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Finding the purity of silver in silver alloys

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Q. How to calculate silver purity in one gram silver? Please explain it sir.

- tamilnadu, India
October 16, 2021

A. Hi cousin jayakumar. I don't personally know, but hopefully some generous reader will explain. Still, it will go easier if you introduce yourself and your situation...
Is this student homework, or are you working in a sophisticated lab or in between? Do you have only titrametric, or colorimetric and potentiometric equipment as well? Is this an assay sample for a far larger quantity? (If 1 gram of silver is the whole of it, testing is likely to cost more than its value). Thanks in advance.

Luck & Regards,

pic of Ted Mooney
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Striving to live Aloha - Pine Beach, New Jersey
October 2021

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Q. Sir,

I am doing silver related business in Tamil Nadu.We are having Small Testing Lab where we test % silver content in one gram of silver alloys(silver, brass, copper - solution is white colour). We are finding the result through volumetric method. Our procedure is, First , one gram of silver is dissolved in HNO3 and diluted to 100 ml. Then 5 ml of solution is titrated with Ammonium thiocynate. We made the calculation by making the ratio with amount of Ammonium thiocynate needed for pure silver and the sample.

But my question is, I want to make the same procedure with colorimeter. Is is possible? If yes mean tell the answer quickly.

Thanking you,

- Salem,Tamil Nadu, India

A. Yes, if you can connect a fiber optic probe to your colorimeter it should be possible to detect the end point colorimetrically (although for this particular titration it may not be worth the bother for most people, it is a setup I have often found useful). It will be difficult to get a sharp end-point, though, unless you can titrate at a constant rate and record the data automatically during the titration, for further analysis. When using an automatic titrator for colorimetric titrations, if it is not specifically equipped for them, you may be able to "cheat" it into "thinking" that it executes a potentiometric titration by connecting the colorimeter output to the same port that would accept your pH electrode. The data will be recorded as volts rather than absorbance units, but it will be possible to analyze it anyway.

Emanuel Cooper
IBM - Yorktown Heights, New York

Q. Would you please tell me a method for analysing silver deposit by potentiometric titration?

Heylin Yudhis
hobbyist - Jakarta, Indonesia
September 3, 2008

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