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The finishing.com Hotline includes more than 60,000 Shop Problems, Q&A's and RFQs about metal finishing. This page is an archive of a thousand of those discussions. You may prefer to start at our Home page, view the most recent threads, or search the site.

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40002. Vacuum cadmium
40003. Electroless nickel over babbitt alloy
40004. Plating electroless nickel on gold coated wafer
40005. An uncomfortable smell from Bath's solution
40006. Silver plating Peels off copper
40013. School Electroplating Project Didn't Work
40017. The best way to paint an aluminum ultralight wheelchair
40018. Kitchen sink color restoration
40019. Chrome wheels are discoloring
40020. How do I put an "oil rubbed" finish or blackened bronze finish on a beaten copper sink?
40022. Alocrom / Alodine 1200 ROHS compliance
40027. Fluoride determination in HF/Nitric titanium etches
40031. Above what tensile strength do screws require de-embrittlement?
40033. Re-plate Nickel over Nickel
40035. Aluminum Etch Prep turning Aluminum Black
40036. Electrodeposition of organic phosphated metals
40040. pH of rust
40042. "MIL-C-5541 class 3" versus "MIL-a-8625 type III class 2"
40044. I want to paint a polystyrene life buoy (currently white) red
40049. Remove cement from ceramic tile
40055. Brass plating on hinges
40059. Intergranular attack on Nimonic 105 alloy
40061. Slag removal on sheet metal
40062. 1045 Steel has become magnetic
40063. Scaling of heat treated screws made from boron steel material
40068. How to judge whether plating passes B117 12hours or 96hours?
40069. ASTM spec for yellow chromate adhesion testing
40070. Pitting in bright silver anodizing
40071. Coating Contributing to Fatigue Failure of 7075?
40072. Having a problem plating pewter
40077. Knowledge of D M Plant
40084. How to glue pennies together? (Canadian cents)
40088. Hydrogen Bake-out
40089. Stainless Steel Pretreatment
40091. Leveled rhodium for electronics industry
40094. Gold plating peel off
40095. Acid Zinc / Potassium Chloride Zinc Plating Problems & Solutions
40097. Tri Chrome Coating For FE/ZN 12
40098. Spangle and shiny metal - Architectural anodising
40099. Color inconsistency during hard anodizing of aluminum alloy 6063 component
40100. Sealing Process for Hard Anodize MIL-A-8625
40109. CORROSION in a Marine Environment
40110. Questionable Plating Practices Observed During Vendor Review
40111. Zinc Barrel Plating Current Density
40112. Need literature on anodising and electro-colouring on aluminum
40119. How to prepare anodizing film of aluminum alloy with electric particles?
40120. Powder coating stainless steel sink
40121. Nonionic surfactant analysis using HPLC method and their separation
40124. Detailed rhodium plating process
40125. Electroforming mandrel question
40128. Sealer after powder coating
40134. Etching a pattern in aluminum before anodizing
40136. Max. Hard chrome plating Thickness
40137. Repairing crack or hole in rinse tank
40138. Dichromate -passivation of zinc plated medium carbon steel
40139. Rusty yellowish surface after pickling
40141. Chemically removing copper sheet dents and scratches
40143. Etching nickel phosphorous
40152. Molybdenum coating
40154. How to rust nickel
40156. Finishing a bronze fountain
40157. Lacquer for silver plate
40161. Anodizing vs. RoHS
40162. Scrapping a rectifier, advice needed
40163. Why are layers of Polypropylrne balls used in dm water storage tanks?
40164. How to strip and re-nickel-chrome parts
40166. Why are we doing alkaline zinc plating?
40168. Uneven deposit in the bore
40169 Tin plate Blistering
40170. How to convert the color of GALVANIZED IRON to SILVER?
40171. Need a reliable decorative chroming system
40172. Rust is coming out from bottom side of door mild steel stiffener
40179. Single replacement lab w/ copper sulfate !help!
40180. Capacity enhancement of a chilling plant
40181. Can chromium be deposited by physical vapor deposition
