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The finishing.com Hotline includes more than 60,000 Shop Problems, Q&A's and RFQs about metal finishing. This page is an archive of a thousand of those discussions. You may prefer to start at our Home page, view the most recent threads, or search the site.

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54000. Need dip tank paint to avoid drips sags and runs.
54001. Hard chrome plating solution effect on cadmium plated part
54002. Nickel sulfamate filtering issues
54003. My gold plating rubs off in 15-20 seconds!
54004. Temperature limitations of black anodised aluminium 6082-T6
54006. Black oxide or Cad plating. Which one is better?
54009. Anyone know where to buy "Kold Black"?
54012. How to raise pH of acid using DI water
54014. Co/W or Ni/W alloy coatings on stainless steel? which one?
54015. Gold testing from diggers
54016. Removing Oil Paint from new brass hardware.
54017. A "yellow pewter" metal for low temp casting
54018. Can I make my stainless steel appliances have a swirly look?
54019. Repair enamel-on-steel baking dish
54021. Salt spray test on assembly - galvanic corrosion problem
54023. Baked zinc plating vs. zinc without bake
54024. Setting up a paint booth for lacquering
54026. Galvanize flake off problem in 25 mm thick angles
54027. Hard chrome finish on 316 stainless
54028. Purpose of Hydroxides in Silver Plating Baths
54030. Wipe cleaning cold rolled steel
54031. Alternative plating process for Chrome on ZAMAK metal
54033. Galvanized Kitchen Counter Top
54034. Are unused M-2 Gold Salts saleable?
54035. Annealing needed after SS 316 shaft welding (LOX fluid)?
54037. Recycling of Chrome Hydroxide cakes from plating solution
54039. Remelting zinc onto galvanized members after welding process in the field.
54040. Lacquer yellowing
54041. Corrosion problem in galvanized steel tubular profiles finished with powder coating
54042. Cracking or crazing of powder coating
54043. Need plating that has a higher than average frictional characteristics
54044. Metal treatment before painting
54045. ENP vs. Chrome Plating for ball valves
54046. Cost Comparison Between 316 SS, 316L SS and Alloy 20
54047. Heat released in electropolishing of stainless steel
54050. Painting anodized alloy wheels
54052. Does stainless steel flatware with a shiny (mirror) finish scratch easily over time?
54053. Could working in foundry inhaling aluminum fumes cause Parkinson's ?
54054. Disposing of Chromic Acid Bright Dip
54055. How to Ti plate a stainless steel 2" spherical shift knob to heat for a "burnt" look
54056. Blistering in Nickel Sulfamate Electroforming
54057. 18K White Gold becomes magnetic when filed or cut in half
54058. Iron Phosphate performance test
54060. Difference between black oxide and nitriding
54061. Orthophosphate in Cu Pyrophosphate Bath
54062. How to obtain RH950 Condition
54063. Starting a plant suitable for zinc plating with yellow passivation
54064. Pretreatment for painting of aluminum flat sheet
54067. How to repair or paint over damaged silver plating on candle sticks?
54068. Aircraft firewall cleanup
54070. How to stop the rusting process on iron WITHOUT altering the look of the rusted surface?
54071. Pretreatment for powder coating on aluminium castings (PDC)
54073. Laser marking cracks ceramic tools
54074. Cadmium is being used in Asian charm bracelets
54075. Problems with residual static electricity after protective film removal from construction panels
54081. How do I reclaim gold plating from Mil-Spec Connector Pins?
54082. Recovering gold that was mixed with aluminum
54085. Stripping to determine Chromic Acid Anodizing thickness
54092. 316 SS Electropolishing
54096. Can gold be reclaimed from old ceramic dishes with gold trim on the edges
54097. Why did my silver toned bowl turn black in the dish washer?
54098. Is Silver Deposit the same as Silverplate
54099. Can One Buy Treated to Paint Aluminium Anywhere?
54101. QQ-Z-235 vs. ASTM B633
54102. Chemical wet analysis of nickel strike to determine iron content
54103. Controlling Zinc Granules on edges of galvanized coils
54105. Aluminium addition to Galvanising Kettle
54106. How to Make Nickel Plated Copper Heatsinks Shiny?
54107. Bright Acid Copper adhesion issues
54108. Gold plating on thin Molybdenum wires
54110. Will nickel plating the top of cookstoves work?
