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The finishing.com Hotline includes more than 60,000 Shop Problems, Q&A's and RFQs about metal finishing. This page is an archive of a thousand of those discussions. You may prefer to start at our Home page, view the most recent threads, or search the site.

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55000. Zinc dichromate hydrogen embrittlement
55001. Application requirement of Nickel vs Nickel-Chromium plating
55002. Will chlorine dosing hurt stainless steel heat exchanger?
55003. Why does nitric acid corrode nickel faster than sulfuric acid?
55004. Acceptance of Stainless Steel SS304 in Pharmaceutical Industry?
55007. New at nickel plating, please help!
55008. Using galvanized metal to make jewelry
55010. Dip dyes for solvent lacquer
55013. How to clean aluminium hollow rivets
55019. Selectively stripping hard anodize
55020. Paint adhesion on chrome plated plastic part
55021. Is galvanic reaction casing powder coat to bubble on alum parts
55023. Stannate ion in tin plating bath
55024. Need To Design A Simple Phosphating System for Machine Shop
55028. Solder removal from PC boards
55030. Problematic Rinsing
55031. How to evaluate the surface of plated coating after CASS test?
55032. How can we minimize galvanize coating thickness
55033. Effects of MIL-DTL-5541, Type2, Class1A on Pressed In Captive Hardware
55034. Zinc plating case hardened steel
55036. How to pit and darken a 420J stainless steel sword?
55038. How frequently must pharmaceutical equipment be re-passivated?
55039. Standard Tests for silver plating on copper
55040. Top coat for oak table
55042. Activation treatment for nickel barrier coating
55047. Medicines and food supplements for plating and plasma shop workers
55048. Reduction of Hexavalent Chromium to Trivalent by bubbling air
55050. Electroless Nickel plating over 316 stainless
55051. Function of stabilizer in Electroless Nickel Plating
55052. Reworking rust dots on zinc plated product
55053. Zinc plating an assembly that has stainless pems
55054. Problems electroplating silver onto copper bus bar
55055. Must parts be rack plated for RoHS compliance?
55057. Uniformity problems in vertical aluminium anodizing
55058. Spots in the anodic film
55060. Are dummy plates useful for removing copper from an electropolishing bath?
55061. Can we check for clear chromate by yellow chromating?
55064. What water to use in Sulfamate Nickel plating bath?
55065. Aqueous spectrophotometric determination of gold with rhodamine B and surfactant
55066. What tools to use to find thickness and hardness of hard chrome plating?
55067. Analytical procedure for tartaric-sulfuric acid anodizing
55068. Stripping hard anodising without dimensional change?
55069. pH is rising in Electrophoretic solution
55070. Hard anodising and seal anodising
55071. Coating aluminum for corrosion resistance and wear resistance?
55072. How to measure copper plating thickness on steel
55073. How to make Nickel Sulfamate metal powder
55074. Scrubber design
55075. Peeled Off on hard chrome tip
55076. Aluminium alloy 6061 is bead blasted but oxidizes during shipping
55077. How to repair a marred surface on my laminate counter top
55078. Effect of voltage on composition of plated material
55079. Safety of removing Rust Stains with Ammonium Bifluoride
55080. Hard Anodize - temperature - Pore density question
55083. Industrial electrolytic rust removal process
55084. Dull, non-adherent 'patches' from acid copper electrolyte
55085. Sulfuric acid storage tank corrosion
55086. Possible Dead Fish from Copper sulphate
55088. How does bending affect corrosion of a steel nail?
55089. Welding on titanium grade 3 seal shaft
55093. Best way to mask off parts while bluing steel
55095. One year old and corroding totally away
55099. Finishing Shop won't warranty powdercoat finish if applied over hot dip galvanized
55101. Electroforming on Wax?
55102. Strength comparison between copper and brass studs
55103. MIL-DTL-5541 Type I (hex-chrome) vs, Type II (TCP) issue
55104. High Build up Electroless Nickel Plating (without pits?)
55105. Nickel strike before copper coating steel components?
55106. Is sulfuric acid pickling okay for hardened parts
55107. Zinc bond strength: plating vs. galvanizing
55109. Method for adhesion between aluminum foil and polyester/epoxy resin
55110. Chromium plating of carbon fibre
55111. ASTM B633 specification vs. ASTM B663
55112. Unexplained fluctuations in ORP values for chromium reduction
55114. Importance of sand blasting in metallising
55115. Will Brass in Fashion Apparel Stain the Clothing?
