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metal finishing cover

10000. Electroplating Thickness Tolerance
10002. Cleaning fingerprints on chem-film aluminum
10004. High corrosion with minimal coating thickness: zinc-rich dip-spin coatings?
10005. Nickel/Chrome Plating Plant
10010. Factors Affecting Conductivity of Electrolytes
10012. Galvanized Zinc Coating
10015. Battery discharge corrosion/tarnish removal
10019. Copper Hydrate
10026. Trivalent conversion coatings over Zn and hydrogen peroxide
10035. Brass electroplating on to plastics
10037. Hardness of chrome plating
10038. Zinc Cobalt Surface Finishing
10039. Chrome Plating of Alloy Wheels
10040. Aluminum Etch, PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!
10041. Threading to be protected
10044. Pickling
10048. Frit to Glass
10051. NaCN Abnormality in Brass Plating Solution
10052. Brushed aluminum stove top
10053. Paint dipping process
10054. Stainless versus Carbon Steel in Construction
10057. Zinc Oxide Whisker
10059. Paint Polished Brass
10061. Aluminum chemical cleaning
10062. Satin gold and bright nickel electroplating
10063. Oxidation on white gold
10065. Metal Coloring, Aging, and Patinas
10066. What type of Teflon for wearing?
10067. Plastic Pollution
10068. Paper removal from acrylic sheet
10069. Aluminum Blue 2LW Dye
10071. Wear performance of black anodized aluminum
10073. Surface finish numbering system
10074. Non Magnetic Steel
10075. PPE and comfort
10077. Hydrogen Peroxide Equipment
10078. Cracking of Powder Coated Aluminum
10079. Removal of Wax
10080. Acid stain on black granite
10081. Seeking Rims Dipped
10083. Carbonate Concentration in Caustic Solutions
10085. Plating of Compression Springs
10088. Can't Raise Temperature
10089. Cadmium Plating
10092. Properties of Zinc
10093. Enamel and HVLP
10095. Copper Deposition
10098. Proper temperature and humidity level for storing steel?
10102. Iriditing Aluminum in house
10108. Specifications for AMS 2417E
10109. MSDS for Alodine 1500, and Alkalume Deoxidizer LN
10110. Tarnishing Problem on Copper
10111. Chromium on stainless steel
10112. Colorfastness of dyed aluminum coatings
10113. Quick fade Rhodium plating
10115. Zinc Phosphating Process
10116. Organic Soil Removal on Copper Panels
10118. Copper plating nails
10119. Artwork made from strips of steel needs rust-proof coating
10121. Preventing corrosion with PVD film?
10122. Iridite Process
10123. Electropolishing and Passivation
10126. Zinc and Yellow Trivalent Plating
10131. Copper surface protection: benzo or dichromate
10132. Decreasing fluoboric acid concentration in tin fluoborate bath
10134. Nitrate for bluing guns
10138. Aluminum coating for good surface wetting with (bi-distilled) water
10140. How do I prepare oxidized aluminum for painting?
10143. Purple/grey patches on blackened steel finish
10144. Brass crib restoration
10145. Oxidation removal from aluminum siding
10148. Leadloy Toxicity
10149. Technical help on Anodizing Process
10151. Poly Urethane Paint
10152. Pickling of hydraulic pipes
10153. Sedgwick Residential Elevators Parts and Maintenance
10155. Proper Satellite Drum Storage
10156. D.I. Water and Anodized Aluminum Compatibility
10157. Problems Bonding Steel to Rubber
10158. Field finishing a bronze door
10159. Steel, rust and electrolytic zinc plate
10160. Liquid Vinyl Siding
10163. Help repairing chrome rods
10164. DTC metal precipitant: molar ratio