54111. Corrosion problem on tin plated brass buttons
54112. Epoxy Resin and Anodized Aluminium
54113. Mild steel blackening
54114. Activated Carbon heavily pitting 304 stainless steel
54119. Copper roof on the Atlantic
54120. Should I use acid on my old aluminum boat? Lye is bad for aluminum?
54122. How to get low current flow from a large rectifier
54123. Passivation Tank Liner?
54124. Stripping of EN with Nitric plus acetic acid mix
54125. Fabricating a diamond polishing scaife by plating
54126. Can zinc plating plus chromate on SPCC peel off or flake?
54127. Post-fab heat treatment of aluminum
54128. Will post-anodizing punched holes discolor?
54129. Trivalent Coating vs Anodizing
54130. Request for formulation of etching chemical
54131. A chemical reaction question
54132. How to remove gold paint from antique silver pitcher?
54133. Making metal trim "antique" for fashion
54134. Cleaning on hardened jobs before Zinc Plating
54136. What's a control?
54137. Dipping your own jewelry
54139. Alternative to Zinc Chromate for outboard motors in salt water
54140. How to remove "m seal" stains from ceramic wash basin?
54141. Manganese phosphate removal from steel. What chemicals will do this?
54144. What is reasonable Rz finish on stainless steel roller?
54145. We require a coating to replace hot dip galvanising
54147. Does Welding increase permeability of 316L Stainless Steel?
54148. Anode-cathode ratios for E-coating
54150. Nickel Plating (Wood's Nickel Strike and Sulfamate Nickel)
54151. Zamak 5 Plating process questions
54152. Alodine treatment to Mil-C-5541 Class 3 on cast aluminium parts, AlSi10Mg T6
54154. Alternative titration method to analyze HF and ammonia bifluoride
54155. Interpreting salt spray testing results
54157. Chrome Plating on Aluminium
54158. Zinc Plating of brake components?
54161. How do I get an antiqued metal finish?
54162. Low Temperature Powder Coating
54165. Need SSPC or NACE-qualified inspection service
54170. Testing adherence of chrome plated shafts
54171. Zinc Plating process : Guide me from cleaning through drying
54172. Trivalent silver plating
54174. Copper contamination in Hard and Type 2 Anodize Tanks
54175. Soak temp and time
54178. Materials that can be 14K plated
54179. NiCl2 vs MgCl2 in a Nickel speed bath
54181. Mechanism of adhesion between nickel and stainless steel
54183. Powder coating over zinc spray surface
54184. Re-chrome bronze boat hardware
54185. Visual Inspection Coupons for Chromate Conversion
54187. pH and acid measurement in stainless steel pickling
54188. Hard chrome plating parameters
54190. Powder Coating Screws
54191. Hard coatings for magnesium
54192. Chromating of zinc phosphate coated part
54193. Maximum allowable metal contaminant levels in various plating baths
54194. Air Agitation for an anodizing tank
54195. Turn a wedding band into another piece of jewelry
54196. Trying to make mild steel take on a copper color with patina
54197. Marine Transportation of Mill Scale
54201. Powder coating a galvanized sliding gate
54202. Paint directly to conversion coating (Alodine, Iridite, chem film etc)?
54203. Electroless nickel plating on cast iron parts
54204. Electrodeposited hard chrome plating vs salt spray requirement
54205. Phosphating or Galvanizing --which is better before finishing it with powder coating
54206. What happens to raw aluminum sheets when they rub against one another
54207. Is this Satin Chrome or Paint?
54208. Why is black iron pipe 21 feet long and galvanized pipe 20?
54209. Ocean cottage lighting fixtures
54211. AFNOR Cup vs. ISO Cup
54213. White Rust on zinc plated articles
54214. Low Lubricity Plating on Zinc Die-Cast
54215. Which stainless steel grade suitable for Bus Shelter ... 304 or 316 ?
54216. Other finishes for pewter castings
54217. How to make iron turn black color without using black paint
54218. Perkins' Permanent Stereotype Steel Plate: can cast steel have been used successfully?
54219. Gold or Other Metal Plating on Aluminum for Chemical Resistance to Mild Aqueous Conditions
54221. Iridium mirrored coatings on motorcycle face shields
54222. Are Mirro Wearever Cookware Teflon Fumes poisonous to pet birds?
54223. Want dark green antique on brass zippers
54224. Zinc Die Cast Components = Improving washing performance
54225. Parts turns blue after silver plating
54226. Tin plating turns black after 5 to 6 months
54227. Delayed plating peel off
