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The finishing.com Hotline includes more than 60,000 Shop Problems, Q&A's and RFQs about metal finishing. This page is an archive of a thousand of those discussions. You may prefer to start at our Home page, view the most recent threads, or search the site.

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60000. Iridescent staining on High Phosphorous Electroless Nickel Plating
60003. Diamonds in my earrings turned yellow
60004. MIL-C-8625
60005. Looking for my perfect motor steel?
60006. Testing the Nickel Chrome plating Layers
60007. Analysis for total aluminium in anodizing solutions
60008. Darkening brass came on stained glass with painted vitreous enamels
60009. Pitting problems in hardcoat anodizing of 6061-T6
60010. Black spots from storing galvanized parts in pickling area
60012. Prep for powder coating: black iron pipe with 'lacquer coating'
60015. Small black blisters on galvanized steel decking -- what are they and what caused them?
60017. Marble or chalk does not bubble (fizz) when HCl is applied. Why?
60018. Procedure for Silver Plating on Silver
60021. Shelf Life of Bake Hardening Steel
60022. Proof coin effect on die -- both frosted look & mirror look
60024. Immersion tin plating onto sterling silver jewelry
60025. Anodizing as per ABP 0 -1013
60026. Aluminum detection in small (10-20 micron diameter) holes
60029. Skipping HCl before Galvanizing
60030. Optical finish on a deep paraboloid surface
60032. Clear UV coating on digitally imaged polycarbonate
60036. Artificially weathered copper sometimes turns red
60037. Fishing tackle refinishing for jewelry use
60038. Chemically polishing bronze
60039. Nickel chrome plating low thickness issue
60040. Electroplating for close tolerance
60041. How to build your own fume hood and fume scrubber
60043. Is black iron pipe good for making fence
60044. Will acrylic paint with 8% wax cure?
60045. Removing light sandblast logo pattern on stainless steel
60046. citric acid [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon] for stripping galvanizing?
