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Need gold electroforming machine for jewelry


RFQ: Our company is interested to find more about 14k gold electroforming for hollowed jewelry! The main problem is that we don't have the equipment needed. So we are searching for a good and worthwhile electroforming equipment for hollowed jewelry! Suppliers of that equipment may contact us with details regarding prices and budgetary requirements!

Thanking you and awaiting for proper reply!

Manzateanu Aurel
- Iasi, Romania
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RFQ: I am interested in buying a gold electro forming machine. I plan to use it to coat jewelry that is made out of copper and silver also. I am also interested in the portable machine that can be carried out and used to plate objects. Where can I purchase such machines? Best regards,

Jayan Krishnan
- Bangalore, Karnataka, India
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RFQ: Our company wants to find out about 14k electroforming for hollow jewelry. We are searching for a good electro forming equipment. Suppliers may contact us regarding prices, chemicals, formulas to prepare electroforming liquids. Thanking you.

Waqar Ahmed
- Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
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RFQ: Our company is interested in equipment needed to make 24K Gold Forming Jewelry. Suppliers of that equipment may contact us.

Himanshu Kotak
gold jewelry - Rajkot, India
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RFQ: kindly send me the detailed quotation for the supply of electroforming equipment in india.

rahul uplekar
- kolhapur, maharashtra, india
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March 19, 2011

Hi, folks. Hollow gold jewelry is made by starting with a wax mandrel of the desired shape, metallizing it, then gold plating it with sufficient thickness that the item can stand alone, then melting away the wax. Major worldwide suppliers of equipment for making hollow gold jewelry include Technic & Degussa.

Jayan, what distinguishes electroforming from electroplating is that in electroforming the plated layer becomes the object rather than just a topcoat on the object. When you want a portable machine to do field work, you probably will want to look at "brush plating".

We have a number of threads on the site with technical discussions of electroforming. You could search the site or start with topics 4146, 26975 and 45300.

Good luck, all.


Ted Mooney, Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E. - Pine Beach, New Jersey
Striving to live Aloha

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