55116. Using galvanized tin for a small bathroom ceiling
55117. Leaching of jewelry polishing dust using thiourea
55119. Nitric acid analysis in chromating solution
55120. How to calculate proper painting thickness for corrosion protection
55121. Chrome Painting Finish
55122. Inserting self clinching fasteners in anodized parts without hardcoat cracking?
55123. Is salt spray test applicable for chemically blackened parts?
55126. Testing silver plated copper
55129. How to improve saw grind test results for plated ABS?
55131. How to ensure best chroming for silencers (2 wheelers)
55132. Surface treatment of 6061 that has won't affect the flatness of 1 um
55133. Finishing aluminum for use as a pneumatic cylinder
55135. Wet micro-blasting process for CRES
55136. Need economical coating/plating to pass 1000 hour salt spray test
55137. How to prepare ABS plastic for painting
55138. Looking for 5" chrome plated steel round tubing 10- 12 ft in length
55140. Zinc coating thickness that can resist 500 Hours Salt Spray Test
55141. Gold finishing process for polyresin decoration items
55142. Salt water dip test for rusting
55143. Acceptable finish on Hot-Dip Galvanized (and Centrifugally Spun) Parts?
55144. How to do plating on stainless steel, and where can I buy the product?
55145. Bath control for chemical milling of Ti-3Al-2,5V
55146. Corrosion resistance of Nickel Plating on CRCA vs. 304 Stainless Steel
55147. Compounds in Black Oxide metal blackening solutions
55148. Layers on top of the core of 92.5% silver jewelry
55149. How to remove polish residue on stainless steel
55150. Measuring zinc nickel plating thickness when electroless nickel is below it
55151. Oxalic acid for stains on vinyl pool liner
55153. Copper backsplash is tarnishing
55154. Hot Black Oxide Finish is purple, and wipes off
55155. Cyanide bleed-out in Silver Plating of Brass Castings
55156. Cadmium Plating on Aluminum Bronze Bushings
55159. Help with antique galvanized bathtub restoration
55160. Jewelry "immersion plating" question
55161. How to detect possible intergranular corrosion after pickling of Incoloy 800?
55162. Rhodium plater is not ot achieving proper cleaning
55163. Colour variation with trivalent dips after zinc plating
55165. Suggestions on polishing exterior of stainless steel tanks in a factory
55166. Black Spots on Nickel-Plated Brass
55167. Need hydrophobic coating for glass
55170. Plating Stainless Steel for Solderability
55172. Bond Coating for Metal Spray
55173. Can using Porous Pots Increase sulphates in Chrome Plating?
55174. Anode material for nickel brush plating
55175. Stripping titanium from stainless steel
55178. Electrolyte titration questions for copper and chrome plating
55179. Why is molybdenum and nickel aluminide chosen as bond coat for twin wire spray metallising
55182. Using Stainless Steel as an electrical ground
55183. Chlorine effect from pool on Aluminium Screens
55184. How to do silvering of glass with a gradient
55185. Use of cast iron borings/turnings in sand blasting
55187. The better process for tin coating on copper wire
55188. Trying to recover gold but the orange precipitate explodes as I try to melt it?
55189. Nickel Plating on ABS Plastic
55191. Details about 4 tank process
55192. Alkaline Zinc Nickel plating process
55195. How to make copper plated aluminum wire
55196. Plating onto tungsten carbide
55199. Titanium Coloring Question for wedding rings
55200. Method to detect detrimental materials on surface of chromium nickel alloy tubing
55201. Electroless Silver Plating on rhinestones
55202. Silver Plate Surface Contamination
55203. Need Ra 3.2 finish on Delrin
55209. Removing chromate passivation from electroplated copper foil
55210. Need more information on nickel electroforming
55212. Is there an alternative to Bright Dip Anodizing that is as good as but, more environmentally friendly?
55214. Silver Cyanide, Black powdery deposits in Extreme Low Current Density Areas
55215. Thin Dense Chrome on Steel - 52100
55218. What type of sealant will maintain maximum hardness of hard anodize?
55220. How does a penny react in diet 7up?
55221. Why Nickel Electroplate has several times the yield strength of annealed nickel
55222. Mirror finishing galvanized (galvannealed) steel
55223. What is Mil-C-5541 Type 1A "PS 249"?
55225. Black dot on zinc plating
55226. Organic Contamination in Nickel Sulfamate Plating Bath
55227. Is SS304 okay for pharmaceutical manufacturing?
55230. Gadolinium contamination from old brick factory
55231. Stop copper from going green but retain tarnished look
55234. What is the electrolyte for making black marks on stainless steel?
