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"Is there a good current comprehensive finish/substrate table available focused on corrosion resistance"

February 1, 2017

Q. Would somebody please recommend a current comprehensive table (or tables) of reliable finish solutions for various base materials with the primary focus on corrosion resistance? I was hoping there would be a link to such a table. Or even various tables such as one for steel alloys, one for zinc alloys, one for aluminum alloys, copper, etc

Scott Brown
product designer - Portland, Oregon USA

simultaneous February 3, 2017

A. I don't think you find such a list.

There are too many variables.

What base material?
Under what service conditions?
How long must it last?
How much can it cost?
How will it be maintained?

Cheap barrel zinc plating on household screws can be done for ten cents per pound. Under mild service conditions might last twenty years.

Bright nickel/Chrome on car bumpers might last twenty years, and might cost thirty times as much.

Hard chrome on heavy wear surfaces might cost five times more and last twenty years.

Inexpensive anodizing for light use might cost X dollars.

Thick hard coat anodizing for exterior use and heavy wear might cost ten times more.

jeffrey holmes
Jeffrey Holmes, CEF
Spartanburg, South Carolina

February 3, 2017

A. I don't believe there is such chart for electroplaters because there are many variables when plating iron to be corrosion resistant, like pre cleaning process, plating thickness, the closest you may find is the Galvanic corrosion chart for engineering purposes, not to be confused with the Galvanic series of metals, because on the galvanic series of metals copper is higher than nickel, but on the galvanic corrosion chart nickel is a better corrosion resistant coating.
Here is the list:

Marvin Sevilla
- Managua, Nicaragua

Ed. note: That's not even close to how to spell "compatibility", but if you spell it right the link won't work :-)

February 3, 2017

Q. Thanks for your responses guys. I don't know if it will help, but what if I were to say it is for automotive use and while our standard is 96 hours minimum SS resistance, our customers sometimes demand more. And we can focus primarily on steel, zinc, and aluminum alloys, with the latter two being die cast alloys. I'm not looking for a comprehensive list of every finish that might work, but how about the more widely used ones for such metals. Is there a chart that might answer this or is the spectrum still too wide?

Scott Brown [returning]
- Portland, Oregon USA

February 9, 2017

A. There is an ASTM spec on electrolytic nickel/chrome plating for corrosion resistance on steel and copper alloys -- astmb456. It includes a description of five service conditions and what coating thicknesses are needed to meet those conditions for the different metals. Takes into consideration dull, bright, and semi-bright nickel and variations on chrome layer.

jim treglio portrait
Jim Treglio - scwineryreview.com
PVD Consultant & Wine Lover - San Diego, California

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