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Miniload Hardness Tester


Q. I am looking at evaluating the hardness of our electroplated gold varying the arsenic levels in the bath. We have an old Leitz Miniload Hardness tester but the operation manual is missing sections. I was wondering if anyone had a manual that they could copy and fax/mail me. Please let me know. Also, is there a minimum thickness that the gold will need to be? I was always under the impression that the film thickness had to be at least 40 µm, but recently have been told that it can be as low as 5 µm?

Thanks, Steve

Steve Gingras
- Shrewsbury, Massachusetts


A. Steve:

The minimum thickness of gold for your tests will depend on the method that you use and the test load. 40 microns is about right for soft gold and Knoop testing with a test load at about 25 g assuming that you are testing directly on the surface of the plating. The recommended minimum thickness is 10 times the depth of the Knoop indentation. To test on 5 microns thick, you will have to drop the test load to 3 g or less. It is often difficult to get repeatable results when testing at loads much lighter than 25 g.

You should also be aware that the measured hardness number is a function of the test load, i.e. testing of the same sample at different loads does not give the same hardness values

Sorry, I don't have a manual for the Miniload. If you don't get a response here, you might try making the same post on the metallurgy news group (sci.engr.metallurgy, I think) or listserv. Good luck.

larry hanke
Larry Hanke
Minneapolis, Minnesota


A. Hi, I know your post is 5 years old, but I do have a Miniload hardness tester manual that I can copy for you.

Q. Also, would you know where to order replacement bulbs? We are currently attempting to run hardness tests at Youngstown State University so any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Nick Durse
- Youngstown, Ohio

Ed. note: Thanks, Nick! If you have anything you are offering to make available for free, please e-mail it to , and anyone who needs it will be able to download it! :-)

Q. I am looking for a manual for our Lietz Miniload Hardness Tester. I saw a gentleman from Youngstown saying that he had a manual. If anyone else knows where I can find a manual, please let me know.

Mark Cooper
- Houston, Texas


Q. I am looking for a manual for our Lietz Miniload Hardness Tester. If anyone knows where I can find a manual, please let me know.

Dave K [last name deleted for privacy by Editor]
- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA


Q. Does anyone know how to take the miniload apart to clean the lenses?

Jonathan Brand
- Brooks, Kentucky, USA


Q. Hi Guys,

I've also been looking for a Miniload manual for a while now, but just spotted a CD version for sale on ebay. Has anyone else bought one? Is it any good?

Jim T

James Thompson
- Dayton, Ohio

February 17, 2015

Q. Hi.
Did someone find the Leitz microhardness tester manual?
If so I would appreciate a copy.


marc bustin
ubc - bc canada

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