10166. Chemical Cleaning Stainless Pipe Using Nitric Acid
10171. Chrome Plate an iMac (plastic)
10172. Removal of nickel plating
10175. SPE/SPI
10177. Removal of Cyanide
10178. Salt spray analysis failure
10181. Oxidizing Stainless Fasteners
10182. Seeking chemical additive to acid copper electrolyte
10183. Poor throw in trivalent chrome bath
10184. Zinc Alloy Plating
10187. Polishing Stainless Steel
10189. Corrosion Potential
10190. Behavior of zinc plated steel in sea water
10192. Blue Etch
10198. Alodine 1000 / Alocrom 1000
10200. Avoiding stainless steel Galling
10202. White gold discoloration
10203. Gold diffusion rates?
10204. Film Formation on Lead Cathodes for Sulfuric Acid Anodizing
10205. Electropolishing - iron concentration?
10208. How do I anodize and electroless anodize?
10209. Thermal blemish / discoloration on stainless steel
10210. Function of Boric acid in Nickel Plating
10211. Help for removing scratches/imperfections in stainless steel
10214. Self-fluxing galvanizing stick
10215. Ultrasonic and air bubble in plating bath
10217. Aluminum-Steel Wear Information
10218. Anionic Surfactants
10219. Spec Zinc coating ASTM A153
10221. Ni and Sn from same bath?
10222. Disposing of chlorides from nickel sulphate solution
10223. Seeking thread sealant suitable for -70 deg C application
10224. Looking for a way to plate some copper components used in amateur radio
10226. Black Stain on GI in SR production
10228. Anti-tarnish of Aluminum Surface
10229. Soldering Stainless to Brass
10231. Magnets on stainless steel
10232. Chrome Removal
10234. Can anyone help the HAZE?
10235. Solution Maintenance of Flux Bath in Galvanizing Process
10236. Ideal Galvanizing Flux for 1% Aluminum
10237. Conductivity coating to the aluminum substrate
10238. Information on a product called Golden Iridite
10240. Anodizing Mic 6 Aluminum
10241. Anodization Peeling
10242. Zinc Phosphate Coating Problems
10246. Ceramic tile: Post installation tile surface grout removal
10249. Stress relieving of stainless steel deep draw products
10251. The Safety of copper sulphate and Humans
10255. Mobile home wood smells
10256. Atomic absorption unit
10257. Pretreatment of iron sheet before painting
10258. Decorative coatings that look like real metal
10260. Chemicals used in phosphating
10261. Rusting problems due to humidity
10270. History of electroplating sterling jewelry with rhodium
10274. Anodizing Removal
10275. Removing oil and water stains from wood
10278. Chemical Disposal
10279. Paint thickness measurement on clear plastic
10282. Acid tin plating staining/milkiness
10286. How do I prevent my plating bath parts from getting very dark and plating very slow?
10291. Electroplate on polycarbonate plastics lens
10292. Preventing corrosion by deionized water
10293. Sodium hypochlorite as a source of chlorine in water disinfection
10302. Zero Discharge
10303. How do I dispose used cleaners and acids?
10304. Paint Analysis
10305. Painting Chrome Plated ABS
10308. Seeking Ebonol C
10309. Autophoretic and zinc chromate coating
10311. Adhesive bond failure to Zinc Plated/Passivated Parts
10312. Plating a metal onto tantalum
10313. Seeking Dow 19 Mag Treatment
10314. Photoresist and plating
10315. Surface prep for stainless steel painting
10316. Rumor - EN Adhesion on Bar Stock
10317. RA30 Finish on 304L SS
10319. Vacuum form PP
10324. Military Specification QQ-N-290 class 1 for screw
10325. Need HELP on chrome plating system start-up
