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Q. I have some 5052 aluminum parts that are being spot welded. I am looking for some type of glue or bonding agent that can replace the spot welding. My trouble is that the parts are being powder coated afterwards and the glue needs to be coatable and must withstand 450 degree heat from the powder curing oven. Does anyone have any product, ideas or suggestions for my dilemma?

Matt DeJong
- New Sharon, Iowa, USA


A. I am assuming that the Temp is in F rather than C. Most Epoxy adhesives start to degrade at about 350 F max. For the type of temperature resistance you state you will probably need to consider a Nitrile Phenolic Resin. Most of the Aerospace Adhesive manufacturers will be able to provide you with data on a suitable adhesive. 3M, Dexter Hysol (now loctite)and Cytec are probably your best bets. If you are serious though you will need to pay real attention to your surface prep prior to bonding aluminium to get any real life out of your product. Getting the surface preparation right is 90% of the work. Simple degreasing will give only a limited life. Some form of etch (FPL is common) or usually Phosphoric Acid Anodise is the norm.

Ciaron Murphy
- Great Britain


A. There are a number of single component epoxide systems that will work with Al. Several products can withstand 500 F for days on end.

Stanley Jasne
- Yorktown, New York


Q. I have an aluminum tank in a vessel which has sprung a seam leak. Unfortunately, this is on a sewage tank and I need to close the leak. The location precludes a welding repair. I hoped I could adhere a length (approx 18 inches) of aluminum which is shaped like an "L" over the seam. What type of adhesive is best for this application? I already have the marine grade aluminum "L" material. I would like as strong and long lasting of a bond as possible. Temperatures in this area range from 35-110 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year depending on the season. Thanks!

Tim Best
marine environment - Arlington, Texas

February 14, 2010

A. During my tenure at a local road trailer dealership, we often had to replace the roof sheet (.040" 6061 T-6 x 104"w). While the new roof was riveted to the top rails, the roof bows were not. A bead of polybutylene adhesive caulk was applied to the tops of these hat-shaped roof bows. The product we used was manufactured by Uniroyal. After cure, torch heat was required to remove the roof sheet, often resulting in the destruction of the roof bow in the process. Good luck-

Wayne Fincher
- Jonesboro, Georgia., USA

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