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50003. Hard to find sulfuric acid in 5-gallon containers
50004. Plating to meet 1000 hours of salt spray
50005. Passivation Problems With Forgings
50011. Anti-oxidant material for copper foil
50012. Green residue after application of salt-vinegar paste and Simichrome
50013. How much hex chromium is produced in an HHo Generator
50014. Electrochemical etching to mark tools
50017. Is there at an home test for rhodium?
50021. At what pH is Zn(OH)2 completely dissolved in water?
50025. What are the Extraction or recovery processes for gold, silver and copper
50031. Electroplating failure analysis
50032. Compatibility of mixing stainless steel & galvanized hardware
50035. Cleaning up a Winchester Model 1906 pump action 22
50037. Floor covering for anodizing line
50038. How to prep new resin for DI service?
50039. E-coatings, are they toxic?
50040. Sudden high pH in e-coat bath
50041. Facing Separation or Delamination During Wire Spray
50042. How to do electroless tin plating over electroless nickel
50043. Sn plating looks like Zn after Autoclave test
50047. How do you get the look of lead coated copper without the price?
50050. Remove Paint from Aluminum Window Frames
50051. Cooling coil material for HF acid etch bath?
50053. E-coating material
50054. Difference between yellow and white galvanizing?
50056. Chrome Peel from Plastic Substrates
50057. Percentage of nickel in zinc-nickel acid, alkaline and sulphate baths
50059. Nickel plating an Aluminum/Copper assembly
50060. Zinc Plating Cosmetics
50061. Mixing sodium di-chromate in passivation
50062. Blisters on zinc plated sheet metal
50063. Machining techniques for milling nickel chrome plating on aluminum
50064. Etching time for aluminum extrusions?
50065. Painting of 316 SS after passivation
50067. Evaluation of Plating Depth
50068. Bright nickel vs sulfamate nickel as an undercoating
50069. Need water softener powder / Boraxo
50073. Cad class 1 red dye
50079. Iron Entry Door damaged by concrete and HCl overspray
50080. Why is copper roof brown, not green?
50083. Powdercoating Galvanneal
50085. Calculate dispense volume of liquid copper sulphate
50086. Chromic Acid Anodizing is not passing salt spray test
50087. Chrome plating aluminium die castings
50088. Corrosion inhibitor for sulfamic acid
50090. A good copper electroplating solution
50093. Skip plating problems
50096. SS304L above seawater environment
50097. Corrosion between a black anodized aluminum part and a yellow zinc plated part
50099. Left All-Clad Stainless Steel in Self-Cleaning cycle in Oven
50100. Stainless bolts in aluminium
50101. On precipitating Nickel from wastewater
50102. Steel knives by Victorinox corrode and pit from my well water
50103. Electrolysis of copper weathervane and lead flashing
50104. Filling in pits by brush plating copper
50105. Steel I beam preservation and finish
50106. Oil rubbed finish
50108. Removal of electrolysis within drilled wells
50109. Polishing Pitted Old Road Bike Rims
50110. Protective Clear Coat for White Gold Ring?
50111. Environment and public safety issues
50112. Acid tin plating problem after soldering
50113. Black anodised parts now turning (or turned) slightly crimson/reddish
50114. Stains from Deep Brazing then clear Iridite.
50116. Coating on Hardened EN31?
50117. Corrosion of power connector
50120. Hard chrome thickness and hardness measurement equipment
50121. Patina for pewter
50129. Bathtub gets Blue/Green stains
50130. Determining max. temp SS304 experienced from its Blue color?
50131. Need reliable electrode material selection for KOH?
50132. Salt Spray Woes.... Please help
50135. Peeling E Coat
50136. E-Coat Cost?
50137. Electroless nickel on copper/brass material
50140. Smoky/Milky surface observed in HCD areas after Plating with blue passivation
50141. Electroplating of stainless steel mesh with platinum
50142. Hardcoat as a dynamic seal surface
50143. 1/16" 6061 Warping After Type III Anodize
50144. Air Moisture Causing Stainless Steel to Rust
50145. Rust issue after ElectroChemical deburring
50147. Is "Sweep Blasting" supposed to remove existing primer?
50149. Chrome Coffee Table Base
50150. Finishing treatment for a new WRC shingle roof?