10326. Toxicity of nickel for infant clothing
10327. Wastewater
10328. Electrocoagulation
10329. Surface coatings
10330. Electroless plating of fiber
10331. Looking for literature for silver on copper plating
10333. Nickel - Zinc Plating as Cad Replacement -Nickel Content
10334. Black Mark in Aluminum Electrochemical Polishing
10336. Acid cleaning (pickling) of stainless steel
10337. Is Rhodium plating reversible?
10338. Chroming plastic motorcycle parts
10342. How do I refinish my Sai (karate weapon)?
10344. Cost of Electroplating Nickel on Aluminum
10347. Boron treatment
10348. Bolts with corrosion resistant coating for coastal applications
10350. Chlorine resistance of Hastelloy-C vs. Titanium
10352. Black Copper Coating for Camera Baffle
10353. ZINC Whiskers on ZINC COBALT Plating on Aluminum Pressure Die Castings
10354. Zinc plating (Internal diameter)
10355. Stainless steel mirror polish in mass production
10357. Corrosion Resistance?
10358. Sulfur and Sulfamate analysis of Nickel Sulfamate bath
10359. Process list for EN over 6061 aluminum
10361. Aluminum corrosion
10363. Home based business
10364. Cleaning up large copper bin
10366. Remove Coating on Bronze Flatware
10368. Rust-like stuff in nickel-iron electroplating
10369. Analytical method for sulphate and phosphate ion content in drinking water
10370. Type of tape for ASTM D3359
10371. No baking needed?
10372. Details of Electrofilm 2000
10374. copper sulphate test for determining that steel is coated
10377. Powder coating on aluminum casting
10378. Hiding metal surface defects
10379. Black oxide alternative
10380. Gold plating an entire watch
10381. References required for cleaning lines for steel strip
10383. Anode for pink alloy bath
10385. How to paint a steel door
10386. Bead blast grit size
10387. Will Borax kill wasps?
10390. Dyeing Procedures
10391. Salt spray test requirements
10392. What to plate new Aluminum Kitchen Appliance with?
10393. Tin Ceilings and Asbestos
10395. Options for refinish of tower with exterior aluminum panels
10397. Rust prevention for black or carbon steel
10401. Plating for radiation shielding
10404. Powder coat VS 2- Coat Polyurethane finish
10406. Sulfur on silver/why turn black?
10407. Finishing Copper for Outdoor Use
10409. Light weight rifle stocks
10414. Coloring Automotive Valves
10415. "Finger Prints" on Titanium Nitride Coatings
10416. How to anodize and color polish aluminum sheet
10417. Spring Failure Causes
10418. Gold plating on stainless steel to pass nitric acid test
10419. Painting Aluminum Wheels
10420. Chrome Mystery
10422. Need Method of Calculating Surface Area of Jet Engine Turbine Airfoils
10424. Seeking Hexavalent Free Chromates
10426. Anodizing Metals
10427. Home Help
10428. Black coating for Nickel Silver?
10429. Painting plastic and lacquered wood
10431. Solar Heat Reflective Paint
10433. Blackening steel
10434. Protection for steel screws - high temp/humidity
10435. Corrosion coating for AZ91D
10436. Need finish for carbon steel hoppers
10437. Galvalume/Zincalume treatment prior to powder coating
10438. Tig welding
10439. Restore and replate brass communion ware
10441. Replacements for 4750 steel
10443. Defense Standards Canceled for tin and silver by MOD - Who Knows?
10445. Copper plating for printed circuits board
10448. Aluminum finishing
10450. Electroless nickel acid resistance
10451. Chrome-nickel electroplating problem