54228. Life of zinc phosphating on SECC material if not painted
54231. Electrolysis of copper sulfate in soil
54232. Where Can I Buy PVC Coating For Wire Mesh Lobster Traps ?
54233. Can a magnet cause a metal to increase it's corrosion rate
54234. How to induce non uniform thickness in electroless plating?
54235. A project head line
54237. Turning Copper Green Fast
54238. Cleaning rust on iron gates
54239. Lockheed Martin requirement: NKP300
54241. Removal of EDM Wire Cut Brass Residue
54243. E-coating of parts that were manufactured to size
54244. Electroless nickel plating on already plated parts
54245. Rhodium Plating darkens or blues the diamonds
54246. How much thickness is required of tin plating on copper busbar
54248. How to finish titanium cylinder liners
54251. Tell me about cyanide process for gold dissolution
54252. Painting a countertop to look like granite
54253. Finding no aluminum sulfate in anodizing tank although I put it there
54256. What pipe material for Platinum-Rhodium plating filter?
54257. Using Extracted Licorice in hot dip galvanizing
54258. Zinc vs. Nickel Plating, and Rack vs. Barrel
54259. Hard anodized coating will not accept color (black)
54260. Addition of ammonium bifluoride to increase titanium etch rate
54264. How to re-rifle and re-blue Winchester model 1906
54265. Clear coating Aluminum: Oil based vs Water based?
54266. 40 year old stainless utensils suddenly formed blisters
54267. How can I learn to do Paint Production?
54268. How to slow down the solidifying process for Bismuth-tin alloy?
54269. Pitting of hot dipped Galvannealed parts during e-coating
54270. Real-time thickness data collection on pipe galvanizing line
54271. Percentage of lead consumption in continuous galvanizing line?
54272. Acid cadmium vs. Cyanide cadmium bath
54273. Need anti impression lacquer for aluminum after chrome passivation process
54275. Learning never ends - teach me making of liquid polishing material
54278. Wanted wheel polishing machine for truck aluminum wheels
54280. Electrolysis in copper pipes and pipe hangers.
54283. Sulfuric Acid turned brownish color
54284. Finishing a Stainless Steel Tree
54288. Help us turn our emotionally valuable yellow gold into meaningful white gold wedding rings!
54289. Brass coated steel needs to be redone, can I spray paint it?
54290. How to tell the difference between mild steel and core 10
54292. Acid Recovery System for pickling wastewater
54293. High Gloss Powder Coat Losing Its Gloss
54294. Nickel sulfamate pitting problem
54295. Zinc plating problems in case-carburized component
54296. RoHS Compliance for Nickel Plating
54298. Double coat anodizing aluminum
54299. Problems getting on anodized surface after applying surface protection tape
54306. Electrogalvanized nails for 3 tab shingles?
54307. Coating druzy quartz with titanium
54308. Solar Air Heating Coating for Absorber Plates
54309. Question about old sterling spoons
54310. Elevator Door Scratches
54312. Rules for Plating in Mexico
54314. Rusting metal
54316. Soften C26000 brass
54322. Will copper dissolve in hydrochloric acid under 100 °C?
54323. Ratio for caustic soda solution
54324. What is a better application: Nickel Plated or Nickel-Tin?
54326. How to patina a polished copper range hood
54328. Looking for a protective coating for acid sensitive items with sharp edges
54330. Safety in Serving
54331. Cu/Ni 5b dark
54332. ASTM B 633
54333. Rate of Sodium Carbonate Build-up in Stored Cyanide Plating Baths
54334. Technique for recycling Caustic Soda
54335. Green gritty bukduo on nickel rounds in the anode baskets
54336. Screw threads will not accept Go gage after chrome plating
54337. Chrome hard plating flaking on loaded threaded fasteners
54338. Electroplating lead on brass items
54339. Area of anode with respect to cathode in chrome bath
54340. Plating nickel over lead and brass
54341. Clear anodizing that looks like gray paint.
54343. Is a Finish Required
54347. Saline chamber test interrupted...may I continue?
54348. Protecting Aluminum From Steam
54349. Newly painted car has very fine scratches all over due to hand washing at repair shop
54353. Calculating the usage of chemicals per kg plated
54354. Cathode Trouble
54355. Zinc brightener
54358. Textured Silver Anodizing on 6061-T6
54360. Charcoal filtering for air pollution control of small-scale nickel plating
