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31000. Powder coated steel corrodes from smallest scratch
31001. Substituting Zinc Electroplated for Mechanical Plated Screws
31002. Electroplating equipment from Rapid Electroplating Process
31003. Chromium Carbide vs. Stellite for Edge building
31007. Blistering of chloride zinc after baking
31008. Selective conductive areas in anodized extrusion
31012. Water Rinse Tank Dumping vs. Replenishing
31013. Phosphating reduction and waste disposal?
31014. Multi plating of Kovar for soldering
31015. Rust Inhibitors before powder coating? Does it work?
31016. Need list of different platings for steel
31017. Satellite designer needs outgassing data for Iridite 7p
31019. Jeweler needs methods for cleaning 14k Jewelry
31020. Stainless steel screws gall going into aluminum
31021. Hand tool mfgr. wants ideas for new hand tool coatings
31029. Electro-polishing solution for nitinol and platinum
31031. Solution to RoHS
31032. Methanol removal from industrial wastewater
31034. Can we improve our tin plating to 240 hours Salt Spray?
31035. Problem getting consistent purple dye after clear chromate
31036. Corroding AL A380 with resin impregnation and Iridite
31037. In need of expert Metallurgical help ASAP
31038. Making Zinc Phosphate Stripper
31039. Coating to Protect an Aluminum Casting Against Hydrochloric Acid
31043. Need titanium phosphate, nickel acetate, manganese oxide
31044. Role of acids in lemon and salt used to remove rust from clothes
31045. Titanium Nitride OVER Titanium di-oxide plating
31046. Titanium analysis wet-titration method
31047. Surface pitting of painted steel parts
31052. Corrosion resistance of 303 SS vs 304 SS
31053. Spotting problems on gold plating
31055. NIFLOR coating in the field
31058. How are under-hood components rust-proofed?
31059. Heat treatment of Electroless Nickel plating - coating vs. substrate hardness
31060. Rusting Pickled 316 Stainless Steel
31061. Need shop to clean old electroformed copper waveguides
31067. How to alter contents of rust bluing solutions for different colors?
31068. Shotgun refinisher needs to get rust off hard-to-reach spots
31069. How to allow for cooling of copper in vacuum after annealing
31070. What method to verify chrome plating and phosphating?
31073. Improvement in fatigue strength in shot peened CA172
31074. Coating system for bare aluminum alloy shipping containers in a marine environment
31076. Tensile testing of materials
31078. Neutralizing etching and plating chemicals
31079. How to do Artificial Sweat Test
31082. Troubleshooting granular appearance of powder coated articles
31083. Visual Attribute QA Quantification
31085. What coating will stop copper oxide adhesion to steel furnace
31091. What metal will corrode fast in acid
31092. Should violinist get his silver strings white gold plated
31093. Searching for plating to allow making a Torqueflite tranny from aluminum
31094. Why is there sometimes copper residue after stripping EN?
31098. Is there a difference between anodizing and plating rectifiers?
31099. We're suffering from Rusty SS316L material
31100. How to rustproof Kovar while retaining laser weldability?
31105. Acid washing of custom stainless steel hearth and mantle
31108. How to fix lack of uniformity in yellow chromating
31109. Gold Plating rivets on my truck rims
31110. Difference between aluminum vs. jig plate aluminum?
31112. A method to stop the bleeding of untreated aluminum
31113. Starving student/housekeeper scratches client's stainless microwave
31116. Poor paint adhesion on 304 stainless fasteners
31117. Chemical reactions of chromium solutions, containing Alumina and fluoride
31123. Fix I.D. threads tapped into aluminum part
31124. Seeking knowledge of Nickel strike
31126. Galvanizing is not bonding to iron. Fluxing wrong?
31128. Finger amputated by jewelry polishing wheel
31132. HFO Burner Wind Boxes Material
