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metal finishing cover

5000. Barrel / Bulk Electropolishing small parts of SS
5001. Pitting of acidic copper plating
5003. Dip Printing Finishing Process for Resin Based Products
5007. Stripping Titanium Nitride PVD coatings
5008. Reticulation of aluminium alloys
5009. Stripping & replating pot metal parts
5010. New composite coatings
5013. Hardcoating 2011 - Is it possible to build up .002? Or should a different alloy be used
5014. Ultrasonic aluminium cut
5015. Thumb rule (easy method) or Basic principal of plating over ferrous & non ferrous material
5016. Use of Ammonium Bifluoride in Hobbyist Quartz Crystal Etching
5019. How to analyze/control HNO3 - H2SO4 - NH4-HF2 type desmutters?
5020. organic coatings
5021. Waste disposal methods.
5022. Black Oxide using a tumbling barrel
5024. Mirror Finishes
5026. Alternative etches and activators
5030. Barrel Anodizing (bulk)
5031. stain between the electroless nickel substrate and the copper strike plating on plastic
5032. Sulfuric Acid Percentage
5033. Autophoretic/autodeposition Coating vs. Powder Coating
5034. Reworking Chrome plating on Nickel plating.  
5035. Chemical Stripping Filter Systems
5037. In-house passivation
5040. chemistry of nitric acid solutions? -- formation of nitrates?