50151. What causes temporary marks on table, not water marks?
50153. Stripping chrome from duplex LDX 2101 alloy basis metal
50154. Rough plating in nickel sulphamate plating
50155. Electroplating of gold over aluminium alloy
50156. Plating specification for solderable copper plated aluminum wire
50157. Galvanized wire properties
50159. Where to get corrugated metal panels
50160. Nickel-Chromium plating thickness issue on non-alloy steel rod
50161. Required Thickness of Copper on Steel for Outdoor Exposure
50164. Why the powder painting peel off from the galvanized metal?
50165. Color spec for zinc olive drab
50166. 75 Volt 1000 Amp Rectifier needed
50167. How to separate copper from silver
50168. Can Iridite be colored white?
50169. Copper plated motorcycle tank
50173. QQ-P-35 Type 2 vs MIL-S-5002
50175. Gold plating over low percentage of gold alloy
50176. Gas permeability of electroplated ABS/HIPS
50177. Chrome plating ABS tubes from inside
50178. Copper migration through sulfamate nickel plating
50179. Nickel Etch
50180. Cleaning an anodized part in an alkaline cleaner
50181. Evidence of Improved Corrosion Resistance after Laser Marking
50182. Masking of caliper in bore area for brake application
50183. Why Passivate if Parts Already Pass the ASTM A 967 Requirements?
50184. Problems with 316 and 420 SS rusting after laser etching
50185. Best finish for supermarket trolleys
50186. Need precision matte black e-coat
50187. Metal bars stamped with "P" found near old gravel pit in NW
50188. Ni-B Electroless plating
50189. Making corrugated iron look old but not rusty
50190. Chemicals for grey-bluing (not blacking) early Winchester and Marlin barrels.
50191. Retro Steelcase color matching
50192. Spray chrome finishes
50193. Will chromate passivation keep brass looking natural and protect the finish.
50194. How to differentiate two parts having Dacromet and Geomet coating?
50197. Why does battery acid dissolve metals but not plastics?
50199. NORAX BELTS ---seeking a distributor/supplier
50205. Vibratory finishing Steel, Stainless, Steel and Aluminum
50206. Plating thickness checking in hot condition
50208. What is Mirco # 3
50209. Silver (Ag) plating on ABS - Best method
50210. What Are the Electrical Properties of Chromate Conversion Coating over Zinc?
50211. Sealing of anodised aluminium and testing of sealed layer
50213. Corrosion for nickel plated material
50217. Removing Chrome from wheels
50218. Throw / Covering Power in Barrel Plating
50219. Impossibility of building up more than 10 microns of electroless nickel
50220. High Gloss Epoxy powder cures to dull finish
50222. Another way to color aluminum?
50223. 304 SS pipe corrosion in liquid ammonia/ammonia solution
50226. Difference between Stainless Steel grade 304 and 202
50228. Anodizing on LM6 Aluminum Die Castings
50229. What is clear chem coat per SPG-MPS-006?
50231. Alternatives to Magni coatings -- Geomet, Dacromet, Doerken
50234. Finishing of Sony T77 Digital Camera - Stainless Steel
50238. Looking for phosphoric acid anodize per SAE arp 1524
50239. Seeking shop to strip and re-nickel plate a motorcycle frame
50241. Pretreatment for aluminum for powder coating using 3 stage spray wash.
50242. Zinc plating finish that looks tarnished
50243. Black conductive plating
50245. Dissolution of the copper core from the hollow jewellery
50246. Galvanic Corrosion between trivalent chrome plated parts and stainless steel
50248. Zinc plating sealer
50249. Decorative acid-wash on plate steel
50251. Electroplating Nickel-Boron Alloys
50252. Nickel tin alloy
50253. Deburring round pipe
50254. White spots on 22 kt high polished gold rings
50255. Brass-plated lamp is rusted
50256. Corrosion resistance of stainless vs. plated cabinet pulls
50258. Powder coating without baking
50259. Potential for Galvanic Action between Stainless Steel and Iron Phosphate
50261. Acid cleaning cast iron pipe with HCL
50262. Alternatives to Liquid Penetration Test?
50263. Need procedure for Yellow Passivation on Zinc
50265. Corrosion and pitting during pre-anodize clean and etch on 7075-T7351?
50266. White spots after spray phosphating (10 Stages Zn phosphate)
50268. Copper plating
50269. Hard Material that is not attacked by piranha and HF