54363. Galvanising S G iron castings
54366. Gold won't stick to SS parts
54367. How can I keep automotive trim bright when anodized
54368. Chem Film Surface Resistance Measurements
54370. Anti corrosion coating for springs
54372. Post plating "blackening" of nickel plating
54373. Best material for master model for silicone mold
54374. Re-powder coating of an old aluminum
54375. Finger pain because of wedding band?
54376. Artist worried about inhaling chemicals but wants to buy cyanide
54377. Starting a clear chromate and Tufram coating operation
54378. Old silverplating shop for sale as residence -- any dangers I should know about?
54379. Copper Solution was contaminated
54381. Printer has excessive plate wear
54382. Black spots after machining and white spots after cadmium electroplating on Al-7075 T6 material
54383. Second-hand metal poisoning from my roommate's job?
54386. How much chrome passivation goes on the strip and how much to waste?
54388. pH rise in nickel electrolysis
54389. Pretreatment process for zinc electroplating of heat treated parts
54391. Does the Temperature of Water Affect the Rate of Oxidation of a Nail?
54393. How to demagnetize stainless steel pins
54394. Black Oxide's affect on 316 stainless corrosion properties
54395. Gold plating over nickel plating for outdoor application
54396. Best preplate for decorative copper nickel chrome on leaded brass
54399. Phosphating Process after Cold Forging
54400. Thin film, dry type, corrosion resistant treatment after nitriding
54401. Maximum Thickness of Powder Coating
54402. Hot Dip Galvanising Bath for Economic Development Initiative
54405. Using titanium anodes in a iron containing copper plating setup
54406. Plating on plastics books?
54407. Coating Aluminum onto Copper
54413. Risks and Challenges of Tin Plating in Mexico
54416. Need center caps plated
54417. Electrolytically recovering Scrap Copper
54419. Testing iron concentration in AMS 2700 passivation tank
54420. Contamination problem in e-coat system?
54421. UF Module Suddenly Failed To Separate E Coat
54422. Copper Plating Teflon or Similar Plastics to Allow Soldering of Wires to it
54423. Problem in nickel plating
54424. Nitric acid as a component to balance pH for chromate bath
54425. Stainless steel weld discoloration after electropolishing
54427. Swimwear Hardware Inquiry
54429. Need Dupont 606 S polishing compound or equal
54430. Silver plated connection
54431. What is this process (not Aurora plating) called?
54434. Speed up the electroless nickel deposition
54435. Which is easier to finish, brass or zamak?
54437. What compound is cadmium bloom/whiskers?
54439. Best Aluminum Choice for Long Lasting Anodization?
54440. Are aluminum die castings vs. forgings more plateable?
54442. Switching from anodized finish to Iridite
54446. Cost of Alodine 5200 coating installation
54447. Spent pickling acid treatment
54448. Salt Fog Cabinet Setting for ASTM B117 vs. ISO9227?
54451. Using Quench Tank Overflow for Rinsing
54452. Are there any methods known to make an electrogalvanized Galvannealed alloy?
54453. Electroplating Peels Off Aluminum Extruded Sections
54456. Coating sodium metal with T6 aluminum, beryllium copper, Invar and/or molybdenum.
54457. Selective precipitation of gold from aqua regia, leaving PGM in solution
54459. Carbon in gold plate
54460. Silver plating process
54462. Reflective pre-finish needed for stamped parts
54463. Small shot blast/peen cabinets?
54466. Recovering gold from investment powder paste
54469. Clear coat for bottle cap floor?
54472. Grinding of chrome plating resulting in peeling off on titanium parts
54473. Black marks on gold plated items(nose pins)
54474. Reducing pitting and blisters in silver plated components
54475. Rhodium plating parameters
54479. Small 2 Stroke Piston - Adhesion Testing of Plating
54480. What alloy are VW Aristo OEM wheels? Will powder coating damage them?
54481. Etched ss after electropolishing
54482. Anodized products for use in contact with food
54486. 316 stainless steel can't be polished without pits, inclusions or voids
54487. Want antitarnish treatment for bright dipped brass that is good to 200 C
54488. Sanding 439 stainless steel
54490. Copper vs. brass flash on steel wire clips, before nickel plating?
54491. Problems of gold plating onto copper jewelry
54492. Can't find Hard Anodizing in Turkey
