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Teflon Non-Stick Cookware Repair Spray to Fix Pots & Pans


Disambiguation --

• If you seek a service to re-apply non-stick coatings to your cookware, please see Thread 29692

• For info on how non-stick coatings are made & applied, please see Thread 14968

• This thread is about repair spray; it seems no longer available, but read & comment here or on Thread 12601



JOSE LUIS S [last name deleted for privacy by Editor]

Ed. note: Just for the record, Teflon® is a registered trademark of Dupont, and not all non-stick coatings are Teflon®; some coatings may be a generic PTFE, and some may be other slippery plastics.


A. "Heddy Corporation"^Cadie Industries of Paterson NJ. Can't seem to find them now. You spray the product on, wait 1/2 hour, and then bake the pan in the oven at 550 °F for 45 minutes. Had some left, and it works great! Unfortunately, like any good product, I think it was taken off the market.

David Wayne
- Seattle, Washington

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Q. The manufacturer of Earthstoves pellet stove recommends coating the hopper with Teflon spray. Where does one obtain a can of Teflon spray? Is there a retail source?

Norman J. Borgman
- Lincoln, California, USA

A. Hi Norman. As long as you're not talking "food surfaces", things like Brownells should be fine.

Luck & Regards,

pic of Ted Mooney
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Striving to live Aloha
finishing.com - Pine Beach, New Jersey


Q. Spray on coating. I have a double Panini grill that the Teflon® has been burned and/or scratched off the cooking surface. Is there a spray that can re-coat the cast iron surface properly and safely for cooking up to 300 degrees?

Anthony P [last name deleted for privacy by Editor]
- Lake Mary, Florida


A. I found a non-stick surface repair spray at harrietcarter.com for only 5.98.
Don't know how good it works but I'm about to find out.

Lynn VanVlack
- Orlando, Florida

Ed. note --
Dec. '05: Thanks, Lynn. But Harriet Carter no longer carries it.
Apr. '09: Harriet Carter has it again.
Oct. '09: They've dropped it again.


A. There is a product on eKitchenGadgets.com says on the bottle "nonstick cookware repair". Retails for 19.95$ claims to work on bbq grills.

Sono Solly
- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Ed. note --
Jan. '10: eKitchenGadgets no longer has it.

Q. I tried Harriet Carter for the NON_STICK SURFACE REPAIR SPRAY and they don't carry it anymore. Did anyone find this wonderful product anywhere? Please let me know.
THE NON-STICK SURFACE REPAIR SPRAY by Heddy Corp.^Cadie Industries Patterson NJ. is an excellent product. If anyone complains it is because they didn't bake it at the right temp for the right length of time. I have been using it for years, just ran out and would dearly love to find it again.

- Metairie, Louisiana


Q. I have an antique style popcorn machine made to look antique, however new with an electric popper kettle that was coated with PTFE. The oil used for popping becomes so gummy and hard to clean that I made the mistake of using Easy-Off oven cleaner to do the job, which started a scenario resulting in complete removal of all PTFE with SANDPAPER down to bare metal. I went about this lengthy sanding operation because I had recalled seeing a non-stick spray coating for pot/pan repair at Wal-Mart albeit 2 years ago. Thought I would just go get a can to do a refinishing. However now I cannot find this product anywhere.

Help. The popcorn machine was about a $1000.00 purchase, only used a few times.

Thomas Bogan
home theater enthusiast - Sun City West, Arizona

September 5, 2010

Re: non-stick popcorn kettle

A. You were wise to scrub that kettle down to the bare metal, and I would suggest not attempting to re-coat it. Commercial poppers are naked iron or steel, and it is true that the gunk left behind after popping is like yellow tar - I managed a movie theater for years and can testify to that. The non-stick coating is attractive to the buyer, but in this application completely ineffective, as the scrubbing required to get it clean will always be ruinous.

FWIW - try heating the kettle to clean it, like you would an iron pan.

Sarah Heller
- Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


A. I found the COOKWARE REPAIR SPRAY made by CADIE PRODUCTS of PATERSON, NJ for sale at Home Trends. The URL is:


I have used this product and have not had any problems with it. Note that it dries clear, NOT the brown or black color of some pans (the photo is misleading), so perhaps that is why some people are not happy with it. If used on a scratched up Teflon® pan the scratches will still be there, the product does not hide them. But for our purposes, it works just fine. I used it on an old George Foreman grill [affil. link to info/product on Amazon]. I imagine it would work just fine for fishing gear as well.

Good luck, hope this helps.

Dan from Sacramento

- Sacramento, California

Ed. note Oct. '09: That URL is now broken, and it seems they no longer carry it.