55235. Zinc Plating with Black Passivation comes off during handling
55236. Dry Lube Application and Thickness for Hard-coated Aluminum
55237. Clear Coat Corrosion Protection of Aluminum Tread Plate
55238. Masking Thread Holes on Aluminum Extrusion to be Black Anodized
55239. Inexpensive black color coat on fasteners
55240. Instrument for checking phosphate coating weights
55243. Fatigue Life of ASTM A228 Music Wire Tension Springs Near Elastic Limit
55244. Formal name for mixture
55245. Problems with plating 17-4 inner diameter
55246. Process of stripping metal plated plastics
55249. Babbitt plating on aluminium alloy
55250. Asking about heat bearing ability after phosphating a job
55252. How to separate cation resin from anion in a mixed bed
55253. How can I best rustproof forged steel gates prior to painting ?
55254. Anodising a 4 foot dia. Aluminium Ring
55255. Straight ammonium chloride solution as pre-flux
55257. Can I anneal mild steel to use in electromagnet instead of ductile iron?
55259. Is there any alternate name for ASH CHROME and meaning
55260. Using zinc and aluminium wire spray for preventing corrosion in steel structure from acid fumes
55261. Salt Spray vs Humidity
55262. Stripping Molybdenum Disulfide Coating for heat treating
55263. The best solution for blackening polished nickel
55264. E-coat and Hydrogen Embrittlement
55265. Soft Electroless Nickel
55266. What vapors cause red rust in zinc electroplate?
55267. Thickness problem in alkaline zinc plating
55268. Aluminum electronics enclosures mounted on steel in a moist marine atmosphere
55269. Casting ancient Greek bronze
55271. Chemistry-based steel polishing to replace buffing
55272. Nitride finish on hydraulic cylinder rod
55273. How do I dispose of 5 gals plastic container of Lectronic 1003-S Make-up.
55274. Electropolishing recipe for stainless steel
55275. What is the sodium doing in my copper plating experiment?
55276. Help with my copper kitchen table which discolors with every spill
55277. When to Choose Anodize, Chromate, or (Maybe) No Finish for Aluminum
55278. Can HCl vapor be used for pickling?
55280. Cooling system for an electrolytic bath of 49% HF and 96% sulfuric acid
55281. Hard Chrome Plating of Pistol Bore
55282. Embrittlement of grade 10.9 hot-dip galvanized fasteners
55285. Could chrome cause a health issue on a plated tobacco pipe?
55286. Chrome activation
55287. Recovering silver from old resin filled sterling items
55288. Paint for concrete floor
55289. Cadmium plating low hydrogen embrittlement
55290. Cost Implications of Specifying Hard Coat Anodized Finish
55294. A penn question silly :-)
55295. Aluminum Motorcycle Frame Cleaning: best product / method is?
55296. Metallising of oil expeller worm flights for improving life
55297. pH resistance of chrome plated rollers
55298. Nickel plating vs. chrome; hex vs. tri
55300. Alpha case removal Process
55301. Anodizing Aluminium LM24, A1060 -- is it possible?
55302. Same spec but two different anodizing finishes
55303. Anti galling processes for stainless steel Medical Devices
55304. Electro polish, Passivation in Nitric Acid, Electroless nickel plating
55306. Reflectivity data on stainless steel roofs
55307. Accepted method for checking thickness of pure tin plating
55308. Kynar Paint as an isolator?
55309. E-coat issues when painting welded zinc coated steel
55310. Why the chromate conversion failure in 168 hrs salt spray
55311. Laser marking using shielding gas (like during welding)
55312. Finishing type 304 stainless steel for food use
55313. Heat treated 420 stainless steel passivation failure causing severe black corrosion.
55316. Single crystal stainless steel
55317. How to increase nitric acid from 60% to 68%
55319. Mach-1 Mustang wants a new start
55320. Why did my gold mounting turn black
55321. High oxygen content in city water and blueish tint to laundry and 1 tub
55322. Testing for iron concentration of passivation bath IAW AMS 2700
55323. Cissing problem in powder coating
55324. Plating Standards to Prevent Tarnishing on Gold-Plated Silver and Brass
55325. Accidental etching of cobalt based alloy while chrome plating
55326. Problem with leveling bright nickel bath
55327. Black spots in cyanide copper plating
55328. Phosphating for rusty parts (rust observed in 3 days) for rework
55330. Seaside corrosion of wrought iron
55332. 24k Gold plating on plastic PlayStation 3
55333. Powdercoated finish on outdoor lighting is chalking and fading
55334. Acid Tin Plating - is pretreatment of Nickel under layer necessary?
55335. Welding tubing and color anodizing it without the weld marks showing
