removal
6707. Wants to know how to aluminize a telescope mirror
6708. Seeks jobshop with autophoretic 900 or 700
6709. Electro plating vs. Powder coating?
6713. Help with cleaning ceramic parts
6715. Electroless Nickel Plating adhesion problems
6717. Conductivity of the zinc plating with chromate conversion
6718. Hydrogen Annealing for Plating Molybdenum
6721. Hydrofluoric Acid pickling tank design
6722. Disposable razor blade manufacturing machine sought
6723. Info needed on gray water disposal
6726. Dry Etching Salts To Remove Enamel From Costume Jewelry?
6728. Hardcoat chromic acid anodizing
6729. Bright Dip on yellow brass or bronze
6730. How the passivates works?
6731. How to clean a plating bath?
6732. Tin/Lead Plating of Prototype Print Circuit Boards
6733. Concentration of phosphoric/nitric acid in aluminum bright dip?
6734. current efficiency of copper pyrophosphate bath
6735. Polishing Compound Base. What to use?
6736. Gold plating peels off
6737. Other indices for solder plating apart from Thickness and Composition
6738. Hot dip galvanizing "dross formation"
6740. Oxidizing aluminum
6741. Conductive Plating of Ceramic Cylinder
6742. Electroless Nickel & Immersion Gold for Ultrasonic Wire Bonding
6744. Maximum oxygen percentage for no flammable mixture of solvent in nitrogen
6746. Discoloration on Nickel Parts after washing
6748. Clean weld discoloration on SST
6749. Can Anodizing be Interrupted?
6752. Help with Nickel electroplating problems.
6753. Rz to Ra; Surface texture conversion
6757. Aluminum Valve Body Wear -- Info/help needed
6758. Rectifier control modification
6760. Chlor-Alkali Sulphuric Acid re-concentration
6765. Matching Stainless Still finish in Zinc Die Casted and Plastic Parts
6766. Zinc ammonium chloride
6767. Applying Metallization to Barium Titanate Ceramics
6769. Aluminum plate cutting device
6771. Refinishing old metal filing cabinet
6772. Black Chromium and Aluminium?
6773. Info needed: gold plated flatware
6775. Copper plating tank material : PP vs PVC or CPVC
6776. Types of compounds for metal finishing
6780. Cleaning SS 17-4
6783. Electropolished
6784. Looking for surface standards for aluminum
6785. Black anodized aluminum becomes white and chalky, any alternatives?
6787. Yellow Zinc vs. Yellow Chromate
6792. Iridite residue
6796. Tin plating issues
6798. "White Nickel Plating"
6800. Contrast stains from a nickel sulfamate bath
6805. About electroplating
6807. Need Palladium Cobalt plating solution (Japan)
6809. Help blueing winchester
6811. Anodize type III clear - sticky
6812. Removable masking paint/coating for chrome plating of plastic.
6814. Deoxidization of aircraft aluminum
6816. Life calculation of various plating on steel,brass & copper at indoor condition
6817. Cleaning drawing compounds
6818. Selective masking to survive Al anodising process
6819. High surface area nickel plate
6823. Salt spray test
6828. Non-conductive aluminum plating
6835. Info needed on chroming plastic skull
6838. Information of chemical etching of PCB
6840. Chemical supplier for electropolishing on aluminium
6841. Need commercial glycolic acid
6843. How to achieve blackest anodize possible
6844. Alodine vs. Iridite
6847. Lowering Chloride conc. in Acid Copper Bath
6848. Pitting in Acid Copper bath
6850. Acrylic flame polishing "help"
6852. Cyanide destruction
6853. Must I re-anodize after sanding and polishing aluminum?
6854. Oxidizing? Mystery silver hardware
6861. B-H Curve Measurement of Electroplated Permalloy
6862. Cleaning Brass Ships lanterns
6863. Chemical treatments to color steel surfaces
6864. Surface Roughness Conversions
6866. Need electropolishing equipment
6867. Rust formation on plated parts
6868. Electroless Nickel on Brass Bushings/Valves
6870. Coating glass beverage bottles for better seals
6872. Chrome my dirt bike's plastic
6873. Old Japanning Paint Recipe wanted
6874. Rechrome my Plastic Dash parts
6875. Seeking info on re-anodizing my yacht mast
6876. Black oxidized steel for kitchen countertop?
6877. Seeks info on aluminum conductors, transmission towers and lightning
6879. Obtaining a 8-12 Rms Finish on Machined Die Cast A380
6883. Satin chrome finish on brass
6884. Correlation between pH and removal of Boron by using RO membrane
6885. Passivation of Titanium
6888. Iron precipitant from nickel bath
6889. Re-finishing stainless steel "brushed" finish
6891. Need Help With Rack Stripping With Vinyl Powder
6893. Platinum replating on titanium
6894. Melting Point of Rosin
6896. Dichromate Formation in Anodizing Baths
6897. Teflon coating on stainless
6901. Removing Sulphuric acid stain on granite
6902. Passivation for AISI 316L S.S. & ASTM F75 medical devices
6903. Anodizing for Electrical Resistance / Dielectric
6904. Maranizing?
6905. Electrical Properties of Hard Anodize
6906. Long lasting lacquer finish for door handle
6907. Gold in Seawater
6915. Removal of Rust from vintage fan
6916. Cleaning anodized aluminium on 1950's aircraft
6919. Rusting on Passivated A304 Steel in Salt Spray Test
6922. Lack of adhesion of silver plating
6927. Smoothing Copper
6930. Aluminum etch additives? Sodium gluconate?
6932. Conductivity of Zinc Plated surfaces -- yellow vs. clear or blue chromate passivation?
6934. Best choice for RTD for Manganese Phosphate bath?
6935. Stainless steel anodise or chrome?
6936. Help with my frame polishing/rough part smoothing
6940. Activation of Nickel for Hard Chrome Plating
6941. Powder paint curing problems
6942. High Heat Resistant Ink Sought
6944. Staining 431 stainless steel
6945. Powdercoating peeling chrome wheels?
6949. Finishing equipment for small aluminum parts
6950. Vapor degreaser : should we use TCE or PERC?
6952. Starting a color anodizing business
6955. Information request for Alodine
6956. Increasing wear resistance of aluminum
6957. Effect of HCl in sulphate type coating electrolyte
6958. HVAC Coil Painting System
6959. Black Compound on Galvanized Salt Fog Samples
6960. Vibratory Barrels For Plating
6963. Making a Tarnish Preventer
6966. Help needed from Shanghai about nickel plating
6968. Heat treatment of carbon steel
6973. Finishing Stainless Steel
6977. Brass Plating
6981. How do I oxidize a sheet of copper?
6982. What buffing creates matte finish?
6985. Aluminium Alloy for HazLoc enclosures on offshore (oil & gas] platforms)
6986. JS500 zinc plating
6987. Passivated copper
6988. Brightness measurement and surface finish correlation
6989. Phosphoric Acid Anodizing
6990. Water test for anodizing plant
6997. What is rust? and how does pH effect this?
6998. Cleaning Pennies
6999. Bright Zinc Finish Specifications

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