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The finishing.com Hotline includes more than 60,000 Shop Problems, Q&A's and RFQs about metal finishing. This page is an archive of a thousand of those discussions. You may prefer to start at our Home page, view the most recent threads, or search the site.

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57000. Time between passivation and water rinse in zinc-nickel plating
57001. Pitting in 6061 clear anodize
57002. Infrared drying in color coating
57004. pH is High in the day time and normal in the night
57005. Gold plating & magnetism effects
57006. Chrome-free Pretreatment on aluminium: E-CLPS 2100?
57008. Cobalt chloride for addition to Zn/Co plating solution
57009. Wore Ring for 5 Years with no problem...
57010. Thermoplastic coating on steel cracks because of electric welding joints
57011. Stencils available for selective plating?
57012. Sodium Cyanide wrongly added to Potassium Cyanide based Silver Plating Solution
57013. Why is Potassium Thiocyanate used in Copper Cyanide Bath?
57014. How to spec zinc plating with trivalent iridescent yellow chromate
57015. Bright Acid Copper Plating solution turned green
57016. Alternatives to silver brazing for connecting copper to aluminum?
57018. Attaching copper pipe to galvanized roofing for solar water heater
57019. Suitable membrane material for hexavalent chromium
57020. Criteria to decide if component passed or failed Salt Spray Test
57021. Zinc cobalt plating failing salt spray test
57022. How often should you change a Zinc phosphate bath
57023. How to chemically etch chrome tools
57024. What roll material or coating for sticking problem in Processing Rubber
57025. How can electroplating cathode current have efficiency less than or more than 100%?
57027. How much heat is generated during neutralization of 10% Nitric Acid?
57028. Chrome plating on ABS: same thicknesses as on metal?
57029. Recommended corrosion protection finish for 4340 steel
57030. Nickel vs. zinc plating as undercoat for stoving paint or powder coating?
57031. Gold Plating Lifting from Nickel on Ceramic Capacitors
57032. Need Plasma Nitriding Services in Chennai
57033. Nickel Plating for NiFe Batteries
57034. Black Oxide coating when used with lasers
57035. Galvanic disaster? Aluminum sign faces / Galvanized steel posts / aluminum post brackets
57036. Seeking company that cleans copper ornaments
57037. Anodizing Baskets
57038. An in-situ method to check phosphate conversion coating underneath fluorocarbon-coated bolts and nuts
57039. Can chromating be used and look like mill finished or anodized aluminium?
57040. What does SAPH/SPFH stand for?
57041. Electroless plating - Activated shelf-life
57042. Additives like sodium saccharine and butyne diol in sulfamte nickel plating
57043. Anode to Cathode ratio requirement for Phosphoric anodizing type III
57044. Zinc vs. black oxide, which is heat resistant if at all (April 20)
57045. I need to produce 7 Stainless Steel Spheres and 2 large concave mirrors for an ART PROJECT!
57046. Nickel-Chrome plating vs. Hot Dip Galvanizing for data center item
57047. Difference in the longevity of corrosion resistance between zinc plating and stainless steel
57048. Need aluminum anodizing racks
57049. One anodizer can make shiny parts, one can't
57050. How to galvanize Mannesmann pipe
57051. Need equipment to mirror finish stainless steel sheet
57052. Best plating for swimming pool skimmer lids
57053. Alternative Media for Magnetic Spinner
57054. Shortage control in Pickling and Annealing of stainless steel sheets
57055. Looking for someone to plate on organics
57056. Cannot clean copper roses....
57057. Need Tin plating on rare earth magnets (no sub layers)
57058. Want bronze holy water bucket chrome plated
57060. Recommended Chemicals For Aluminum Etch
57061. Alkaline Zinc plating bath with 50% caustic
57062. Tin Plating stains on Copper
57063. What is the fast way to bring down the conductivity in water?
57064. Precautions that should be taken when handling galvanneal coated metal
57065. Plating Solution Additives
57066. What are the chemicals in proprietary gold stripper
57067. How to measure bond strength of plating
57068. Hard Anodize on Anodize Abrasion
57069. Need zinc plating
57070. Need used operational salt spray chamber
57071. Nickel plating problem (and a disposal question)
57072. Want to make conductors by plating Silver-Palladium alloy
57073. Repainting a plastic statue
57074. Safe paint for galvanized roof (catchment)
57075. How to paint the heels of a pair of shoes
57076. What's the ruling if the Adhesion Test Sample snaps?
57077. Analysis of plating and pre-treatment baths
57078. Removal of Parco Lubrite #2 Finish.
57079. Make up a Brite E Silver Plating Solution from scratch?
57080. Nickel-chrome plating is milky & cloudy near holes
57081. Is "alumina content" different than "dissolved aluminum"?
57082. Is Titanium Anodizing in neutral electrolyte same as AMS 2488 Type II?
57083. Replacing ABF with HF in an aluminium cleaner formula
57085. Hard anodizing aluminium foil to build nanopores
57086. Cast Aluminum Pot Degradation
57087. What interlayer makes plated plastic so corrosion resistant?
57088. Aluminium brush finishing problems
57090. Brown stain on white e-painted parts
57091. Ban of Cadmium plating in India
57092. Problem with my Nickel Acetate Seal? Or some other tank?
57093. Electropolish Current Density Issue
57094. How is 304 stainless steel 18/10 chrome/nickel for a kitchen sink?
57095. Home plating
57096. Petroleum resistance of Cr3+ passivation
57097. What if the chrome plating exhaust blower is not working?
57098. Need Hot Dip Tin Plater Near Alabama
57100. Spec for Zi-Cu-Ni electroplating over Aluminum?
57101. Electro Zinc plating Vs E-coating
57102. Bright Nickel Speckling
57103. Seeking a method to extract metals from alkaline batteries
57105. Material handling in Galvanizing
57106. Painted parts no longer offer enough corrosion prevention
57108. Solution volume growth problem in hard anodize tank due to high humidity
57109. No ID coverage in Zinc nickel plating
