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ASTM, AMS, MIL JIS Standards available on net


Q. Are ASTM, JIS and other standards available on internet. If any one is aware, please inform the site address.

Paramjit Singh
- New Delhi, India


A. Well, ASTM standards can be purchased at, and Japanese Industrial Standards can be purchased at In addition, if you ever seek AMS specifications, go to, and DIN documents can be found at

You should not be able to find ASTM, JIS, SAE, DIN, or other copyrighted documents available for free on the internet. US Military and Federal Specifications are available for free, as are the UK Ministry of Defence specifications.

lee gearhart Lee Gearhart
metallurgist - E. Aurora, New York


A. Dear Param Paaji,

You may easily purchase ASTM standards from ASTM. They have nice set of editions and you may ask them for your list of standards and they may guide you that which edition is suitable for you. Here in USA each standard costs us nearly $ 30-50 but if we buy the full book (comprising of a set of nearly 500 standards or more it is always cheaper). Well for military standards they are free from Department of Defense.


Hemant Kumar
Hemant Kumar
- Florida, USA

April 28, 2009

A. Hi, Paramjit. There are also "clearing houses" that allow you to go to a single address to find AMS, ASTM, ISO and other standards. One of several is Techstreet.

When a spec is referenced on this site, we try to hotlink it to that specific spec on Techstreet -- which helps readers understand what the spec covers, and offers them a chance to buy it instantly if they need it, while earning the site a small commission which pays for the time we spend looking it up, linking it, and maintaining the links. But regarding ASTM specs specifically, Hemant is right that buying a "book of standards" for your industry is more economical than buying the standards one at a time.

U.S. MIL standards are available "for free" at
My guess is a beltway bandit makes political donations which are then refunded to them a thousand times over in U.S. taxpayer dollars to run that site, which gives offshore competitors a free leg up on American small business :-(


Ted Mooney, Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E. - Pine Beach, New Jersey
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