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12000. How to make mirrors in colors
12001. Battery acid corrosion on swingarm
12002. What is surface treatment MBAg?
12004. Recommended preventive plating of High Tensile Bolts
12005. Plating removal
12006. Restoring brass sleigh bells
12008. Creating brass on bbl plated zinc castings
12010. Antiquing Polished Brass
12014. Coating stainless steel
12015. Painting Copper Pipes
12016. Zincating of Aluminum
12017. Restoring/Painting Aluminium Windows
12018. Solder nickel plated Kovar
12021. Help with finishing wrought iron
12022. Electroless Nickel Plate Residue Problems
12025. Trivalent Chromium Electroplating
12031. Embrittlement of Ti metal
12032. Inline Testing of Fluoride
12033. Nitriding Process
12036. Gasoline fill pipe
12037. Hardcoat device
12039. Fluoboric and nitric acid passivation of steel
12043. Pre treatment of steel after shotblasting
12044. Asking for formula for hydrochloric acid
12048. Which water treatment type for metal finishing?
12049. Cleaning  before PVD
12051. AISI904L = Uranus B6 ?
12052. Bead blast for alloy wheel polishing? 
12053. Aluminum motorcycle engine cases (how to polish smooth?)
12054. Screen printing Electroless Nickel Plating
12055. spots on sulfuric black anodized extrusions
12056. Will a penny rust faster in an orange, lemon, or lime?
12057. Trivalent Chromium Plating with Different Colors
12058. Need precleaner for electropolishing of stainless steel
12061. Silver Pulse Reverse Electroplating
12063. Correlation coefficient
12065. Strip off paint on ABS
12066. Finish standards for stainless steel
12067. Removal Of Titanium/Phosphoric Acid Reaction Products
12069. Black anodising
12070. Which alloy is made by mixing 20% of lead and 80% of tin?
12071. Citric Acid passivation with spec. QQ-P35?
12072. E-Coating Oxidized Brass
12073. UV reflecting finish
12076. Gold plated watches
12077. Nickel plating removal
12078. Restoration of stainless steel automotive bumpers
12079. Feet replacement for tubular chairs
12080. Effects of muriatic acid solution on copper and bronze
12082. S-301 Ford Plating Spec
12084. High Temperature Resin Coating Systems
12085. Thin Colored Coatings on Steel
12087. Removal of silver from flute headjoint
12089. Difference between SnPb 90/10 and SnPb 60/40
12090. Zinc nickel on a grey iron substrate?
12091. Request for information on Keyphos coating
12092. Superfinishing case hardened gears- "Abral Process"
12094. Breakdown of Black Oxide Tank
12096. Anodize voltage for 7075 aluminum
12098. Help on passivation system
12104. Cyanide-free brass bath
12106. Porosity of electroplated zinc
12107. Clorox stained my bathtub, can it be removed?
12108. Suitable Alloy for Decorative Anodising and High Pressure Die-Casting?
12109. Titanium/Teflon plating high speed steel
12110. Electroplating for a Hobbyist
12111. Iron-Phosphate thickness check
12112. Alternative to lead acetate?
12114. Polarization of Titanium Anode Baskets
12115. Brownish Cadmium on Fasteners
12116. Tin over zinc plating
12117. Electroplating aluminum onto steel or copper
12118. GA dry film adhesion
12121. Any plating suggestions for max conductive heat transfer--aluminum?
12123. PVC Compound
12124. Copper Sulfate solubility
12125. Pantone to RAL conversion
12128. Chemical Safety Training
12129. Hard coat electrical insulation values
12130. Aluminum anodizing
12131. Punch Polishing
12132. Passivating welded stainless steel
12139. Magnetic Tumblers
12140. Genba Kaizen and 5s
12141. Ion vs. Gas nitriding of H13 Tool Steel
12142. Optimum temp. of nickel bath in bright chrome plating
12143. Sulfuric Acid Etching of Aluminum - safety problems
12144. Restoring Pitted Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel for Restaurant Use
12146. Refinish scratched stainless appliances
12147. Home rechroming
12149. Door hardware
12150. Dichromate and carbs
12151. Tantalum methods for the commercial firearms industry?
12153. Information for anodize process
12155. Antique finish for cement art