10452. Hard anodizing of METAPOR micro-porous aluminum
10455. Brass polishing
10456. Electroless Nickel Plating and Paint Removal
10457. Chem-film
10458. HD nails in CCA lumber
10460. Ground contacts from PCB to EMI/RFI/EMC shield
10461. Plating cyanide copper and then silver cyanide on to leaded steel
10462. Refinishing Steel furniture
10465. Silver polish damaged spun aluminum on a valued collectible
10467. How to clean silver
10473. Ultraseal zinc plating
10474. Sealed hard coat corrosion resistance vs coating thickness
10478. Brush pattern on aluminum
10479. How to Bluing a gun
10480. Refinishing Antique Metal Bed Frame
10485. Cleaning Gold and Diamonds
10486. How to stop Aluminum form giving off black stain
10488. Painting my computer black, which paint do I use?
10489. Specific gravity
10490. Tarnishing of palladium plating
10491. Diamond tacking and plating
10492. Brass cleaner
10493. Air bubbles
10494. Repaint or replace with vinyl?
10497. Resistance of a chrome plating bath
10498. Cleaning surfaces after Alodine plating is done
10499. Black Chromium
10501. Copper plating solutions
10502. Electrochemistry of Stainless Steel
10503. Painting Aluminum Siding
10504. Need testing procedures or kits
10505. Requirements for passivating stainless steel
10506. Magnesium or Zinc?
10507. Anodizing
10508. Melted Vinyl?
10510. Information about surface defect
10511. Degreasing agent for cleaning oiled plate
10512. Cleaning up copper sulphate residue
10513. Problem in zinc plated components while aqueous washing
10514. Non-magnetic, conductive plating on Al
10517. Zinc Stearate Exposure
10518. Waste water treatment
10520. Looking for standard rub test for platings
10524. Published Info on When 1,1,1 TCA Came Into Use in Vapor Degreasing?
10526. Tacking and plating bits with diamond in nickel sulphate solution
10530. Corrosion resistance of stainless steel
10533. Rit dye for tie-dye?
10535. Chrome over nickel intermediate base
10536. Seeking gold zinc dichromate spray source
10537. Electroless nickel compatibility with epoxy
10540. Help on Electropolishing Copper Tungsten
10545. Testing iron content in nitric/hydrofluoric acid
10546. Epoxy resistant to HCL
10547. AA or ICP?
10548. Purity of salt for salt spray testing
10549. Testing Passivation Baths
10551. Aluminum Hydrophilic (increase wettability)
10554. Tarnishing on silver
10555. Sticking titanium parts
10556. Iridite finish spec for aluminum
10557. Scale problem on the interior and exterior of the parts
10559. Stainless galling preventative
10560. Ceramic coating
10561. Surface treatment
10563. Oil Rubbed Bronze
10566. Seeking Alodine 12 S
10567. Problems in electro chemical deburring
10568. Circumstances leading to formation of salt
10569. Tin Fusing Problem
10570. Long-life paint finish on aluminum casting
10572. Clear coating waterproofing aluminum
10573. NAVY specifications for chrome plating
10574. Silver Plate vs Tin Plate on Copper Bus Bars
10575. Grain refining etch on aluminum
10576. Refinishing new glossy baked enamel metal roof on site
10577. Info on Lightning Conductors
10580. Wear test
10582. Refinishing a cameras bottom plate
10585. Another FORUM for questions and help
10586. Reclaiming gold from computers
10587. Copper Stove Hood needs help!
10588. Stainless steel finish on dishwasher
10589. Ormoulu
10590. White gold on layby....
10591. A Patina On Stainless Steel?
10593. Black iron
10595. Brass restoring
10596. "Platers/Plating Handbook"