55336. Plaforization - What is it really?
55337. Minimal build thickness brown anti corrosion coating on steel
55340. Need to remove stones from 800 watches
55341. Safe to weld or cut CARC coated materials?
55342. Tin plating turns black after soldering
55344. Is hexavalent chrome still hex chrome after it is plated on a part?
55345. Black oxide on electroless nickel plate
55349. Want cadmium plating setup
55350. Blue or yellow passivation better after Zinc plating?
55351. Chrome plating compliance issues. What needs an MSDS and what does not?
55352. Maximum probable concentration of HCl in waste
55353. Acid Cracking of Nickel Complexes
55354. Galvanising electroplated steel
55355. Unable to electroplate copper on EN Nickel
55356. What is the black dip we are applying to our zinc plated fasteners?
55357. Correcting Excessive Hardcoat Anodize Coating
55358. How do I remove epoxy from ivory
55359. Want Sticky Patina for Larger Objects
55361. Any health issues with the vinegar [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon] and solution?
55362. Caustic Spill; Treatment method needed!
55363. Can welding be done on a Fn/Zn 8 DIN 50961 plated tube?
55364. Removal of hydrogen embrittlement of high carbon steel after tin plating
55365. CED low bath turnover
55366. Ferritic Nitrocarburizing has red color to it?
55367. Galvanized coating thickness of steel rod equal to sheet steel
55368. Titanium Nitride on Gold Jewellery
55369. Does striking in an E. Nickel bath cause it to decompose more quickly?
55371. Soldering to Kovar like materials
55372. Pewter Plating
55373. Pulse plating rectifier benefit for rotogravure cylinder plant
55375. How to know when it's time to discard a "P2" Ferric sulphate solution?
55376. Can SS 410S be Pickled & Passivated per ASTM 380?
55377. Poor cleaning of 301 grade extra hard
55379. Chrome plated stainless steel for high temperature valves?
55382. Need Environmental Balls (hollow polypropylene spheres)
55386. Waste Water Treatment
55387. Saw grind test for plated plastics
55388. Locking in the brightened brass/copper shine
55389. Galvanneal vs Electro-Galvanneal?
55390. Appearance of "cracks" in chrome plated ABS plastic - post chrome
55392. Cleaning copper tubing before matte tin plating
55393. Brass plated zinc
55394. Alzak, still available? Any alternatives?
55395. Aluminum hard-coat anodizing: is thicker better!
55397. Stainless steel planters - mirror finishing methods
55398. Separate bed regeneration resin
55399. Silver plated copper failing salt spray test
55401. Zinc peels off from burnt area
55403. Sodium Sulphate deposits in heat exchanger made out of Nickel Plate
55405. Hexavalent chromium standards
55407. Nickel free rhodium on brass
55409. What's the grade of this SS ?
55410. Replacements for BR 127 and Alocrom 1200
55413. Need estimate for copper teapot polish and lacquering
55414. Cold dipped galvanizing process
55415. Super-finishing stainless to Ry < 0.4 achievable ?
55416. Stainless steel gets rusty
55424. How to Refurbish Cast Iron Street Lamp Poles
55425. Defect in aluminium castings causes black marks?
55426. Busbar connections
55428. How to make tin plating solution directly from tin and sulfuric acid?
55429. Reasons for Zinc-Nickel bolts rusting?
55430. Getting bright white rhodium on 18K white gold jewelry
55431. Anodize Buildup Question
55432. What caused the yellow spots on chromic acid anodized part's surface? and how to avoid?
55434. Fluorocarbon Coatings vs. Hot Dipped Galvanized
55436. Creating a desktop, want 4 different shades of metal
55438. Electrolytic recovery of nickel
55439. Traces of Silicon in Gold Plating
55440. Reduction/Elimination of stannic tin from bright tin and tin-lead plating baths
55441. Chloride Upstream of Bright Acid Tin
55445. Composition of acid zinc brightener
55446. Recovering gold from gold plated rims
55447. Objective, Scientific Comparison of Powder Coating Pretreatments
55448. Tank is rapidly deteriorating
55449. Electrolytic removal of zinc in waste water
55450. How long between shot blasting and powder coating
55451. What al alloy and temper give the most consistent cosmetic finish using type 3 anodizing
55454. What is the maximum ppm that a closed loop system is designed to treat?
55459. How to repair Oil Rubbed Bronze Shower Tower
55462. Any hope for vandalized elevator interior?
55464. Salt Spray Chamber Mfg. guide
55465. Wastewater zinc problem in small 1000 Gal system
55466. Making jewelry without Nickel Plating
55467. Required Current Density for Electropolishing
55468. Chemical etching of brass
55469. Chrome Plating in Harsh weather