50270. What types of metal can you chrome?
50272. Please advise dyi solution for preventing metal kitchen cabinet knob corrosion
50274. Cad Plate on a Copper-Aluminum Bushing?
50275. Painting Spec for Nitrogen Tank
50276. ASF vs. Thickness guide?
50277. Tarnishing on copper plating
50278. Repairing damaged/oxidized Silver Coatings on Connectors
50279. Substitute for MEK in Gunwash?
50280. Solvents for PVDF
50281. Problems in Blackodising
50282. Etching bath and procedure for titanium tubing
50283. High Temperature Water Resistant Coating for Steel Pipe
50284. Water recycling question
50285. Discoloration on pure tin product
50287. Titanium passivation versus anodizing
50289. Book with the best titrations available
50291. Speckles problem in acid tin plating
50292. Satin gold bath content composition
50293. Naming Finishes
50296. Need NADCAP Supplier for NAS 4006
50302. Need help regarding removing tar residue from 30,000 sf of existing concrete floor.
50304. Galvanized pipe for fryer filter
50305. What is Electrolytic Galvanizing
50306. Need help for finishing: what is ELp-Fe/Ni (92)-P10/AT
50307. H2O2 and biological wastewater treatment
50308. Is environmental experience a good start for a plating career?
50309. Testing procedure for phosphate accelerator
50310. Stainless Steel....Black Oxide Finish
50311. Electroless Copper Plating for Micro-probing Transistors
50313. Trivalent Zn Black Peels off
50316. Alternative material for 6061-T6
50320. Hydrogen Embrittlement of 1144 stressproof steel
50321. Fluxing after hot dip
50323. Zinc Nickel Plating
50325. Problem in tin plating
50326. Nickel sulphate bath pores
50327. Can blue passivation pass 72 hour Neutral Salt Spray Test with no white rust?
50328. Salt spray on SS 416
50329. Teflon coating vs. hard chrome plating ?
50330. Need Chemical Stripping of HVOF coatings
50332. What is the current status of theoretical understanding of hard chrome plating
50333. Painting and Distressing a Tin Tile Mirror
50335. Repair nickel-plated finish scratches
50337. Replacing wheels. How are aftermarket wheels?
50338. Corrosion in new digital camera
50339. Chroming equipment for my motor cycles
50340. Tarnished Baldwin candlestick lamps need help!
50341. What is Sweet blasting?
50342. What is Pewter finish
50343. Standards for crosshatch loss for aluminum boats
50344. Punching holes in powder coated sheet metal
50345. Want a Dupli-cell for zinc-iron plating
50348. Champagne gold stainless steel
50349. Salt fog protection for different types of plating
50350. Seeking Opinion on Anodic and Cathodic cycles involved with Cleaning and Material activation
50352. Disintegration of silver paint in satin gold bath
50354. Chrome on aluminium without zincate
50355. Does gold induce galvanic coupling in a copper etching system?
50357. Hydrogen embrittlement in quenched steel
50358. Trying to satisfy a client wanting a patina copper bar front
50360. Removing Gold Electroplating from a 22-lb Bolt
50361. Artist seeks technical advice on plating project
50363. Why does the hot dipped tin coated copper wire blackens @ 155 C ?
50364. Phosphating before painting
50365. Is SS304 is a good cost cutting solution for SS316 ?
50367. Why does Baking Soda Blasting prevent rust?
50368. Nickel-Phosphorus plating
50371. Need to cover a non-food counter top for sales counter in retail
50372. Is a galvanized steel tub ok for my dogs to drink out of?
50373. Problem of hard chrome plating not depositing on weld joints
50374. Proper equipment for wheel and rim chroming?
50375. What is proper Rhodium Plating Thickness and how to measure it?
50376. Galling on Rotating Stainless Flanges
50377. Non Cyanide Plating on Zinc Die Cast (Zinc Alloy)
50378. Titanium and stainless anodizing process information
50379. Passivation for Stainless 318
50380. Reducing the friction coefficient of stainless steel on steel
50381. ISO 1320:1192 an active or inactive standard
50384. Chromate passivation solution is stripping the cadmium plating
50385. Yellow Iridite for aluminum parts to be painted
50386. Suggested Tank Lining for 98% Sulfuric Acid?
50387. Adding ammonium chloride in powder form to surface of hot-dip bath and it's effects on the environment and humans