57110. Can I un-polish my "Polished Silver" ring?
57112. Need a service to change our Hot-dip galvanizing kettle
57113. Paint blisters on a cast iron component
57114. Lack of brightness in alkaline zinc plating
57115. Anodize on top of a vacuum impregnated aluminum?
57116. Green corrosion on silver plating
57117. Colour change when clear anodising aluminum
57118. Anodized Aluminum Planks supported by Steel Supports
57119. Need tanks for Nital Etch line
57120. Want a brushed look on our stainless backsplashes
57121. What anode basket material for Cadmium Fluoborate solution?
57122. Assay of HF in HF/NH4F buffered oxide etchant
57123. Chemical polishing between nitriding and plating
57124. Leakage between seal and Zinc-Nickel plated surface
57126. Losing the brushed aluminum look at corners upon bending it
57127. Electroless copper coating on diamond for electronic packaging materials
57128. Stainless steel drain stained by Comet cleanser
57129. Granite rust finish on cast aluminum outdoor furniture
57131. Do they put gold over 925 silver? And what do markings "plata 999/1000" mean?
57132. Need small salt spray test cabinet
57133. PVD, e-coat, durability and appearance?
57134. Aluminium finish required to protect new kitchen product design from food stuff acids
57135. Chrome plating a model train
57136. Silver Plating 101
57137. SEL-REX Hydrogen plant.- serial # 4276F9
57138. Health issues related to grinding chrome
57139. How to test for Anticaking Agent in Salt (ASTM B117)
57140. Analysis of nitric-chromic passivation solution
57141. Old European roughness parameter Rz
57142. Heavy-water electrical conductivity
57143. Improving sheeting action of Deionized water
57144. Metallizing on Mild Steel
57145. Problematic TiW seed layer adhesion on Silicon
57146. Cost Effective Plating of Carbon Steel for 25 Year Corrosion Resistance
57147. How to render stainless steel non-conductive
57148. Shot blasting on aluminium profiles with Stainless steel shots
57149. Oxidize copper using Cuprous oxide red to get red color
57150. Is epoxy paint food grade?
57152. Silver Oxidation Rate
57153. How to check that coating is Electroless Nickel, not electroplating
57154. Can I put a top seal on a previously zinc plated self-tapping screw?
57155. Bubbles in clear zinc plating
57156. Why has lead content of solder bath increased?
57157. Alternatives to Lead plating for metal to metal seals
57159. Ceramic Metallization Inquiry
57160. Shiny top coat for a painting
57162. Zinc plated parts get small vent holes during powder coating
57163. Galvanizing surface defect (look like black spot)
57165. Need 22 micron thick zinc plating on fasteners
57166. Pitting occurs in the rinse after desmut
57167. Need Iron Phosphate by NADCAP shop
57168. Unstrippable finish on brass door hardware?
57169. Carburetor Restoration - Frozen Shafts
57172. What is the maximum anodizing temperature for Gold?
57173. Need Brite Dip & Black Anodizing for aluminum, various size parts
57174. Want to start a electro galvanizing Unit - Need consultation
57175. Oxidation data for pure aluminum
57176. Corrosion resistance of Bronze Dichromate vs. Decorative Chrome Plating
57177. What will rust through 1/4" steel the fastest
57178. Flux for alumina rich hot-dip galvanizing
57179. Etching Glass using HF or other product.
57180. Black anodizing of parts to stand up at 125 °C
57181. Finger machine return valve plating plant
57182. Need durable letters screen printed on powder coated metal surface
57183. Enviro coating for stainless fasteners?
57184. Fisherman thinks he found gold or silver off the coast of Jamaica
57185. Extraction of visible gold from quartz veining
57186. Salvaging chrome plating line tanks
57190. Rust designs and colors on steel sculpture
57191. Wheat starch vs. sponge blasting
57192. Suggested paint for plastic playhouse?
57193. Blistering During Copper Electroplating of Steel
57194. Pin holes when spraying semi gloss latex
57195. Teflon coating thickness for harsh corrosive acid exposure
57196. Alternative to Methylene Chloride for removing tape from brass
57198. Cleaning cycle for aluminum components to be zinc-nickel plated
57199. Converting Boric-Sulfuric Anodizing Bath To Sulphuric Anodize
57200. 'Basic' dimensionless coating needed for 4' dia. steel rings
57201. Mfgr Looking for a plater for nickel and bright nickel
57202. Chemical to remove nickel plating from silver or brass jewelry without destroying the original surface
57203. Need antique bronze finish for steel fasteners
57204. 1.4548.5 --- X5CRNICUNB17-4-4
57205. Drying temperature after electrodeposition?
57206. Advantages of Nickel Plating over Chrome Plating in Salty Application
57207. Suggested metal or coating for dryer for Ferrous Sulphate
57208. Restoring our AH-1G Cobra Helicopter - Your expert guidance is needed.
57209. Solder marks on made to order Platinum wedding rings!
57210. Recovery of silver from spent electrolyte
57211. Electrostatic coating without a ground
57212. Is powder coating or paint best for Acoustic Enclosure for Diesel Generator?
57213. Salt Spray Test for Powder Coated Fasteners
57215. Chromic Anodizing blade burn
57216. Need Micron Gold Plating Bath
57217. Chrome Recovery Plant options
57218. Solderability Problem with ENIG Finish on PCB
57219. Nickel Etching Questions
57220. Want to update the metal finish color on shower doors
57221. Different shades of rhodium plating on wedding bands?
57222. Determination of HNO3 in degreasing solution containing H2SO4
57223. Painting/Powder coating cast iron: outgassing and adhesion problems
57224. Important DFT/Tape Adhesion Issue
57226. Make-up & Operating temperature of Electropolishing solution?
57227. Purple staining on 316 S/S in high temperature pure steam autoclave
57228. I need an idea on a good rust inhibitor for steel that is masked and plated alkaline zinc
57229. Need 6 aluminum port holes on a sail boat chromed
57230. Need aluminum motorcycle wheels finished in a gold anodized
57231. Anti-galling Testing
57232. Electroless plating onto gold seed particles
57233. Hard Chrome pretreatment/roughness issue
