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Stainless steel questions


I have a metal fabrication company that I opened a year ago. Over night it was turned into a stainless steel shop. This is very new to me but will mean a lot to my business. This is my first time to this site. I am hoping to find someone who might want to answer some basic S.S. questions.

Any and all information will be greatly appreciated.

Jason Ashfield
- Niagara Falls, Ontario


This site is basically about metal finishing, but stainless steel is certainly a commonly finished metal. There are probably better sites for some stainless questions, but we like to think we have the best and most responsive technical Q&A site anywhere.

Ted Mooney, Teds signature
Ted Mooney, P.E.
Pine Beach, New Jersey


Hello Jason!

There are two industry websites I'd suggest you visit. First is the Nickel Development Institute, (which has) information on their favorite element, which includes a lot on stainless steels. There is a lot there that is worth reading, so do a search of the technical literature offered. In particular I'd recommend their publications #9014 on Design Guidelines for Selection and Use of Stainless Steel, #9012 on Finishes of Stainless Steel, and #9011 on Stainless Steels for Machining (covers free machining grades). Just fill out the form, and they'll send them to you, and many of their publications are available as pdf files, for immediate download.

The other industry group is the Specialty Steel Institute of North America. There is more fluff on their site, but it has some good introductory information on stainless steels.

Of course, many of the steel companies offer information on their sites, and have folks willing to chat with you. Allegheny and AvestaPolarit for sheet, CarTech and Slater for bar, are good companies to start with. Surprisingly, Atlas Steels in Australia has a superb web site on stainless steels.

Good luck!

lee gearhart
Lee Gearhart



Ask away. The people reading your questions on this site will be happy to answer them online so that everyone can learn. That is the purpose of this site.

You will find experts in almost every aspect of stainless steel on this page; but if there is a question we can't answer we will lead you to the persons who can.

Our company can particularly help you in dealing with your cleaning and passivation of the finished parts, along with several other people who frequent the site to help you. There are experts in other areas, and you can feel free to contact us here so that everyone can learn, or you can contact us privately if you prefer. You can spend time with any of us on the phone if you prefer.

So, hit us with your questions!

lee kremer
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Lee Kremer
Stellar Solutions, Inc.
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McHenry, Illinois
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