50390. Chemicals for brightening of ss components?
50392. What is most cost efficient at resisting corrosion on steel surfaces?
50393. Abrasion resistance of type 3 vs type 2 anodizing
50395. Forcing Chrome to Tarnish
50396. Help with carbonate build up in Albaloy bath
50397. Help seeking research literature review sources regarding chrome plating acceptability
50400. Does Zinc Plating on 17 HRC steel need hydrogen embrittlement relief?
50401. Need Help With Paint for Refrigerator Door Handle
50402. Hot Black Oxide on Copper
50404. Colour of electroless NiB bath and stability
50405. High emissivity, high temperature resistant coating for surface temperature measurement using IR-pyrometer
50406. Stainless only tools for finishing SS - how critical
50407. Honda ST1300 motorcycles thermostat failure
50408. Painting a cast aluminum product to the best quality finish
50410. What kind of galvanizing for a hollow metal door
50411. Pulse Plating for Palladium?
50416. Boric Sulfuric Electrolyte Analysis
50417. Change in frictional properties after passivation
50418. What does iron phosphate do to hot dip galvanized steel
50419. Zinc Phosphate Nubbing on Clean vs. Coated Racks
50420. How would you finish a composite field hockey stick?
50421. Patinating copper plating
50423. Cooling system for hard anodizing
50424. Anodizing, is it food safe?
50426. Deflashing chemicals for leadframes?
50428. How to make Galvanizing Flux?
50430. Etching mild steel tubing for good adhesion of urethane coating
50431. Zinc Phosphate - Lubricity
50432. What is the allowable extent of magnetism in CF8m castings?
50435. Removing hot dip zinc coating from wash tub
50437. Is Trivalent Chrome Passivation and Electrolytic Process?
50438. Trouble shooting for electroplating
50439. Brush Plating Titanium?
50440. Problem in Nickel Chrome Plating
50441. Chrome Plating of Striped Cylinder Liner
50442. Formulation of copper strike/plating bath for stop off of nitriding
50443. Peeling problem in nickel-chrome plating
50444. Implications of adding selective Gold over Stainless Steel 301-1/2 hard
50445. Tin plating testing points
50446. Eliminate bulk anodize burns/voids
50447. Anyone seen this aluminum anodizing defect?
50448. Coating on etched aluminum foil
50449. Will anodized stainless steel seize with another stainless steel part ?
50454. Why are car wheels made of steel?
50455. Restoring the dark brown finish to copper sinks
50456. Allergic to White Gold engagement ring, what to do?
50460. citric acid Passivation Problems
50461. Is phosphate coating making our springs squeak?
50462. Pencil Hardness failure issue on abs finish
50463. HCL titration analysis
50467. How to determine the composition of a coin
50468. Automotive use of Stainless Steel Fasteners in Aluminum Block
50470. Sodium Bicarbonate Analysis
50471. Removed screen paint from plastic HDBE crates with sulfuric acid
50472. Clear coat for high polish brass?
50473. Soldering of galvanized versus galvannealed metal
50474. Is anodizing of galvanised sheet steel possible (PGI)
50475. Effect of citric acid on a electroless nickel plated surface
50476. What is the better finish specification for steel close to the sea?
50477. Questions about military finishing spec. MIL-STD-171?
50478. Green Aluminum Oxide Powder on a supposedly anodized component
50479. Copper Heat Exchanger Corrosion
50488. How to build a "hot tank" for metal cleaning?
50490. Need Gold Potassium Cyanide Machine
50492. Vertical soldering 24 gauge bonderized box rain gutter.
50494. What does MFCr3 mean?
50495. ASTEC QP4412?
50496. How to keep up with revised Specifications?
50498. Re-Use of Spent Sulfuric Acid.
50499. Use of copper sulphate to protect metal
50502. Passivation of 316 Stainless - Bath required?
50504. Help = 5 stage Pre-Cleaner / Phosphate coating for Powder paint system
50505. Removing snap ring burr on an interrupted cut on work hardened spline
50506. Silver Plating or Coating a timber beam
50507. Nickel plating vs. e-coating?
50508. Customs officer says 400 series is not stainless steel
50511. Nambe metal bowl has dark stain
50512. Trying to strip chrome nickel and copper from a thousand car wheels a week
50514. Can I use CVD system for metallizing and TiN COATING?
50515. Aluminium etching question