54494. Electroless plating starts fast, then slows to a stop
54497. Need O'Keefe & Merritt stove and a Barber's Chair replated
54499. Galvanic Corrosion - Stainless Steel Rod with Carbon Steel Nut
54500. Need help with Keystone rims
54501. Bad chrome plating from China
54502. Best method to blacken chromed forks on Honda Z50?
54503. Question about repairing gold filled object by selective plating?
54504. What plating is safe to lick?
54505. Carryover of power in the plating tank with power off
54506. Remove silica from drinking water
54507. Identifying L605 surfaces that are contaminated with 17-4
54508. Single rinse tank between pickling and fluxing
54509. Blackening or Phosphating of injection mold plates?
54512. Corrosion problems on copper-nickel plated zinc parts exposed to toilet cleaning liquids
54513. Durability of Flash Gold Plating on Brass
54514. Electroplating brass wedding bands with Copper-Nickel-Rhodium. HELP!
54515. Why does chromic acid anodize have excessive white powder residue after DI sealing
54516. Rephosphating on phosphated SECC material
54517. Blasting of Zirconia
54518. Zinc on steel solution
54521. Do the amount of diamonds in your setting affect the rhodium plating?
54522. HELP! The fumes are so strong!
54523. Primer paint vs rust preventative oil coating
54524. Thickness of Galvanizing on MS Section
54526. Zinc nickel plating curing time?
54528. Tin plating gray deposits
54530. Mirror polishing stainless steel for a mold insert to make an aircraft lens
54531. Surface treatment for EN AW 1050A Aluminum (European spec)
54534. Hard Anodize Problem on AL2024
54535. Chemistry of the Loonie
54536. How to get shiny stable surface on brass until we can get it into nickel plating
54537. Why did the ancients copper plate gold rings?
54538. Boyfriend wants to "pan" catalytic converters like you do for gold
54539. Kitchen cooker changes colour
54541. Paraffin test for hydrogen de-embrittlement
54542. Electroless nickel on steel shaft - hard ground surface for rotary lip seal contact?
54543. Silver plating is not shiny and white
54544. How to get a matte surface before aluminum anodizing?
54545. Looking for a Distressed Antique Bronze finish for aluminum substrate
54549. Best finish to avoid corrosion bonding of steel exposed to calcium chloride (road salts)
54550. Electroless nickel on steel and stainless steel substrate in marine environment
54551. Galvanized steel building allergy?
54552. Why Don't Electric Fences Kill Us?
54554. Hard chrome plating ENGINE cylinders? (2 stroke to be exact)
54556. Stainless steel ring toy needs a safe finish so kids don't get poisoned
54557. Testing to tell Geomet Vs Dacromet
54558. Maintaining high finish on copper sprinklers
54560. Treating Acid Waste
54561. Brilliant copper finish
54563. Looking for Spiral Contractometer
54564. Copper plating on gravure cylinder
54565. Coating identification from a picture
54568. FeSO4 Electrolysis to restore Sulphuric Acid
54569. Heat resistant coating for wood
54571. Heating zinc plated springs to dull the finish
54578. Spec for galvanized outdoor tables
54579. Gold necklaces turn black after electrodeposition
54580. Nickel Electroplating is peeling off Stainless Steel dental instruments
54582. How has my electroplating experience made me a valuable Chemical Engineer?
54583. Recovery of gold from thiourea based electropolishing solution
54584. Create slippery surface on PP Plastic
54585. Dry Film Lube on Stainless Steel
54586. Does excess galvanising coating thickness affect the steel structure?
54587. Peeling after nickel and gold plating
54588. Question about reverse plating in Watt's bath
54590. What media and liquid for polishing silver coins in a vibratory finisher?
54593. Want Silver Plating that glows in the dark
54595. Using Krylon Clear Fusion on golf balls
54596. Aluminum Fishing Reel Corrosion
54598. Solderable Plating on Beryllium Copper to Survive Heat Treat
54601. Trivalent chrome plating chemistry
54602. Intermittent pitting after HAE magnesium anodize
54603. Temperature limits for MIL-DTL-5541 chemical conversion coatings
54604. Iron contamination of austenitic stainless steels results in rust and further corrosion
54606. Determination of the throwing power of a Wood's nickel plating bath
54607. Chemical passivation method for inconel alloy
54608. When Did Silver First Start Tarnishing?