57234. Electroless nickel on opposing surfaces
57235. Who makes powder coating no. "068-46-66347 Bronze TGIC"
57236. How to silver plate flatware
57237. Looking to "repaint" restore the outside of a baking pan
57238. Looking for 18' deep, high temp walk in oven; 750 F/ gas
57239. Poor zinc-nickel plating coverage on I.D.
57240. Blackening of Aluminum in Humidity Testing
57241. Specs vs. dry paint shade variation
57243. Brown Stripes on Aluminum after Anodizing
57244. Need Chromatising / Blue Passivation to MS Panel
57245. Suggestions on Wastewater treatment with Ni and Cu problems
57246. Black Ebonol fades to brown in storage
57247. Damage to Ford duratec engine from powdered lime
57249. Using Caustic Soda to Put Finish on Aluminum Parts
57250. Measurement method(s) for coating thickness of chrome plating onto variety of substrates
57252. Black Chrome finish on aluminum
57253. Best Finish For Cast Aluminum Mailboxes and Posts in Florida Climate
57254. Low cost, corrosion resistant alternative to Kovar
57255. Standard corrosion resistance of chromate conversion coatings
57256. What grade of aluminum for anodized hand shears?
57257. Cleaning potassium gold cyanide that is contaminated with silver and copper
57258. Life of galvanised steel in highly corrosive environment
57259. Is any post-dip required after TiN coating?
57260. Seeking nickel plating and replating of banjo parts for multiple restorations
57261. Quality electropolishing needed for stainless mfg
57262. Need Carbon Filters for Nickel plating line
57264. Electroplating over thermally evaporated aluminum
57265. Best Option: Polished Aluminum or Powder Coat for Engine Intake Manifold?
57266. Passivating stainless steel sculpture
57267. Can I add distilled water to Non-Cyanide Silver Solution?
57268. Ferrous sulphate vs ferrous chloride for CN treatment
57269. Hand-held XRF's to measure chrome thickness
57270. Micro Hardness Testing Issue (Vibration?)
57271. Adhesion on polypropylene
57272. High friction coating required
57273. Gas Pitting in Hard Chrome
57274. Cadmium Plating thickness
57275. Zinc plating on steel is rusting -- will annealing help?
57276. Fun guys in the bath!
57277. Extracting silver from a quaternary alloy of Ag-Cu-Ni-Zn
57278. What is Surface Finish "CF"
57279. Lacquer coating for CZ jewelry
57280. Galvanneal surface rust
57281. Need help with plating silver over chrome
57283. Need a cobalt plating source
57284. The Reactivity of Metals: Why does copper react when added to hydrochloric acid?
57285. Plating Steel with Tungsten
57286. Removing black water marks from furniture
57287. Neutralising solution for electrolytic polishing solution
57288. Liquid Nitriding EN 19 to a depth of 0.3 mm
57289. Mill finish aluminum channels
57290. Stainless steel, paint and corrosion
57291. Plating on magnesium
57292. Aluminum electroplating on steel
57293. Direct nickel/gold plating of aluminium/brass electronic contacts
57294. Zinced + Blue Passivated
57295. Fluoride removal from waste water below 5 ppm
57297. Check for sandblasting effectiveness
57298. Injection Mould Pitting Repair
57299. Attempting to artistically corrode metal
57300. Removing Rust and Passivating a meat mincer
57301. Seeking cleaning of Aluminum parts using sulfuric-dichromate
57302. What is the best coating for spring steel clips?
57303. Powder coating peels off of stainless steel
57304. White gold plating solution
57305. Cast Aluminium component with Trivalent Chromating not withstanding 48 hour salt spray test
57306. Dark spots /staining after Potassium Stannate Tin Plating
57308. Micron gold plating machine
57309. Physical Identification of SS 304 vs. EN series materials
57310. Problems with passivation and salt spray testing of 15-5 PH stainless steel
57311. Corrosion protection for Aluminum at 420° C
57312. Making Aqueous Bronze at home
57313. How to lower desired specific gravity by adding water?
57314. How to produce PTFE Dispersions
57315. Check chemical composition of electroforming bath
57316. Electroforming Oxygen-Free Copper
57317. Suitability of electrogalvanized materials for 40°C ambient temperature
57318. How to tighten a round Stainless Steel Cap without marring or contaminating it
57319. Need electrolytic cobalt plating on stainless steel wire
57320. Need Nikasil Plating of Rotary Engine
57321. Where to purchase media material for tumble polishing
57322. Thick Galvanized Coatings, How to Get, What is Maximum
57323. Tiny spots on parts are not anodized
57324. Need Dirilyte serving pieces refinished
57325. Roughness in Standard Current Density Hard Chrome Plating?
57326. Water soluble coating with predictable rate of dissolution
57327. Need small anodizing rectifier, tank with electrodes for hobby anodizing
57328. Ball valves for 98% sulfuric acid at 20° C
57329. Brush finishing miter joints after welding
57330. Cleaning water damaged aluminum engine parts
57331. Secondary zinc ingots required
57332. Defoaming a Chromic Reduction tank
57333. How to change my 14k rings to the color of 22k?
57334. Procedure for copper coating headlight bucket of antique cycle
57335. Waste Treatment of Chrome from PVD Process
57336. Nickel stripping for anodizing purpose
57337. An old formulation for acid sulphate zinc baths
57338. Using sand blasting plus 7-tank phosphatizing together
57339. Rhodium plating cannot be resized?????
57341. E-coat anode problems
57343. MIL-DTL-5541F Conversion Coating of Aluminum for EMI/EMC needs
57344. Having problems manufacturing the point of common nails
57345. Is there a RoHS compliant yellow chromate for aluminum
57346. Selenium removal from wastewater
57347. Automated removal of galvanizing bottom dross
57348. How to choose the best flux for your line?
57349. Black PVD coatings
57350. Discolorization of tin-plated brass without barrier layer
57352. How to raise pH in ferrous sulphate Iron Plating bath?
57353. Black anodising delaminates from heat of machining
57354. Need Silver Plating by Periodic-Reverse Process
57355. Chrome or tungsten carbide plate four steel piston rods.
57356. De-magnetizing AISI 304 fasteners without spoiling surface finish