5042. Cleaning stainless steel racks
5044. Hexavalent or Trivalent Chrome?
5045. Cyanide Zinc Problem
5046. Removing Powder Coating
5048. How Do I Extract the Gold from Computer Circuit Boards?
5050. Electropolish finish determination
5052. Environmental hazards associated with chrome plating
5053. Anoprint, Ano-tone?
5057. Aluminum Boat Refinishing.
5060. Anodic coating thickness Statistical Capability
5064. Air-Lifts to cut water usage in plating shops
5065. De waxing of parts post electroplating
5066. Technical Journals about anodizing?
5068. Looking for Patina Finish on Wrought Iron
5069. Etching primer for Chrome to enable paint to adhere
5071. MSDS, Chemical Contents, Address of Company "Lynx Line"
5072. Stalagmometer
5074. Zinc-Nickel Plating Services
5075. Chrome Plating plastics
5079. Combining processes
5080. Optical finish for polished aluminium
5082. " Cold" Decorative Chrome Plating Solution
5083. Lapping Hard Anodize?
5090. Material Properties of NarLoy-Z
5091. Copper Plating
5093. Setting up a small nickel plating operation
5094. How do I find the percent of acid in my tank
5101. Duplex nickel and chrome plating on stainless steel.
5103. Titanium/Nitinol passivation
5104. How do I coat copper with titanium?
5106. Surface of Tin plated brass parts turns to black (Oxidation problem)
5109. Watts nickel bath info
5110. Aluminium polishing
5119. Is bleach a tarnishing agent?
5121. Imitation gold
5124. Tantalum plating
5125. sulfuric acid content keeps going up
5127. What the heck is an amp-minute?
5128. Uses of HF in metal finishing
5129. Possible chemical reactions between objects with differently plated surfaces.
5135. Pitting Problem in Hard Chrome Plating
5138. Cyanide treatment
5140. anodizing polarity problem
5142. Materials of construction for zinc phosphating tank and accessories
5147. Brass plating
5149. Feed and Bleed System
5150. Corrosion of a Nail
5151. Need source for a reclamation service, for concentrated sulfuric acid.
5152. Adhesion problem of paint on aluminium
5153. Removing rust from refrigerator
5154. Getting a mirror finish on stainless steel
5155. Yellow Chromate Adhesion Problem
5156. Surface finishes for compression molds
5157. Chroming of closed square tube
5159. Wastewater
5163. Powder Coating over Zinc Plating Problems
5164. Severe corrosion problem
5167. Pits in peeling
5168. Titration Question, and Equipment Question
5176. Black finish on steel
5177. Matching vacuum metallizing to Pearlbrite Satin Chrome?
5179. Electroplating/galvanizing in a small shop
5180. Dow 20 on magnesium
5181. Mirror Quality Aluminum Polish
5182. Can any body suggest the remedies of our quality problem?
5183. Corrosion resistance of zinc.
5186. Sawdust patination technique for LARGE objects
5188. Tin anodes have a black/grey film
5189. TDS levels in phosphatizing operations
5192. Blisters in Anodic Coating
5193. Shop Design
5195. Zinc-Iron Plating Process (Why?, Cost?)
5203. Basic bronze patina (with shoe polish)
5204. What is a dry lube and what are the benefits.
5206. Energy utilized to Anodize aluminium
5209. Immersion copper plating
5211. Clean Optical Black Finish for Space Telescope
5216. Waste water treatment of electroless nickel plating
5217. Chromate cleanup procedure and cost
5218. Release properties of passivated T304
5219. ITO on Calcium Fluoride window
5222. Black dye
5223. Improve on electro polishing process on s/s
5225. Remove clear coat from the head light lens?
5227. Chemicals for electrogalvanizing of wire
5228. More corrosion problems with structural stainless steel?
5229. White rust attack! What's the cure?
5230. Electroless nickel & copper blistering on Lexan
5231. Plating additives.
5236. Poor powder coat adhesion with dissimilar metals
5238. How does Electroplating bath work?
5239. Pitting problem out of woods nickel strike
5241. Galvanic Corrosion Potential, Al and Nitinol
5242. Miniload Hardness Tester
5247. Pcb Etching
5249. How do I easily analyze Copper solutions using only an A-level laboratory?
5250. Low Temp Bake after Electroless Ni
5252. Anti-tarnish of Nickel plated steel
5253. Chromate, Alodine, Iridite?
5255. Help me with the grind
5260. Trouble Plating Very Thin Tin Films
5263. "Speculum Plating"
