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41004. Restoring patina to 14k yellow gold
41006. Nickel electroforming coating hardness
41008. Avoiding phosphating by suitable spray
41009. Etching agents that are used for 80%Ni-20%Cr, 86%WC-10%CO-4%Cr
41010. Au-sn peel off
41011. Can you paint on top of Aluchrome
41015. Iron nail question
41016. Electroless gold plating (autocatalytic)
41017. Need to transfer rust stains to canvas
41018. Corrosion Resistance of Aluminized Sheets
41019. Fume scrubber for pickling plant
41021. Interior Corrosion Resistant Coating for Galvanized Pipe
41023. I need clear shiny aluminum surface after bright dipping or etching process
41025. Wear parts for compressed sawdust
41027. 1930s decorative chromium plating restoration
41028. What is the best coating for a galvanized steel ornamental fence? Epoxy and acrylic or polyester powder coated?
41029. PVDF (Kynar) coating on sand cast aluminum
41030. Deposit of coating on screw threads
41031. How does one harmlessly clean adhesive from a anodized aluminum surface?
41032. Ventilation in Passivation
41035. Cast iron cleaning and filler
41036. Codeposition of nickel and silicon carbide/Ni and aluminum oxide on copper substrate by electroplating
41037. Nickel plating bike parts
41038. How about to destroy the Ferricyanide
41040. A couple of questions about Woods Nickel Strike
41041. Is there any difference between anchor profile and roughness?
41042. Hot dipped galvanized vs electrogalvanized
41046. Alternatives to zinc plated BBQ grills
41047. Non-conductive non-metallic paint
41048. Anodising etch chemical
41050. Problem annealing large table top copper sheet
41051. Cleaning lead for painting
41052. Deoxidising after Anodising and prior to Colouring
41053. 316HQ stainless steel
41054. Titanium Tungsten Etch and Disposal
41055. Powder coating anodized aluminum parts
41056. Chroming plastic and other non-conductive substrates
41057. Brown Spots appear 1 week after nickel electro-plating on brass coils
41059. Alternate for Phosphating
41060. Require "hairline finishing"
41061. Stainless Steel alternative
41066. Aluminum shiny finish destroyed in dishwasher
41068. Design for aqua regia acid laboratory fume hood
41070. Epoxy adhesive for road studs to bitumen and concrete
41071. Special nickel plate requirements
41073. Alodine Coating
41074. Nickel Composition for Electroplating
41075. Defects in hard chrome plating
41076. Brush plating on brass casted mesh
41077. Color change of titanium racks used for anodizing
41078. Powder paint removal from threaded weld nuts on sheet metal
41079. Etching titanium
41080. Zinc Yellow Vs Zinc Phosphate
41081. Transferring 1200 °F items on a conveyor belt
41087. Peeling layer from Titanium 6Al4V SHIM STOCK sheet
41088. Effects of Lime Away on copper
41090. Finishing Antique Iron Garden Furniture
41092. Specifying a Salt Spray Test
41093. Soldering lead on SS 304
41094. Chrome Plate and Shot Peen on PH Steels
41095. Protecting threaded holes during anodizing
41096. Ballizing process
41097. Dissolving aluminum in internal passages of carbide drill bits
41098. Exterior Coating of Copper Tubing
41101. Getting the best reflection for solar-cooking
41102. Anodizing Threads
41108. Getting Nickel Plated Stove Shiny Again
41109. Can a re-blue on fire damaged long-guns result in rusting under the stock and rifling?
41111. VW 137 50 OFL - X633
41112. How to remove Powder Coating from aluminum, iron and steel objects?
41113. Powder coating thickness on indoor and outdoor telecom racks
41114. Powder Coating process for milled aluminium parts that have to be re-assembled
41115. Difference between using E-COATING and Hot Dipped Galvanizing?
41116. We require silver bright coating on glass beads
41117. Want to give a finishing touch on zinc plated pipe where plating was not proper