57357. Looking for 3rd party lab testing of oil on flat sheet steel using Ellypsometer
57358. Seeking platinum and gold plating of coins
57359. Corrosion problem in zinc plated telescoping tubing
57361. Blisters develop when using old electroless nickel plating solution
57362. Why is mechanical agitation better than air for hexavalent chromium reduction process?
57363. Killing bryozones with crystallized copper sulphate
57364. Heat Treating 6061-T6 for Type III Anodize
57365. Why aren't aluminium pipelines used for oil and gas?
57366. Why does tin plating peel off of 2 parts out of 2016?
57367. Thickness of Nickel Acetate anodizing seal
57368. Temporary Corrosion Protection for Steel & Ductile Iron Castings
57369. Looking for Armoloy plating technique
57370. Black Oxide Flaking
57372. Need pure nickel anode material - 100#
57373. Clear coating an antique Diebold safe...
57374. Wire drawing without HCl acid pickling
57375. Hard Chrome Removal by Chemical Dip
57376. Protecting matte sulfamate nickel from fingerprints
57377. Stains after varnishing antique copper
57378. Galvanized DDS grade steel with welt marks
57379. Copper electroforming: deposition only happens in HCD area
57380. What is the ratio of zinc and nickel in zinc nickel deposition
57381. Loss of Nickel in Nickel Sulfamate Bath
57382. What's the correct mixture of cyanide zinc bath
57383. Hot rolled vs. cold rolled steel as substrate for chrome plating
57384. Alternative chemical brightening bath for aluminum
57385. Hardcoat Anodizing of series 20xx Aluminium
57387. Will brushed stainless rust more easily
57388. Black coating/Plating for SS - APPROVED FOR USE AROUND FOOD
57389. Does Agitation causes Alodine T5900 Concentration difference in Chromate Dip Tank
57390. White rust on aluminium die-cast part from pretreatment results in paint pin holes
57391. Type II anodize, oil marks show through
57393. Plating Fe-55 on a Stainless Steel Wire
57394. "Chinese Gold" -- a jewelry metal like gold
57395. Material of construction for etching tank
57396. Suitable material for storage and transfer of Paraquat Dichloride
57397. Need a test run of Electroless Ni plating on 2 by 3 inch sample
57398. How to plate uniform thin Nickel into photoresist pattern
57399. Rust prevention on Stainless Steel Misting Nozzles and Refurbishment after clogging
57400. Red spots on gold plating
57401. Spinning large galvanised bolts.
57402. Will teflon tape react with hot crude oil?
57404. Electro-etching brass rather than etching with nitric acid?
57405. Rusted stainless steel cable railing
57406. Need restoration of brass fireplace enclosure
57407. Coin edge finish
57408. Automating the Seven tank process
57409. Temperature Barrier Coating
57410. Achieving AuSn eutectic mixture through evaporation
57411. Chrome Plating of galvanized steel pipe
57412. Tank Versus Brush Plating
57413. Corrosion on 'sintered' pulley bushing parts
57414. What coating for steel exposed to rock salt?
57415. Is HVOF a quality, economy and mass production alternative to Hard Chrome Plating?
57416. Gold Leaf adhesion to exterior grade powder coat
57417. Peel-off test for reel to reel nickel & gold plating
57418. No fluxing before galfan for wire?
57419. Electrobrightening and anodising of Aluminium
57420. Strip Hot Dipped Galvanized Bolts
57421. Best plating for oxygen-free copper wire for high temp application?
57422. Anybody use capacitive deionization for waste concentration?
57423. Coating over top of HDPE for smoothness
57425. Powder clear on aluminium wheels shows impression of packaging material
57426. Why has urine corroded an aluminium and steel toilet frame?
57430. Is a 10th century ring w/ some lead & antimony safe to wear?
57431. Refinishing my antique cast iron and pewter counterbalanced floor lamp.
57432. Titanium Anode Baskets for nickel plating
57433. What Is R-TIN plating in PCB
57435. Reducing foam from acid/base reaction in Equalization tank
57436. Removal of Chemical Conversion Coating from ZAMAC
57437. Specification of Ceramic Coating on Bolts & Nuts
57438. Lab procedure for Hot Dip Galvanizing Industry
57441. Electroless Gold Plating vs Electrolytic Gold Plating
57442. Finishing a large metal sculpture
57443. Copper contamination of Iridite?
57444. Electropolishing Ni Cr alloys ?
57445. Did Electrification of Galvanized Roofing Panels ruin them?
57446. Zn plating and Cr3 passivation as per MFZnT1C standard with hydrogen de-embrittlement
57447. ASTM B633 Type VI colored passivate
57448. Electrodeposition of copper onto titanium
57449. Hexavalent Chrome Free Questions! I know you love these!
57450. Making a good Zinc Strike
57452. Need autocatalytic gold plating - Western USA
57453. Plating - How do you keep up with the call outs?
57454. Safety conscious welding repair of tank
57455. How to wipe the chromic acid after the passivation of galvanized sheet?
57456. Is acid etching before anodizing useful?
57457. What type of process is best suited for 5 year exterior applications?
57458. Iron Electroplating on gold
57459. Copper Plating.....Rat Rod Style
57460. Conductivity of Rinse Water
57461. Excess of carrier agent in nickel plating
57462. Anodizing watermarks?
57463. Corrosion protection of phosphate and oil
57464. Galvanic Corrosion during Copper Strip
57465. Coloring zinc plated stainless steel red with dyes
57468. Cadmium In Chinese 18K Gold over Sterling Silver Earrings?
57469. Surfacing for outdoor galvanized sculpture
57471. Re-use of cyanate water
57472. Techniques to Measure Thickness of Electroless Nickel Plating
57473. Stripping various platings and disposal of the waste
57474. Electrocoating (E-Coat) Die Cast Aluminum - Safety & Surface Finish of End Product
57475. Titanium plating onto 3d part printed from acrylic resin
57476. White rust soon after black trivalent chromating
57477. Ability of chemical film to slow aluminum oxidation
57478. Orange tint after passivation
57479. Importance of pH in passivation
57480. Corrosion resistance of Galvanized vs. Media Blast Steel?
57481. 10 Objects that are between 18" to 40" need rust removed.