40182. Can pregnant women safely work on Arsenic analysis?
40183. Need help repairing ring with great sentimental value!
40185. Discoloration of silver plated flatware following use of dishwasher detergent. Can it be removed?
40186 Trivalent chromate plating with black finish
40188. Coating other than lacquering copper and brass rolled products
40189. Nickel-Cad diffusion bake time
40190. Yellowish color on stainless steel
40191. Aqueous Cleaner or Non Flammable Solvent to Flush Fuel from Metal Box Prior to Soldering
40192. STAINLESS FOUNTAIN has RUST formations. Please Advise
40194. Galvanized "Tin" Kitchen Countertops
40201. Spontaneous Combustion
40202. Why federal law requires all coins to bear the word Liberty
40204. Suppliers for tin/gold and tin/silver electroplating solutions
40207. Painting on Gear Box
40208. Sand coatings?
40209. Acid cu
40210. Can I plate tin directly to 304 stainless?
40211. Coatings for Aluminum Busbar
40212. Electroplating Rose
40215. Laser Engraving Polished Aluminum
40216. Heat and acid resistant material having mechanical strength of mild steel
40221 Hard anodisation
40222. Thinking of starting a E Coat Job shop?
40224. Where can I get stainless steel wool
40226. Galvanic action between stainless steel pin fixing to an aluminum window restrictor
40228. Electroplating copper to glass
40232. Diamond like carbon coating
40234. What is the best way to achieve a "Scotch-Bite" finish?
40235. Stripping of Plastic Painted Parts
40236. Cost of plastic paint shop idle running condition
40241. Blistering of silver/nickel on machined aluminum
40242. Chrome titanium coating house ornaments
40243. Plating both outside AND inside of a tube - Can it be done with zinc?
40244. Chromic acid anodize can it be stripped and reworked without edging the aluminum
40249. Cleaning auto transmission
40250. In new solution after doing 35 pieces my rhodium pieces started looking black
40251. Trivalent Plating Chemistry
40252. RoHS Compliance of clear and yellow Iridite aluminum finishes
40253. Is zinc and clear coating RoHS compliant?
40255. What is Electro Galvanising
40256. What is Altizizing?
40257. Automating Surface Tension Measurements
40260. Cleaning electroless nickel tank
40261. Process worker would like some info on the Scientific Definition for Chromic Anodising?
40262. 32 finish on A36 Carbon Steel
40263. Looking for a scratch resistant aluminum finishing method for 6061 and 5052
40269. Need to plate through holes in PCB
40278. Acid Etching Aluminum
40279. Need help with GM 4347M Specification
40281. Iron Content Test for Nitric Acid Passivation Baths
40282. Titanium surface prep for organic coating
40283. Recycling of clinker of zinc pot
40285. Flat Black Coating for Stainless Steel
40287. Brass strip material corrodes and fractures after tin plating
40288. Scratches and patches on cadmium plating
40289. Industry standard for cosmetics on clear chromate, aluminum
40290. Gold Alodine plating problem
40291. How to use citric acid to clean a steam sterilizer
40293. Zinc Ammonium Chloride Effects on Metals
40294. Troubles with trivalent chromium precipitation
40295. Mottled surface appearance of hard coated 6061 AL after repeated autoclave cycles
40296. Chemical info on acid engraving
40299. Galvanized contact poisoning?
40300. Aluminum vs. Stainless Steel Piping for Aquaculture Saltwater Application
40301. Electrolyte for Electropolishing Conductive Graphite
40307. A60 Galvanized versus electro-galvanized steel
40308. Adhesive bonding to electroless nickel
40312. Copper roof over the bay window
40314. Can I cold weld over golf club engravings and then re-chrome them?
40315. 1959 Ford Galaxy OS door handles needs pits removed and re-chromed
40317. Removing mild tarnish from nickel-plated brass
40318. RoHS Compliant Black Oxide?
40319. Chrome plating on plastic - ESD problem
40321. Iron phosphate usage to aid powder coating adhesion
40322. Polishing Hot Rolled?
40323. White Spots on surface after Annealing and Pickling SS
40326. SandBlasting
