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metal finishing cover

17000. Non-condensing humidity cabinet standards
17002. Blisters on nickel plated zinc diecastings; copper undercoat missing
17003. Cost hard chrome vs. zinc
17005. Ti interference in Nitric/HF bath
17006. Product to release a mineral core
17008. Zinc whisker and failed power supplies
17009. ZINC-IRON salt spray hours
17019. Galvannealed or galvanized doors and frames
17020. Tin/Zinc Plating with Black Chromate Treatment
17023. Long term protection against storage corrosion?
17025. Plating of G2 cast iron
17026. 380 Anodize "Smutty" Finish
17028. Stop rust on delicate owl bookends, cast iron w/bronze finish
17033. Copper Plating for nitride stopoff
17035. Calcium deposits in tub?
17038. Need a Brass Plating Refinishing Product
17040. Need protective coating for hammered copper sheeting
17042. The Problems Of Rust
17043. How To Change The Color Of Aluminium
17048. 440A vs 440C and other choices
17053. Electroplating metals questions
17057. Piston & Cylinder Coatings to Eliminate Oil and Increase Life
17059. Protection against sulfuric acid attacks on steel structures
17067. Scientific reaction of hydrochloric acid and copper
17068. Nickel Stripping
17071. Anodized surgical steel knives
17072. Cyanide Antidote Kit
17073. Environment & worker health safety, nickel-chrome plated steel bumper
17074. ASTM B-117 Test Interruption
17075. Testing of Crazing (macro cracks) in Hard Chrome Plating
17078. Sputtering vs. Vapor coating
17079. PVD finishing problems
17080. How to eliminate the saccharin to the nickel sulfamate baths
17081. Plating vs. anodizing
17085. What should I do if it gets on my skin?
17087. Suitability of poly for tank fab
17090. Hydrogen Embrittlement determination
17091. Yellow chromating of GS-anodized aluminium
17093. How to Silver/Nickel Plate Stained Glass Angels
17095. Will solvent-based rust preventive agent dissolve Chromate Sealer?
17096. Nickel plating that could pass one cycle CASS Test?
17097. Ni brightener with fair internal/residue stress?
17098. What is the zinc plating process
17101. FeCl3 from FeCl2
17107. Plating Spark - How to prove it's a real issue
17108. White run down stain from the decorative chrome tank
17109. Type III anodize/silver plating combination finishing
17112. Is chrome plated abs feasible for this application?
17115. Electropolishing
17117. Separating gold from other metals
17118. Food safe techniques for cold bonding aluminum for structural support
17124. What coating material is this?
17129. Electroless nickel plating 1018 CRS and 304 SST at the same time
17133. Help in electroplating project
17134. Hazardous Waste Management in electroplating industries
17136. Aging hardware/hinges
17137. Methods to remove gypsum scale
17139. Chrome-plating plastic components
17140. High temperature aluminium blackening process
17141. Passivation test, Rust removing
17144. Determination the concentration of gold solution
17145. Adhesion on Polycarbonate /ABS parts
17148. Welded Stainless Steel Finishing
17149. High working temp., wear resistant, dark colored plating
17153. Aspencade gas tank rust
17156. Nickel sulphamate questions for wiping contact surface
17160. Chemical Additives Improving Finishing
17167. Blackened copper with hydrochloric acid
17168. Stainless Steel Rusting
17172. Paint Adhesion
17173. Chemical burr cleaning
17174. RMS Units
17175. Uniformly anodizing titanium
17178. HELP! Pink ceramic tile invasion
17192. Aluminum cleaning and brightener
17193. Need book, Electrolytic and Chemical Conversion Coatings by Biestek
17194. Corrosion of 304 stainless burner in phosphoric acid tank
17198. Photo images on aluminum
17199. Electropolishing VS. Nitric/Citric Passivation
17200. Stainless Steel Corrosion & Discoloration
17201. Stainless steel in sea water
17203. What Acids are in fruit juice?
17205. A.S.A.P. 
17206. Counterfeiting
17207. Aluminum plating solution