55472. Electrolysis in extraction of metal
55473. Soldering vertical seams in ductwork
55476. Annealing or Temperature Effect of Silver Plating
55477. Maximum thickness on electroless nickel
55478. Touch-up of scratches in the olive drab cad plate finish on MIL-DTL-38999 connector shells
55479. REACH Regulations Affecting the Plating Industry
55480. Recovering gold from old cyanide plating solution
55481. How to flux fasteners for hot dip galvanizing
55484. Is Zinc plating per ES-572, para, type 1 RoHS compliant?
55485. Plating a Carbon Steel Tank with Magnesium
55486. Alternative to Titanium Racks for Electropolishing
55487. Removing zinc from a mixed chloride solution
55488. Regenerating loose ion exchange resin
55489. Ammoniacal Nitrogen Removal in Semiconductor Waste Stream
55490. Electroless nickel plating of SST
55492. Problems in hard chrome plating on electroformed nickel sugar screens
55493. Stainless steel plating onto brass
55494. How do I test if a part has been Alochromed
55496. Zinc phosphating plus cleaning in one step?
55499. Spectacular gold/black onyx catholic crucifix with a storage space
55500. Galvanization pollution
55502. Assessing corrosion of Zinc plating during salt spray testing
55504. Aluminium part painting details
55506. Removal of Cadmium from wastewater
55507. S Hooks for holding parts and OSHA requirements
55508. Paint isn't adhering to Aluminium
55509. Grey colour finish on Tool holders
55510. Bonding to Nitrided Surface
55512. Restoration of corroded hot dip galvanized parts
55514. Stopping polished brass with NO finish from tarnishing
55516. Gold Plating on Aluminum - corrosion resistance
55517. Galvanized Products from China-Vietnam
55518. Low temperature black chrome for corrosion resistance in carbon steel
55524. How to check quantity of sodium sulphate in spinbath?
55525. Strawberry Milkshake on my New Car's Paint
55526. Flash chroming stainless steel reflectors
55527. Coefficient of friction: Van sliding on asphalt
55528. Calcium deposits in my bones caused by platinum ring
55532. Nickel Plating on brass lamp socket with need to solder wire to it
55533. Traits of acids, bases, etc. which cause the reactions
55534. Scratch/scuff/abrasion Test Methods
55535. Maximum permissible lead in hot dip galvanizing?
55536. How to remove the surface oxide of aluminum diecastings?
55537. Electroplating ABS without palladium solutions
55539. Nickel plated brass bolts compared to stainless steel
55540. Plating over pewter jewellery
55541. How to dispose of expired copper sulphate
55542. Recipes for Electropolishing Ti64 and Nitinol
55543. Removing poor gold plating from stainless cutlery
55544. Chrome plating a surface of thermal sprayed stainless steel
55545. Corrosivity of distilled water
55546. Lifespan of 7/8 Corrugated sheet metal if placed into the ground?
55548. Difference between SS & SUS materials
55549. Plating parts sampling quantity
55551. Calculating the weight of plating
55554. Zinc flake dip-spin coatings vs. hot dip galvanise and mechanical coating
55556. True weight of phos & oil on a part
55557. Selection of tank material / finish
55558. Grit blasting inside surface of long tubes
55559. Corrosion After Laser Marking on 17-4 Stainless Steel
55560. Attaching Treated Plywood to an Aluminum Frame
55561. Old style nickel plating
55562. Fix holes in steel barn roof from the inside?
55563. What does .025 gold content mean?
55564. Titrating for the Concentration of Spent HCl
55567. Microporous nickel not meeting step test requirements-failing Dubpernell
55570. Trying to find best coating for snap-hooks
55571. Correct Plating Process for specific applications
55572. Quality issue of rusting of tin plated parts
55574. Is MIL-A-63576 Teflon sealing reliable enough for implant machinery?
55575. Making Chrome Plated ABS match 435 Stainless Steel
55576. Differing galvanizing thickness on flat and tubular areas
55578. Pretreatment for PVC coating in refrigerator grid shelves
55581. Cyanide copper plating without adding carbonates
55582. Black Tin
55584. Stainless steel black spots in salt water environment
55590. What are ways of inspection of anodizing?
55591. Type 2 Black Anodizing Discoloring
55592. Press fit considerations for Iridited parts
55594. Waterless Phosphating Process?
55595. Preservation procedure for HRSG after hydrostatic test!
55597. How to differentiate tungsten ring from gold
55603. Powder coating changes color from heat and humidity
55609. Electroplating on Tungsten Carbide (WC-Co)
55610. Is stainless steel dissolved in wine toxic?
55612. Which standard to refer to for Yellow passivation?
