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Molybdenum high temp protection


Can any one let me know how we can prevent the oxidation of Molybdenum at high temperature? If we can coat with MoSi2 for this how we can evaluate this coating ? What are the tests that may require to conduct.

Shekar B Chandrashekariaih
- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Hi Shekar!

You say 'high temperature' but you DON'T say what the temperature is, do you? One must have all the facts. Nor do you say what this process it, which may/may not help any answers.

Certainly in the ultra high NiCr alloys, like Nimonics, it was found that after welding them that the Moly content, to quote the chief metallurgist of Wiggin, UK (now known as Speciality Metals Wiggin) had 'evaporated'.

There is a point or temperature at which ALL metals will vaporize.

freeman newton portrait
Freeman Newton
White Rock, British Columbia, Canada

(It is our sad duty to
advise that Freeman passed away
April 21, 2012. R.I.P. old friend).


Dear Freeman Newton and All,

To be more specific the material is TZM (Ti 0.5%/Zr 0.1%/Mo 99%). The temperature which it sees 125 Deg C to 1400 Deg C. Unfortunately above 700 Deg C the material gets rapidly oxidized and starts to disintegrate. Moreover the material is subject the thermal cycling at this temperature. Which will cause the life time to deteriorate further. At present we have limited to 600 deg C. But we would like to have a coating that can prevent this oxidation and improve the life of the material significantly. The coating should be conducting and close to the properties of TZM.

Shekar B Chandrashekariaih
- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Dear Shekar,

Pardon me but I'm totally clueless what this TZM alloy is for or what shape it takes. Certainly there is no plastic coating that comes anywhere near to your requirements.

Your max. l600 Degr. C temp. is 350 degr. more than iron's melting point, ie. damnably hot.

I'm not a chemist and have only a slight metallurgical background but maybe, who knows, maybe if you gave your service conditions (you sure DIDN'T mention an iota about the chemistry!) to Speciality Metals USA, they could tell you if Nickel plating might serve ... or try, too, the manufacturers of chrome.

Sorry, but I can't help you any further.

Freeman Newton
Freeman Newton
White Rock, British Columbia, Canada
... where it rarely rains except in all months of the year


You need to convert the surface region to a silicide or aluminide. Oxidation will then form a protective SiO2 or Al2O3 on the surface.

Donald M. Mattox
Society of Vacuum Coaters
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Ed. note:
            Mr. Mattox is
            the author of -->


If the TZM alloy is used in the temperature between 600-1100degree,the MCrAl coating can be used. If the temperature is over 1200 degree, MoSi2+50%SiC spray coating & Mo-16.4Si-10B spray coating can be applied with a sound protection effect.

Duyezhi - xi'an shanxi province, China


Looking at your temp. range - Molydisilicide coating by pack diffusion process should do the job. Plasma spray coating is fine too, but if temp. is fluctuating- chipping can occur, also porosity density needs to be low to prevent any gas going thru' coating.

Nilesh Pandya
- Anaheim, California


We have a MoSi2 based coating that works on TZM up to 1150C. You really don't want to run TZM much above 1250C due to recrystallization issues.

Ted Paquette
composites - Glen Burnie, Maryland

July 11, 2011

For TZM at 1100 C, rather than using a coating, what level of vacuum would be required to prevent oxidation?

John Paul
Manufacturing - Bluffton, South Carolina, USA

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