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Design calculations and plant costing at micro level

March 9, 2018

Q. Hello everyone, I am very much interested to establish electroplating plant. Right now I am trying to do thorough analysis so that I know each and every part of Electroplating. I am struck with the following points. Design calculations for fume extraction system, chiller requirement calculations, and the most important thing I want to calculate is about chemical consumption, cost of plating per square centimetre, cathode/ anode consumption. I also want to make a document on costing for electroplating shop for different electroplatings which will be helpful for me in future. Can someone please guide me with your expertise. It would be so nice if I get help for what I am looking for. Thank you

NV Bharath
Plant designer - Hyderabad, Telangana and INDIA

March 15, 2018

Q. Please help me with my questions. I am very much interested to know the theoretical approach

I am basically a mechanical engineer who is interested in establishing electroplating shop. Since 2 years I have been doing research study on electroplating processes, equipment used in electroplating shop etc. I am trying to do calculations on how to know find capacity of blower for fume extraction system, chilling plant tonnage requirement, chemical consumption rate, cathode and anode consumption rate, mechanical agitation, filtration rate, how much of chemical is being consumed for how much of surface area of component. I am presently struck with the topics mentioned above. I can surely find a supplier who can give equipment based on my end use requirement but I am interested to calculate and see it myself before I ask someone to help me. Please help me with my problems. I would be very much thankful for my whole life.

NV Bharath [returning]
Plant designer - Hyderabad, Telangana and INDIA

March 2018

Industrial Ventilation
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Hi NV.

Please start with my article "Plating Shops for the New Millennium", and Durney's "Electroplating Engineering Handbook" [link is to product info at Amazon] for most of those issues. Then move on to more detailed sources like "Industrial Ventilation" for the fume extraction, etc. =>

I appreciate that you've put in two years, but I put in 13 years full time learning from employers before I went out and designed plating lines on my own, and even then it was in response to specific needs for a particular type of plating on a particular type of part. Open ended projects like yours often start with a "Scoping Level" report, then a "Preliminary Engineering Report", then a "Final Engineering Report" and can often cost $50K US and more; but what you probably honestly need is for an experienced plating consultant / plating equipment consultant to spend 1 to 1-1/2 weeks with you putting together a plan and tutoring you. Fume extraction alone could take a full day to completely explain, size, and cost estimate with material selection, required extraction rates, lateral vs. push-pull, hood construction do's & don't, sizing of laterals and main trunks, duct velocity, static pressure loss, fume scrubbing methods and effectiveness, vertical vs. horizontal, etc.

Although some samaritan might be willing to spend an hour or so trying to tutor you on one of your many subjects, I wouldn't hold my breath. Speaking for myself I have 263 questions in the queue from the last week or two which people want posted and answered ... so, sorry, I can't help you further :-)

Best of luck, but personally I don't think you should try to design a plating operation by yourself until you have many years of feedback under your belt.


pic of Ted Mooney
Ted Mooney, P.E. RET
Pine Beach, New Jersey
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