40328. Strange etching by cup left in sink for two weeks
40329. How to hold Nickel Crowns in a plating tank
40331. Removing Aluminum and Chrome Oxidation
40332. Ugly blue paint on brass bed
40334. Galvanized painting pipes
40335. Protection of Stainless Steel Tank for Nickel Bath
40336. Thermal cycle for plated ABS
40337. Printing/Marking Aluminium tube, OD = 8.7 mm
40338. What's the proper way to hang pieces in an acid copper tank?
40339. Does DS9 passivation fall under ASTM A 380?
40341. How to Start Up A Passivation Operation?
40342. Electrolysis metal pipe
40344. How do you remove oil based primer drops off of concrete?
40345. How to remove chrome plating peeling off of rims!
40347. What size spray paint tip is required to spray Tremclad?
40348. Art project neutralizing nitric acid with sodium bicarbonate
40349. Standard commercial zinc plating and hexavalent chromium
40350. Anodizing using the barrels
40351. How to hard anodize the inside of a closed end shock tube the same thickness as the outside
40356. What is the pretreatment for NiP coating on Al sheet by electroless method?
40357. How to co-deposit ferrite+BaTio3 along with NiP?
40358. Nitric Acid Testing
40359. Removal on an antique metal tray of a clear coat finish (unknown) over folk art painted surface
40361. Powder Coat UnderCured?
40363. Hard Chrome Plating Electropolish Finishes
40364. Anodizing after welding process
40370. Trying electroless CoFe deposition
40372. Removing zinc coating from a copper penny without hurting the copper
40373. Sulfuric acid (H2SO4) erosion of new Lincoln
40375. Stripping electroplated zinc from copper
40377. How conductive is powder coat paint?
40379. PCB Ni/Au electroplating crack
40382. Electrical resistance of chromate conversion coating class 3 (chem-film / Alodine / Iridite)
40383. Aluminum anodizing
40385. How to achieve 300 hr Salt Spray Resistance using 3 in 1 phosphating solution
40387. Measurement of Ra value of coating
40390. Stainless appliances: Would you do it again?
40394. Cyanide wastewater treatment
40395. Zinc recovery from Dross
40405. For white nickel-free plating
40406. Food grade anodising update?
40408. How do I have to dissolve stainless steel
40409. Regarding the pitting on 316 SS
40412. Finishing iron custom staircase
40415. I was wanting to paint a golf cart body
40416. Aluminum oxide = health risks?
40417. Reduction of metal waste in the dental plating industry
40419. How to call out gold TiN coating
40421. Your thoughts on hardcoat anodizing 5052 alum.
40422. Passivation and laser etching
40428. Need corrosion protection finish for high strength bolts in clean room
40429. Discolored finish after 150degC bake
40430. What colours are available with Alochroming?
40438. Cloudy electroless nickel deposit
40439. Zinc surge up, how long it will last?
40440. Chromic Anodize - Deterioration of bath
40441. Photo-Resist Composition anyone?
40443. Seeking spoon ring maker
40446. How does the phosphoric, citric, and carbonic acid in soda not corrode the aluminum can it is held in?
40447. Which pH level is the most conducive to the corrosion of copper and iron
40448. Blackening / colouring aluminium by coating
40449. Removal of rust from marine stainless steel cables used for rigging and subsequent protection
40450. Remove paint from bath tub
40451. Uncleanable Aluminum Rims
40453. Is it possible to strip polished brass, and if so what will be underneath
40454. Restoring brass handles/hardware on Antique Secretary Desk
40455. AMS 2485/G
40457. Adhesive and optically transparent layer by vacuum coating for gold to stick on glass.
40458. Hard chrome plating adhesive failures
40460. Corrosion on the external surface of 1" Alloy 20 pipe
40465. Need a copper crown gold plated
40467. Quantity of chemical to use for 16'x3' copper (Hughes book question)
40469. Mirror like layer is needed instead of pink layer in acid copper electroplating
40471. Can E-coating be an alternative for zinc galv plating as a rust prevention for metal parts that get powder coated?