57483. Need Process and Plant for Anodizing Magnesium Sheet
57484. Need metal samples for testing as per AMS 2460
57486. Testing for presence of sealant after zinc plating & chromating
57487. Plating Palladium on Sterling Silver
57488. Product Data for Clear Anodized Aluminum
57490. Extending an existing powder coating plant to also do anodising
57491. SPCC vs. SGCC vs. SECC steel for computer cases
57492. Sulfamate Nickel pitting issue
57493. Allowance for Zinc Plated Internal Thread
57494. Corrosion of Cadmium Plated MIL-spec connectors in storage
57495. Need powder consultant/expert to assess value of powder finishing equipment
57496. Why can't we store electricity in water?
57498. More metal deposited than Faraday's law predicts
57499. Chromium-free coating for galvanized metal
57500. Is my fridge real stainless?
57501. Gold plating a Nickel-Silver Religious medal
57502. Zinc roofing questions
57503. Plated baby shoes
57504. Cracks develop in Zinc Castings
57505. Rockwell test after phosphate coating
57506. Alternative Solution for HCl pickling
57507. Varnish Layers on Wooden Tables are Too Soft
57508. Baked Copper Nickel rusted in 3 days
57509. Surface coating for the aluminium soleplate of an iron
57510. Lighting standard for visual inspection of powder coating?
57511. How to judge the quality of stainless steel sinks?
57512. Anodizing JB Weld? Rereanodizing?
57513. Need TiN or TiCN coating of stainless steel strips
57515. Best electroless nickel ENP composition
57516. Bio harmless electrolytes for surgical instrument etching
57517. Direct nickel coating on aluminium preforms
57518. Recovery of Silver from mirrors
57519. Control of DC power for plating tanks
57520. Coating a Mirror to judge clear coat clarity
57521. Corrosion prevention for aluminum storm shutters exposed to salt mist
57523. Rinsing after Passivation
57524. Uniform coating on sharp-corner grooves of superconducting electromagnet
57525. Need to know who calibrates salt spray machines (18 cubic ft?
57526. Dark patches in EN Plating, and possibility of rework
57527. Copper electroplating onto steel
57528. Finishing a folded piece of Chrome plated steel
57529. Trying to coat tungsten with .9999 Gold
57530. How to dissolve aluminium but not alumina
57531. White spots on galvanized hardware
57532. Seeking gold plating on motorcycle parts
57533. Restoration of Una Eclipse nickel plated stove
57534. How to vent hot black oxide process?
57535. Lacquer and Polyurethane compatibility
57536. Need Electroless nickel plating
57537. Need Corvel Epoxy Coating of Springs
57538. Wetting agent, Leveler, Brightener, and Stress Reducer for Nickel Cobalt Plating
57539. Removing the copper plating from a steel penny
57542. Coefficient of friction for Manganese Phosphate coated Metal
57543. Blast Finish on Hard Chrome Plate
57544. Working on a new RFQ for E-CLPS 2400 processing
57545. 1018 Steel coated for corrosion resistance and looks
57546. Can nitric acid vapor test (IPC-TM- detect nickel or only copper?
57547. Max. Operational Temperature of Nickel Plating
57548. How can I keep my lapped aluminum shiny?
57550. Anodize is peeling during assembly operation
57551. Steel pretreatment type and scribe corrosion in salt fog
57552. Immersion Plating Thickness
57554. "Hot spots" in anodize
57555. What is the applied thickness of Manganese Phosphate per Mil-std-171?
57556. Best fix for Leaking Pontoons?
57557. Electroless Nickel Plating vs. Yellow Chromated Aluminum's Thermal Conductivity
57558. Doctor Solution formula for Zinc Cyanide plating
57559. White rust after shipping overseas
57560. How can jeweller stop bronze from going green
57561. Pin holes on e-coat bottom surface
57562. Troubleshooting electrocoating
57563. Electroless nickel plating on SS 316 ball valve
57565. Hardness of H13 material
57566. The future of the Powder coating business
57568. How do I check for Rust on a galvanized sheet?
57569. Industrial Cleaning of Copper Bus Bar
57570. Looking For Used Semi Bright Nickel Solution and Used Bright Nickel Solution
57571. How to turn 18K gold to a glossy black colour?
57572. E-coating a carbon steel candle holder for outdoor use
57573. PVD process is giving inconsistent "Brass" color
57574. Protecting camo wrap from ripping when snagged
57575. What is a "Satin finish"?
57576. Water reuse from iron phosphating process
57577. Membrane (NAFION electrowinning
57578. Can my Yamaha's cracked titanium pipe be gas welded?
57579. Galvanizing with VibraHoist?
57580. Ceremonial Torches need heat-resistant finish with appearance of Gold
57581. Chromic Acid Anodize Analysis Help
57582. Silver plating equipment for deep cavities and tubular parts
57583. Contacts in the Electroplating Industry
57584. Galvanized sheet for jet blast deflector
57585. Best conductive plating for "3rd rail" of sliding door
57586. Can't get rid of solder line on fine jewelry
57587. How to check for Good Galvanization
57588. Copper Alloy Corrosion Coming Through Gold Plating
57589. Plating metals out of sea water
57590. Need tin sheets approx 28 ga
57592. Looking for best corrosion resistant finish for aluminum
57593. Rectifier Energy savings
57594. Best plating so fasteners won't be overtorqued
57596. Best process for aluminum finishing
57597. Reducing variance in galvanizing coating thickness
57598. What is the principle under which cyclic voltammetry is used to analyse plating additives?
57599. Analysis for Trivalent and Hexavalent Chrome in wastewater
57600. Paraffin oil Test for the Hydrogen De-Embrittlement
57601. Something ate into my sink
57602. Removal of TOC glass coating using electroplating methods.
57603. Effect of hex chromium in trivalent chromium plating bath