60048. Do possible residuals prohibit running parts from multiple customers in same line?
60049. Type 3 Hardcoat Anodizing Slows Down after Long Runs
60060. What is the best pretreatment for Duracoat?
60061. Stamp-able coating for aluminum needed
60062. Electroless Nickel Plating issue on A360 Aluminium diecast chassis
60064. Gold Plating a Hollow Bronze Statue
60065. Electroplating assembled hose assemblies
60066. Removal of Tantalum coating from Aluminum
60067. Magnesium fluoride / sodium tripolyphosphate passivation: will tape and silicone adhere?
60068. Rolled Aluminum sheet showing stripes after chemical conversion coating process
60069. "Self-colored" finish / "self-colored" chain
60070. Corrosion of indoor/outdoor Christmas lights
60072. Pitting/Blistering after Seal
60073. White film on stainless after sanding
60074. Blister issues, salt spray failures in Plating + ED Coating Process
60075. Can a good zinc plated part get rusted?
60076. Pontoon Pipes for floating tank cover pitted in water
60077. Should chrome reduction be used to waste treat trivalent chrome rinse waters?
60079. Applying HCl to starch in the food industry
60080. What to plate copper with for a poultry watering application
60081. Burnt Nuts after Cadmium plating?
60083. Isso-Fe coating process
60085. Masking for selective nickel and silver plating
60086. Electrode materials for higher transfer of electrons (Higher Current Generation)
60087. Can Chrome Plated Aluminum Survive Chromate Conversion Coating
60088. Removing scratches from galvanized kitchen table
60089. Painting aluminum sheets to be digitally printed with UV inks
60091. Looking for field applied coating to reduce dust accumulation
60092. What thickness of zinc from electrogalvanizing to be appropriate for chromate conversion coating
60093. Tin plating solution for plating nanopillars?
60094. Pitting during alkaline zinc nickel plating
60095. Custom contemporary wall mounted bookcase -- client wants it chrome plated
60097. Why is the inside of bus duct painted black?
60098. Pitting in Hysol394/C-2 used for coating
60099. "Spray-On" Copper Plating
60100. Consumption of Lifting Wire in HDG Operation
60101. Can Fe/Zn8 zinc thick film passivated screws last in salty coastal environment?
60104. Coating irregular surfaces with thick clear plastic
60105. Adhesion of vacuum evaporated Sn on Ti evaporated adhesion layer
60106. Polishing the interior surface of a non-round polycrystalline diamond
60107. How to remove rust from zinc plated steel without removing or damaging the zinc plating
60110. Alternative to Zn-Fe plating + Trivalent Black Passivization with less cost?
60111. Can anodized parts outgas corrosive sulphur vapors?
60114. Is it okay to cad plate over chrome plate?
60117. Black anodizing is velvety, and discolors when touched
60118. How to treat Hastelloy B2 for best corrosion resistance
60126. Which metals tarnish quickly?
60128. Phosphating instead of HCl Pickling before Galvanizing?
60130. Need a non-conductive finish for bendable stainless steel mesh
60132. Chemical treatments for buffing wheels and sisal polishing wheels
60137. Neither Solder nor Copper Plating Adheres to Nickel Silver
60141. Current density in barrel plating
60142. Measure & Control Stress in Acid Tin Plating
60147. Does magnetizing stainless steel decrease its corrosion resistance?
60150. Gold plating an unknown substrate
60154. Analysis for C.O.D. (chemical oxygen demand)
60155. Manganese Phosphate Coating of 41XX Metals after Gas Nitriding
60158. Anode-Cathode distance influence in electroplating of alloys
60161. Corrosion observed in Sulphuric anodised Aluminium Component
60162. Brown substance floating in Pb-Free Tin Plating Solution
60163. Will heptahydrate or sulphate result in Fe rusting?
60166. Cutting oil stains clear anodized aluminum
60169. PVD Coating (TiN) of Firearm Slides
60177. Selective rhodium plating and cleaning
60178. Galvanizing on threaded product is too heavy
60182. Resuming electroless nickel plating after interruption
60186. Mixing of polyester and polyesterimide in magnet wire production
60191. Restoring black exterior door hardware
60192. Problems in Electroless Nickel Plating
60193. Sterling silver sold as white gold