54609. Looking to electroplate with a nonporous acid/etchant resistant metal
54610. Cleaning rust from iron siding
54611. How to Recover Silver and cadmium from used HNO3
54612. In house test for SS 304
54613. Controlling fumes from hot dip sheet galvanizing kettle
54615. Zinc plated screws are failing salt spray test
54620. Chemical equation for pickling of steel with acid
54622. PMMA-coated PC failure
54625. Problem with electroless nickel deposition on carbon fibers
54626. Galvanic corrosion of zinc plated steel bolts on aluminum parts?
54627. Effect of sulfur content of 304SS on electropolishing
54628. Polishing large (4 ft dia.) 304SS spherical surfaces
54633. Can you plate zinc on a roll of stainless steel?
54636. Hydrogen embrittlement due to NaOH?
54638. Nickel and aluminium content for galvanizing startup?
54639. Brighteners for electroless nickel plating
54640. Chrome plating run-out
54641. Contamination limits for Woods Nickel Strike
54642. Cad plating and sil glyde
54643. Instructions for black rhodium plating
54644. Plating for fixtures exposed to mineral oil
54645. Adhesive that will survive anodizing
54646. How to avoid flow marks in electropolishing process
54650. Why do we get low phosphorous electroless nickel with basic bath and high phosphorous with acidic bath?
54651. How to clean Lead Coated Copper?
54652. What does CASS test results mean relative to durability in years
54653. How to formulate a Pewter Patina
54654. Best type of brass for chrome plating
54655. Recasting zinc anodes from zinc rounds
54658. Zinc phosphating bath is turning very dark green and non functional
54659. Remove scale from hot rolled steel stairs in prep for gun-bluing
54667. Need Used Vacuum Cadmium Chamber Needed
54668. Plating iron onto iron with a transition to the anode becoming silver(and/or copper)
54669. Type III (hard) aluminum anodizing, sealing and surface properties
54670. Crystals developing on solder/copper areas
54672. Belated blisters in alkaline zinc plating
54673. Hard chrome plating for food processing
54675. Reaction between black oxide finished s.s. screws, and Cor-ten (weathering steel) sheeting
54678. Itching from handling black oxided parts
54679. What causes blisters in chrome plated plastic parts
54680. Yellow chromate doesn't look like full gold
54681. Anti tarnish treatment for old silver flatware
54682. Optimum anode to cathode distance?
54683. What liquid causes hands to wrinkle the fastest
54684. Is melting zinc pennies with a torch hazardous?
54685. For fasteners that will be zinc plated, is a pretreatment of black oxide a problem?
54686. Masking Small Parts for Plating
54688. How to remove two coats of paint and primer off of enamel or porcelain coated patio table?
54689. Hi-phos hard nickel plating over epoxy?
54690. Alternative to anodise?
54693. What galvanic potential is used for chromate conversion coated aluminum?
54694. Want to seal a beautiful distressed metal table
54695. Substitute for sulphuric acid for electro polishing stainless steel
54696. Rhodium plated or silver plated - what is the best?
54698. Metal Roofing Repair
54700. How to reduce COD
54701. Zinc Trivalent - Yellow Dye Co-Deposition vs. Post Passivate Application
54706. Comparing options for clear finish on mild steel handrails
54707. How to Dull Bright Polished Steel Knife Blade
54708. How to strip nickel (electroless) off steel parts?
54709. Dichromate for hot-dip galvanizing quench
54711. Appropriate micron level for anodizing
54718. Electro galvanized coating thickness
54719. Need help making 6 stage iron phosphate bath last more than 6 weeks
54726. How to set up Hard Anodizing line
54727. How to deal with waste nickel solution
54728. Leopard print effect on re works
54730. What will dissolve a miniature steel screw in brass clock plate
54731. Hobbyist needs a very hard finish for a fretless bass fingerboard
54732. Newly Blued firearm rusted in under a week
54733. Making thread gage for pre-anodizing of internal threaded part
54736. Corrosion Rates and PH Levels
54737. Flow of air in a small paint spray booth
54738. Non-aqueous Plating of Si, W, Ti?
54740. Heat Treating 4130 Steel
54742. What happens in salt bath nitriding if temperature exceeds 580 C?
54743. How to prevent sludge formation in 80 deg C caustic bath
54744. Determination of tungsten in Ni-W-P
54745. Blue chromate and staining
54746. How can I get maximum copper plating deposition?