17210. Can Black Chrome be used for jewelry decoration?
17212. Flash Copper Plating Failures in Switch Conductors
17217. Rubber/Steel Bonding Substitutes
17222. Aluminum Alloy 2021: anodizable or not?
17224. How to paint an antique brass chandelier black?
17225. Flame coloring cast iron
17227. Stainless steel leaching
17229. Chromating safety
17230. About CO2 in demin water
17231. Soldering Electroless Nickel?
17232. Will epoxy paint support fungus growth?
17233. Alkaline Zinc Plating Delayed Blistering
17234. Zinc-nickel Plating, misc. Q & A's
17235. Testing passivation with meter
17245. Corrosion of fishing lures
17251. Hard core -coefficient of friction?
17252. Rectifier Selection
17254. Sudden Salt Spray Failures
17257. Chrome etch analysis
17258. Coumarin odor
17260. Clear anodizing large 5052 parts
17263. Procedure for die polishing
17264. Laser Cutting Dross - Magnetic Properties
17265. Cleaning stainless rope
17270. Alodine compositional changes in service
17271. Brass ring health risks
17272. Painting a Black Iron Bed
17273. How to remove rust but not paint?
17275. Leaching of lead from brass faucets
17276. Rubber bonding over plating
17277. Coloring aluminium
17278. The properties of Zinc Phosphate
17279. Pickling of carbon steel pipe
17280. Infrared enhancing coatings
17281. Effects of hydrochloric acid on Galvanized cable?
17284. How to plate the bright nickel over the brass parts
17285. Clear Anodizing
17286. Mild steel electrically conductive plating
17287. Fluoropolymer etching
17288. Heat Treatment of 440 Stainless Steel
17289. Re-chrome table and chair legs
17294. Brightening kitchen cabinets
17296. Need supplier of Paramount Brass Lacquer
17297. Zamak, finishing Collinox 1010
17299. Chrome and Gold Dipping as Business
17305. Where to find ASTM, AMS, MIL JIS Standards on the Internet
17309. Powder coating over e-coated surfaces
17310. Chrome Plating Bumpers
17311. Technological Development on Rotogravure Cylinder Making
17313. Electro forming equipment for jewelry
17315. Fluoride Concentrations in Zinc Phosphate on steel solutions
17316. How to etch Evanohm? ( High Chromium Alloy )
17317. Pulse rectifier technology
17318. Plating of copper on aluminium balls w/o dilution of electrolyte
17319. Spray Pyrolysis Nozzles
17320. Cost to refinish a silver horn
17322. Conversion of surface finish
17324. Immersion copper plating
17326. 24 hr. 7 day work shifts
17327. Aging Aluminum
17328. Titanium Color Standard
17330. Nickel sulphate Crystals Disposal
17331. DM plant start-up
17333. PTFE impregnation
17339. Making a Copper Backsplash; Refinishing a Copper Backsplash
17341. Different colors of CuSO4
17345. Rhodium
17350. Humidity failures
17351. Phosphating comparison info
17352. Using SNAP AM -Macdermid- as wetting agent for nickel sulfamate
17356. Effect of Anodising on Teflon Coating of aluminium Pan
17359. Electrostatic spraying with water borne paint
17360. Adhesion failures
17361. 15-5PH Heat Treated to H-1075 Rusting Hex Flats after Passivation
17372. Black absorber coating or paint to absorb heat
17373. Preparing stainless for painting
17374. Surface treatment
17375. Heat resistant clear coat paint
17376. Maintaining brass cutlery in constant use
17377. Best way to clean metal antiques
17378. Painting Polished Brass
17379. What would cause sparks
17380. Electroless nickel plating on a yellow chromated detail
17382. Activation of Nickel prior to Electrolytic Nickel
17383. Corrosion Prevention
17384. Hard anodize thickness
17385. Marking light anodized aluminium
17386. Removal of Scale / Stain from SS 302 L material
17387. Solution for burr removal and answer for eliminating powder coating
17392. Arthur Brace - Hardcoat Anodizing
17394. Why Copper for Plating?
17395. Wire Basket for Dishwasher needs Re-coating
17396. Accelerating copper corrosion
17397. Motorcycle polishing
17398. Translucent colored paint for acrylic
17401. Polishing Hard Anodized Surface