5265. Protective Coatings on Brass Plated Articles
5269. A Better coating for aluminum molds
5271. How to mount anodes?
5277. reticulated cathodes for electrowinning
5278. Plastic car parts need Chrome Electroplating
5279. Wax coat affecting yellow chromate
5280. Coating of ceramics/but non coating of metals...The
5283. Aluminum boat finishing
5284. Paint removal from Copper or brass?
5285. activation of silver for further electroless plating
5287. Compressive stress
5294. Method of taking pH readings
5295. Looking for a good matte clear coat finish that is durable
5297. Comparison with Alodine 1200 and Alutech 15
5301. Alkaline zinc plating rundown streaking
5302. Nickel Chrome Plating: Micro-Pitting on Plating
5306. Passivate 6 Fe. bath limits
5308. Corrosion on 316SS Castings after Passivation
5309. zinc chloride
5311. Nickel-contaminated Silicon-wafer
5312. Aluminum polish
5315. Cleaning superplastically formed aluminium
5316. Problem with shiny centers in a nickel sulfamate bath
5322. Refinishing Copper exterior of fry
5323. Is there a Clear Chromate product that is on QPL & meets spec?
5327. We are in trouble
5328. Burr removal after slot milling
5329. Iron Phosphating
5331. Base metal prep for rechroming
5332. Tumbling or polishing zinc-coated steel coins.
5333. Anodizing Cast Aluminum?
5334. Plating compatible with refrigerant
5335. Black Anodized Aluminum Parts change color.
5341. Finishing Welded Aluminum
5342. Anodize a bucket with nickel-plated brass attachment
5343. Copper buffing compound
5344. Electropolishing Cost
5346. Chrome Coverage problems
5349. Need a used Taber Abraser
5350. Electrolytes to SS 316L
5351. Plated Brass restoration
5358. Bio-fouling of gold rinses
5359. Anodized aluminium in mirror finish
5360. aluminium painting
5364. Information Needed on Hardcoating Aluminum
5366. TRI Reporting
5367. Is Nickel the Best Choice?
5369. Satin (pearl-bright nickel) plating on the dichromated, bright nickel plated ZDC parts
5370. Autocatalytic Ni/P - precipitation
5371. Pulsed Copper (and Tin) Properties
5372. Black Oxidation Technical Inquiry
5373. Tin Wire Metallization on Carbon Fiber
5375. Alternative for Silver coating
5376. Tests and controls for Quality of ordinary tap water
5378. Wrong finish on the wrong parts
5380. Effects of Tarnished Silver Plating
5381. Anodizing aluminium: concentrations measurement
5382. Peel off problem from bright cobalt plating
5383. Where can I find conductive paint/epoxy to fix ribbon speakers?
5384. Where can I get specifics on citric acid passivation?
5385. brightness control of electroless nickel plating on Al
5386. Color Tint for Chromate Conversion Coating
5387. Automatic Analyzers/Titrators
5392. Corrosion: Sulfuric acid tank
5395. Mirror Finish to Aluminium Castings (LM-6)
5396. Ra Surface finish
5397. Paint changes color & peels off after 3 minutes
5399. Brush Plating
5404. Cleaning stainless welds
5406. salt fog failure
5407. Can copper be used for a countertop?
5409. Chromedialysator
5411. Stainless Steel and Chrome Refinishing
5415. Wet Vacuum for Plating Shop
5416. Acid Corrosion of SS
5417. Chromated
5418. Clear coating stainless steel?
5420. Electroless nickel flaking. dissimilar metals problem?
5421. Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief Specification
5422. Electro-polish defects
5423. Chromate elimination.
5424. What is the thickness of zinc plate from an acid based plating process?
5425. Alkaline EN strike failure
5427. Aluminum anodising questions: titanium rack stripping, anode to cathode ratio
5428. Platinum Coating of Titanium
5430. Oxidizing of Stainless Steel in DIO3
5431. Satin finish on Aluminum Diecasting
5432. Crystals in ammonium based acid zinc bath
5433. Galvanize pickle line
5436. How to brass plate.
5440. TRI reporting of zinc & zinc compounds
5442. Continuous zinc plating of steel strip
5443. Corrosion of Ag plated Inconel
5444. Emission control for 7-gallon chrome tank
5445. Finish plated machine screws for electric guitars
5449. Seeking reference material on stainless steel polishing
5451. Aluminum Surface Hardening
5452. Upgrade to automatic powder booth
5455. Cast Iron Rust Prevention/Passivation
5456. Tin-Lead Plated over gold
5457. Aluminum pretreat for electroforming
5458. Testing Carbonate levels
5460. Phosphating on decarburised layer
5461. Electroplating of wood
5464. Valve Body Deburring
5465. Zinc-nickel/cobalt on alum.
5466. Pulse Plating
5467. Electric connector resistant to sea water under DC voltage
5470. Aluminum-clad steel Tube Strip Material
5471. Paper about the future of influent treatment in metal finishing
5472. Passivation Test Method Needed
5476. Masking material / method for electroless nickel plating
5477. Hydrogen embrittlement stmf519
5478. Polyurethane painting
5480. Cadmium plated components restrictions
5481. adding sodium hypophosphite to an Eless nickel bath
5482. Finishing Delrin
5483. quiet aluminum
5484. Plating Titanium
5485. How to nickel plate titanium?
5487. Antique Brown Patina?
5491. Phosphate coatings
5492. Electrically Conductive Anti-tarnishing Lacquer for Brass Terminals
5493. Protective coating needed for gold plated plastic components
5494. Stripping of DLC coatings
5497. Why won't ship's zinc anodes corrode?
5501. Anodized Aluminum Lubricity
5502. Nickel growth on bottom of mandrel sheets?
5505. How do you test for 303
5506. glass fibre reinforced polyester tank for alkaline cyanide free zinc process