10597. Hull cell test book
10598. Anodising Contact Point
10599. Zinc exposure
10603. Spray Paint Finishing
10604. Brass Cemetery Plaques Tarnishing
10609. Zinc plating
10612. PVD coating on hinges
10618. What is a vibratory machine?
10619. Stainless Steel Mirror Finish on Small, Mass Produced Parts
10620. Bearing polishing in tumbling machine or in vibrator
10621. Silver plating setup
10624. Properties of copper sulphate
10625. Pylumin finishing for aluminum and aluminium alloys
10626. Bondite or flexible primer for polyethylene
10629. Kids and Chemicals
10630. Repair of scratched brass doorknobs
10631. Ceramic Tile Cleaning
10632. Aging copper
10635. Silver for chlorine/bromine corrosion resistance?
10636. Brass and Rust
10641. Welding galvanized pipe
10642. High temperature coatings for titanium
10643. How to analyze the acid level (HCL) in ferric chloride Solution
10644. Hexavalent and trivalent chrome plating info
10645. Trivalent as a contaminant
10647. White Rust Military Application
10649. How to test for hydrogen embrittlement in hardened high tensile fastener
10650. Why abrade aluminum if you are using Acid Etch ?
10651. Titanium Sword
10652. Best way to clean and polish black anodized aluminum
10655. Commercial Tantalum Coating Processes?
10659. Alkaline clean prior to pickle/etch required?
10664. Painting powder coated aluminum
10668. Chroming of ABS Parts
10669. Hard Anodizing Tungsten Carbide
10675. Anodized exterior trailer sheathing
10676. Getting copper pipe to turn green
10677. Teflon coating roto molds
10684. Corrosion, Pretreatment
10685. Electro polishing versus mechanical polishing
10687. Dichromate seal temperature
10688. Black spot on anodic film
10689. Hydrogen Peroxide effect on Waste Water Treatment
10691. Painting of zinc plated parts
10692. Chloride contamination in scrubber waters
10695. Formulation for blue nickel plating
10696. Removing paint from brick
10704. Critical parameters dealing with the alkaline degreasing bath in hot galvanizing
10705. Bearing polishing in a vibratory machine
10709. Copper penny in gas tank
10711. Mechanical Descaling for Plating Quality Steel Wire
10712. Painting an aluminum boat
10719. Seeking chrome spray
10720. Making copper countertop
10721. Metal prep prior to painting
10722. Zinc-Nickel versus IVD Aluminum as a replacement for Cadmium plating
10724. Need info on rims for Mercedes
10725. Removing stains from a powder coated steel surface
10726. Wear equation
10731. Remove non ferrous metal from ferrous metal
10735. Copper removal
10740. Chemical Patination
10741. Seeking Ni and Gold electroless on glass
10742. Chrome Bath
10743. Manufacturing of phosphating chemicals
10744. High pressure water deburring of intricate parts
10746. Decorative Plating Problem
10751. Removal of Boron in wastewater from 12 mg/l to 1.0 mg/l
10753. Information on lightning conductors
10756. Tinplate: Why doesn't it rust?
10757. Stainless? Rust?
10758. Stainless steel in marine environment
10759. Marbles Reagent Procedure
10761. Pipeline Refinishing
10762. Pump shaft material
10763. Passivating problems
10764. A physical property
10768. Determining what finishing process was used on an aluminum part
10771. Stripping Cad Plating from Fasteners
10772. Refinishing of Aluminum Rims
10773. Ground lugs on Alodined parts
10774. Magnetic stainless?
10775. Seeking Rims Re-Chromed
10777. EPNS cleaning
10778. Stainless Steel in Wastewater Treatment Facilities
10780. Epoxy Removal from Gold Fingers
10781. Powder coating passivated galvanized
10783. Black Oxide Hi-Temp Application
10784. Copper strike activation
10786. Activation of Copper Tungsten
10790. Welding with a battery
10791. Bare bits!
10792. Treating chromic rinse water
10793. Nodules on my electroforms
10794. ITO Film on Irregular Surfaces
10795. How to electropolish tool steel (Punches and Dies)?
10798. Pits on parts
10800. Stripping paint from brick
10802. How do you blue stainless steel?
10804. Cenosphere Coating
10805. Electropolishing equipment and technology
10806. Corrosion of soldered joints at indium/gold interface
10807. Anodized Aluminum Salt Spray Testing
10808. Replacement Coating for Chromate Conversion
10809. Chrome Plating on Nitinol Metal
10811. More Accurate Test strip for measuring Silver Content of FIXER
10814. Polyethylene
10815. Heat dissipation and protection of a galvanized roof