12157. Ultrasonic Cleaning Aluminum Casting
12159. Phosphatizing in place of dioctyl sebacate coating
12160. Looking for a simple method of tempering D2 steel
12161. Electropolishing electrolyte composition
12166. Sulphuric acid
12167. Paint removal on antique wood
12168. Producing #3 and #4 finishes on stainless steel appliances
12169. Electro versus electroless nickel
12170. Anodizing and Alcohol: chemical reaction?
12171. Need Hardcoat with clear color
12173. Formula for thickness test by B.N.F. Jet Test
12176. Surface hardening
12178. Color differences
12180. Steering wheel
12181. Chrome wheel plating problem
12182. Punctured Polyethylene
12183. Al plating
12184. Zinc Plate Flaking Off 12L14 Carbon Steel During Forming
12186. 420 Stainless Steel Corrosion
12190. Tell me about the '5s'
12192. How to cover wood with copper
12193. 10k greenfinger
12194. Refinishing a stainless steel bed frame
12196. Electro-etching solutions for pewter
12197. Touching up CBR F4i rims
12198. Want to set up Electroplating Unit in Malaysia
12199. Holiday detection
12200. Reverse electroplating for gold recovery
12201. Zinc phosphatizing and the embrittlement problem
12204. Replacement for cyanide bath for copper plating
12205. Electropolishing formulations
12208. Preserving brass high shine
12209. Pewter finishing, plating with copper, brass or bronze?
12210. Patina on Copper: Need natural solutions for speeding process
12211. Thread dimensions after plating
12212. Small milky points on bright chrome over bright nickel plated brass parts
12213. How to prevent gold peeling
12214. Cleaning of male threads
12215. Change Hexavalent to trivalent chrome at high PH using sodium metabisulfite?
12216. Seeking Nickel Electroforming of Wax Models
12218. Salt Fog Testing of EN-plated Aluminum
12219. Nickel flash cold roll steel and paint performance
12220. Aged Dark Brown Finish for Exterior Exposed Copper Sheet Goods
12221. Rhodium pen plating
12222. Adhesion Problem: Nickel over 316 SS
12223. Can a Bimetallic Al/Cu Chassis be Plated?
12224. Phosphating Help
12225. High temp corrosion proof coating
12227. Repainting anodized aluminum frames
12231. Irritation caused by anode in stainless steel cylinder immersed in corrosive water, sodium hypochlorite
12232. Zinc passivated and galvanized metal corrosion
12234. Re-grain weld area on 300 series stainless steel to a #4 finish
12235. Electroless Copper Plating Solution Chemistry
12236. Key Control Characteristics -- KCC
12237. Sodium cyanide
12239. Anodizing, maintaining electrical conductivity
12240. Gold Patination
12242. Surface treatment for a Al-Si alloy with high Si content
12244. Effect of iron in sulfuric acid CS piping
12245. Black coating for material used on agricultural equipment
12246. Tarnishing/blackening brass on prisms
12247. Stainless steel splashed with acid
12249. Pennies
12254. Teflon application in the home
12255. Surface treatment of Engine Parts(mainly Aluminium)
12258. Advantages of tin plating
12259. FDA approved wooden finish
12261. Anodizing with barrel
12263. Seeking Alodine replacement
12264. Gold plated quarter
12265. Need help with Iron Plating Process
12267. Gold electroplating at home
12268. Aluminum fishing reel oxidizing
12269. Atmosphere Evaporators
12271. Writer needs info for a piece on powder coating on hot dip galvanized fabrications
12272. Coloring zinc coating
12273. Bright dip set-up
12274. Conductivity of 20% Sulfuric Acid
12275. Effects of Ozone on SS304
12276. Rusting Stainless Steel
12278. From pewter to brass
12279. Fluoride waste treatment
12281. AA8006
12282. Technology of electrocoating
12284. How to get cornstarch from banana
12285. Chrome Plating Specification
12286. Removing Liver-Of-Sulphur oxidation?
12287. Removing chrome from tools
12288. RAL colour code
12289. Surface tension of aluminum
12290. Synthetic electroplating wastewater
12291. Ion exchange for chrome recovery from "green chromating" effluents
12292. Anode and Cathode Efficiency
12293. Hexavalent free chromate and silver free black chromate