A. Okay, okay,
Sounds like there is a solution to the age-old problem of non-stick pans that have lost the non-stick coating. It's available at HomeTrends or iKitchen. These sites only ship to the USA. So is anyone able to suggest a solution for the rest of the world? Can't find any similar products on google etc. but definitely willing to buy some.
Thanks to those who help others by posting answers in forums, without you all we'd have is questions.

Philip Hofmeyer
- Adelaide, SA, Australia

Ed. note Oct '09: Hometrends seems to no longer carry it.
Jan '10: iKitchen no longer has it.

February 28, 2008

A. Re: where Dan Sessons wrote, regarding a good product but will dry clear ... the product seems to work well but doesn't look good. Possible solution is to use "Bar-B-Q grill paint" on the scratch then cover that area with this non-stick solution. The paint is rated at 1200 °F so should hold up real good. By doing this it should look like new as well as working correctly. I will be trying this as well on a George Foreman grill [affil. link to info/product on Amazon].

Dan Murray
- Arlington, Texas

August 12, 2008

Found the product at alwaysfreeshipping.com as stated above.
They also own the home trends site mentioned but the free shipping site is cheaper...go for it. And as of today it is in stock.

Q. Did Dan Murray ever try the grill paint and then coat scenario and did the coating stick to the paint? Great idea if it works.

marcia witthoft
- oak lawn, Illinois

Ed. note: Jan. '10: Out of stock at alwaysfreeshipping

January 22, 2011

A. In response to the BBQ paint idea. I have recently sprayed my old George Foreman, due to scratches using BBQ paint. The BBQ paint does resist heat at the temperatures mentioned but the problem here is the heat will not be emitted through because the paint is designed to withstand heat. So the heat does not come through correct and ends up heating the outside of the machine casing. So, good idea but does not work. Sorry all.

Gavin Wareham
Groundworks - Poole, Dorset, England

July 26, 2008

A. try this link

Jesus Murillo
deluxe supply - Reynosa, Tamps Mexico

Ed. note: Oct. '09: Out of stock!

January 16, 2009

A. Harriet Carter has the non-stick cookware repair spray in their catalog again. Just ordered two myself - January 2009 -- and it seems to work. Good luck to anyone else who needs this stuff. Used it on my rice cooker pan instead of buying a new one for $60.

Susan Baker
Tampa, Florida

Ed. note: Oct. '09: No, Harriet Carter doesn't have it anymore.

March 26, 2009

Q. I have got an aluminum plate and I'll use it as a mold for plastic and I need it not to stick, I was intending to spray it with PTFE in a factory but I found that it will cost much, does anyone know if this product is suitable ? And if I can order it to Egypt

thank you

karim taha
- Cairo, Egypt

April 20, 2009

A. In order to coat a pan with PTFE, firstly it needs to be carbide tungsten blasted in order to produce a very rough surface and then coated preferably with electrostatic equipment with powder PTFE, then baked at around 380 °C (almost red hot). No business to deal with home users. But if you coat a pan with ordinary cooking oil and burn it (let be burned at the gas flame until smoke comes out) then let cool a little and wipe the surface with soft paper tissue, you'll find that this pan will become anti-adherent to everything. Better than PTFE. Only be sure to wipe with similar cloth when finished and you'll be able to use the pan at least ten times, you will make the most wonderful fried eggs ever. Cheers, Richard

Richard Greswell
- Chile

October 19, 2009

A. The name of the company is Cadie Industries of Patterson, New Jersey. They may be coming back with the product we are all seeking. Thanks.

Denis Toothe
- Fort Worth, Texas

October 23, 2009

A. I just bought one on ebay today (10/22/09) for $13.93 including shipping. They have more, as they also have a store listing of 3 for $33.88, delivered.

This also seems to be available in Canada at xl100store.ca and in the UK at Clifford-James.


bob faw
Bob Faw
- Laguna Woods, California

Ed. note: Jan '10: eBay no longer have any listed.
Jan '10: not at x100store nor Clifford-James anymore either.

October 26, 2009

thumbs up signHave received email from Irene Holly at Cadie, "item is being discontinued" you may purchase a limited quantity from a mail order company "Jensco" Call 1-800-270-4202. I don't know how much the Ebay seller has, but I ordered mine from him and just wanted to pass on a big thanks to the reader who posted that info.

Marvin Knowlden
- Aumsville, Oregon

Ed. note: Jan. '10: eBay no longer has any listed.

November 6, 2009

thumbsdownHi. Clifford James no longer carry this product but I have just found it on a website called personalchoice.com not sure for how long though! Seem's like I've been chasing this stuff all over the web for days now! Every time I find it somewhere they stop carrying it!

Sally Bartlam
- Portsmouth, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Ed. note: Jan. '10: That company is apparently out of business and the domain name is for sale.

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