50517. Anodizing and Alodining
50518. Acid zinc barrel inconsistent blue chromate
50519. Need Information on Paint Sludge Recycling in the UK
50520. Turquoise Collector, was given 250 lbs. of Silver Ore from 92 yr. old miner's Wife.
50521. Immersion silver tarnish issue after wave reflow in RoHS environment
50522. Using steel plate on a bar table
50523. Can we do decorative chrome from our hard chrome tank?
50524. Are there alternatives to passivation?
50525. 17-4 forging rust on un machined surface
50526. Avoiding corrosion from stainless cleat on aluminum "tinnie"
50527. Apartment complex asks about proper repainting of old galvanized doors
50528. New plant having some problems with CED electrocoating
50529. Erosion of the zinc passivated surface in storage
50530. We are powder coating aluminum sheet, but paint is peeling off
50531. Best coating for black exhaust tips?
50532. Science project: Hydrochloric acid affect on different metals.
50533. Need chrome dipping (not electroplating) equipment
50534. Molded or formed plastic needs a good mirror finish
50535. Quantifying the effectiveness of scale removal
50536. Removing scratches from lexan drive-thru windows
50550. We plate copper on Zamak, what changes are needed to plate on iron
50551. Digital printing on anodized aluminum
50552. Seal issue with nickel fluoride and hot flashed part
50553. Anodizing and molding
50554. In A967 passivation, does the 25% by vol. Nitric represent industrial (65%) or full strength Nitric?
50556. Copper Size for DC low-voltage high-amperage
50558. Corrosion on sharp edges metal parts with polyester powder coating
50559. Corrosion Resistant Plating for Cold Rolled Steel
50561. Crazing problem on welded assemblies made from 5052 H32 aluminum
50564. Delayed Blisters in Alkaline Zinc Electroplating
50565. Need to ASTM A463 Alumize coat SAE J1392 HSLA steel
50566. Titanium chemistry in HF and HNO3 chemical milling
50567. Appearance issue on zinc-nickel plated parts (heat treated parts)
50572. Mismatched Stainless Kitchen Appliances
50573. Using ammonia in pickling solution
50574. E-coating facility
50575. Shot blasting to a SA-2-1/2 surface
50576. Inhibitor for stainless steel pickling?
50577. Need re-brassing of candleholders and lamp items
50578. Electroplating steel components with copper
50579. Mixed bleach with phosphoric acid and inhaled it
50580. Is nickel plating or tin plating better for a wine press?
50581. How to treat spent Nickel solution containing Nitrobenzene Sulfonate
50582. Trivalent Yellow passivation failing in 13-20 hrs salt spray
50583. How to deliberately accelerate crazing and cracking problems of powder paint
50584. Converting rhodium dip plating solution for use in pen plating
50588. How can you tell if a screw or nail is galvanized or zinc coated?
50590. Suitability of Cr Plating on SGI base metal for Sea Water application
50591. Segment of aluminum piano hinge needs a black anodized finish
50593. How to plate copper on paint
50594. Electroless Nickel Poor Finish on S7 Tool Steel
50595. Need cold blackodizing process
50596. Want consistent 2-tone plating on acid tin
50597. Artist seeking to recreate natural rich dark brown brass patina
50598. Looking for a shop that can do e-coating and metal stripping near NJ/NY/PA
50599. Flatware is claimed as 18/8 but not so marked
50600. How to prevent micro-flaking of cast aluminum 383?
50603. How to chemically determine Na + and K+ in salts?
50604. Tell me about Aluminium Sputtering
50605. Comparison of 440C with SS 321 for valves for steam service
50606. Urgent Solution Needed for Chroming failure. Chrome specs suspected
50607. Rust proof coating
50609. Passivation of electroless nickel -- theory and practice
50610. Excessive decarburization due to zinc plating and baking
50611. Best acid dip for powder coating
50612. Galvanising Ash Generation Benchmarking
50613. White spot appears on bright nickel/chrome plated faucet
50618. Hard Anodize Ripple Problem
50619. Will Ameron 2/400 adhere to sandblasted Inconel?
50620. Stainless Steel is suffering black patches after passivation
50621. Need chrome plating and polishing in Mexico
50622. Adhesion problems while powdercoating over clear zinc, chromate ROHS compliant