60194. Dissolved Oxygen in Type III Sulfuric Acid Anodizing
60198. Will Hydrogen Attack Chrome Carbide Applied by HVOF
60199. Scrap copper wire incinerator
60200. Anodizing A206 Aluminum Castings
60202. Rust color on aluminium, under silicone coating
60217. Coating for Heat Radiation from Molten Metal
60220. Can we spray and bake "single layer graphene"?
60221. Galvanization of Wire Problem
60223. Rhodium Plating: Required Anode Area?
60225. HD Galvanized steel vs Aluminum 5052 H32, Resistance to salt Spray Test
60226. Need High Rez Pictures of Aluminum Anodize Finishes
60228. PVDF coating PVC coated fibers
60231. More metal was electrodeposited at low flow rate than at high flow rate
60232. Aluminium Roofing Strips with Copper Nails = Corrosion?
60233. Will Manganese Phosphating adhere to Zamak or Zinc pieces?
60235. Can I dilute my copper plating solution?
60236. Dark grey/black coating for metal hardware
60238. Will commercial paint strippers break down Kynar finishes?
60239. Galvanizing inside of pipe after welding
60240. How to remove silver-based ("stealth ink") graffiti
60242. How to do matte anodize and mirror surface on one sheet (like iPhone 5)
60243. Decorative Finishing options for cast A380
60244. Should I use a Semi-bright or Bright Nickel Bath for my Brass Parts?
60248. Filtration of Hydrochloric Acid
60250. Corrosion Protection for Steel Hub Running in a Bronze Bushing
60251. Aftermarket wheel studs all sheared off
60253. Black smear marks on anodized aluminum
60255. Restoring Aircraft Floor - Need good Alodine technique
60256. Removing embedded ceramic media
60257. Must the manufacturer trade symbol and grade 8.8 be marked on the bolt head?
60258. How to bright anneal aluminum bronze
60259. Best material for aluminum siding fasteners?
60260. Best Plating for Mild Steel Hardware
60261. Can a Gold Potassium Cyanide Tablet Really Kill a Car Battery?
60264. Blistering when E-coat over nickel plating
60266. How do I collect the energy from chemical reactions?
60267. Powder Coating : Master Coupon vs Actual Item
60268. Zinc chromate coating for 6061 aluminum pipe buried in the earth; will it be protected?
60269. Techniques for powder coating brass band instruments?
60270. Is silver-plated steel safe to work with?
60271. Plating custom designed steel bottle openers
60272. Aluminium boat trailer flaking / disintegrating
60273. Simulating the crystalline look of hand worn brass
60274. Gold coating on PVDF
60276. Copper - Nickel interface plating adhesion problem
60279. How to repeatably generate corrosion at an accelerated rate on brass components?
60281. Is MIL-P-18317 Plating RoHS Compatible
60284. Electrical effect on adhesion in plating tank
60285. Why no electroless chrome platings available commercially?
60286. Micro Holes in Nickel Plating on Tungsten Rhenium Wire
60287. Contamination from Additives (PVC) in Wire Insulation Influences the Contact Resistance?
60288. Beef plant effluent sedimentation
60290. Can I plate over zinc phosphate?
60291. Green Dust on the car chrome
60294. Can Type II Chromate be done on Mechanical Galvanizing?
60295. Anodizing on Threads
60296. Nitrided sheet metal parts warp after pickling
60300. Removing Yellow Chromate color from a zinc plated part
60301. Nickel plating before Acid Copper Plating on Steel
60302. Runs streaks in type III black dye
60304. What is Emulsion Passivation?
60305. Black patches when continuously casting copper
60307. PVD Coatings for Erosion and Corrosion Resistance
60308. Cost $$$ (cap-ex) to open a small commercial gold plating shop?
60309. Polished Aluminum vs Undercoated Aluminum
60310. Thermal effects of drilling steel
60311. When removing solidified tin, substrate becomes exposed
60312. Will press fit into plastic rub anodizing off?
60313. Surface issues with blackened steel rods
60314. Smudging of black ink during sublimation heat transfer process
60315. Alternative to Woods strike on SST before Electroless Nickel plate
60316. Solar Powered battery rack as Electroplating Power Source?
60320. How to obtain a PUD [Polyurethane Dispersion?]
60321. CED coated metal is it wear resistant?
60323. Carbon Fiber Anodes?
60325. Clear type II anodize over masked black type III anodize