41118. Corrosion Inquiry
41120. Sanodol Blue Dye
41123. Cadmium plating conversion factor
41124. Ring Replating?
41125. How do you make steel Blue?
41126. Is there a silver solder that also has copper already in it?
41129. Material of construction for acid storage tanks
41130. What are the alternative usages of high TDS waste stream coming out of RO system ?
41131. How to prevent Ni/Au p-contact from peeling off when bonding?
41132. Tin/Lead Electroplate Over Nickel - Recommendations?
41133. Plating of Alloy 6061T-6
41134. Cleaning of Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Galvanized Steel and Electrolyte Galvanized Steel
41135. Iodine Corrosion Prevention
41136. Corrosion resistance of anodized aluminum to deionized water
41142. Removing etch lines from IN718
41143. Help! How easy/difficult is it to repair a gold electroplate sink?
41145. White rust discoloration on galvanized roof
41147. Zinc Plating and RoHS Compliance
41148. Cadmium Exposure
41150. How to peel off the wrong color Powder Coated?
41151. Chrome-Nitride vs. Chrome Carbonitride
41152. Cleaning nickel anodes
41153. Could the inside or outside of Zinc-plated A/C ducts be a source of Zinc Whiskers?
41154. Anodizing stains
41155. Pitting problem with Boric-Sulfuric acid anodizing
41157. Cleaning of SS pipes
41158. Very fine finishing of product (Ra<1)
41169. Electropolishing of Tungsten Surface
41170. Prevention oxidation of Cu powders
41171. Classic bicycle front fork is chrome, but dull and pitted
41172. Electroplating antique o gauge Lionel track
41174. Tarnished white gold necklace (put in jewelry cleaner)
41175. Removing Concrete Splatter from Vinyl Siding
41176. RoHS compliant direct alternative of yellow zinc searched
41177. Hexavalent passivation and RoHS compliance
41181. Is there a black finish that can be plated onto brass?
41182. Tin plating part turn to yellowish in colour
41183. Cleaning prior to tin plating
41184. Aluminium coatings
41189. Testing Faraday's law
41191. Soda helps powder coating stick
41192. The Handbook of Hard Chromium Plating
41193. When is hydrogen embrittlement relief necessary for a plated P/M component?
41194. Etching Nylon 6/6
41195. D-I-Y Gema Hopper for 701-6?
41196. Bonding CFRP to HardCoat black anodize
41197. Should holes be threaded?
41198. Formulas for nickel and zinc brighteners!
41199. Difference between room temp. passivation and heated passivation (what does the heat do?)
41204. PCB without housing coating for a space application
41205. Rhodium plating accounting
41208. Suitable location to place Antirust chemical
41209. Lowering Fe in Galvanizing plant flux
41210. Electroless nickel plating 7075 Al and 6061 Al
41211. Thermal resistance of nickel plating
41212. Spots on nickel plated brass bathroom parts
41213. I need formula to produce gold plating bath from gold and cyanide
41214. Sticky surface after anodising
41215. External rusting of stainless steel pipes in juice plant
41216. Stainless steel flex hose, rusting after silver soldering
41222. Preparation of pickling solution
41223. Clear coating antique iron
41225. How does the hot-dipped zinc coating react with the fuel?
41226. Machining zinc chromate
41227. Classification of stainless steel 316 or 316L
41228. What's a supplier to do
41231. Sealer is flaking
41232. Cadmium plate restriction for grease or oil lubricated parts
41233. Dull spot in bright silver plate
41234. Nickel Plating on Molybdenum
41237. Problem of chromium 3
41238. Cyanide detoxification by chlorination
41239. Recovery of gold from polishing dust, sweeps floor or dirt material
41240. Trivalent coating and surface finish
41246. White gold causing rash
41248. Clear Finish for Bare Metal
41250. Can aluminum be colored?
41251. citric acid [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon] and aluminum castings