50623. Which rusts 1st?
50625. What to do about the vin # sticker
50628. Electroless Nickel Plating on Gold?
50629. Solid oxide fuel cell construction
50630. Weatherproof Clear Coating to Keep Polished Brass Shiny
50631. Scratched chrome
50633. Excessive water carryover into our fume scrubber
50635. Ni plating spot check?
50636. Hydrogen Embrittlement in Electroless Ni Plating
50637. Red dot in 24k gold electroformed product
50639. Machining after Passivation
50640. Corrosion of SS316 in 1.2 pH buffer solution
50641. Pumping Sodium Hypophosphite
50642. Twisting of cold rolled steel sheet during PVC coating
50643. Paint Biocompatible ISO 10993 or USP Class VI
50647. Electroplating Printed Circuit boards
50649. Nedox coating on aluminum plate 6061 alloy
50651. Options for low VOC clear coat finishes on steel
50652. Home made electroless plating solution
50653. How to rid house of toxic Rustoleum paint used in shower stall
50654. Searching for "Plating" by P.C. Baldwin
50655. Non insulated anodes in cyanide zinc tank
50656. Watts Nickel bath gassing too much
50657. Nickel Chrome plating ability due to pin hole
50658. 21 questions for the most brilliant scientist
50661. How do I restore a copper finish on a 120 year old steel fireplace mantle?
50662. Paint stripper and aluminum
50663. Subjecting 304L to PWHT temperatures
50665. Electric insulation properties of powder coated surfaces
50667. 4 stages for degreasing and polishing aluminium rivet heads
50669. Restoring black lacquer finish on antique furniture
50670. Anode bags maintenance?
50671. How to deal with Paint Sludge
50672. Permanent colors on tin metal
50673. Inside blowing of 73 od pipes
50675. Possible Negative Effects of Exposure to Iron Phosphate Wash on Brass and Zinc-plated Forged Steel
50676. Preparing a 1940 truck grill for chrome
50677. Do copper utensils contains any trace of lead in it?
50679. Hexavalent and trivalent salt spray hours?
50680. De-galvanising sheet metal
50684. Current carrying capacity of nickel plated plastic?
50685. Looking for a non hexavalent corrosion resistant primer for use on carbon steel
50686. Chrome plating defect at seam
50687. My Copper Valleys...
50688. Pre-bond cleaning of magnesium
50689. Changing household appliances from black to white
50690. Need info on cadmium vs. yellow zinc plating
50691. About chemical masking
50693. Help with removal of melted/burnt-on Teflon
50694. Using furniture stripper on my brass bed...should I?
50695. Risk and safety statements in various languages (MSDS)
50696. Help in getting BAC approved for chem-film and topcoat approved
50697. Design of equipment for dip spin coating
50698. Explosive limits of powder in powder coating?
50699. What's FH galvanized steel G60?
50701. Removing recast layer after EDM process on hardened A286 Nickel alloy
50706. Aluminum cylinder permanently in salt water
50709. Blue Zinc is turning yellow over time
50710. What are the specs for brass hull cell test panels?
50712. How to calculate plating thicknesses
50713. Converting part per million to ounces per gallon for a dilute chromate seal
50715. Cleaning electroless nickel plated aluminium post plating.
50716. Phosphate sludge disposal problem
50717. Does the zinc-phosphate finishing (or pre-finishing) layer become an electrical conductor?
50718. Interpreting Corrosion Specifications
50720. Black Nickel Plating - Solderability
50721. Need Universal Black Finish to replace Enequist Electroblack
50722. Need Gold plating on dog's rabies tags
50723. What plating will not cause hydrogen embrittlement when welded?
50729. Info on "Finish Process per ES12717, METHOD III" please
50730. Help to remove fingerprints from powdercoated surface needed
50731. Chrome Plating hydraulic piston rods for marine applications
50732. Spots on nickel plate over high polished brass
50733. Want organic additive to reduce electroforming to one third of the normal process time
50734. Ni sulfamate grows too warm
50735. Finishes on aluminum
50736. Corrosion on Clear Coated Die-Cast A380 Aluminum Parts for Gym Equipment
50737. Corrosion of GA or Zinc plating without passivation
50739. Process for Titanium Oxidizing?
50740. Removing grey tarnish on a 92.5 silver ring