60326. Allergic to Silver -- will Rhodium Plating It Help?
60330. Indium soldering over chromate conversion coating on copper
60331. Extending corrosion durability beyond 'normal' hard coat anodizing?
60337. Caustic black oxide without tank immersion - could it work?
60339. How to get a lighter color gold plate (karat?) on vintage musical instrument?
60340. How to gold plate rough stone surface
60341. Reduction of ethylene glycol COD in effluent water
60342. Magnetism due to nickel plating
60343. Brown mold (growth) in acid copper plating tank
60344. Want to give glass a frosted, pitted look
60348. How can Tungsten, Tantalum, and Iridium be plated to Aluminum
60350. Electroless satin nickel plating too sensitive to fingerprinting
60351. Big Galvanizing $$ Savings by REDUCING DRY SKIMS (MZR, NIFTY, BETTER FLUX) by Dr. Thomas H. Cook
60352. Acid vs Cyanide gold plating solutions
60353. Pickle Inhibitors for 300 series Austenic Stainless
60372. Will Anodizing Come Out Different if Aging is Different?
60374. Plating on Aluminium without zincate or stannate
60375. Sublimation Printing onto an Electroplated Surface
60376. Madsenell Etch
60377. Is it possible to gas carburize mild steel?
60378. What's the best finishing process for exterior steel railing?
60380. Chrome / Nickel Plating for High End Showers
60381. All in one buffing component
60382. What is the deposition rate of flux on steel in galvanizing?
60383. Is there a comprehensive finish/substrate table focused on corrosion resistance?
60384. How can I bond heavily rusted pieces of metal to each other?
60385. Resin to make spiral staircase balustrade
60388. Passivation per MIS-20134
60389. Boiling nickel plating solution turns dusty parrot green
60391. Is Black on Bright Dip Anodizing Embedded Iron
60392. Acid/alkali color changing demo for Cub Scouts
60393. Black oxide per Mil-13924 Q&A's about the spec
60395. Why did our brass parts turn reddish brown?
60398. Pretreatment required before Alodine (Chem-Film on Aluminum)
60399. Bleaching Saguaro (Cactus) Skeletons
60401. Safety of locating anodize rectifiers near painting & powder coating
60402. Heavy mechanical nickel plate
60406. Finishing of Iron Pipe for Furniture
60408. Coating Adhesion on sanded vs. unsanded 1018 CR Steel
60409. Disposing of nickel acetate and copper acetate solution
60410. Reduce cycle time for nickel plating
60411. I polished the parts, then the plating shop plated them ...
60415. Time Saver, then Direct to Silk Screen? Or must we etch/chromate?
60416. Bright gold plating is fine, but matte finish gold plating fails corrosion testing
60417. Rinse tank turns brown in a short time
60418. Zinc plating "Rocket Music Wire"
60419. How to remove PVD from Plastic?
60420. Plating that withstands hydrogen chloride acid
60422. Zinc electroplating onto a galvanized surface
60423. Deep etching problems while using Dry Film
60424. Plating Aluminum Sand Casting Requiring Electrical Conductivity
60425. Polyvinyl alcohol PVA film adhesion with epichlorhydrine ECO rubber
60428. Decreased powder flow when coating lower racking arms
60429. Fender Rhodes electric piano: Gold or Nickel Plate the tone bars
60431. Replating Vintage Refrigerator Handles
60432. Powder coating pre-treatment per needs, not competitor number/assumptions
60433. Heat Treat Al Casting for 300 hrs Salt Spray Life
60434. 3-D Printing: Removal of oxide on alloys
60442. Where to buy Hull Cell "Stress Tabs"
60444. Metal Finishing Blueprints
60445. Need to selectively get right patina colors to make a world globe
60447. Reducing smallest trace of salt on the surface before coating
60449. Sizing calculations for an electroplating line
60453. Need conductive plating with 2000 hour salt spray resistance
60454. Black anodize issue: pitting and salt-like substance
60455. Zinc plated parts fail 96-hour salt spray after molding step
60456. Stress Relieving a Brazed Stainless & OFHC Copper Part
60458. Author asks about feasible medieval metal recovery process
60460. EN Nickel delaminating
60461. Rusting rates of Steel vs. Zinc
60462. Determine % Iron in Nitric & Ammonium Bifluoride Pickling Bath for Stainless Steel
60470. Can't strip 1923 Hubcaps with magnetic metallic coating