17405. Silicon Carbide Slurries/Suspension Media
17408. Surface Roughness Question
17409. Titanium coating
17414. ASTM D3359
17415. Alodine Processing
17428. Green Chrome
17429. Is galvanize poisoning possible?
17430. Slake lime consumption calculation
17432. Effect of black oxide on tight tolerance parts
17434. Scalloping In Heavy Electroless Nickel Deposits
17435. What is involved in white brass?
17437. Touching up Alodine1200
17438. Iridite 15 Magnesium Treatment Questions
17442. Demineralizer
17444. Improving current efficiency
17450. Appearance of Chromate Finishes
17451. Standards for iron phosphatizing
17454. Stormwater pollution prevention plan
17455. Tin whiskers on lead
17459. White coating for stainless steel
17460. Stainless steel discoloration during heat treating
17464. Quick Cd plating method wanted
17467. Re-use of DI water from solder plating process to electrolytic deflashing process
17468. Testing for free iron content in acidic solutions
17469. Anodize test
17470. Bright Dip Pitting
17471. Phosphate coating surface affect on seal life
17474. Searching for supplier of RUST PEL 51
17475. Coin plating for commercial use
17476. Can I make a copper countertop?
17477. Coatings that are non-permeable to hydrogen
17478. How to rust steel on purpose
17480. In chamber top coat
17482. Corrosion
17483. Endurance
17485. Tank Water Evaporation Estimates
17486. Who is the clearest of them all?
17487. Plating peeling off
17488. Flexi circuit gold edge connector oxidation
17489. Separating electroformed Ni replica from mandrel
17490. Self tapping screws through hard anodize
17491. Nonconductive plating on Be-Cu
17492. Patchy Coverage, Apparently Random Anodize
17498. What dissolves Pennies?
17502. Aluminium etching formulas for sculptors
17504. Chemical solution for locating welds
17507. Corrosion of chrome plated parts
17508. Chloride Induced Corrosion of CS Tank
17518. What type of vinegar cleans a penny better?
17519. Aluminum Pot Dangers
17520. Patinas on Naval brass
17524. Dyeing aluminum computer case
17526. Can Chrome be Plated on aluminum wheels?
17527. The Zinc-Coated Penny Dilemma
17529. Motorcycle frame polishing help
17531. Silver Antiquing
17532. Oil Can Finish
17533. How to restore the appearance of an old mirror
17535. Layout of e-polish line
17536. Testing for embrittlement with a microscope
17537. Interchanging anhydrous and hydrated products
17540. Want to do Ceramic Coating & Cryogenic Metal Treatment
17542. Alloy selection for patina brass parts
17543. Avoiding Hydrogen Embrittlement in Galvanizing - how?
17548. Dull spots on bright tin plated copper
17549. Procedure for plating
17550. Pitting Problem
17554. Specs for "Pickled and Oiled"?
17555. Polishing of stainless steel
17556. 17-7 PH Stainless Steel with Deionized Water
17557. Electro-Galvanized Staples with Western Red Cedar Shingles
17558. Sacrificial anodes and tomatoes
17559. Recycled content in stainless steel
17560. How to build a bottlecap table
17561. Nickel with stray currents
17563. Preventing tarnish of jewelry by sulfur
17565. Defects in silver casting/polishing
17566. Rust Formation Post Phosphate Pressure Wash
17571. Refinishing Bathroom Faucets / Fixtures
17573. Can 6061-T6 be anodized to natural color?
17576. NEED a Copper/Bronze Color Restorer and Bright Shiny Finish
17577. Rusting prevention
17578. Refinishing dirt bike gas tank
17579. Boric acid analysis method
17580. Brush Conversion Coatings
17582. Electroless nickel on aluminum bodies
17592. Pennies
17593. Project on cleaning pennies
17594. I need silver recovery method
17595. Experiments with titanium coatings
17596. Technical info on silver stain reacting to the tin side of float glass
17598. How to obtain the grain structure of Al6061-T651?
17599. Solubility of Zn(HPO4)2
17601. What substrate and coating should I use for an outside plinth
17604. Stain removal from doorknobs
17605. How do I tumble a copper coin