50741. Need Phosphoric anodizing ROM costs
50742. Recommended jeweler in Los Angeles for rhodium plating
50744. How to Coat Plastic Spheres with Zinc?
50746. A967 or AMS 2700? Which is the right passivation spec to use?
50748. Repairing Scratches on Ceramic flat top Stove Help
50749. Refinishing my heavily etched brass table top
50750. Ruined oiled bronze bath faucet
50751. Cleaning an antique brass or copper dog
50752. Bronze to Oil Rubbed Bronze
50753. How can I strip hard chrome from different metals?
50754. High Absorptivity, Low Emissivity Paint
50755. Packing standards for painted/powder coated finished goods
50756. Blemishes / scabbing on fresh Galv'd steel
50757. Sulfuric Acid Anodize
50758. Resists for chemical milling mold texturing
50760. Best coating for 7075 aluminum alloy
50761. Plating onto glass
50762. Sink drain with rust stains
50764. Nodular extra chromium deposit at inside of dia 40mm rings
50765. Passivating 304 and 308 SS, salt spray problems
50766. Rusting problem in phosphated surface
50768. Need phosphatizing tanks
50770. Ultrahard Coating/Plating for Titanium?
50771. Electroless ruthenium or iridium plating
50772. Is galvanized steel used for automobile bodies?
50773. De-rusting a rusty buckknife
50774. Safety of galvanized barbecue
50775. Want to powder coat a chrome snare drum
50777. How can I restore the black highlighting that was originally on my sterling silver flatware ?
50778. Detecting presence of Clear Chromate Alodine Iridite
50781. Nervous employee seeks plating jobs
50782. How to Recover Gold From Solution
50784. Wear rate calculations
50785. Step-like defect in LCD area of tin plating
50786. Incomplete Anodize Finish and Surface Imperfections
50787. Re-finishing Chrome Parts
50789. Need Help with setting up a Surface Temper Etch Line
50793. Staining/blemishes in electrogalvanizing step ladders
50796. Hydrochloric acid pickling vs shot blasting
50799. What is a correct method of measuring micron plating on 925 silver
50806. Need replating and full-plating of watches
50808. Rusting remover with nails!
50813. Did I ruin my silver with bleach?
50814. 1960s GM chrome plating
50815. Best method of Centrifugal Casting of Brass Rods
50816. Shavings from CF8M are lower in chromium content than spec. Possible?
50817. How to dissolve sulfamic acid and make it into liquid form
50819. Solvent Bonding ABS to ABS
50820. Water Based Anti Rust Coating for Wire Nail Coils
50821. Dross control in galvanising
50822. Reducing the variation of hard chrome plating
50824. Achieving polished, durable finishes on 6061 Aluminum
50825. 240 grit polish to a 'Y' strainer body
50826. How to polish copper
50827. Need help on learning to finish brass horns
50830. Is 85% copper 15% zinc jewelry toxic?
50831. Yellow Zinc/Silver Zinc?
50835. Need 20-year protection by electrogalvanizing
50837. Using stainless steel for PVD
50838. Regarding tin plating on aluminium alloy
50841. Finishing a processional cross
50842. Rusted Metal Used in Home Interior?
50843. Recovery Of Fine Processed Gold Dumped As Waste In The River
50845. Which process need for mirror effect polishing for hard chrome 5-8 micron on copper
50846. Cleaning 304 SS rusty pipes and fittings at site
50847. Black coatings for 304 stainless
50849. Need chromate touchup pen for yellow zinc plating
50851. Is there any such thing as sterling silver plate?
50852. Cleaning Chrome-Plated Steel Swords for Display
50853. Can hubcaps for a 1955 Chevrolet be regalvanized to look new
50854. Alternative for TCE
50856. Capacity of P-nitrobenzene sulfonic acid as a gold stripper
50857. Stripping racks or hangers in minimum time
50858. Darkening on the galvanized coated steel (both galvanized plain and galvanized skinpass)
50859. Adherence problems with galvanizing
50861. Small hand tool for removing flash from rubber product
50865. Material of construction for manganese phosphate tank
50866. Can cast 316L stainless be galvanized and how would it perform in seawater?
50867. How to remove acid from zinc in plating
50868. Pickling problem for carbon steel pipes
50869. Polishing on a vertical CNC milling machine?
50870. Does real stainless steel get rainbow color/blue tinting ?
50871. Can I use AISI 1010 as alternate to Q345E steel?