55613. How does DI water affect a cleaning process?
55615. Powder coating on the interior of an hydraulic tank?
55616. Hull cell size for Sulfamate Nickel electroforming
55617. Brass Plating over Nickel over Copper on Steel Screw
55618. How to weld and polish aluminum after the anodizing process
55620. How to do metallic look logo on soft touch paint
55621. Smut on the black oxide coatings
55622. Corrosion problems in 2024 panels using Iridite 14-2
55623. Painting on different automotive substrates (Stainless Steel & Aluminium)
55624. Zinc Plating on Mild Steel Wire
55625. Removal of C5 insulation coating from electrical steel prior to copper plate
55629. Satin protective sealer - metal jewelry
55630. Cleaning wax from a Silver Electroform
55631. Hot dip galvanizing before or after fabrication?
55632. Name this finish please
55636. Decorative preservation of Mushrooms
55637. Aging wash tubs to make light fixtures
55638. Cyanide copper plating onto electroless nickel
55639. Preventing hot tin from adhering to outside of copper pot during re-tinning
55640. How do I electroplate a sphere?
55642. Blackening pewter jewelry
55644. Color etching of aluminum for grain study
55646. Thermal Cycling in chrome plated ABS
55647. Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
55648. Welding HDPE
55650. Copper parts go black in 10-12 days after vibrofinishing
55652. Best Corrosion Protection for an Automotive Door Hinge Pin?
55655. Selective dissolution of copper
55656. Is there a way to restore shine to 18/8 stainless tableware
55657. Tin Pest in Toy Soldiers
55659. Chrome plating inconsistant thickness problem
55660. Coating steel and aluminum for Marine application
55661. Chromium plating thickness per P-106 of MIL-STD-808
55665. Identification of an unknown gold solution
55667. Substitute HCl for H2SO4 in RO feedwater?
55668. Stripping copper from Cobalt Chromium Molybdenum-Nickel
55671. EN Plating deep blind holes.
55673. Cyanide zinc plating problems
55675. Specification for sealed Hardcoat Anodizing
55678. Electroless nickel on copper
55679. 301 SS Passivated incorrectly
55683. Need some glass saccharometer
55684. Hydrogen embrittlement of aluminum castings
55685. Help! Gold plating over copper alloy, blister/flaking?
55688. Suggestions for large 304 stainless steel sign
55690. Plating Insulating Material Onto Metal or Carbon
55693. How to know the value of gold plated scrap metal
55695. Laser marking on 416 Stainless steel
55696. How to achieve US26d Finish
55697. Stainless steel's effect on pH of solutions
55701. Zinc thickness of different galvanization processes
55704. Alternative ways to kill weeds in lakes
55705. Chromic acid alternative chemicals
55707. Welding/soldering Al 6063 heatsink to copper pipe
55709. What kind of pre-cleaning operation do we require for steel pipe
55710. Chrome plating in Hong Kong - where?
55713. Best SS type to accept Mirror Like Polish
55714. Machinist has never seen finish marked this way
55716. Salt spray fail for SUS416 by 12hours
55717. Can I etch into a nickel coated copper etching plate?
55718. Plating of Heat Resistant Ni-Alloy Component
55719. Peel off problem in plating ABS plastic
55721. Refrigerator side panels undulation/waviness : how to avoid & how to measure?
55722. Excess copper deposition in pyrophosphate bath
55724. Oil & Gas Equipment Shop Needs Painting Solution for In-House Application
55726. How do you synthesize nickel sulfamate?
55731. Gasket Adhesion Issues On Urethane Polyester Powder Coat
55732. Rz vs. R delta Q - Friends or Foes
55734. Looking for Fe/Zn 7 IV S treatment subcontractor in China
55736. How to translate "coupage" from French to English for silver plating bath maintenance
55738. New flux regeneration plant: 1 ORP unit = how much iron?
55740. High Phos Electroless Nickel on Stainless Steel 303 and AA6061
55741. Pretreatment (cleaning) process of sand blasted items for hard chrome plating
55742. How to polish and protect a copper table
55743. Repairing Coating on Aluminium Grooved Traverse Drum
55744. Zinc Plating is Cracking
55746. Electroplating of thin silver films
55747. Fatigue crack propagation in Stainless steel
55748. Replacing corroded black pipe outdoor gas line
55749. Home-brew Nickel Stripper?
55751. 316 vs 316L "double Certification"
55752. Dielectric Coating for Carbon Steel
55753. Black nitride rod material
55754. Black Spots observed on hexagon face of Non Cyanide Zinc Plated Parts
55755. Increased Platinum plating time - what causes it?
55756. Blistering chrome on zinc cast parts
55757. Stain marks on Nickel Plating