57605. Home Shop Copper Plating of a Steel Container
57606. Large pvd coating
57607. Resistance of Nickel Electroless to acid and temperature
57608. Definition of a "Lot" for plating process
57610. My brass door knob isn't truly brass?
57611. Oxalic Acid cleaning of old anodized aluminum.
57612. Buffing Problem on Brass
57613. Staining of Aluminum in DI and distilled water
57614. Alkaline green gold plating
57615. Does soft water corrode stainless steel
57616. Laser Scattering / Reflectivity on Anodized Coating?
57617. Is this a proper Hex Chromate solution?
57618. What is R22 is in regards to Silver tarnish treatment?
57619. Gold Plating bath parameters
57620. Need a large Rectifier and Chiller
57621. Hardcoat with inconsistent finish
57622. 480 Hour salt spray powdercoat steps
57623. Need a large paint booth
57625. Stripping silver from old flatware for salvage
57626. Best Nickel Plating process to solder with Pb free paste.
57627. How to avoid resin marks in ED body
57628. Pin hole leaks for EN plating
57629. Is coefficient of friction of Zinc Nickel plating comparable to yellow zinc dichromate
57630. Best grade of Zamak for electroplating
57631. Plating gold on titanium without Woods Nickel Strike
57632. How to get Satin Finish on Aluminium Reflectors for LED Lamps
57633. Choosing cadmium plating vs. hot dipped galvanized?
57634. Looking for a Chrome Plating shop to do Chrome Oxide onto alumina
57635. Where to get old iron bed feet
57636. Somebody please re-paint my concrete statue!
57637. Hydrogen bakeout of a 5" thick F22 2 1/4 1Mo part
57638. What additive in an E-Coating provides the corrosion resistance?
57639. Hydrogen embrittlement when plating Aermet 100
57640. Looking for help and advise for removing ink or dye from tinplate
57641. Will the finish come off tin mirror if I clean it or get glass cleaner on it?
57642. Need automatic hard chrome plating lineTurkey
57643. We need a deionization system for a 1 gpm Electroless Nickel rinse
57644. Requirements for Light Fast Testing per MIL-A-8625F
57645. Proper electric heater for heating 30% sulphuric acid to 135 °C
57646. Control of powder coat texture
57647. Gas nitriding with post oxidizing
57648. Preferred Drill Bit for G90
57649. High current density gassing in nickel plating?
57650. Chromic acid staining on Manganese Phosphated parts.
57651. Mechanical finishing before electropolishing a 316SS tank
57653. Replace electroless nickel plating on aluminium heatsink
57654. Looking for electroplaters for stained glass crafts
57655. Ionic cleaner left a black stain on sterling jewelry
57656. Combining rinse tanks for multiple anodizing tanks?
57657. Seeking co. to plate iron onto electroless nickel plated copper pc.
57658. Time Needed for Student Project to Demonstrate Corrosion
57659. Silver nitrate on alumina beads is gray instead of bright
57660. Chemical or acid that melts gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium
57662. Liver of sulphur on bimetallic parts- sterling/silicon bronze
57663. Aluminum final polish before Permalac
57664. How to paint trivalent chromium finish
57666. What is CED Painting?
57667. Decorative chrome plating to meet 500h red rust salt spray?
57668. Rust on 303 ss after passivation
57669. Corrosion on SS316 threaded bar that was cut with a chop saw
57670. Blackness persists in weld area after electropolishing
57671. Steel braces for a Salt Water Pier?
57672. Titanium Staining
57673. Chrome plating of linkage follower
57675. NXR 30" gas range rusting like crazy
57676. Dent and Pits filling before Plating
57677. What coating for steam coil used in caustic solution
57678. Powder Coated Cabinets are Rusting
57679. Electroless Nickel Plating of Mn-Cu-Ni Alloy
57680. How to build up aluminum concentration in Type III bath?
57681. Need Ion Exchange Membranes
57682. Stains inside stainless steel dishwasher
57683. Gold electroforming
57685. Chrome plating over Zinc Phosphate
57686. Need phosphatizing pretreatment chemicals for sheetmetal
57687. Looking for a company to do reclamation of plating by-products
57688. Fibered silver coat for metal roof?
57689. Tin plating thickness for lead frame through-hole soldering
57691. Costume jewelry quality plater needed to plate my new line
57692. Sizing platinum anodes for platinum black plating on small wire ends
57693. Parts are failing nickel emission test
57695. Immersion Primer before powder
57696. Hot metal filings have scored porcelain sink
57697. Trivalent / Hexavalent Chrome passivation
57698. Epoxy paint removal from in-situ purlins
57699. Is hydrogen embrittlement causing u-bolt failure?
57701. Streaks when Anodizing 3003-H14 Aluminum
57702. Difference between electropolishing and pickling Inconel 718
57703. Clear coat options for a steel commuter bike
57704. What does DS 925 mean on my silver pendant
57705. What is "hot dog" tin plate
57706. What should we paint a walk-in oven with?
57707. Stripping of Zi/Ni alloy plating and replating of the same - Regards
57708. Current density for trivalent chrome plating
57709. Need filters for sludge separation from phosphate solution
57711. Poor adhesion on nickel-chromium plating
57712. How to paint spun aluminum "Captain America" shield
57713. Can I 'spot' plate brass on a table that is worn in areas?
57714. Residual electrical current in stainless steel strip
57715. Lead anodes for copper electrowinning
57716. Black Oxide tank heating problem
57717. 17-4Ph SS cracking when we strip the hard chrome off
57718. How to paint on HIPS plastic materials
57719. Acid and cyanide copper plating bath problems
57720. Neutralization of Zinc plating before Cr3 - coating
57722. Gold electroforming bath composition