31134. Surface finish conversion metric to English standard
31138. What is Woods Nickel Plating?
31140. Can cadmium be reworked selectively
31141. Problem with silver plating brass (high temp adhesion test)
31144. Can we do acid copper plating after cyanide brass
31148. Proper pickling procedure for copper
31149. Repairing scratches in black anodized aluminum
31150. Finishing 316L welds and plates to mirror finish
31152. Color coating very small lots of stainless steel
31153. Galvanic Reaction between zinc plated bolts and S.S. washers
31154. Problems in Electroless Nickel Process
31155. Formulation of Nickel plating SAE-AMS QQ-N-290 CLASS 1, GRADE F
31156. How to get 4Ra finish on 316 stainless steel in a .020" dia thru hole
31158. Conservator has zinc corrosion problem on artifact
31159. Titanium coating for golden color and decoration
31160. Will liver of sulfur discolor white gold on a two-color ring?
31161. Chroming of plastic parts
31162. Sludge settlement problem at the clarifier
31163. Zinc analysis in brass bath and colour changing problem
31165. Corrosive-resistant finish for brass lugs in automotive environment
31166. Numerical value(ppm) of the metallic contaminations in nickel bath
31167. Question re: Acceptability of Plating Nodules
31168. Stopping galvanic corrosion of dissimilar metals that must be electrically connected
31170. Enquiry for supplier, price and delivery for Copper Cathode
31178. Stripping fancy paint from an aluminum bike frame
31180. Will aluminum rods with a dull chrome finish handle exterior weathering?
31182. Is MIL-L-46010 dry film lube a Nutrient to Fungi?
31183. Does hydrogen embrittlement baking time and temp depend on part size?
31186. Parameters for Silk Screening Titanium
31187. Outgassing during two-layer powder coating
31190. Coloring Chrome Plating
31191. Is there such thing as chromate cure time
31192. Filling Pits in Aluminum in-house?
31193. The Chemistry of Rust Converters
31197. Removing burnt black soot on brass candle chain
31198. Zinc Plating Outgassing?
31201. Riddle about Chrome Horse Corral silly :-)
31202. Explain chem-film process in depth
31203. What is black iron?
31205. How do I clean hardened epoxy off steel surface?
31206. Failed hydrogen embrittlement test after EN plating
31207. Electro plating A193 studs
31210. Surface finish for a stainless steel or Al automotive pedal pad
31218. Corrosion test of a nickel plating film
31220. What chemical to degrease aluminum components
31221. Thesis on Waste by Electroplating Industries
31222. White gold and rhodium plating... :)
31224. Can Dry Film Lubes be used to tighten blower clearances
31225. How to remove aluminum oxide from an aluminum motor?
31226. Silver metallizing solution for organic material
31227. What is Yick Sang YS 1287#
31228. Will Aeroglaze A276 adhere to gold plating
31229. Vacuum metallization of 24K gold?
31230. How to palladium plate in lieu of rhodium to tarnish-proof silver
31232. Does electrolysis occur between aluminum and other metals
31233. Electromagnet supplier want anodizing insulation data
31234. New surface treatment for aluminum
31235. Want to know formulation of Alodine 1200 and Candoclene
31236. 300 series passivation specification
31237. Rust prevention of iron metal parts in high humidity storage in open air
31238. Want formulation for phosphating solution
31240. RMS to emery equivalency (275 RMS)
31241. Passivation with nitric acid. How to check pH level?
31242. Gearbox designer needs to clean Titanium with Stainless insert
31243. Mixing Dacrotized high strength bolts with zinc plated nuts
31244. Is this galvanic action?
31248. Seeking anodizing dye supplier
31250. Book wanted--Electroless Plating by Mallory and Hajdu
31252. Removing surface scratches from chrome
31253. Is there a "rub-on" brass finish?
31254. Possible relief for metal fume fever symptoms, personal quest and results