12295. Bright Spots On Satine Nickel Plating
12296. Info on Zinc Phosphate Coatings
12298. Plating thickness method
12299. Chromic Acid
12300. Do you know of Cobratech 99 corrosion inhibitor
12301. Anodes keep eroding off the hangers
12302. Rinse Water Cleanliness Recommendations
12304. Anti tarnish of silver
12310. Tantalum+Platinum coating
12311. Electroplating aluminum
12312. Black staining of zinc dichromate
12313. Alodine in vacuum
12314. Conversion coating influence of split waveguide?
12315. Cleaning of 304L for potable water use
12316. Reading a galvanic chart
12318. Cleaning wire with calcium/moly stearates
12319. The environment and how fast nails rust
12320. Anodized look and texture using stainless steel?
12321. Aluminum polishing and protecting
12323. Chromate drop test
12325. The difference between tin-plating and silver-flashing?
12327. Spent Sulfuric Acid Solution Recovery
12329. Salt Spray Life with Hard Finish at Least Cost
12330. Seeking additives of acidic copper and gold electroplating formulation
12332. Selective Copper Etch
12333. List of FED-STD-595 color numbers
12336. Silver recovery technology specifically on mirror-making silvering process
12337. Cleaning sterling silver before lacquering
12338. Bright Ni Analysis
12339. Stainless steel questions
12341. Copper Iridium Rice Pulling Coin
12344. Stripping anodizing from motorcycle swingarm
12345. Adding humidity
12348. Black dye turning purple over time
12351. Platinum sitting in a drawer
12355. Cleaning Aluminum Casting
12356. Which household liquid will clean copper penny the best
12358. Restoring brown bed tube
12359. Black streaking on clear anodized aluminum
12362. Thick plastic coating by the gallon
12365. Powder coating gray iron castings
12366. Plating disappears
12368. G/L of aluminum in an acid solution
12369. Copper plating over epoxy
12370. Caustic etch grain refiners
12373. Zinc oxide production by French process
12374. Safety of heating metals
12380. Ferric Chloride resistant SS grade
12381. Cleaning an old brass bed
12382. How to "stain" and/or paint galvanized sheets for outdoor resistance for decades
12383. Black anodized restoration on old aluminum steering wheel
12384. Seeking information in starting small scale galvanization plant
12385. Production of Potassium Gold Cyanide
12386. Cause of low performance of mixed bed polisher
12388. Brightener in nickel-chromium plating
12389. Copper Rusting Paper
12395. Effect of lead on chrome plating
12396. Need of technical information about Alodine 1200
12397. Inorganic coating
12398. Hard Chromium Plating of Nickel-Based Alloys
12399. Thickness of electroplated lead
12400. Surface treatment to Magnesium
12402. Bare aluminum corrosion
12403. Passivate NiTi "shape memory" material
12404. Delamination of electroless Ni -B plating from electrolytic deposited Ni
12408. Metals and Anions Precipitation
12409. Black oxide more "reddish" than black
12410. Passivating vs annealing
12411. FDA approval of electroless nickel plating
12412. Brighteners used in Silver Plating
12414. Powder coating vs. high build epoxy paint
12425. Cyanide Wastewater Analytical Result Variations
12426. Chemical composition of ASTM B584-C938
12427. I.D. rust in plated hydraulic tubes
12429. Molybdenum high temp protection
12430. Nickel sulfamate blistering problem
12431. Substitution for tin plate
12432. How to calculate the polishing time?
12434. Manufacturing of g.p.c
12436. Titration
12439. Pure Zinc Sheet
12441. Deposit by electropolishing
12442. Aluminum Alloy 6060-T5 Material Properties
12443. RAL Colour Code
12444. Computer Chassis Pre-Plating
12445. Type IIB procedure
12446. What is that black layer on the stainless steel surface?
12447. Plated Aluminum vs Plated Stainless Steel for a motorcycle gauge
12453. Home anodizing-Truths from the experts?
12455. Photo-etching stainless steel
12458. Zinc Bath Management
12460. Alternatives to chromium for passivation of mild steel piping
12461. Engine Cleaning with Muratic Acid