60471. Calculating plating speed with Hull Cell (alkaline zinc plating)
60473. Finishing/cleaning type 5083 Aluminium for UHV
60474. How much HCl is consumed by rust? No room for acid additions
60479. EP Phosphate Coating on 1065 Steel Leaf Spring - Resolving Fatigue Reliability Issue
60480. Aluminum spring material
60481. Cleaning oil from silicone kitchen equipment
60482. Galvanic corrosion: nickel plated lightning rod on zinc coated roof?
60483. Brushed raw aluminum chairs needing cleaning and protection
60484. Anion membrane is brittle
60486. Bottom-up fill electroless copper plating technology applicability
60487. Aluminum Conversion Coating: US Equivalent to Alodine 160/161
60488. Plating Shop Modernization
60490. What type of wood finish reacts chemically with gold and silver (
60492. Identify this finish from the picture
60493. Hypalon Rubber Rollers in Pickling Line Are Failing
60494. Convert cooling tower water to make up water for D M Plant
60495. SS304 Nuts are corroding, but not Bolts or washers or anything else
60496. Non porous and non conductive coating for stainless steel
60497. Varnish Coating line for Electrical Transformers
60498. Can etched & de-smutted parts be delayed before anodizing ? (
60499. High Cost of Using Bad Flux in Hot Dip Galvanizing
60500. Canodize
60502. Hard black surface for raised vegetation beds
60503. Floor made of 17,500 pennies turned black
60504. Zinc w/Trivalent Passivization Compatibility with NiCu EMI Gasket
60505. Black dots in brass castings
60507. Metal Finish-How Do I Get The Matte Look?
60508. Need a plating recommendation for electrical application (
60510. What kind of coating for washing machine's aluminum spider arm?
60512. Severe outgassing when welding die cast aluminum parts
60513. Amperage measurements for copper plating bath do not make sense (
60515. Bad finish around hang/hole in Nickel-Chrome plating (
60516. Putting a voltage on a fishing lure by using dissimilar metals
60519. How to anneal silver plated copper & nickel
60520. Cu & Sn Anode balls Utilization Improvement
60525. Polyester powder paint finish vs zinc phosphate finish
60526. Need black plating resistant to KOH
60527. Impact of power cut on anodizing coat and colour (
60528. Arcing burning in cadmium plating
60530. Can gold be recovered practically after plating shop fire?
60531. How to Remove Silane CVD Coating
60534. Is rust contagious?
60536. Powder coating on Aluminum Zinc (Aluzinc) coated sheets
60537. Upper thickness limit for cyanide brass plating?
60538. Will TCE at 187 °F Hurt Silver?
60539. Can IPG be done on zinc alloy parts?
60541. How to determine the silver content in a Chinese Work of Art
60543. What Coating is this on Aluminum 6082 rods?
60546. Smoothing sharp edges on stainless steel shot
60547. Stainless Steel which doesn't get magnetic from cold working?
60548. Magnesium parts ruined -- was it by deoxidizing? Is chemical etching 'deoxidizing'?
60549. Plating Solution and Metal Preparation
60552. Clearcoated bronze plate gets black spots
60555. Problem with Certifications Which Aren't Specific
60559. Will galvanic corrosion occur if SS chimney cap touches powder coated aluminum shroud?
60560. Recommended bronze and black finish for stainless steel household product
60634. Problems with silver PMC jewelry
60636. Turning polished aluminum into a nickel look (more yellow)
60637. Algae despite Pool Ioniser
60638. Bus bar thickness & soldering relation
60639. Alternative to Hot dip Galvanizing for Household Gas Tanks
60640. Hand painted anodizing
60643. Surface coat cast iron wheel to protect timber floor
60644. Coating System for Corrosion Category 5 Structures
60645. Hobbyist Needs UV Reflective Paint for Light Box
60648. Annealing Electroplated Gold
60651. Powder Equipment Not Applying Static Charge?
60652. Dross sticks to work, but no dross in galvanizing kettle
60653. Corrosion in Heat Exchangers for VCM Production Unit
60654. Want to plate the inside of fire protection piping in situ to replace lost wall thickness
60663. Layers of plating not fusing
60664. Zinc plating is either too thin or it bubbles
60665. Is Chrome Steel tubing Resistant to 350 °C Hydrogen?
60668. How to tell if surface was chrome plated or anodized