55758. Suitable substitute for copper cyanide strike plating on aluminum?
55760. Type II mil 8625F black anodizing flaking off after heating to 125 C
55764. Rust problem in heat exchangers
55767. Buffer pads for the McClary Easy Polisher Scrubber
55768. Need powder coating system for lead sinkers
55769. Inconsistent yellowing with ASTM B633-07 Type V SC3
55770. RO water suitable for Mild steel?
55771. Powder coating a magnet?
55773. Need Used Dip Spin equipment
55774. Coil material for heating HCl?
55775. Chrome-look powder coating becomes grayish after applying clear powder
55776. Carbonates in non-cyanide plating solutions
55777. Chrome plating for long length bar
55778. tartaric acid anodising controls
55779. Trivalent chromium reacting with cutting fluids
55780. Electropolish molybdenum parts
55781. Room temperature nickel plating on non conductive mediums
55784. Trivalent Blue without sealer
55786. Sizing A Hard Coat Rectifier
55787. Has anyone been diagnosed with Parkinsons after working in the chrome plating industry
55790. How much does plating cost
55791. Looking for bright dip anodizing advise or a jobber
55793. Rhodium clock
55794. Do galvanizers sell zinc ash?
55795. Reaction of Magnesium Hydroxide with passive layer of stainless steel
55796. How to make bright nickel additives
55797. Oil leakage through hard chrome layer
55799. Recovering gold from gold plated china
55801. Weaning older contaminated Silver tank to start fresh?
55802. Creating raised lettering on a metal rod via electroplating
55803. Exposing chromate coatings to high temperatures
55804. Does Chromate on Aluminum Parts degrade ?
55805. Parting solution for Nickel electroforming of Brass
55806. Electroless nickel wastewater treatment
55808. Corrosion Coating for Alloy Steel Pins in Live Tree
55810. Has AMS-QQ-P-35 been superceded by AMS 2700?
55813. Making a food oven from Electro-Galvanized or Galvanneal Steels
55816. How to do directional textured finish on irregular shapes
55817. Aluminium utensils polishing
55818. Copper isolation from galvanized metals
55820. Safety Manual for Electroplating
55821. Defects in nickel-chromium plating of ABS
55822. Anodising coloring problem especially electrolytic light brown...
55824. Aluminum tubing corrosion in stainless flange
55826. Corrosion Resistance of Trivalent Chromate
55828. Corrosiveness of condensate & RO water
55832. Service temperature limits for anodized aluminium extrusions
55833. Polishing compounds for stainless steel that are free of animal derived ingredients
55834. 17-4 Stainless Steel Corrosion in a Marine environment
55835. Materials and finishing for electronic board assembly
55836. Seeking an aqueous rust inhibitor that won't burn on from heat treatment
55837. What exact process, A to Z, to electrowin gold from acid mine water
55839. Molybdenum Plating
55840. Corrosion on 304 L stainless steel electrical panel
55841. What to wash polyurethane with before plasma treatment
55844. E-coating vs. nano coating
55846. Need thin corrosion resistant coating after TiN diffusion
55847. Use of Fluorescein Indicator
55849. Is delaying cure after powder coating inviting trouble?
55850. How to remove carbon or flux after welding?
55851. Need to post bake case harden parts after electroplate?
55853. Chroming classic hubcaps
55855. Excessive DFT Variation
55857. Remove smut in Allen Key hole after hydrochloric acid etching
55858. Should abrasive chrome finish be ground?
55862. Need consulting on setting up R2R plating line
55864. Food-safe enamel repair for enamel-coated metal cooking pot
55866. Finish for a copper heatsink/radiator - high thermal emissivity and thin coating needed
55867. Aluminum articles turned dark in dishwasher using Cascade detergent
55869. Globrite electropolish solution #4...any info?
55871. Can hardened 440C Stainless be Electropolished?
55872. Problems black anodising after vapor blasting
55873. Voltage drop at constant current in gold electroplating
55874. Palladium plating - a home brew solution?
55875. Does st37 corrode?
55876. Electrolytic zinc plating and raw material relation
55877. Coating on pilger mill mandrels
55879. Controlling silver tarnish for an antique effect
55880. Copper plating help: 1934 vibraphone hardware
55883. Post-plating Cleanliness Test for Electroless Nickel
55884. Formation of Spongy smut on 6061-T851 aluminum Cathode Plate
55885. Satin Finish Solution for High Density S/S Towel rails
55886. Need help on a brushed brass elevator
55890. Does anodizing screws uniformly increase electrical resistance over threads and shaft?
55891. "Acid copper plating" problem -- high amps / low volts ?