40473. Is there an easier way to clean 8.8, 10.9 12.9 grade steel chemically?
40474. Nickel in copper bath
40475. Does nickel coated 302 SS wire need to be passivated to avoid corrosion
40476. Rust in hot phosphated parts
40480. Trivalent Functional Chrome Plating
40481. How to remove Titanium anodizing non-industrially?
40482. Need help removing rock like deposits in tank!
40483. Precipitating rhodium out of a rhodium plating solution
40485. Second De Embrittlement required after plating?
40487. What is the Advantage of Powder Coated Stainless Steel Junction Boxes
40490. Adhesion problems with copper on old zinc parts
40491. Problems faced in gold plated metal components
40492. Black spots on satin nickel components
40493. Achieving yellow without a dye station
40494. Electro-chemical Deburring
40495. How to quickly remove steel burr on OD
40496. Is copper galvanically safe to use with a ZINC PLATE - Chromate
40497. How to make long lasting (2 years life) Dye Gold Plating on Imitation Jewellery
40502. Substitutability between galvannealed, hot dip galvanized and electrogalvanized
40506. Zinc Plated Steel Toxic Fumes?
40507. PVD line water management
40508. Silver plating on carbon for Ag4 dep
40512. How to remove PVC glue from hair and body
40518. Bubbles in Clear Powder Coat
40519. Bright nickel-free plating wanted cheap
40520. Pin holes in chrome allow corrosion
40521. Polishing raised lettering
40522. Aluminium corrosion when used with copper in water
40524. Electroforming a layer of silver solder onto a copper-silver laminate
40525. Zinc cyanide poisoning
40526. Using Deionized Water in Closed Loop Heating System
40528. What are the different ways of passivation for SS 316 L and SS 314 L?
40530. Phosphating Versus Bonderizing
40531. Protection needed for steel pinion in plastic rack
40533. Thick Film to PCB adhesion deteriorating after Nickel
40534. Setting up to dye aluminum in different colors
40535. Hard Anodizing 7075 Alum
40541. Chemical Cobalt Plating
40543. Cold Enameling does not survive plating
40544. Chrome plating CDA 91300 high tin bronze
40546. Polishing Stainless Buses and Coaches
40547. BBQ Stainless
40548. Best way to remove engraving from sterling silver
40549. Remove gold plating from s.s. flatware
40550. Need to re-coat 1943 zinc plated pennies
40551. Recovery of nickel and chrome from stainless steel pickling sludge
40552. I have components that need to be tin/lead plated to MIL-F-14072 F.
40553. Need mordant wash for galvanized steel
40555. Nickel plating on acid copper plated lead based idols
40556. Flash gold on ABS
40557. Silver - WHY NOW?
40558. Poor adhesion in plating onto titanium
40559. Suitable valves for concentrated sulfuric acid
40560. Corrosion Preventing Paper for Ferrous Castings in Salt Water?
40561. Surface treatment required for Aluminium Plate
40564. Do you know what nitrates are present in the water from electroplating industry?
40565. Influence of surface finishing on AISI 316 on corrosion resistance in marine environments
40566. Did Bleach Strip Gold from Wedding Ring?
40567. Choosing tube mill lubricant for pregalvanized steel