60669. Removal of oxide layer from nickel metal foam
60670. Corrosion of vehicle Aluminium accessories
60674. Teflon coating on SUS304 Automotive parts
60682. What to replace chromium trioxide with in rust converter
60683. Sandblasting iron with copper slag
60685. How to etch Chromium film on 304SS without creating any roughness?
60689. 'Metallizing' (for architectural) finishing service
60690. Trivalent Chrome Electrolyte testing in lab
60692. Chrome Plating Steel Parts Scrap Rate
60693. Microcrack density control in hard chrome plating
60695. How to remove dissolved oxygen from borewell water
60696. Metal question for our Latin scholars
60698. Need help with a coating for my application - Threaded hole in steel cap
60702. What is flash anodizing?
60704. Aluminium Tube OD finishing
60705. Self-curing cast polyurethane?
60706. Wire plating: thickness test copper & tin
60708. Phosphatizing of cast iron sprockets
60710. Yellow metalgom coating
60711. Flip Chip Package Plating
60716. Design calculations and plant costing at micro level
60717. Can red oxide under acidic conditions become a black oxide?
60725. Filter for Ag and Au Strike Baths
60727. Chromate Conversion Coating Post Packaging
60729. Plating gun barrels with precious metals
60730. Are bullets (projectiles) ever mechanically plated?
60731. Materials of Construction for Nickel Acetate Seal
60732. Repair of Steel Pool filter - 3.5" hole
60736. Need all details for PF ZN 8C plating
60737. Stellite-6 Gets White Patches when Nitriding
60744. Removing rust and restoring yellow chromate color
60745. Ni-Cr treated DC 0.05/400 HV, etc.
60748. N=N aromatic cleavage reaction
60754. Treating steel frame of house boat for anti-rust and corrosion
60756. Refining of platinum
60757. Sharpen multiple stainless tips sitting on a plate
60761. Bronze infiltrated 420 SS printed item needs de-rusting/de-scaling
60763. Charging customers for audits?
60764. What Shiny Coating to Use for 3-D Printed Aluminum Casting?
60765. Plating on silicon steel fails salt spray test quickly
60766. Trivalent chromate on steel
60768. Translucent Dye Metal Finishing?
60769. Etching to get roughened surface on Phillips screwdrivers
60770. Standards for Chemical Milling
60771. High Temperature PVD Coatings
60772. U-shape vs in-line zinc electroplating
60773. How to Colour Stainless Bolts Bright Blue Similar to Aluminium Anodising
60774. Low temperature limit for zinc plated parts
60775. Cleaning Aluminized tubes to ISO 16232
60777. Is recycled steel more prone to rusting?
60779. Electroless nickel plating of monel
60780. Permanent masking for plastic plating
60781. Roller Ski Finishing Questions
60788. MIL-PRF-32348 Class Distinction
60789. Strange particles on stainless steel refrigerator
60790. Chrome plated pin gage is oversize
60793. Aluminum Smelter Cathode Deterioration While Idle
60795. Discoloration of Gray polyester powder coating over aluminum
60796. 304 Stainless Passivation for Powdered Medical Food Storage
60798. Applications for Nickel foam
60799. Can you add additional Chrome to a thin layered chromed part?
60803. SPC measurement for Leadframe Plating Thickness
60804. Reel-to-Reel Cleaning of Copper Coil before Plating
60806. Rebar suffering black rust or iron sulfide?
60807. Low-temp flux for soldering stainless steel
60808. GALVALUME Coated Sheet Steel in animal confinement applications
60809. Tin Plating Solders Well Manually, but Pinholes when Wave Soldered
60810. Corrosion of SAPH440 steel packed in VCI bags
60811. Electroplating Plastic (ABS) Threads: Tolerances
60812. Inside of hollow anodized aluminum profile has white dots
60814. Blackening of Diamonds after De-Stoning process in Aqua Regia
60816. Titanium grade for fasteners for aluminum anodizing
60818. Painting raw edge of plaster board
60819. Aluminum Pool Track Bonding
60820. Powder Coating Problem: Grinding & Sanding Marks show through
60821. Stripping copper foil from Cr-Ni film
60822. Accessory for hanging parts for galvanizing?
60828. Trickle Charge to Protect Aluminum Cathode for Anodize
60831. Cement reverts to having hex chrome after treatment
60838. Strip Melonite finish from stainless steel
60839.Can we buy bright aluminum plate?