31255. Making wax mandrels for electroforms conductive
31259. Need heat resistant powder for coating silencers of tractors
31261. Avoiding damage when using muriatic acid to clean tiled floor
31262. What paint to use on baby crib
31263. Safely cleaning aluminum horse shoes
31264. Stopping copper pipe corrosion with zinc anodes
31265. Tank Material for Nitric Acid/ Sodium Dichromate Passivation
31266. Why can't we Ni-Cr plate at room temperature?
31268. Reverse engineering plating on moly sprocket drive
31271. Replating silver plated objects like trays, vases, flatware, etc.
31275. Brightening aluminum boats after manufacture
31276. Phosphated carbon steel - Flexibility
31277. Corn cob recycling possible?
31278. Rusting Problem after Mass finishing for sintered components
31279. Require mechanical plating source urgently
31284. Removal of iron traces from sulfuric acid bath for extending working life of acid
31286. Is Ni barrier needed when Ag plating on Cu
31287. Non-cyanide zinc gets brittle with age
31288. Scaling on non-plated surface in hard chrome plating
31295. Difference between Rhodium and Nickel plating
31296. Stainless steel water dish for dog that turned black with Lime Away
31297. PVD watch case treatment
31298. Cast Iron Stove outdoors?
31300. Need Plating Shop Set-up Information
31301. Finishing process for aluminum castings
31302. Dark blue patination for steel counter
31313. Do pennies' weight change over time
31314. How can you tell the difference in penny compositions?
31315. Plating specification QQ-Z-325
31316. Nissan Black Oxide spec
31317. Responsibility for Revised Specifications
31318. Cleaning up Chromic Acid Surface Contamination
31319. Analysis of Hydrofluoric Acid
31320. 6000 hours Salt Spray Test required
31322. Bubbles in Powder coating?
31323. Maximum allowable current - how to calculate?
31325. Need alternative to Cadmium Plating
31326. Deoxidizer turns red
31327. Impact aluminum causing Chromate Conversion Problems
31328. Effects of local removal of anodize finish
31329. Over dose of Nitric Acid in passivation
31330. Deburring of coated master printing plates
31331. Looking for an application or treatment to steel to resist friction marring
31332. Aluminum parts attacked by dilute Nitric Acid
31339. Need a Small Chrome Plated Brass Sheet
31341. How can stainless steel corrode? Sulfuric vs. hydrochloric acid
31342. Hull Cell Questions
31343. Removal of silver plating from scrap busbar
31344. How do you tell the difference between gold and brass coins?
31345. How to formulate parkerizing solution?
31346. Starting Zinc Plating Line
31347. Wood grain effect with powder coating -- how to achieve it?
31348. Red spot in gold barrel plating
31349. Is my tin bath right?
31351. Erythorbic Acid substitutes
31357. Internal stress control of nickel electroforming in sulfamate bath
31358. Precleaning of Aluminum for Alodine
31359. 303 stainless shafts never rusted before, now they do
31365. Chemical structure of home made solder flux
31366. New technique for anodizing magnesium
31368. Want most corrosion-proof plating option for Rolls-Royce brake parts
31369. Effect of paint thinner on the aluminum oxide finish on hardwood floors
31370. Want to build a stripping diptank
31373. Got MEK in my eyes
31376. Improve mounting of cold cathode
31377. Gold plated sheet cladding
31381. Scratches On Nickel-Silver Sheet--grade C752
31382. Teflon Coating - Non Stick Specifications
31383. Solutions to heat loss from plating/rinse vats
31385. Matte black powder coat on Brass and Bronze
31388. Baking soda ingrained into silver flatware after treatment
31391. Stripping cad plating safely
31392. What is mild steel
31395. Need used spray booth in Miami
31396. Filtering of Electrocleaner Solutions?
31397. Internal lining of concrete lined pipes-testing procedures
31399. Polishing black anodized steel parts
31400. Stain over nickel plated brass components
