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About CO2 in demineralized water

Q. I have a problem with conductivity of demin. water, the contamination is very high about 10 times, the conductivity inlet water to resins is 8 us/cm, the outlet is 0.05 us/cm but in the storage tank the conductivity increase as high as 0.5 us/sm, the tank has a CO2 trap which consist of CaO in little balls but the moisture clogged this product.

My question is:

If you know some new products to eliminate CO2 of the air tank inlet.

Yulinio Valencia Cuba
energia del sur S.A. - Ilo-Moquegua-Peru

A. A nitrogen "blanket" system will prevent CO2 from contaminating your DI water. These systems used compressed nitrogen gas and very sensitive pressure regulators to maintain a very slight positive pressure in the space above the water in the storage tank.

Lyle Kirman
consultant - Cleveland Heights, Ohio



EDI = electrodeionization

Q. Hi,

I am facing the same problem at my plant currently. The conductivity of the water after EDI is about 0.05 micro-siemens. The purified water is transferred to storage tank & supplied to loop. Conductivity taken at the end of the purified water loop (with on-line reader) is about 0.8 micro-siemens.

This problem only started after a maintenance shutdown. Prior to the shutdown, I was getting readings of about 0.4 micro-siemens from the same on-line conductivity reader. Question is, what actions can I take to lower the conductivity readings.

I have a similar set-up, a CO2 adsorber and 0.2micron sterile vent filter allowing air into the storage tank; from the storage tank, a pump is used to maintain flow in the loop.

Also, there is a heat exchanger at the end of the loop. Feel free to post a follow up should you need further clarification.

Thanking you in advance for your valuable input.

Shaik Amin
biopharmaceutical technology centre - Singapore

Q. Hi,
How to avoid contamination of static water in Demin. tank and raw water tank?

Asad Abdullah
Operator - Dubai, UAE
February 9, 2011

A. Fully automatic Regenerative CO2 Scrubbers UF IND for Demineralized Water Tanks through the removal of CO2 from supply air are available.
UF IND DW Tanks CO2 Scrubber is mounted on the respiratory valve of the tank. The CO2 filtration efficiency (100%) enables a high quality of demineralized water.

Gurin Igor
- Helsinki, Finland
January 31, 2012

February 13, 2012

I need a CO2 Absorber for a small water tank (approximately 50 liter) do you know any suitable for this size?
Where I can find specifications and technical details about the UF IND DW Tanks CO2 Scrubber?

- Mainz Germany

Ed. note: Sorry, this RFQ is old & outdated, so contact info is no longer available. However, if you feel that something technical should be said in reply, please post it; no public commercial suggestions please ( huh? why?)

April 1, 2019


TOC = total organic carbon

Q. My question is: We changed the EDI pack supply card after 4-5 days due to unavailability, then after 5 days shutdown of EDI we began the process; we found repeated TOC failures after EDI. What is the reason behind that?And if CO2 is present in EDI then how to remove it? What is the procedure to solve this problem?
Please guide me.

- Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Ed. note: Sorry, this RFQ is old & outdated, so contact info is no longer available. However, if you feel that something technical should be said in reply, please post it; no public commercial suggestions please ( huh? why?)

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