41252. How difficult is home based powder coating
41253. Solder Constantan Wire (Nickel/Copper Alloy) for Thermocouples
41254. Clear Coating Exterior Stainless Steel Panels
41255. Tin stains from electrodeposited process
41262. Aluminum and Wood
41263. What reaction occurs with white gold and hydrogen peroxide?
41267. How to prevent pure silver metallization from polyester film?
41270. High Precision Optics by Electroforming
41273. Problem of part impingement on centrifugal barrel finishing machine
41276. ROHS compliant Black Zinc brightness
41277. How to finish with 6463-T55
41278. Question on Chromium Plating on Piston Crown
41281. Comparison between Iridite coating and Alodine 5200 coating
41282. Dry Ice Blasting
41283. Oxalic anodizing equal to hard anodizing?
41284. Bright Zinc Plating with Chromate Passivation
41288. Etchant for Ti alloyed 4340 for prior austenitic grain size
41289. Change finish from black to dark bronze
41290. Difference between QQ-S-365D and QQ-S-365C
41291. Clear Chromate vs. Yellow Chromate
41292. Ongoing effects of chrome poisoning
41293. How to remove an anodized finish from aluminum
41294. What's the meaning of "DOUBLE RUBS" out of "Solvent Resistant : 100 double rubs" ?
41295. Mercury in galvanize sheet metals
41296. Long Term Reliability of Silver Plated Aluminum without Nickel Barrier Layer
41297. Black Finish for Aluminum in a Vacuum System
41298. Corrosion Resistant surface inside a complex bored hole through aluminum
41299. Etchant for stainless to reveal intergranular cracking
41300. N285, N284, N925 Passivation
41301. Copper liver finish, trying to replicate Italian technique
41302. Need embossed tin for antique trunk
41304. Electroplating Vanadium
41305. Copper plating an historic cast iron bridge
41306. Tire Mold Release Agent Stains on my Brand New Vehicle?
41308. Best way to change brass knob to satin nickel
41309. Ford WSS-M2P190-A
41312. PCB Copper electroplating throwing power problem
41314. Why are there multiple hardness scales?
41315. Need industry standard for Titanium Nitrate
41316. Purpose of nickel plated finishing
41317. Rhodium plated glass mirror - binding layer required?
41318. UV-cured masking material for aluminum and titanium
41319. Hydraulic pipe pickling
41320. Seeking information about formulae of phosphating chemicals
41321. Aluminum Etching
41322. Bake temperature / time of Zn/Fe plated automotive type compression springs
41323. Powder coating (epoxy polyester) on zinc trivalent passivated plating
41325. Dulling corrugated galvanised sheets
41326. Dealing with Solid Carbonates from Cadmium Cyanide Plating Bath
41328. Sand Blasting ( SA 2,5) vs Water Jetting (700 - 1500 bar) Production Rates
41336. Cleaning medical device made from a magnesium alloy
41337. Can Anodizing Handle Exhaust Temperatures?
41338. Magnetism the piping
41339. Sodium Percarbonate + Sodium Metasilicate as roofing/siding cleaner?
41341. Short Wave or Medium Wave powder coating curing
41342. Possible to sand chrome to get brushed look?
41343. Options For Peeling Chrome Rims
41344. GERMAN STEEL St52 = What American steel grade?
41345. Our laser machine uses DI water to cool the arc lamp
41347. Need Guidance on Cleaning Nordson 100 Gun from Silicon/Oil
41348. Rusting after powder coating
41349. Cutting up solidified zinc
41350. Removing .0001" of material by plasma etch?
41351. Electroless nickel plating of assembly of 6000-series alloy aluminum and other metals?
41352. Electroless nickel pretreatment for silver substrate
41355. Zinc plating Si content
41357. Dwell Time Before Seal Test?
41359. Effects of beadblasting on passivation layer
41363. Straightening bent "Chromoly" components
41365. Calibration curve for multiple layer systems
41366. Related powder coating application fault
41367. Zinc consumption control
41368. Gold Color in a PVD Process turns red
41369. Nickel Coating on C11000- ELECTROLYTIC TOUGH PITCH COPPER (ETP)
41370. QC on Ni plating solution
41371. Hard copper over sleeve