31401. Passivation method without total immersion
31402. Scratches from centerless grinding process
31405. Help with learning the Black Oxide Process
31407. Need Electropolished Nickel Foil
31408. What causes blue discoloration of stainless steel
31409. Honda VTX Cruiser Wheel Polishing
31412. Removing dings after passivation
31414. Competitive shooter needs to remove zinc from barrel
31416. Acetone dissolving Aeroglaze Z306 on astronomical gear
31417. Effective control of electroless nickel baths
31419. Need a company to recycle our filter cake
31420. Need hydrophilic coating for aluminum foil
31421. Microbes in deionised water
31422. Minimize top dross in zinc pot
31424. Solder plate flaking from IC leads during trim and form
31428. Want colors or stains on stainless steel ring mesh
31430. Machinability Of Hy-Tuff steel
31431. Electroless nickel plating waste water
31432. Water Purification System for Electroplating and Chromate manufacturing
31434. Black oxided screws are rusting
31436. Nickel electroplating on carbon fiber
31437. Finishes for Aluminum Ball Bearing Race
31438. Removing salt residue after Turco treatment
31439. Grinding of Tribomet
31441. Coating ceramic rod with nickel
31442. What etches steel armor?
31444. What is the process for Pickle and Oil?
31446. Zinc plating raw material problem
31447. Nickel plating problems
31453. Difference between Constant Current vs. Constant Voltage power supply
31459. Need nickel plating of lead fishing spoons
31460. How would I make a spoon rust?
31462. Writing a horror novel: the effects of hydrochloric acid on people
31463. Duranar: will it benefit my company
31465. Builder wants green-blue patina on steel staircase
31467. Copper Wire Cleaning, Oxidation Prevention, Lacquering
31468. Barrel finishing of jewelry
31469. Teflon tape reacts with methanol
31470. How to identify sand-cast vs die-cast aluminum motorcycle parts
31473. Design of fume hood for perchloric acid
31479. Need high volume black zinc plating, Type MFZn2-K
31483. Waterproofing metals and woods
31484. Student questions on electropolishing
31485. Palladium plating on microporous nickel
31486. How to patina new zinc sheeting and make it look old/antique
31490. Accelerated exposure testing of copper
31491. Seeking test to prove our ECPD works on autos
31493. How to stop rust on large concrete forms
31497. Bare areas on ENP plated castings
31498. Plating on plastic
31500. My Nickel Electroforms seem to be magnetic
31503. Galvanic Corrosion: nickel-aluminum interface
31504. Sludge drying/dehumidifying process for vibratory mills
31506. Need to durably paint staples
31509. Adhesive for Polypropylene
31510. Fastener systems for aluminum pool cages
31511. Soldering Ni plated Al foil to batteries
31512. Will a lip seal run acceptably on anodized aluminum
31514. Want Hazcom Training Video
31515. Substitute for hf French embossing process on glass
31516. Silkscreen ink for rubber bathing caps
31517. Seals wear paint and plating off airbrake components
31520. Want stable bare metal anode
31522. Chrome polish or paint engine parts
31524. Heat treating 17-7PH Condition A
31527. Chemicals to dissolve titanium for fine art?
31528. Oil painting, artist grade, on aluminum
31529. Will black anodized chassis dissipate heat better than clear
31530. Partial type III anodization for small aluminum parts
31535. Painted steel chemical processes: student question
31536. Removal of chrome from alloy wheels
31540. Finishing technique on 2 SS surfaces
31541. A 'satin' electropolish?
31544. Will rhodium plated stainless meet European nickel-free standard?
31545. Conforming to 300 hours salt spray test for sheet metal items
31546. Chrome plated 42CrMo4 tubes
31547. Phosphate coating process and possible problems
31548. Painting peels off of hot-dip galvanized pipe
31549. Pickling
31550. Electroless plating on ABS plastics
31552. High temperature electrophoretic coating