17606. How do we go from Yellow to White Gold
17607. Electroless Nickel Mil Spec Needed
17608. Validity of ASTM B117 requirement
17610. PVD
17611. Zinc Plating Deposition in Holes
17612. White Spots on Cadmium Plating?
17613. Chrome plating on diecast aluminum
17614. Alodining to MIL-C-5541E
17615. Passivation of SAE 420 steel balls
17616. Citric passivating
17620. Range Rover brush guard coating
17621. Mechanical means of SS De-corroding
17623. Zinc Stannate Process
17624. Purchasing a powder coating business
17625. Want to do powder coating on wood furniture
17626. Impregnation of zinc parts
17627. Maximum Thickness of Hard Anodizing
17628. Passivation testing
17629. 316L is rusting
17630. Satellite Centrifuge
17631. Contaminating stainless with countersink
17636. Deburring of hydraulic valves
17641. Chromate rinse filtration
17642. Statistic (6Sigma, SPC etc) in Corrosion test/appearance evaluation
17644. Water absorption
17645. Cathodic electrodeposition film
17646. Plating Copper on Tantalum Sheet
17647. Magnetic property of stainless steel affected by plating
17649. Food Grade Anodized Aluminum
17650. Hardcoat problem on 6061-T6 tubing
17651. Reaction of aluminium with nitric and sulfuric acids and water
17652. Staining and Pitting of 304/304L Stainless Steel after clean
17653. Fine resolution etching of stainless steel
17654. Chemical Etching of Tantalum Sheet
17655. sulphate attack on stainless steel pipe
17657. Powder coating adhesiveness and thickness checking
17667. Remove Cr/Au from stainless steel
17668. Protecting copper from sunlight
17671. Problems of staining with iron phosphate
17673. Sandblasting tortilla machine rolls
17676. PVC Dipping to form thin transparent product
17677. Anodize increasing adhesive
17678. Bath Life and Control of Alkaline Permanganate Solution
17680. Platinum plating
17681. Refinishing Metal Golf Clubs
17691. Acid vs. Alkaline Copper Plating
17695. Stainless Steel Polishing
17696. Brass pulls
17697. Is Blue Alodine Bad?
17698. Welding on aluminum wheels
17701. N3 finish
17702. AFP
17709. Polishing heads
17710. Science project how does voltage travel
17712. Control Valve Stem with PTFE Coating
17715. Stove enamel resurfacing
17716. Anodizing dyes
17717. Help with hammered copper texture
17718. Silver refinishing
17720. Tin Drag-Out Recovery
17721. Adhesion test for painted plastics
17722. Simple test for presence of clear chromate
17724. EN activation
17726. How hard is hard?
17728. Reduce Liquid Particle Count in Finishing Polymers & Ceramics
17738. Pennies and the Economy
17740. Steel Pickling Information
17742. Powder Coating
17748. Trivalent Chromate Conversion for EMC properties
17749. Need a method for determination of chloride in nitric acid
17754. Electro copper coating
17755. Plating peel off
17756. Zinc Plating
17757. Mixing the chrome tank
17758. Plating C12L14 and making it red
17761. Na CN Solution is it dangerous
17762. Problem in drawing electro galvanized wire
17766. Electroplating/DME Research
17767. Semiconductor photoresist process
17768. Glass Paint AB
17769. Hook problem
17770. Fail salt spray on aluminium test vs process
17771. Need help with Kovar and Cu/Au alloys
17772. Anodizing polished aluminum
17773. Vapour degreasant alternatives
17774. 303 Vs 304
17775. ASTM A967 Passivation of stainless steel parts
17776. Aluminum/steel interaction
17777. Piston and cylinder wall finishings
17780. Cleaning solutions for jewelry with gemstones
17782. Iridium coating for acrylic plastic sheet
17784. Removal of Teflon from cookware
17786. Coating without hexavalent chromium, dull silver, 240 h corrosion resistance minimum
17790. SS 316L zinc kettle performance
17792. Alodine finish
17793. Gravel test, stamping painting surfaces
17796. Adhering brass to brass
17803. Crystallizing from several different solutions
17804. Rusting metal
17805. Silver peeling off from copper
17806. Metal recovery from pickling liquor