5508. "SPEC" Company
5511. Products to make copper patina finish on roof
5514. Polishing process and equipment for bronze bells to 6 tons
5517. Solderability problem with steel spring
5518. Chemical removal of glass bead residue from stainless steel
5519. Chrome plating of ABS plastic: "Dot skip" plating problem
5520. Chrome-free passivation
5524. Achieving a nice finish on copper
5525. Zinc plate on stainless
5529. Want to buy green jewelers rouge
5535. Varathane coatings
5537. Etching rate of FeCl3 to Nickel and Copper Surface
5539. protection of copper wire from tarnishing
5541. Explain the different finishes
5543. excessive growth of phosphate crystals in e-coated galvanneal steel
5546. advice on a good dosing system for pre-treatment of G.steel
5549. Why did my titanium anode case turn purple when plating sulfamate nickel?
5550. Cadmium Plating in Europe
5551. SS 304 Blackening
5552. Non-sticking coating to rubber
5556. Coloring on stainless steel
5557. What chemical cleans tungsten?
5558. Rado ceramic coating
5560. Brass plating chess piece's
5561. Half silvered lightbulbs
5562. fatigue improvement on hard coat anodize
5563. Non-pitter for nickel sulfamate solution
5564. Blackening with Bees Wax
5567. Masking requirement
5572. Passivation of 440
5582. Removing aluminum from sulfuric acid anodizing solutions
5583. EN on magnesium alloy castings
5584. Supplies for 1939 vintage electroplating kit
5588. Chem-film effect on dissimilar metals
5589. Factors affecting stripping rate of dry film
5591. Adhesive for Copper Tabletop
5592. How durable is brushed zinc?
5598. Making nickel-bonded diamond abrasive
5602. Need improved slip feel on anodized components
5603. Silver Plating Stainless Steel for an Electrical Application
5606. "Turbo Charged" Ni Stripping
5607. Need information about heat treatment of aluminum
5608. Non-reflective UV plating for Aluminum
5612. Agitation for Electroless Ni
5616. Electropolishing on moulds/dies
5619. Brightness standards for Ni plated finishes
5620. Titanium etching, nitric aid reclamation
5621. Is Liver of sulfur toxic?
5622. Polishing Copper Lanterns after heat treatment
5629. Vibratory polishing of stainless steel components
5630. Product to remove rust from stainless steel
5631. Need info on Conversion coatings and plating on aluminum.
5632. Bright dipping anodized aluminum after dyeing?
5633. Salt Spray Rating of .6 g/in^2 zinc coated galvanneal
5634. Anodized Cookware Safety
5638. Need recommendation for deburring double-helix shaft
5639. Plating for wave soldering steel and brass components
5647. Phosphate Insulation Problem
5648. Tantalum wet etching
5650. Help us to start our business!
5653. Mechanical Plating Alternative
5654. Wire Selection for Porcelain Coating
5656. "SMACK" chrome plating of stainless wheel covers
5658. German surface finishes
5659. Shelf life of tin electroplate
5664. Hard chromium plating on cast steel
5666. Need Info. about nylon coating on cast iron/mild steel
5668. Mercury in wastewater discharge
5669. Brass/copper polishing in old temples
5675. Analysis for anti tarnish efficacy on silver plated items
5676. Corrosion preventive for aluminum aircraft parts
5677. Hydrofluoric cleaning alternative
5680. Alkaline cleaner recycling/ceramic membranes
5681. Passivation spec.
5683. Painting aluminum
5684. Titanium plating
5687. Need company to powder coat chair
5691. White spots on aluminum parts clear anodized on titanium racks
5692. Stainless Steel contamination cause?
5694. Tarnish on tin plating
5696. Barrel Plating Tin Over Brass
5698. Chrome Is wrong color
5700. Salt test on tin plated parts & white spot on zinc with yellow passivated parts.
5701. Pickling duplex stainless steels
5702. Chemical polishing of carbon steel
5704. Vacuum metallizing equipment for plastic chrome plating
5705. Anti Corrosive coatings for Plating Shops.
5706. Electro-plating of Holograms
5710. Gloss Black coating for mufflers
5712. 17-4 ph pickling problem
5715. Wear resistant corrosion protective coating
5717. Analysis of silver solutions without AA
5718. Malcolmizing
5719. Standard specs for aluminum curtain wall panels
5720. Copper patina is almost black instead of green
5721. Info Needed for Chromium Reduction
5729. Ammoniacal etching
5732. Need Plating that looks like Lead
5733. Chromic anodize sealing
5734. Ti alloys: electro deposition
5735. preparing Cobalt acetate
5736. General Schematic needed of Plating / Finishing Shops
5737. Drying Parts
5738. Zincate dissolution in EN-B bath
5740. Anything Better than hot dipped galvanizing?
5742. Jewelry Polishing
5748. Fluorine residue cleaning
5753. What type of PPE should powder coating operators wear?
5756. Barrel Gold Plating on ABS
5757. Small diameter copper tube cleaning
5758. Aluminium wire rod surface problem
5762. Need info on the process of powder coating wood and MDF
5764. Chromic Chromate Analog Conversion Coatings
5765. Parkerizing, surface or deep?
5766. Stainless Steel / Aluminum Finishes
5769. Chromium Stripper
5770. Hardcoat Rectifiers and Systems
5771. Electrogalvanizing
5773. EP acrylic lacquer stripper issues
5775. Barrel silvery plating for Stainless steel