54752. Life Span of Yellow zinc plating Vs CR3 (ROHS compliance)
54753. Peroxide-sulphuric bright-dip for brass wire becomes saturated with copper
54754. Freshness of electroless nickel bath vs. speed
54755. Will Nickel plate to Tin? What about Lead?
54756. How can I fully restore the plating on old watch bands?
54757. Seeking detailed info on anodising and dyeing copper
54759. Grit on Bright Nickel Electroplated Polished Brass Parts
54760. Biocombatible paint for medical devices
54762. Thermal Sprayed Aluminium
54764. Cleaning up a lexan window
54766. Electroless copper plating on PVC pipe
54767. Please suggest a black finish for brass
54769. CRCA vs GPSP steel as a substrate for powder coating?
54770. Tin plating over nickel plating on brass oxidized to black problem over tin plating
54771. I want the formula for bright copper plating
54772. Finishes Safe for Domestic Birds
54773. Breathing acid fumes for 15 hours left me sick
54774. Aluminum sticks to ruby spheres like it's an aluminum magnet
54775. Black Chrome plating on ABS Plastic
54776. Caustic Etch Analysis-aluminium anodizing
54782. Grammatical question regarding Iridite?
54783. Stainless steel turns black after post weld heat treat
54786. Best method for Color Coding music wire springs
54792. Will a magnet stick to sheet metal after I paint it?
54793. Russian sourced kitchen tap valve internal plating delamination. Health hazard?
54797. How can brass (an alloy) be electroplated?
54798. Reflector coatings for IR lamp
54799. Is Zinc plating QQ-Z-325 Type I, Class 2 RoHS Compliant
54803. Stopping the 'bleeding' of high carat gold through rhodium plate
54804. How would I deburr a Dremel-opened minikeg?
54805. Quantitative analysis of Saccharin in Nickel Plating Bath
54806. Heat Treating and Magnetism in 400 Series Stainless
54807. Prepare for electrical bond per HP14-30?
54808. Salt Spray hours on Zinc
54809. Want translucent color on nickel plated ABS parts
54810. Fluxing steel prior galvanizing
54811. Any alternate electroplating salts which can give silver colour?
54812. Brown spots on zinc plated tube
54814. Can't get required anodizing thickness on A380 casting
54815. Preparing a tank surface for use in food processing
54816. Pinhole defects on the buffed stainless steel strip surface
54817. Red fish hooks...how are they colored?
54822. Black Trivalent Chromate heat resistance
54824. Deburring machined brass and copper parts
54825. Unable to achieve paint adhesion over cad plate
54826. Can't electroform gold all the way into the corners
54835. Fatigue concern with hardcoating 6061 twice.
54836. How can I make plating solutions safely
54837. Testing "Distilled water" for its "purity"
54840. Best aluminium for gloss black anodising?
54841. Hard chrome plating needs microscopic bubbles
54842. Surface finish improvement in barrel tumbling process
54843. Surface roughness after hard chrome plating
54844. Is Immersion Copper Plating Real?
54845. Corrosion removal - tin plated cans
54846. Gold Plating with Hoover and Strong Solution
54848. Repairing scratches on Corten Steel sculpture due to rough handling in transport
54849. Best marine finish for cast A380 part
54850. Can you powder coat over a black oxide finish?
54851. Alternative to Electroless Nickel Plating
54853. Deterring corrosion on aluminum alloys (Bravo III outdrive)
54854. Avoiding peeling in painting aluminium castings for motorbikes
54858. Gas Burner Grate on Wolf Stove is rusting
54861. Replacement for Alodine 1201
54862. Baked/Washed metal frames won't take a powder coat finish. Need help!
54865. Simple test for galvanized metal
54867. Spots appear on zinc plating after 48 hours under normal environment
54868. Oxidation on stainless steel chain
54869. Medical Implant and Instrument Passivation
54870. Trying to match welded and unwelded stainless steel finishes
54873. Electroplating Zinc onto a Penny
54874. Is my ring, marked "10k PB", gold plated lead?
54875. Muriatic acid as wood bleach?
54876. Determination of phosphate (TSP) in neutralization bath
54878. Stripper for acid copper plate off of zinc die castings
54879. Hot Dip Galvanising of fabricated sheet metal assembly
54880. Want our brass finish to be green-yellow
54881. How to increase Chrome plating hardness
54882. Zinc Clear over Nickel Plated Brass - Salt Spray Test Failure