12462. Is it possible to anodize pure copper?
12463. Titanium, spectacles and electrolytical coloring
12466. Alodine 600 and Alodine 1200
12468. Beryllium copper hazards?
12469. Identifying plating
12481. Copper Migration through Ni and Au surface under high humidity
12483. Preparing copper for acrylic painting
12485. Punching of GALVANNEALED (A60) material
12486. Lacquering of zinc plating
12495. Tell me about tarnishing
12496. Electroplating with palladium
12497. What is Mild Steel
12498. Clean pennies expo
12499. Question for science fair project on apple preservation
12502. Aluminum polishing shortcuts
12507. Polish/buffing aluminium
12509. Old Brass Table Lamp
12511. Info on blue passivation
12512. Cad Plating Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief Ovens
12513. Embrittlement Relief
12514. Black coating for nickel
12517. Aluminum Welding Issues: Alodine, Iridite, Chem-Film
12518. What surface preparation is needed to do galvanized spray
12519. I.T. use in finishing
12520. Finishing P.V.C.
12522. 2000 GSXR 750 mirror polishing
12523. Sink cleaning
12524. Frederick Gumm Solution
12525. Tin lead plating problem
12526. Swedish standard SA 2.5, SA 3 for sand blasting for cast iron part
12528. Problem plating stainless steel
12529. Is powder coating durable enough for a wood stove
12531. Cyanide Oxidation Problem
12532. Rapid Corrosion in Stainless Steel
12534. Anodize aluminum parts
12535. Resistivity of the nichrome wire
12536. Cloth pouch corrodes zinc plating (with yellow passivation)
12538. Seeking Teflon impregnate/coat on aluminum oxide ceramic
12541. Seeking Mirror Finish
12543. Why does tarnished penny weigh less than shiny ones?
12545. Annealing Stainless Steel to soften
12546. Vapor bubbles in heated water preventing resistivity measurement
12547. Bias sputtering
12548. Nickel plating on stainless steel screws
12549. Nickel Chrome Plated ABS
12550. Cadmium plating specification query
12552. Anodizing Albemet
12553. Metallic resist for cupric chloride etchant?
12554. Which phosphating is best suited for automobile components?
12555. Passivation Type 4
12556. Problem of Tantalum
12557. Phosphating question
12558. Mu metal shielding for TV speakers?
12561. High % Tin on Burnt plating
12562. Hard as rock sludge
12564. Copper plating onto steel in a small shop
12565. High damage threshold laser absorber coating
12567. Tin lead coating on nickel substrate
12568. Antique Tin
12570. Passivation of 316L SS with ASTM A380-96 (effect of di-ammonium hydrogen citrate)
12572. Honda Accord tires lose air pressure
12573. Copper blackening
12574. Cyanide effects on cells
12575. Converting uS/cm to ppm for TDS of zinc phosphate lines
12577. Should the width of anode basket be similar to the plating cathode
12578. Chromate coat being swabbed off aluminum
12579. Color instability of anodized aluminum
12580. Super cleaning rolled copper foil, How?
12581. Polishing 6061 T6 aluminum sheet metal
12584. Stripping paint off steel
12588. Is it possible to anodize zinc?
12589. Magnetic character of stainless steel explained
12590. Anodizing discoloration at joins
12592. Flow-type hard-anodizing of cylinder bores?
12593. Maintaining consistency of color with bronze anodizing
12594. Would like advice or suggestions about heat resistant paint
12595. How to remove rust/corrosion from brass?
12597. Nickel stripping
12598. Surface treatment chart
12599. Adhesion Tape Testing
12601. Need Teflon Spray Can for Home Cooking Pans/Pots
12602. How do you clean an old zinc countertop on a hoosier cabinet
12603. Rhodium plating only the surface detail of an engraved ring
12606. High EMF problem from electric galvanizing kettle
12607. Aluminum conversion coating
12612. Science project and plating zinc
12615. Chrome kitchen table legs
12617. Preparation of mild steel
12619. Right machines for polishing aluminum?
12620. Brass plating help needed
12621. Refinishing brass faucets
12622. Coating on copper cookware removal
12623. Galvanized steel fumes
12624. Aluminum painting