31553. Lead-free/cadmium-free and chrome-free Electroless Nickel plating
31554. Non corrosive metals for luminaires
31556. Collector questions historical rifle barrel rust prevention
31559. Chromed piston rod squeals. Will better finish silence it?
31560. Fix vs. replace AISI 8630 gears
31561. Will stainless steel BBQ rust?
31565. Hard chrome plating on Aluminum Bronze possible?
31567. Gold electroplating is wearing off of silver spoons
31570. 40 volts vs 22 volts
31576. Degreasing problems
31578. What paintball gun coatings for lowest coefficient of friction
31579. To Eliminate Pin Holes on Painted Wheels
31585. Jeweler wants to clean gold and silver using cyanide
31587. Contaminant parameters for hot dip galvanizing
31588. Hard chrome plating, bad bonding
31589. Anodizing Coating Thickness Variation
31590. Basic information about electropolishing
31591. After Vibratory finishing - surface blisters on steel parts - why?
31601. Measured coefficient of friction of DLC and WC/C isn't per literature
31602. Temporary "bluing" EN plating on gun barrel
31603. Want Dupont Lucite Acrylic Lacquer paint
31604. How to do silvering using various reducing agents
31605. Painting musical brass instruments
31609. Calculating amount of ammonium nitrate for hot blueing
31610. Will Rhodium plating cover intricate detailing on a ring?
31613. Deionized v distilled water for dental autoclaves
31614. Clear coat for brass, alum. and copper to last 10-20 years outdoors
31615. Tarnish free brass coating
31616. Chromium plating resistance to salt water
31617. Brightening cyanide zinc plating
31618. Can zinc phosphate be applied to ASTM A401 chrome silicon steel?
31619. Want info on metal pre-treatment
31620. Need to achieve mirror finish on 0.1 mm thick plate
31623. Should I use copper or galvanized gutters
31625. Where can liquid nickel be purchased
31627. Black plating on stainless steel material
31628. Architect needs to make aluminum look like blackened steel
31631. Alternative sought to a hex chromate containing brightening solution
31632. Replacing anodizing
31633. Corrosion Software
31636. Need shower door rechromed
31641. The chemicals found in a chromium electroplating vat
31642. Where is the main headquarters for pennies?
31644. Chrome passivation
31649. Need help cleaning copper pans
31650. Lifetime of phosphoric acid bath for aluminium pretreatment
31653. Looking for info on Anodizing Mil Spec "MIL-A-H625 type 2 Cl2"
31654. Zinc Peel Off at Cont. Galvanizing
31656. Hypophosphite - What's it for and what does it do?
31657. Plating Thickness for Zn Yellow Passivation
31658. Black anodized parts fading - Non-UV cause
31659. Passivating Nitronic 60
31661. Would like English MSDS on Tremclad Rust Paint and Tremclad Aerosol Rust Paint
31663. Silver plating on aluminum
31666. Silver Plate Purity - Which Type for What Purpose
31675. How to weld electroless nickel plated steel?
31676. Lacquer in a Stainless-Steel tank
31677. Chemically change STAINLESS STEEL w/ #4 FINISH?
31679. Using stainless steel staples on aluminum step flashing
31680. Chromate Colors - What's the difference
31681. Differentiating Test
31683. Corrosion in Urea Reactor
31687. PVC dipping thickness control
31688. Unexpected micro crack line after hard coating of AL6063
31692. Formulation of nickel and silver brightener
31695. Mirror finish on aluminum
31698. Spot test for chrome on aluminum?
31704. Corrosion of Nails Experiment
31705. Remove scale from mild steel wire
31706. Source of chrome plated steel tubing
31707. Copper plating of leaves not quite good enough
31709. Treatment of metal plating industry waste water
31710. All about Electrogalvanization
31712. Copper tube cleaning and vibratory finishing
31716. Heat capacity and conductivity relationship
31717. Safe to grind aluminum, or not?
31719. Fading and chipping of powdercoating
31721. Nickel anodes turning black
31723. Hydrogen Pick Up testing per ASTM E1447-01