40568. Cost reduction for plating of aluminum bus bar
40569. Bothersome fingerprints on Titanium Anodizing
40570. Electroplating solutions
40571. How to remove steel machine screws tapped into aluminum
40572. Help--white deposits on my chrome wheels
40577. Easiest way to make stainless steel printing plates hydrophilic?
40578. What is a different between current and voltage in power supply and why?
40580. Acid clean boiler part?
40584. Rust treatment for historic cast iron on stained glass window
40585. Using magnesium hydroxide in metal removal in treating waste water
40586. Testing for 304 vs. 316 Stainless Steel?
40588. Looking for a blackening solution
40589. How do I maintain the rich dark color of lasering stainless steel?
40590. Is Titanium Plating or Coating on Stainless Steel Possible and How?
40591. Electroless nickel plating on zinc / zamac die castings
40592. Platinum Chrome Blistering
40594. Matte tin plating using cresol sulphonic acid
40595. Durability of different finishes for PC board contacts
40597. Active stainless in galvanized metal lath
40605. How does a mill measure carbon smut on cold rolled
40606. Iridite 7P
40607. Brass JIS C3604 RoHs Compliance?
40608. Black RoHS conversion coating for aluminum
40610. ASTM B117 salt purity
40611. MIL-A-8625 Type III the same as AMS 2469
40612. Why boiling test at 4 hour 100 deg C is required? What is the purpose of this test
40616. Bubbles in zinc plate
40617. Sodium Contamination In Watt Bath
40618. Gold Plating Thickness (Porosity)
40619. Which anodizing process is right
40620. Test to check clear Iridite coating
40625. Non-RoHS stainless steel?
40626. Is Re-chroming Illegal in New York State?
40627. Selection of filter press cloth
40629. Alkaline Zinc on sheet metal - Recurrent Blistering!
40630. Woods Nickel Strike ASF
40631. Sticky film on my black anodized 6061
40632. Alochrome/Health and Safety
40634. Conductive powder coat prep
40635. Comparison of plastic chroming techniques
40636. Creating company logo on hot-rolled steel bars
40642. Cleaning copper for soldering purposes
40643. Masking fluid for dyeing
40644. How do I minimize orange peel?
40645. Method of metal plating on plastic
40646. Silver testing supplies
40647. Bleach and C.L.R.
40654. Is there an alternative to Ferroxyl test?
40655. Removal of Textured Powder Coating from Bathroom Fixtures
40658. Polyurethane paints
40659. Multilayer electrophoretic lacquer?
40660. Finish for a steel lock
40661. How to make black color on SS304 steel
40662. Black natural finish for steel or iron exterior building parts
40664. Nickel Chrome Plate temperature thresholds
40665. Wheel chroming
40666. Plating solution on alternative nickel
40667. Hard Anodizing for Corrosion Protection from Methanol
40668. 302 Stainless Steel
40669. How to design 3 Stage Wash System
40670. Cleaning up MONEL 400 after fabrication
40671. How to polish the alloy wheel for chrome plating
40672. What do I use to protect aluminum from ethylene glycol+water
40673. Micro inches
40674. "So, Rhodium costs almost twice as much as Platinum - of course I am interested." Gotta love that.