60842. White rust over zinc coated bolts
60844. Bad powder coating on steel: Poor wet out surface defects
60858. Rust removal and polishing for Springfield 1911 A1 Stainless Steel
60862. Cheap & easy way to keep motorcycle headers from rusting
60863. Anodize, Alodine or Paint Aluminum Catamaran Structure?
60864. How to Recover Tin, Copper & Lead from their chlorides
60866. Uneven plating thickness in acid zinc
60869. What Ra or Rz Needed before Bright Plating?
60875. Why do nails in Kanchan arsenic filters sometimes NOT rust?
60877. Does Wash Primer have Hexavalent Chrome?
60879. Mill spots and discoloration in 6063 dark anodize
60880. Need a replacement for Dull Zinc that can be readily epoxy bonded
60882. Chrome thickness too low in Copper-Nickel-Chrome Plating
60887. Defects found in powder prime on steel
60890. How to remove burn marks off carbide?
60891. Gold tone on 50 year old pocket watch case
60892. Vibratory finishing leaves smut on stainless steel
60895. Black spots on electro-gold colored anodized aluminum
60896. Theory of galvanising
60898. Need to make anchor locker in boat slippery
60899. The best way to have colored pots and pans
60900. Wire jewelry get brittle during processing
60901. Can Silver plating be done on Copper utensils
60903. iPhone 10 Stains Fingers Blue!
60904. How is partial plating on Flatware done
60904. How is partial plating on Flatware done
60905. Dynamic Flux Tests for Galvanizing
60909. Can hard chrome plating survive 7-stage phosphatizing?
60910. Best way to weld/braze/join Silver and Stainless Steel
60915. Chromium Plating Solution - Better with age?
60917. Multiple small cells in one plating tank
60918. Foam printing paste formulation
60920. Glazed and polished porcelain tiles
60926. Scratch resistance of various polished metals
60927. Moldy paint on new aluminum boat
60928. Tin plating, bubbling problems
60929. Plating the ID of a mm ID stainless steel tube
60931. Tin Plating Not Adhering to Silver Brazed Inlay
60934. Increase paint thickness in Cathodic Electrodeposition (CED) system?
60936. Want trophy plating whiter than silver plating
60943. What to do with 35,000 gallons of unused Sulfuric Acid - Nitric Acid
60945. Making lace cotton fabric rigid enough for electroplating
60946. Clean and descale per STO110LA0008
60947. Gold Plating Solution starts water clear, gets very dark
60955. Is Melchoir safe?
60956. Torque Increment process in Bronze C-95500 hot line clamp
60957. Can cad plating be applied over chrome?
60958. Over-etched anodized parts and a ton of other problems
60959. Galvanized Rainwater Goods on Barn of Larch & Douglas Fir
60966. Lifetime of Chemicals in Aluminum Anodizing
60967. Anodizing color variations in a single profile
60968. Convert KLY to KiloJoules
60969. Cyclic Trends and Seasonality within the Industry
60970. How to Make Black Nickel Thin Film from Ni2O3 Powder
60971. How to test hard chrome plating operation without using dangerous copper sulphate [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon] test
60986. How to remove dissolved zinc from ferric chloride [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon] solution
60988. Need Hard, Inexpensive, Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel
60989. Blue Dye coming off anodizing
60990. Rubber lined nickel tank got plated
60992. Plating WITHOUT striking first
60993. Electroless Nickel Plating (ENP) rough grey finish 60994. Color anodizing braided fuel lines
60999. Dye color removed when bending anodized sheet

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