55892. Is mild steel okay for cryogenic conditions?
55893. Gold Plating a stainless steel ring
55895. Electroless nickel in contact with chromated Aluminum, beachside
55896. Need an off-the-shelf test kit for chromate conversion coating (MIL-DTL-5541, type 1, Classes 1A & 3, Clear)
55898. HCl carryover problem in hot dip galvanizing
55899. Carbon treatment for gold plating
55901. Gold plating color change - tarnish problem
55902. Energy and waste in Hot Dip Galvanizing
55903. Troubleshooting tin plating baths
55905. Solar cells need light reflective coating for glass that also absorbs heat
55906. How to Coat sodium metabisulfite onto paper?
55907. Coating 1mm thick copper on copper base metal
55909. Tarnishing of zinc plated parts after baking for hydrogen de-embrittlement
55913. Aluminum "reskinning"
55914. The analysis method for Turco 4104
55917. How to make nickel plated objects spotless
55918. Black dye fading - will hard anodizing help?
55919. Want to do "glass etching" process on steel
55920. "Cleanliness" requirement for passivation of stainless steel
55921. Stainless springs are breaking - is passivation to blame?
55922. Automated buffing of stainless steel bowls and plates
55924. Limits on Pb and Sb contamination of Cr passivation solution
55925. Polishing an anodized 2024 aluminum inlet
55926. Large Chromic Acid Additions Suddenly Needed in Anodize Tank
55927. Matching a chromate conversion color
55929. Polishing of tungsten carbide coatings
55933. Gold Plating Cyanide Bath
55934. Voltage & amps for gold plating aluminum
55935. Hard anodizing of unknown aluminum alloys
55936. Alternatives to Black Nickel finish on Brass?
55937. Electroless plating on Stainless Steel
55940. Does all metal eat at copper piping?
55941. Heat resistant aluminium paint
55942. Shelf life of epoxy powder
55944. How to make spray paint masking for automotive parts
55945. Electropolishing product problems
55947. How to fix porosity in an aluminum mold for roto-molding
55948. Avoiding rusting screws in oceanfront construction
55949. Re-oxidizing a silver ring
55950. Nickel vs. Chrome Plating for Outdoor Cookware
55951. Home nickel plating 3.3V or 5V with vinegar [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon] and salt
55953. Science: does rust affect conductivity of metals?
55954. Problem with tin and bronze patina
55955. Copper plating on zinc
55956. Is stress relief baking necessary after machine grinding of hard chrome plating on high nickel alloys?
55957. Curing time before the tape test on paint
55959. How to check pH of liquified flux solution per an IS standard
55961. Plating steel PCB components with "nickel-silver" alloys instead of tin
55962. Gold trace cracking on PCB
55963. Problem in barrel cyanide plating
55964. Chrome plating problems, analysis of bath
55965. Stainless steel acid wash applied to regular steel
55966. Can we use CRCA sheets in place prone to Marine Corrosion like Kitchen Cabinets
55968. Ruined my brass cabinet handles washing them with soap and vinegar [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon]
55969. RoHS compliance of hexavalent chrome plating
55970. Brass-tone Clear Coat?
55971. Alternative zinc finishes for sheet metal
55972. Black oxide problem after annealing
55973. Possible to get uniform thickness over the component in zinc plating?
55974. Au (gold plating) thickness problem
55975. Converting from hexavalent passivation acid zinc plating to trivalent alkaline zinc
55976. Cadmium plating on tungsten
55978. Poor paint adhesion over chromic acid anodizing
55979. Ceramic coating on pump shaft sleeve
55981. How do I paint Brass Cane Handles?
55983. Plating Palladium from Palladium Nitrate Acid Solution
55986. Salt spray test before or after assembly?
55988. Pump shaft material for water application
55989. Need cold phosphating process
55992. Heat tolerance of black chrome plating?
55993. Producing tri chrome from chromic acid
55994. Kindly elaborate effluent treatment for yellow aluminium chromate solutions
55995. Stripping Aluminum Coating
55996. Acid as Primer on Galvanized Surface?
55997. Galvanizing - Dust Collector for Kettle - Oily & Wet
55998. Best plating for mild steel semi-trailer parts?

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