5776. Blue or Black Chrome
5777. galvanized steel
5778. How to increase zinc passivation life
5779. Deburring - repeatability and accuracy - alternative methods?
5780. Need Surface energy Kit
5781. Air Pollution Standard
5782. Harley Davidson Museum
5786. TiN & TiCN removal process
5788. Connection between copper wire and chromium coating
5789. Waste treatment of Solder Stripper (ammonium bifluoride and hydrogen peroxide)
5791. Hard Chrome Coverage Problem
5792. Source for Mil-C-10578 Ty II phosphate compound
5794. Plating solutions for entire process
5795. Dullness in chrome plating
5797. Banning ekaboron in bats
5799. copper oxidation
5800. Who needs Adhesion, I need coating release
5803. Cleaner Etching
5804. Non-Cyanide Copper Plating as a Carburization Maskant
5805. Testing racks for electrical continuity
5806. Selective etch for silver solder on stainless steel
5807. Chrome Plating and Fatigue Life
5811. Need Stainless knife blacked
5812. Black dyed anodize fading to red
5813. Powder Paint Leftovers: What To Do?
5814. Electroless nickel on aluminum for solderability
5815. Tin Sludge on Plating Vats
5816. borane dimethylamine / polypropylene compatibility
5817. ECGraining to Roughen Aluminum
5819. Is there a test to detect chromate (chem treat) on galvanized steel sheet
5820. Blue or black chrome for my motorcycle
5821. Residue on "cleaned" aluminum part prior to anodizing
5823. Tinta conductiva.
5827. Polishing painted aluminium for the first time?
5829. Questions about bronzing a pair of pants
5830. Where to buy "The Silver Solution"
5835. Mumetal laminated core for audio transformers
5836. Looking For Galvanizing Line
5841. Can sulfamic acid be used to clean cast iron ?
5843. Headache in Chrome tank
5844. Response to 'white gold' issue
5845. Blackening titanium
5853. High Speed Additives For Chromium Electroplating
5854. Surface finish for outdoor aluminium lighting
5857. Stainless steel passivation
5858. Black Oxide replacement
5860. Spanish plating terminology
5864. Med-Hot Black Oxide
5865. Electrostatic Spray of Thermoplastic Powders
5866. Small business aluminum anodizing
5867. Titanium Anodizing Rack Mfgrs
5869. Electroplating SnPb plating Bath contamination
5870. Plating silver on hafnium
5872. White corrosion points on brass Ni/Cr plated parts
5873. Muriatic Acid to rust sheet metal
5876. Electrolytic Tinplate
5880. Looking to buy copper countertops
5882. Clear matte coat for raw steel
5885. TiN coating
5886. Sodium or Potassium Hydroxide for removal of sterates?
5887. Electroplating use of Epson Salts and sugar?
5890. Fan Curves needed
5891. Pit Stop
5892. Copper tubing for internal natural gas
5892a. Using plating to plug a hole in a pipeline
5893. Chrome on nickel blisters on termination
5894. How to make or buy gold glazed mirrors.
5899. Need phosphating equipment
5903. Thermal Oxidation of Titanium?
5904. Additives in electrodeposition
5905. Removing Scale from Hot Worked Stainless Steel
5906. Small Passivation Operation Start-up
5907. Phos Acid Anodizing min. coating thickness
5909. Researching microwave reflective coatings for dish antenna
5911. Baking Required After Zinc Plating Rc 40-42?
5912. Titration of HF & HNO3 mixture
5913. Looking for a Simple Evaporator
5915. Seeking "Pennaphen oil"
5916. Faraday Effect? Full terminology and explanation?
5919. Suitability of Dacromet to sunlight and outdoor exposure
5922. Endurion coating on steel
5923. High temperature corrosion protection
5924. Porous cement coating
5927. Lead Removal
5930. Black oxide problem
5932. Anodizing of titanium difficulties
5936. Black Anodizing problems
5937. Can Black abs plastic be chrome plated
5938. Wastewater treatment text
5939. Wastewater
5941. Plated part MSDS
5943. Boeing Approval?
5944. Need latest spec revisions
5945. Electroless plating and coating
5946. Electropolishing recessed areas
5947. Looking for wetting additive for caustic cleaner
5948. Stainless Steel Corrosion Problem
5949. Anodizing comes out grey instead of white-ish
5951. Zincate etchant/stripper
5952. Pitting on pattern-plated copper traces
5953. Unacceptable Nodule Formation In Hard Chrome Plating
5954. Bbl Nickel Plating Of Jig Saw Blades
5956. Anodizing specific for powder top coat
5957. Phosphate coating removal verification
5959. Questions about prepping with Skyco-Ospho rust converter
5960. Better chemical to stop rust than Neutralized Phosphoric?
5964. Powder or polyvinyl coating of Magnets desired
5967. Cathodic electro painting
5973. Dying and nickel sealing problems
5974. Chrome plating -- Influence of material composition on appearance
5975. Micro tunneling in chrome plating
5976. Ceramic coating on aluminum
5977. Electroless Copper Plating - the basics!
5978. Sulfur depolarized anode in nickel strike
5979. Corrosion of SST Spring & Platings
5984. 2024 burning
5985. Corrosion Problem on zinc w/clear
5986. Problem in electroless nickel coating on Al6061
5987. Human Exposure to Chromium Fumes
5993. E-coating Zinc based Alloys
5995. Patination of Nickel Silver
5996. Black Anodizing for Space Usage

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