57723. Matte finishing of aluminium profiles without sandblasting
57724. Draw polishing of EMed micro surfaces
57725. Deterioration in water channels of molds
57726. Electroless plating plastic parts for EMI shielding
57727. Need Oven temp. calibration unit capable up to 600 deg C
57728. Need Dip-spin coating material
57729. Zinc Plating over Black Oxide
57730. Solubility of silver chloride in copper bath
57732. Accelerated corrosion testing - Can CASS B368 be used on powder painted aluminum to gain info?
57733. Hydrogen Relief treatment on spring washers
57735. How does Coliform get into RO water?
57736. Gravimetric determination of Sulphate
57737. Final finishing of an anodized fly fishing reel
57738. Etching "PA" plastic to improve epoxy adhesion
57739. How to black anodize aluminum die cast parts?
57740. How to repair a brushed metal finish
57741. Cleaning SS smut free
57742. Cadmium Plating of "Passive" Alloy Steel
57743. Tank Material for nitric acid with dichromate
57744. Teflon vs. Hard chromium plating for EVA molds
57745. NiPdAu and NiPd Plating
57746. Anodised Aluminium: Need Dying and Sealing help
57747. Expert for Training in electroplating process
57748. Is Copper plating on Nickel possible?
57749. Seeking 2"OD X .165 hard anodized tubing
57750. Making plastic mannequin ready for paint
57751. Plastisol application to avoid to drip
57752. Powder coating is thick at sharp corners, and none along the edges
57753. Porosity in electroless nickel plated aluminium die casting
57754. Is lacquering allowed for zinc plating process?
57755. Finger marks in trivalent blue passivation
57758. Plating Power Supplies: what am I looking for?
57759. Is plasma cleaning compatible with chromate conversion coated aluminum parts?
57760. Chemical Fume Suppressant for Nitric HF Pickling bath
57761. Need silvering spray gun
57762. Controlled stripping of tin from copper plated contacts
57763. Keeping pennies in yard art shiny
57764. Galv coating: Correlation between Elcometer reading and microscopic thickness measurement
57765. Nanodispersions In Black Dye? 2nd Request
57766. To Anodize or not to anodize?
57767. Is P20+Ni (plastic mould tool steel harder than P20+S?
57768. Busbar suggestion for Electrochemical Fluorination
57769. Analyzing Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites
57770. Bright Chromium or Nickel Plating on SS 316.
57771. How to improve surface roughness in shot blasting structural steel
57772. How to repair Hail Dents in Airstream Travel Trailer?
57773. Nickel Strike needed OVER Silver Plating on ceramic
57774. Colour change from sanding galvanised steel jewelry
57775. Powdercoating heavy steel sections with one coat
57776. What is Marshall's Solution?
57777. Mass Polishing stainless forgings to mirror finish
57778. Keeping micro-mirrors shiny outdoors
57779. Electroless Gold Plating of Semiconductor Substrates
57780. Electropolishing - excessive foaming problem
57781. How to avoid plated wheels peeling quickly (black nickel plating + lacquer clear coat
57782. Racking material for electropolishing SS 304
57783. Zero discharge system for Acid Zinc and Nickel Chrome
57784. Trivalent Black Passivation analysis (cobalt base
57785. Paint to cover rusted Stainless seam in tank
57786. Electroless Nickel Plating Issues
57787. Coating adhesion promoter for Aluminium substrate
57788. Black stain after passivation, brown spots after stress relief on stainless steel
57789. Standard silver plating on switchgear bus
57791. Aluminium sheet powder paint cracking while bending at 90 degree
57792. Black Zinc-Iron plated decorative steel parts
57793. Black anodize for outdoor extrusions
57794. Very thick rhodium plating needed for development
57795. Brazing of C17510 Copper Alloy to TZM material
57796. Want Technical Book about Conveyors and Cooling Zones
57797. Calculation of zinc/chloride concentration in a zinc bath by titration
57798. Pinhole problem in dual layer FBE coating
57799. Should zinc phosphate conversion coatings rub off?
57800. Is Aluminium fire bowl dangerous?
57801. Blue anodize is developing a green "dust"
57802. Fix blistering chrome on luggage rack for SUV
57803. Seeking brass part colored black
57805. Melting together white gold of different karats
57807. Cyanide is not sufficiently captured or destroyed in copper recovery DI process
57808. Removing heat treated electroless nickel
57809. Blackened SST clips are rusting
57810. Methods of ash removal from galvanizing bath
57811. Zinc deposits on O.D. of 2nd end of pipe while I.D. blowing
57812. Need 500 hour Salt Spray by top-coating brass plated aluminium
57813. Lead drag problem in Pb-Zn bath
57814. Need hard chrome plating plant for engine valves
57815. MIL-C-5541 is "grainy" on heat treated aluminum
57816. Zinc, Copper, Cobalt and Nickel electroplating on carbon
57817. Minimum magnetic annealing temperature for 316 stainless steel.
57818. Is this a diamond ring or costume jewelry?
57819. Seeking stainless steel trim repair for vintage automobiles
57820. Deburring galvanneal steel
57821. How to avoid rusting of stainless steel parts from sanding blocks?
57822. Need company that can paint with polypropylene paint & paint aluminum parts to blueprint
57823. How to coat with (not onto stainless steel
57824. Most durable, long life coating for aluminium castings
57825. Electroless Black Nickel on Aluminum
57826. Dying Black Finish on Stainless Steel?
57827. Need DIN EN 12476 phosphate coating service
57828. Removing metal grinding splatter impact from glass
57829. Blistering when Powdercoating items that are Acid Copper plated
57830. Production of copper sulphate [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon] from scrap/by product sulphuric acid