12626. Plating Nuts and Bolts
12628. Conductive cloth and resistivity testers
12632. Deep black finish
12633. Electroplating of plastic
12634. NIckel anode questions?
12635. Needle like growth in copper acid electroforming bath
12636. Business of re-chroming golf irons
12637. Zinc plating on copper tubes
12639. Substitute to ammonium bi fluoride
12641. How does deburring affect plating?
12645. Deep Etch in High Temperature Steels
12647. Stainless steel corrosion by chlorine dioxide/sulphuric acid?
12649. Zinc Sulfate Plating vs. Copper Sulfate Plating-7th grade science project
12650. Looking for suggestions on how to polish car stainless parts
12652. Recommended exterior finishes for yellow zinc
12653. Restoring cast iron oven doors etc
12656. Surface treatment on commercial bullets
12657. Hard Chrome Plating Alternatives
12663. Seal grooves and anodizing
12665. Passivation
12667. Antique green patina recipe for brass?
12668. Electroless Nickel compatibility
12674. Nickel polishing
12676. Black finish
12677. Pulse plating help
12678. Anodizing Dye is Coming Off
12680. Chromate vs anodise in outdoor conditions
12684. Water Break Test Procedure
12685. Anodizing/Iriditing standards
12686. Electroless Nickel Bond Strength Problems
12692. How to seal a cast aluminum part, for outdoor use
12693. Polish frame 94 zx6r
12694. Odd question about bluing steel/stainless steel
12697. How can we prevent rust inside tubing
12698. Copper Patina? (conversion of color and removal of color leaching from brick)
12702. Corrosion proofing for aluminum
12709. Sprayable hard finish for Acrylic
12712. Electropolishing Problems and Corrections
12713. Tensile strength
12714. How can I generate silver tarnish
12715. Brass cleaning
12716. Nickel analysis
12717. Stripping of Ivadized Aluminum
12721. In a BIG jam
12722. Black Anodize Problems. Can MIL-A-8625 Class II help?
12724. Plaforization line
12725. PTFE for solenoid valve actuators?
12726. Odd bits
12727. Blocked AC FILTER ELEMENT
12729. Teflon coating for cars: scam or for real?
12731. Electrolytic Nickel Plating of Aluminum Components
12733. Heat treat beryllium copper
12734. Brush plating copper onto steel
12735. Aluminum chemical polish question
12737. Colored anodize
12738. Titanium Removal
12741. Why lemon juice cleans copper pennies better than bleach
12743. Autophoretic Process Application
12744. Electrodeposition of diamonds
12746. Anodizing Aluminum Sheet
12747. Low tech hard anodising
12748. High quality gold coating required for fashion jewelry, like OROTON
12749. Iron Phosphate Coating Process Q&A's
12750. Corruption of NYLON LOCKS of the self clinching nuts in the ALOCROM process
12751. Torch brazing of aluminum, removal of white (flux) residues
12752. Ferroxyl test on Electroless Nickel plating
12754. Polyethylene coating at elevated temperature
12755. Anodising - power costs per square meter?
12756. Steelit coating/finishing supplier references
12764. Is part Rhodium plating possible?
12766. I was exposed to Formaldehyde and Asbestos
12767. Second place looks like last place!
12768. Spraying Yellow Zinc Chromate
12769. Application of autophoretic coatings for chassis painting
12771. Scratch problems on watch
12772. Alodine or Alocrom 1200 conductive replacement
12774. Accelerated Rusting Desired
12775. Parts cleaner and brightener
12776. Finishing stainless steel after welding
12778. Danger of copper sulphate
12779. Copper screws
12783. Chrome plating tank doesn't work
12784. Plating
12786. Parkerizing end-treatment
12789. Rhodium refining and reusing
12790. Recovery of silver from photographic solutions using borax flux
12791. Science Fair
12796. Refinishing a wrought iron railing
12797. Copper Kettle Restoration
12798. Rhodium plating over yellow gold
12799. MU Metal Welding
12801. Ion Exchange Regeneration Facility
12803. Stainless steel parts with corrosion
12804. Replacement for teflon/moly coating
12805. Cleaning brass hinges
12807. Is non sealed anodized suitable for external use
12808. Constant Current Anodising