10816. Mil-C-5541E testing per ASTM B117
10817. Dents coming from sink roll in hot dip galvanized strip
10819. Anodized Coating Thickness and Sealing?
10820. Salt spray for aluminum anodized
10821. Cadmium free fasteners
10823. Neutralization of acid residues (post brazing/chromate conversion of Aluminium)
10824. Contacts
10825. Looking for some kind of "Bright-dip" rub on
10826. Consumer available product to coat accessories that are not nickel free
10827. Painting stainless steels
10828. Definition Needed
10829. Need help--Allergic to 14K bridal set--Considering Rhodium Plating
10831. Olive Drab Color Measurement
10833. Problem pertaining to copper density
10834. Temperature sensitive coating
10836. Mercury Poisoning
10837. To chromate or dichromate that's the question
10838. Durability of G60 galvanized Steel
10839. Hard Chroming Stainless Steel?
10845. Does a penny rust?
10847. Type II, Class 2
10848. Nickel Acetate Seal Test
10852. Hard Anodize -Thermal/Dielectric Properties
10853. Seeking aluminum alloy details
10854. Density of copper
10857. Platinum = Palladium?
10860. Zinc plating and possible inclusion of chromium in the process
10863. Mg anodizing rack
10866. Best way to polish
10867. Trying to identify surface finish note
10869. Hydrogen dissolved in copper alloy
10870. Electroplating
10871. Seeking Electropolishing Titanium
10872. Copper electroplating hydrogen gassing
10874. Anti-seize
10876. Irregular wetting tension on aluminum
10879. Best way to obtain antique verdigris on copper
10881. Seeking supplier of anodized aluminum with FDA approval
10883. Stainless steel contamination
10884. Advice on Nickel plating for an aluminum alloy
10886. Copper pollution
10889. HE in zinc plated screw
10890. Zinc plating for EMI Grounding
10891. Iridescent clear anodize
10892. Plating and finishing kovar
10893. Why No Rinse for Alodine 1132 Touch Up Pen
10894. Bright Dipping Aluminum Alloys
10898. Oxidation and red rust
10899. Converting resistivity units to ohm-meter from microhms/cm^3
10901. Polishing 99 GSXr-750
10903. Trouble activating aluminum for zinc phosphate
10908. Filter Press
10910. Zinc dip and Loctite 262 can they work together?
10917. How to polish aluminum for motorcycles to chrome like finish
10918. Glass Coating
10920. How to improve powder adhesion with COOL-PHOS
10926. Boric acid
10929. Zinc electroplating
10930. How to analyze acid level (HCL) in ferric chloride if other metal ions and carbon in the solution
10931. Analysis of Copper Alloy Bright Dip Solution
10932. Scratched Copper
10933. Obliterating electroetch markings on nickel plating
10935. Electroless tin plating over bright chrome plating
10936. Chromic acid anodize too light
10938. Copper Table
10939. Advantages/Disadvantages of nickel-CHROME
10940. Disc rebuild
10943. Cleaning or darkening the galvanized steel prior to powder coating
10945. Rubberized aluminum coating
10947. How to do passivation
10948. Heat treat scale inhibiting coating for stainless steels
10949. Removing Gold
10950. Is there a way to unload easily damaged parts safely?
10951. Seeking zinc plating JS2000
10952. White spots on derusted iron
10954. RH of 65% - what salt to use?
10958. MIL-C-5541 AND ALODINE 1200S
10959. Blistering Problem for EN on Zinc Casting
10961. Drawing lubricant on wires causing excessive foam in spray cleaners
10962. Parkerising Formula
10963. Stripping finish
10965. Waste Iridite Storage
10969. Color of Copper (II) sulphate is?
10972. Substrate temperature
10974. Vacuum compatible coatings for max thermal radiation
10975. Autophoretic
10976. Acid chloride zinc cleaners v/s Alkaline zinc cleaners
10977. Recovering gold from mud and melted steel
10980. Seeking "Splash Anodising"
10982. Solder flow
10983. Pretreatment of Elgiloy Wire for Nickel Plating
10984. Coating for Springs
10985. Printed Circuit Board (PCB) to Stainless Steel in Spa Environment
10986. Swallowing Muriatic Acid
10987. Painting on acrylic
10988. Can heavy, chrome finish on dining set be changed to a more current look?
10990. Protection of silver-coating
10991. Citric passivation support
10992. Mirror polish
10993. Car Rims Polishing
10994. Marine Corrosion of Stainless Steel
10995. Seeking Heat Resistant Black Paint
10996. Remove chrome from golf club...how do you do it?
10999. Rust removing process on steel

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