50873. Locating lost parts in a plating tank
50878. Black "rub" on stainless food equipment
50879. Looking for chrome plating equipment on plastic to start a family business
50880. Difference between a virgin raw material and a reprocessed material
50882. Cracking in silver plating
50883. Plating peeling on phosphor bronze springs
50885. Thickness of anodize coatings
50887. Passivate modified gold-plated 303 SST SMA connector
50888. Damaged the finish on copper table - HELP!
50889. Want to Black Chrome my "bike"
50890. What do I use to finish a tin mirror frame from Mexico?
50891. Method of analysis for Palladium activator solution for plating on ABS?
50893. Alternatives to gold cyanide bath
50894. Differences of plating (nickel, blue zinc, rainbow zinc)
50895. Training for Barrel Nickel Plating
50896. Metals compatibility with Deionized water
50897. Recommendations for a flexible paint system to paint graphite/epoxy bike?
50902. How Can I Remove the Gold Plating from Stainless Steel Watch Strap
50903. Lighting design for powder coating oven
50904. Preparing Titanium for Paint
50905. Gold sulfite plating -- Problems and Answers
50906. Why a pH control in chromic anodize?
50908. How to destroy an ominous stainless steel object so I can rest
50909. Black Chrome Plating Please?
50910. How do I get the color green from flame treatment of steel?
50913. SS301 / 07 x 16H6 Heat Treatment
50917. White rust on 5/16" Galvanized Spring Steel Rod
50919. Heat treated electroless nickel coloring as gun finish.
50921. Acid Copper doesn't look right
50922. In Hard Chrome plating, how do platinised titanium compare with lead anodes
50924. Can E Polish Bath be used for Electro Plating
50925. Suggestions for plating gold on 303 stainless steel without nickel or copper under-plating
50926. Need the surface treatment on Inconel
50930. Seeking Fluidized Bed Paint Stripping
50931. Coating to make Titanium non-conductive for handheld device in work environment
50932. Magnesium determination in magnesium chromate solution
50933. What type of Nitric Acid dissolves silver?
50935. Ferritic Nitrocarburizing
50936. Alkaline zinc-nickel plating
50937. Hard gold plating solution needed!
50942. Changing chrome bathroom to oil rubbed bronze
50943. Melonite vs Tennifer process for golf club heads? Which is the best?
50944. Touching up Bronze Plating on Antique Clock
50945. I have the "want to" to learn chroming!
50946. Restoring blackening on anodized 14k ring
50949. Tone of Brass vs. Nickel plating for alto trombone?
50950. Voltage for a copper plating science project?
50951. Anodizing process to match silver matte
50953. Safely cleaning chromium plated copper
50957. Plating carbon steel with stainless steel
50958. Titanium Cladding Passivation in PX Oxidation Reactors
50960. High Phosphorous Nickel Electroplating
50962. Want to strip trivalent chromate but not the zinc plating
50963. Getting Started in Anodizing
50965. Refurbishing scratched formica bedroom dresser
50966. Removing latex paint from a wrought iron circular stairway
50967. Welding silver wire jewelry
50968. Stainless Steel is oxidizing due to floor tile dust?
50969. Acidified thiourea silver polish stained stainless steel sink
50971. Appearance of white rust on acid zinc parts
50972. Aluminum extrusions marred with black spots by graphite runout beam
50978. How to calculate hex chrome air emissions from a tank
50979. Chromic Acid Anodising Colour seems off
50980. ERW pipe for Sea Water Line
50982. What is reddish-orange substance on anodizing tank cathode?
50984. Rhodium plated Yellow Gold!? They can't do what I want!
50985. When electroplating copper my finish is rough and grainy
50986. What would make Brass magnetic?
50988. Translating "galvanically protected" to Polish
50989. What type of metal and finish for a food storage container
50990. What is the purpose of additive and accelerator in zinc phosphating?
50993. Selective matte tin plating
50994. How to achieve Aqua Blue Patina?
50995. Problem of silvering the hologram master
50997. copper sulphate test over hard chrome plated surface
50998. How would I find my parents stolen rings?
50999. Sterling Silver Tableware Badly Tarnished

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