12812. Zinc coating of coins
12816. Any suggestions for wall/floor treatment?
12817. Precipitation of chrome from a passivate
12818. Rapid Oxidization of Brass
12819. Bronze plating
12820. Solubility of ED Nickel
12821. Electropolishing 301 stainless steel
12825. Ball-and-Socket Mechanisms
12826. Copper Plating Experiment
12827. Help on my Capstone project
12828. Faux Paint a Tin Ceiling
12829. Disposal of electropolishing waste
12831. Removing copper from acid copper tank
12835. How do I chrome
12836. What etching concentration should I use?
12837. Tarnishing copper
12838. Post parkerizing (phosphoric acid/manganese dioxide) oil treatment
12839. Rhodium over yellow gold
12840. Latest Revision of Mil-F-14072
12841. Electropolish Arcing
12842. Nitriding
12844. How to avoid the rust?
12845. Magnigard vs Empigard
12848. Science Fair Info
12849. Nickel sulfamate electro forming
12853. Safety
12854. Salt Spray Hours, Narrowing The Gap
12855. Silver Stripping
12856. Post-plating treatment
12857. Coloring sterling silver for jewelry uses camera
12858. Electroless
12860. Plating time in barrel plating
12861. Stress of electroforming
12863. Silk screening on anodized aluminum
12866. Stainless steel 4b finish specifications
12868. How to dull brass
12871. Liver of sulfur mixture
12872. Zinc phosphate analysis
12873. Silica removal from water
12873a. Removal of silica water stains
12874. Gravimetric determination of sulfate in Cr(III) solution
12876. Phenolic epoxy coating vs anodising on aluminium
12877. Chrome vs stainless steel
12878. Electroless plating on plastic
12879. Racking mark problem of nickel plating
12880. Electroless Nickel on Aluminum Alloys
12881. "Bondable" coating on really hard metal
12883. Painting Aluminum Sheet Metal
12886. Need coating for my product!
12887. E-nickel plating of Brass
12888. Greater scratch resistance for Alodine finish to aluminum
12889. How do I tie dye
12891. 40-50% nitric acid neutralization
12892. Tin vs nickel plating
12895. Electroforming Process
12896. Why are pennies all zinc?
12899. TCE in bright dip operation
12900. Prevention of Corrosion (on cars)
12905. Pitting corrosion in tool steel
12912. Hexavalent chromium density?
12913. Hexavalent to Trivalent conversion for Topcoat sealer
12914. Foreign buildup on AL tanks
12915. Leido por favor
12922. Want info for plating on plastics talk
12924. The galvanizing process explained?
12925. Gold plating on pcb
12926. Electropolishing with citric acid
12928. Resin Fouling
12929. Cleaning titanium for welding
12931. Best method to test copper thickness
12934. Brady Works Glasgow Technical details
12936. Need Bronze (stained?) on stainless steel shims
12937. Need supplier of Illinois-Bronze Products
12938. Sublimation coating formulas
12939. Wax Plating
12941. Grinding, finishing in the face grooves on Stellite # 3 rings
12942. Phosphoric and sulfuric in one bath
12945. Composition listings to identify metals
12947. Restoration of Bare Aluminum Alloy Wheels
12948. Removing chrome from brass and bronze
12950. Mg and HCl reactions (using sodium chloride)
12953. Scratches in ABS
12955. Sodium Carbonate concentration
12957. Passivation of Stainless Coil
12962. Removing chrome plating from brass and bronze
12963. Need Help with Steel Coatings
12964. Rust, dirt, water
12965. Titration of a Sulfuric and Phosphoric bath
12968. Rusting steel
12979. Magnesium electropolishing and annealing
12980. Anodizing Aluminium... Cost? Any ideas?
12981. Thermal Radiation Coating
12983. Polish for wood polyester finish
12984. Trivalent chromium inquiry
12989. Electroless Nickel on Aluminum
12990. Electroless nickel on very thin aluminium
12992. Re-using used etch solutions for plating
12993. Need experience, cyanide free Cu and Ag plating
12996. Clear anodize vs. clear chromate in light duty work
12997. Non availability of Anodized Aluminum Screen Frames
12998. Passivation and corrosion
12999. Better quality and price for electropolishing desired

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