40675. Electroless nickel plating of aluminum parts
40676. White rust formation on Zinc + Cr+3 finished threads
40678. Plating Oxides
40680. Need Help with Plating Polished Nickel over Nickel (Replate)
40685. Black hard chrome problems
40686. Material plating on titanium for wear resistance
40689. Chemical Liquid for Stainless Steel
40690. Solderability of ELECTRO TIN PLATE PER ASTM B545
40692. LOOKING FOR A PRODUCT/ Eurocoating?
40693. Powder coating on cast iron
40694. Line problem on ABS plating
40695. No cyanide in cleaning of gold surface
40699. Aluminum artwork needs repair and resurfacing - help
40700. Paint bubbling on galvanized chassis
40703. Stripping Tin on Electroless Nickel
40704. Nickel Plating Problem (ph)
40705. Hard Chrome Plating Bath Contamination
40706. Type of coating that may be used to REPAIR ground Mil-C5541surface of an Aluminum part
40707. Flash pickling and smut removal on Ti6Al4V
40710. Zr plating
40712. Stainless Steel Coffe Table Needs Help (Rust - Scratches)
40714. Salt tracking problem with PVC plastisol
40716. Oil for surface grinding aluminum
40718. Durable black finish for 18/8 Stainless parts
40719. Yellow Zinc Plate vx. Black Oxide
40722. Powder Coated Patio Furniture
40724. Aluminum tank for parkerizing
40726. Lead sheathing of copper
40727. Difference between Yellow, Green and White Passivation
40728. White powder defect on Black Passivation on Acid Zinc Plating
40729. Pretreatment of areas where welding or grinding remove galvanizing
40737. RoHS and zinc plated hardware
40739. Stripping of AL Arc Spray Coating from AL-6061-T6 Materials
40741. What is the best process to hard plate industrial diamonds to steel to make diamond core drills?
40743. Substitute for rhodium plating on jewelry
40744. Does anodize improve coating adhesion?
40745. Performance of powder coating on blasted surface
40746. Effective electro chemical etching process for nickel forming on ss substrate
40752. Color manipulation of chromate anti-corrosion baths
40753. Problems in start-up and maintenance of galvanizing kettle
40755. Nickel Chrome Plating On Aluminum
40756. Laser etching of anodized aluminum
40758. Anodising-lead cathodes (RoHS legislation)
40760. High temp non-stick and durable coating?
40763. Restauranteur asks if stainless steel okay for lemon juice (citric acid)?
40766. Spot test for nickel on copper
40768. Laser Etching of Anodized Aluminum -- Is a polished look possible?
40769. Corrosion protection A380 cast aluminum with chrome
40773. Additive that give brightness to silver plating
40775. Polished Chrome vs. Chrome Plated Brass
40777. How to waste treat nickel boron
40778. Stripping nickel from copper
40780. High gloss clear TGIC coat turns out flat and dull
40781. Adding Color to the Process of Vitreous Enameling
40782. 24 carat gold colour
40783. Ni3B question Tapping the keg of knowledge here at finishing.com
40784. Is chrome plating safe for food processing tools or machines?
40788. Alodine and Anodize paint adhesion problems
40793. I need help to get rid of the nodules in gold plating
40794. Rating of Salt Spray Test
40795. Silver plating - electrolytic chromates
40796. Anodizing Black Dye Smears
40798. Sodium Dichromate sealing of anodized surfaces and temperature degradation
40800. Brass forged component finishing
40806. Corroded Aluminum Door Threshhold
40807. Zinc thickness on galvanized steel conduit
40808. HELP! Need a Process Control Specification (not material spec) for Powder Coating
40809. Light blue clouds on electroless Ni-surface
40810. Rework on internal thread of size N 10 UNF as gauge not pass after plating
40812. Chemical method to remove rust from carbon steel tank that contains Sulfuric Acid at 98% concentration in explosive atmosphere plant