17808. Corrosion testing of marble
17813. Reduction of fumes emission
17814. Material Of Construction
17815. Analyzing Ni and Au of electroless Ni, immersion Au bath
17816. Fastener coatings
17817. Zinc pretreatment
17820. Discoloration on stainless steel edges
17821. How can I accelerate the oxidation of brass and copper?
17822. Converting resistance to temperature
17824. Rust prevention question
17825. Setting up Electroplating Bath
17826. Phosphate Coating Weight Specifications
17827. Ruthenium coated titanium?
17830. New Pennies and Several Acids; an Observation
17832. Fiber optic etching, plating, cladding removal problems
17833. IP Plating
17837. Waste Hydrochloric Acid
17838. Plating Bubble Problem
17839. How can I get a satin finish on aluminum using an acid solution?
17840. Titanium oxide removal after hermetic sealing
17841. Problems etching 304 stainless steel
17846. Standard test for adherence of products to electrode?
17848. Bath Temperature Affecting Plating Speed
17849. Aqua Regia Etch Rate
17851. Non-Tarnishing Spray
17854. Stripping paint from antique brass register
17855. What is TURCO DECON 4182-A
17856. Galvanizing cosmetic tubes
17862. Effect of hard anodized coating to the furnace
17863. Galvanizing plant
17865. Rusting Problem
17866. Hydrogen embrittlement?
17871. Tantalum/Tantalum Nitride Etch
17873. Manual for Harshaw/Filtrol salt spray cabinet needed
17876. Researching information on nail corrosion
17877. White Gold or Palladium?
17880. What to do when brass lamps start to get black spots
17883. Passivating Super Invar (32-5)
17886. Applying Brushed Aluminium Finish
17887. Need some permalloy help please
17889. Refinish cabinet knobs to brushed nickel
17890. Ebonal 'c' plating process
17897. Replacement For Hard Chrome Plating
17899. Tinted Hard Coat of T6
17902. Basic understanding of the purpose of electroplating
17903. Corrosion of Stainless Steel
17907. Nickel-Free Men's Jewelry
17909. Zinc rich primer under ripple finish powder coat
17911. Zinc Whiskers
17912. Burr free product
17915. Stainless steel fasteners salt spray test
17920. Cracking pattern in old brass
17925. Change in Surface Structure of 304L Stainless Steel
17927. Regeneration time
17928. Using sodium bi carbonate in continuous galvanizing line
17929. Nickel plating over copper flash
17935. Low temperature resistant protective coatings
17936. Commutator plating
17937. Getting started in the chroming business
17939. Cleaning brass with the non liquid Brasso
17940. Long lasting stainless steel polish
17941. Want Book on Solder plating
17943. Distilled water vs Reverse Osmosis water in Pharmaceutical Company
17944. Finding the purity of silver in silver alloys
17945. Compatibility of D-2 tool steel and TiCN coatings
17946. Corrosion appears on SS303 after nickel plating
17947. Chemical Composition of Anodized Aluminum
17948. Bead blast surface finish
17949. Fluorides in water and toothpaste
17950. Lacquered Brass restoration and Metal Bluing
17951. Relevance of Salt Spray Test
17959. Di-valent chromium?
17961. Chromium solution electrodeposits
17962. Anodizing aluminium- resist
17965. Magnesium finishes needed
17966. citric acid as a chelating agent for nozzles spraying tap water
17967. Removal of cadmium coated bolts
17968. Refinishing Oil Rubbed Bronze
17969. Cracking of thick vs thin anodized 6061
17971. How do I coat the inside of a plastic tube during extrusion?
17974. Rust rate project
17976. Cleansing pennies...INTERNET IS WRONG I AM RIGHT!
17977. How to make bronze
17979. Aluminum coloring
17981. Satin vs. hairline finish
17983. Anodizing Fume Capture and Treatment
17984. UV-test
17985. Removing CARC paint
17986. Copper anodizing
17987. Estano ennegrecen
17989. Passive Ni deposit
17991. Color range for Mil-A-8625F Satin Clear Ty II Class I
17997. Hard coating for steel cylinders
17998. Economical selective plating on stainless steel

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