54883. Masking for plating rhodium over shell and soft stone
54884. Cleaning and passivating 316 stainless cables near the ocean using Naval Jelly?
54885. Grit blasted finishes on 300 series stainless steel
54888. Is Chroming of Rubber Possible?
54889. Want to know how to Electroform a non Metallic Object
54890. Sterling Theda?
54891. Performance of an SCR rectifier vs Tap Switch
54892. Using a former fuel oil tank as a DM water tank
54893. Salt spray testing assembly with both zinc plated and galvanized components
54895. Yellow chromate for Cad, Zinc and Zinc/Nickel
54896. Pitting on antique brass finishing
54897. Galvanic potentials: SS316 Vs Duplex stainless steel
54900. Electroforming gold jewelry on copper, and can't remove last traces of copper
54901. 925 Pandora bracelets are turning red
54902. How to gold plate plastic car emblems
54904. Is Stainless Steel finish or Black Oxide on Stainless more durable?
54905. Can torching galvanized rails cause seizures
54906. Pot left on the burner for 6 hours; are the fumes dangerous to your health?
54909. Camouflage powder coat?
54911. Adhesion failure plating electroless nickel on F357 Casting
54913. How to tell if chemfilm was done
54914. Want to set up a plant for colour anodizing
54915. Want to know how to do two-color anodizing
54916. Melonite / SBN process for highest wear resistance?
54917. Chemical percentage and process of stainless steel, carbon steel, Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy, alloy steel in tube product
54918. Robotic slot finishing with abrasive cords
54919. Mirror Polishing HSS M2 plates
54920. Corrosion and wear resistant coatings for copper? Also for Zinc? Other material?
54927. What is "Hard Silver Coating" vs. Silver Plating
54928. Creating a rusted pattern on fabric
54931. Process Similar to Aluminium Anodizing but for Zinc?
54932. Chrome-look spray application
54933. Electrolytic reaction - aluminum with stainless and brass
54934. Which electroplating machine is best?
54935. Recovering the zinc from zinc dross
54937. Can't get good Black Oxide on reworked parts
54938. What are the restrictions on Hot Dip Galvanizing in
54939. Why is Hot Dip Galvanized coating thickness dropping?
54941. Difference between copper anodes with phosphorous content
54944. Does tumbling with alumina create issues for later welding of 304 stainless steel parts?
54948. What is the white rust in aluminum alloys composed of?
54949. Why is rhodium plated onto gold jewelry instead of onto less expensive metals
54950. Metal finishing issues in classic car restoration
54952. Can anodized wheels be chromed or powder coated?
54953. Gold plating vs Silver plating for electrical contacts
54954. Flow marks along anodized part
54960. Need information on non-cyanide jewelry bombing
54962. General Metal Finish Selection
54963. Wear resistance of chromate over cadmium
54964. Pretreatment for Electroless Nickel (EN) on Brass
54965. Material differences: CRCA and 5052
54966. How to restore chrome commercial faucets?
54967. Undisputed best coating system for high volume small stamped steel parts?
54970. How do I create a pitted and corroded finish on 420J Stainless Steel?
54971. Bubbles and Blister formation during trimetal plating
54972. Bright Dip will be my downfall!
54973. Which is good process: buffing vs. glass beading
54974. Ventilation requirements for plating shop
54976. Mysterious Black Nickel Plating on Copper
54977. Aluminum pool coping is pitting and rusting
54978. One-part vs. two part epoxy for fiberglass boat?
54980. Want satin crystalline finish from anodizing
54981. Typical finished color for MIL-A-8625F Type III anodize of 7075-T6 material
54982. Black electrophoretic vs. black chrome finishes
54985. Anodizing motorcycle clutch basket with non-removable steel components
54986. My white gold ring did turn black
54987. Analytical technique for confirmation of 49% HF solution
54988. Using Zinc Plated Nuts on Galvanized Bolts
54989. Temperature of Hard Chrome Reverse Etch
54990. Cycle for the preparation of polished cast iron prior to hard chrome plating
54991. Round White Spot after Anodising
54992. Copper Plating Matte - Colored Result
54996. Differentiating between HDG and SB?
54997. Is it possible to coat Aluminium and Stainless steel with a food grade polymer
54998. Rust Preventive Oil in Hot Dip Galvanizing

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