40813. Elimination of phosphating by adding anything in heat treatment
40814. Acid etching stainless steel panel
40815. Need help with solution for mirror finish repair!
40816. Best coating for aluminum hotplate?
40819. Monobasic acids
40823. RoHs compliance for Stainless Steel Fasteners
40824. What is rapid nitriding process?
40825. Corrosion resistance - electroless nickel versus sulfamate nickel
40827. Electrodeposit Zinc Plating Affecting Zinc Phosphating
40829. Nickel plating surface face prior to hard chroming for large bore engine piston rings
40830. Cleaning of aluminium castings for race applications
40831. Salt spray failures in zinc plating
40837. Plating of platinum in the early 20th century
40838. Do you have to remove a powder coating to "repaint" it?
40840. ALOCHROM 1000 RoHS Compliance
40841. 12L14- ROHS
40842. Can I safely add copper to my diet by boiling pre-1980's pennies with my tea?
40843. Anionic bed regeneration
40844. How to make ferrous sulfate as a water flocculant
40845. Suitability of Kynar Painted Metal Roofing for Collection of Potable Rainwater
40846. Polyurethane Powdercoating on Stainless Steel steel AISI304 or AISI210
40847. Best way to keep original colour and finish of copper in harsh conditions
40848. Powder Coating Automobile Front End Parts
40849. Pulsed Current vs Continuous Current Plating
40850. Bright Tin Finish -VS- Matte Tin Finish
40851. Will chemicals used in bright zinc electroplating process hurt Viton?
40852. Dichloromethane (CH2Cl2) effects on black anodize
40854. Question on racking for small parts
40855. I need concrete "cons" to Nitric 1 Passivation with sodium bichromate. Please help!
40856. Saltwater resistant fasteners
40863. Charcoal filtering nickel sulfamate solution?
40864. RoHS Compliance Confusion - Hexavalent but less than 1000 ppm?
40865. Looking for web site with GM Worldwide Engineering standards
40866. How to recycle copper and nickel banknote printing plates?
40867. Resistor's resistance drifts up after electroplating
40868. Zinc Plating with Trivalent Chromate blistering after baking
40870. Cathode selection when electropolishing 416 stainless steel
40871. Clean my hydraulic parts so that could be recycled by filter
40872. 316SS Tubing Contamination Problem
40875. Finish for zinc casting
40879. Nickel Plating and RoHS requirement
40880. Hardness achievement in high speed self regulating hard chrome bath
40886. Air Agitation sizing and calculations
40887. Reaction of cyanide and bleach?
40889. Using caustic to dissolve aluminum
40890. How to get salt spray of 500 hrs on welded joints
40891. New powder coater needs straight answers
40893. Color Problem with PVD Deposits
40894. Cracks in the chain after yellow zinc passivation
40895. A problem with nickel - chrome plating on zinc substrate
40896. Hard Plating Small Bores
40904. Stainless Steel vs Aluminum Crawfish Boiler
40906. Sakaphen coating
40907. Alternative to Plastisol?
40909. Nitriding case thickness definition
40910. Main causes of nickel contamination in costume jewelry plating
40911. How to recover platinum from the mud of mixed metals like platinum, palladium, rhodium
40912. Aluminium pickup/crack after anodized process
40915. Can stainless steel 316L vessel resist for 10% HCl and 10% NaOH
40918. Electrolyte for aluminum electroplating
40919. How to obtain yellow gold precipitate
40920. Faded anodized aluminum
40926. Methanol damaging epoxy paint
40932. Salvage of ancient sail pulley
40933. What coating is used on the surface of PC Motherboard to protect the copper wires?
40934. How would I paint a picture on my brand new white fiberglass canoe?
40935. Three Step Acid Finishing
40936. Heating Pickle Acids
40937. Connecting lead anodes to bus bar
40940. Hydraulic tubing passivation
40941. What color is Dacromet?
40942. Matte tin plating: thermal resistivity and oxidation
40943. Black zinc plating vs. Black oxiding
40944. Visual Appearance of Sulphamate Nickel
40945. Anodizing over Anodize
40947. Is there a need for iron phosphate coating in a dry film lubrication application?
40950. Plating process for copper
40959. Electroless Nickel Plating
40962. Optimum pH for tin electro refining
40963. Bright nickel process
40964. Can it be SUS303 if it's rusty and magnetic?
40968. I want to sand and prime my car properly. How do I do that?
40969. Voltage required to apply e-coat that is used on automobiles
40970. Does hot dip galvanizing adhere on stainless steel?
40971. Boric acid vs Borax pentahydrate
40972. What type of pickling is recommended to clean A286 material
40973. Anodizing a cast A380 aluminum part in light color
40982. Acid dipping & E-Coating car bodies for restoration
40983. Mirrored headlights? I've seen them but can't find them to purchase
40985. Will brass contaminate a rhodium solution even with a pre-plate?
40986. Uranus B6 barrel suitable for chlorhydric pickling?
40987. MSDS
40988. How can I remove paint from stainless steel?
40989. Stoving Enamel
40991. Silver Plating Beryllium/Teryllium Copper Alloys
40992. Zinc plating of s-832-2 PEM clinch nuts
40993. Wood grain finish on anodized aluminum without mechanical pre-treatment
40996. Metal finishing in vibratory
40997. Galvanic corrosion between brass component and aluminum conductor

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