31724. Testing Alocrom Mil-c-5541 class 3
31725. Recovery of gold from ion exchange recovery resin
31726. Needed help on etching in metals
31727. Deburring material for pen clips
31728. Chemical passivation treatment in laboratory
31733. Porous diecasting after chromate conversion coating
31736. Finishing process for acrylic
31739. Function of Rectifier
31740. Rapid increases in pH in alkaline cleaner
31741. Black chrome motorcycle hardware
31743. Making AISI 420 as corrosion resistant as 304
31744. Want NOMEX paneling in Fed Std 595 gray
31746. Kylar Lined Chrome Plating Tanks
31747. Corrosion on stainless steel pipe in water treatment plant
31748. The rate of peeling or flaking of silver on stainless steel
31750. Touch Up of Conversion Coating
31751. Copper anodes passifying?
31754. Mass Finishing Process for Bead Bracelet
31757. What is cold mill banding in 3003-0 Aluminum?
31761. Metal fabrication/welding hazard?
31762. How to restore bleach-damaged silverware
31766. Galvanized sheet metal antiquing
31769. Which enamel should we use for cast iron
31770. Zinc plating and lacquering
31771. Separation of copper from gold mixture
31772. Comparing Phosphating Treatments
31773. My ring is turning my finger green
31774. Removing oil stain footprints from 1899 wood
31775. Chroming hardwood guitars
31776. Powdercoat or Stainless steel panels better for resisting moisture
31777. Epoxy removal from glass
31778. Clean pit in electroless nickel layer
31784. Wanting to learn powder coating
31785. Removal of oxidation from aluminum patio furniture
31788. Pox marks on batch of aluminum pontoon boats after exposure to hurricane
31790. What happens when you mix silver nitrate with copper wire
31792. Would like to e-plate pearls
31794. Will blue chromate compromise powder coating?
31796. Is nickel-chrome finish cost prohibitive for lead lures
31797. Refinish or re-tinning old 30 quart commercial mixing bowl
31800. Increasing humidity resistance of a chrome-plated ABS plastic part
31803. Getting minor and deep scratches out of aluminum rims?
31805. Pearl nickel means?
31806. Cleaning copper roofs
31807. Hard chrome pitting on high tensile material
31809. pH fluctuation in nickel sulfamate bath
31810. Coating to stop caustic corrosion of SS316L
31811. Lamp mfgr. needs "Long Terne" coated steel
31812. Medical parts supplier wants chrome-like finish on mag
31813. How to setup water base paint for plastic
31814. Zn Fe plating has black patches
31816. Electroplated gold turns red
31820. Blackening Zamak diecasting to antique look
31821. Hot electro clean and etch
31822. Post weld cleaning of titanium medical product
31824. Removing races of aluminum screens on the glass of windows
31825. Aero-Space substrate materials advancements
31827. Evaporator descaling
31829. Cadmium or stainless steel bolts for stop signs
31830. Hypothetically refurbishing a 25 year old house as science project
31831. Cleaning discarded lead wheel weights
31832. Stainless steel and anodizing
31833. For parts identification: anodize or what?
31834. Pin hole problem
31836. Waste Treatment Problems
31837. Hardware performance and RoHS
31838. Chemical corrosion experiments on on stainless steel
31839. Chemicals for chromium passivation experiment
31845. High Temp. Paint
31847. The Look of Aging Nickel Plating
31848. Fixing moldy spot in small area of antique table
31849. Substitute to powder coating for fuel dispensing units
31850. Plating S.S. without a Woods Nickel Strike
31854. U.K. Chromate Conversion Spec
31855. Shiny finished vs. satin finished stainless flatware
31859. Buffing Problems
31860. Magnesium plating for restoration finishing and protection
31862. Zinc plate color callout
31863. Corrosion Resistance: Sulfamate Nickel vs Bright Nickel
31864. Individual part traceability for anodizing
31866. Plating recommendation needed for welded assembly
31869. Fuel Cell Capacitance