57831. Safety of Bronze kitchenware
57832. Hobbyist copper plating onto lead-free solder wire
57833. How come most chrome plated plastic products are not conductive?
57834. Trivalent Yellow Chromate
57835. Paint Sludge Waste Treatment
57836. Function of solution components in Electroless Nickel Plating
57837. Safety of titanium WOK
57838. Repainting Original Wrought Iron Bench (Outside)
57840. Finishing plain steel for a coffee table
57841. Quality Standards for Stainless Steel Fabrication
57842. We need to eliminate NVA of retapping for threaded inserts
57844. Bulging defect in copper plating layer
57845. How to get tin plating on the internal diameter of fittings
57847. Need anodizing service for large aluminum grates
57848. How do you oxidize titanium?
57849. Hexavalent Chromium in Trivalent Passivating Baths?
57851. Spec'ing roughness suitable for an O-ring
57852. Advantage and Disadvantage of heated Nickel Watt solution
57853. Black Finish for Stainless Steel 304 Sink
57854. Anodizing Racking
57855. Stainless Steel Grade that's attracted to but won't become a magnet?
57856. Gold Plating on Titanium?
57857. Need Full Service Plater and Powder Coater for Zinc Die Cast
57858. Bird screen using hot dipped or electro-galvanising mesh
57859. Shelf life of chromic acid anodized surfaces prior to primer application?
57860. How to remove Fish-boning on galvanized surface
57861. Chemicals used in hard chrome on zinc based metal
57862. Seeking Rose Gold plating on a silver pendant
57863. Primer failed dry tape adhesion test
57864. Need purple anodizing of 6061 aluminum components 2nd Request
57865. Need anodizing of 6000 series aluminum plates
57866. Electroplating solution for Fe20Ni80 permalloy
57867. Pitting on plated plastic parts
57868. Life expectancy of trivalent chromated aluminum parts
57870. Titanium hooks on nickel anodes dissolved!
57871. Should I plate my trumpet with 10k gold or 14k?
57872. Tin Plate Fused specs
57873. Design of the dipping screws for a pipe galvanizing line
57874. Nickel peeling off on 95% nickel material
57875. Cadmium plating tungsten
57877. Need plastic architectural models chrome plated
57879. Analysis of Iron Content on a Zinc-Iron plated part
57880. How do you remove iron and chrome from a Wood's Nickel tank ?
57881. Inconsistant colour change in anodising
57882. White spots and black crusts in Electropolishing
57883. Stainless steel shaft: burnishing vs. polishing?
57884. Use of sea water for surface condensers for sugar industry
57885. Suggestions on how to add corrosion protection to steel cast pulleys
57886. Which surface finishing gives 1000 hours in neutral salt spray?
57887. Need anode socks for hard chrome plating
57888. Electroless plated flat head screw
57889. Can Clear Chromate turn yellow
57890. What is bipolar effect and its significance in electroplating?
57891. Rinsewater flow rates / turn-overs conversion
57892. Can't find right size backflow preventer
57893. Sealing toilet tank with plastic dip or spray
57894. Galvanized nails clogging in the basket after spin
57896. Are zinc passivation and chromate coating the same thing ?
57897. Need Old Roof Snow Guards Hot Dipped, in North Jersey.
57898. Brush Plating Tools & Supplies needed
57899. Risk of Handling and Cleaning Cadmium Plated Components
57900. copper sulphate [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon] test failures on hot rolled steel
57904. Need a new plater for Matte tin ASTM B545 service class D
57905. Need cleaning of 4000 pound wire coils
57906. Need NYBCO NutraRust Rust Inhibitor
57907. Tin plating for solderability rust after storage
57908. Flux for Galvanizing cable tray items
57909. Re-galvanizing metal molds for concrete
57910. Brown film on S-pellets in Nickel Sulphamate Cell
57911. Tin-lead plating blisters over Silphos braze material
57912. Suggested way to color the two ends of a cylinder different colors
57913. Looking for a high-end painter, Class AA surface, automotive type finish but nicer
57914. Seeking plastic plating services - nickel plating on PC/ABS parts
57915. HEPA Filtration Requirement
57916. Titanium Anodizing Rack Industry
57917. Thick Plating on Complex Plastic Geometries
57919. Thrift shop "diamonds in the rough"
57920. Historical Colt 1911 nickel plating question
57921. Two Part Silver is Discolored
57922. Brass plating is wrong shade
57923. In Need of Antiqued/Oxidized Copper and Brass Platers
57924. Powder Coating on top of galvanizing
57925. Use of Electroless Nickel for Rubber Mold
57926. Electroless Nickel Class 4
57927. Pre-existing anchor profile on blast cleaned steel substrate
57928. Where can I get my motorcycle exhaust chrome plated?
57929. Formula for electroless nickel plating solution
57930. Stainless Steel Grades for Turbocharged Exhaust manifold
57931. WTB acid etched sheet aluminum boat deck
57932. Restoring chrome look to oxidized chrome
57933. Acid copper vs. nickel in gold plating process
57934. Automatic system to add flux in galvanizing wire?
57935. Tin plating doesn't coat I.D. of tubing
57936. Electropolishing aluminium without perchloric acid
57937. HAE magnesium anodizing bath needs to rest for success
57938. Looking to find more info on chroming and where a person can get training
57939. Can industrial ruby be plated (or otherwise coated with platinum ?
57940. Neutralization of fluoboric acid?
57941. Does electrolytic cyanide strip cause hydrogen embrittlement?
57942. Rhodium plating vs rhodium finishing
57943. Looking to electroform popcorn
57944. Distinguishing between nickel deposited with Watts bath vs sulfamate bath
57945. Steel boat hull prep
57946. White Rust Finish on a Zinc Tabletop
57947. Polishing titanium on a CNC Swiss Screw machine
57948. Nickel plating on stainless steel?
57949. Painting support stand for pipes
57950. Seeking company to bronze two man doors
57951. Looking to set up galvanizing plant
57952. Fatigue test specimen polishing
57953. How to know whether rust is from electrolysis of water pipes or hot water heater deteriorating?
57954. Vacuum metallizing Plastics With Silver
57955. Obtaining Thicker Chromic Anodize
57956. Is alkaline anodising is better than acid anodising?
57957. Does stainless steel tank for phosphoric acid storage need passivation?
57958. Settings for Laser Marking of different materials
57959. Cold liquid pH probe
57960. Galvanized sheet metal planters are rusting
57961. Which EN alloy steels are most weldable?
57963. Lack of E-coat coverage on welds
57964. Steel coating in marine environment
57965. Rejuvenating a flute by removing its worn silver plating
57966. Can steel be dissolved or rusted this quickly?
57967. Strip and recover silver from silver plated steel or stainless
57968. Process for gold plating over copper
57969. Inconsistant coloration in zinc phosphatizing
57970. Dielectric plating/coating of aluminum and/or copper with "decent" tribological/wear properties
57971. ASTM B733 Class 3 post heat treatment vs. ASTM B850 embrittlement relief
57972. Jewelry gold plater
57973. Looking for plating service for restoration of old National cash registers
57974. Need selective coated copper or aluminum 5 to 8 mil for solar thermal
57975. Looking for a non-reflective black paint
57976. Burnt kitchen counter plastic laminate
57978. Restoring a rusty, pitted .38 special
57979. Need replating of silver plated candelabra
57980. Chinese Trading Plates possibly made of silver
57981. Current drops 30% from starting point in acid copper plating
57982. Recovering gold and silver value from electroplated flatware
57984. Black stains when air agitation is used in nickel sulfamate plating
57985. How to achieve a thickness of 2.5 mils of Nickel/Chromium on a part
57988. Basic requirements for setting up shot blasting of metal
57989. Complying with A-967 with many materials
57990. Paint spraying on plastic prototypes
57992. Conductive paint for Plastic plating
57993. Need double barrel spray gun for plating
57994. Anodizing current density calculations / Racking design
57996. Ways to untangle effluent treatment system mess
57997. Titanium Anodize - AMS 2487 and 2488 Solution Differences
57998. Need Thai bronze flatware set polished to original brightness
57999. Electroforming Copper onto Glass

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