31871. Leaching of thermoplastic linings by ultra pure water
31872. Need Non Removable Ink for Finished Metal Items
31873. Hydrogen embrittlement failures on notch test bars
31876. Fingerprints on textured powder coat
31877. Test for nitriding on steel
31878. SS316 Electropolishing of pipe
31881. SSL for zinc trivalent chromate clear
31882. Remove blue from GE 1960 blue stainless steel kitchen wall
31884. Zinc vs. Manganese Phosphating
31886. Finishing secrets for Parawood tables, chairs & furniture
31887. Turning reflective chrome into dull metallic
31889. Nickel based polymer coating
31893. Trivalent Chrome Rusting
31894. Seeking Nickel plating on PEEK (Glass Filled)
31896. Baking of magnesium to out-gas contaminants?
31899. Zinc phosphate and powder coating to prevent rust from spreading from scratch
31900. Want to know about anodizing
31902. How to maintain aluminum auto trim that has been de-anodized and polished
31904. Want to remove lacquer sealer from stamped concrete patio?
31905. Auto warranty voided by Teflon coating?
31907. Requirements of the FED-STD-595 for White FS27875
31909. Torque - Tension for Dacromet
31910. Serious peeling problems with galvanizing
31912. SS304 Wires - Electropolishing method for chrome like finish
31917. I'm doing a book for a 3rd grader about copper
31918. The conversion of iron oxides--Fe3O4 to Fe2O3
31919. Non-toxic bluing methods?
31920. Refinishing anodized aluminum on fishing reels
31921. Painting a stainless steel sink
31922. Is Tremclad paint toxic?
31924. Bronze wool
31925. Are all VCIs now considered hazardous chemicals
31926. When do you water break test for cleanliness?
31927. Inferior Surface Finish
31928. Steel Coil Degreasing
31929. Abrasive mediums used in pre-polishing for production chrome?
31930. Science project about materials and microwave oven
31931. How can I show that changing certain variables affects the electroplating process
31934. During WWII why was there a shortage of copper?
31935. Finite element analysis of Shot Peening operation
31936. Clear coating lifted the paint on truck frame
31937. Refinishing an old metal dock frame
31938. Is cadmium plating prohibited
31939. Is there a doctor in the building?
31940. Determining CN in Sodium Nitrite
31941. For the measurement of the adhesion strength of zinc coatings
31942. Stripping Gold Plating
31944. Post treatment rinsing method for tin-lead plating
31946. Ni Plating Brightness vs. Ductility
31949. Zinc Phosphating process control
31955. Teacher asks about making of reflective glass bead
31957. Brass piano casters need cleaning
31960. Black plating
31961. Hydrogen peroxide for sulfide treatment
31963. Removal of tin plating from copper
31964. Fading problems of particular shade in powder coating
31966. Where can I find the Books/More information on plating ABS
31967. Bluish green discoloration of nickel plated aluminum
31970. Successfully plating Waspaloy with nickel
31971. Conductivity and reliability of Electro-Plated Zinc Nickel
31973. How to do satin finishing on 2B stainless
31974. Stopping carbon steel flexible dies from rusting
31975. Chemical Conversion Coating
31979. Need Electrocoagulation Wastewater Treatment System
31984. What is the difference between Corrosion and Electrolysis
31986. Tin dipping coaxial cable with copper wire outer braid
31988. Glue for teflon to teflon
31989. Chemical stability of TiN thin films and potential alternatives
31990. Pitting / Cratering problem with EN
31992. EDM tool for surface finish
31993. Definition and Terms for Metal finishing and Polish
31994. Attractive finish for line of flatware?
31995. Need 1000 hours fastener Coating in Black - GMW3059
31996. Protecting 6061 aluminum from harsh chemicals
31997. Hast-X vs Hast C276
31998. Electric and magnetic properties of Ni-P Electroless Coating on Glass
31999. Corrosion problem in CDR plant

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