41372. Problem in pretreatment line
41376. Typical paint thickness tolerances
41378. How's the Market?
41380. Stabilization of electroless copper solution
41381. How to plate Zamac 27
41386. Do we need sealing after coloring of hard anodized parts?
41387. Removal of dross from laser cut nitinol tube
41388. Have acquired a solution containing gold
41392. Seeking titanium sputtering on jewelry
41396. Old galvanized bath tub
41399. RoHS compliant tin plating
41401. Natural "rust finish" to mild 14 ga steel -- Interior Use
41402. Hydrogen Peroxide Effects on Anodized Aluminum
41403. Stain problem after passivation by HNO3
41404. Post Zinc Phosphate brown residue (Flash rust?)
41406. Problems with adhesion of nickel sulphamate plating
41407. Magnetic, silver-color, 1998 penny...doesn't turn gold with heat...what is it?
41408. Waterproof coating for steel columns partially submerged in outdoor water fountain
41409. Trivalent chromium plating
41413. Which surfactant is best for metal cleaning?
41414. Electropolishing bath for high strength IF steel
41415. Electroforming a copper solar collector
41416. G.I. pipe lines vs CPVC pipe line
41418. How do you repair sickness in sterling silver
41419. Preserving rust iron decoration
41420. Scratch Resistance Test
41421. Polyurethane painting procedure
41422. Removing copper from Silver Cyanide bath
41423. Plating stainless steel with gold
41426. Removal of residual phosphate from DOM steel tubes
41427. How can we remove all the polishing compounds on the mirror polished s.s. surface
41428. Fuel Tank Internal Corrosion
41431. Best process to anodize used PS plates
41432. Hours of salt spray test for automobile chrome plated components
41433. Stripping brass plating from aluminum or zinc
41438. Dull tin plating blisters in solder bath
41441. Passivation of SST, epoxy and granite
41449. Repaint Aluminum Balcony Railing
41451. Muriatic acid and skin contact
41452. Materials for Hydrochloric Acid 36% Concentration
41455. I want to plate a nickel film with a controlled stress
41456. Double nickel coating peel off problem
41457. Cosmetic Control on Black Oxide Surface
41459. 4M nitric acid
41460. Need dull finish on stainless steel
41461. Is mild steel suitable for handling ethanol solvent?
41462. Electrolysis - Galvanizing Vs Stainless Steel
41463. How do I etch Ta without much effect on my underlying silica layer?
41464. Ion exchange for trivalent chrome
41470. Silver Plating on Brass for Watch Dials
41471. Immersion Silver Thickness >30microinches
41472. Do electroless nickel plating in an enclosed chamber?
41473. Why does a 14k stamped gold wedding band look like copper
41474. CARC Coating? MIL-STD-171 and 171E
41475. Field Application of Zinc Phosphate Conversion Coating
41481. Tarnish on silver jewelry
41483. Hot rolled steel sealant
41484. Is Zinc with Cronak per F70B4A RoHS-compliant?
41485. How to analyze ammonium content in acid zinc plating?
41487. HE - Lawrence gauge
41488. Nickel concentration in bright nickel plating
41494. Removing Concrete from Metal
41496. What plating is typically used on kitchen appliances
41497. Plating platinum with gold?
41500. IMDS not MSDS, another standard to follow?
41501. Proper way for disposal of waste water containing Armohib28
41502. Reducing COD in final effluent wastewater
41503. Gold colored electroplating of copper wire
41508. Need a list of possible Titanium finishes
41510. Which Type of Lacquer Was Used on 1974 Cars?
41511. Stripping anodized aluminum
41512. Finish that can be applied to a plastic surface to make it inert
41513. Women welding zinc
41514. DM Water Patch Test
41515. What QC equipment do we need for Powder Coating?
41517. Gold Plating Problems with Jewelry, How to make gold plating last longer? PVD?
41518. Double copper plating
41519. Plating thickness
41521. Facing problems on mild steel plating
41522. Chrome Plate Adhesion Tests, Chisel Test Interpretation
41523. Gold plated spring finger against a stainless steel ESD ground plane
41524. Gold concentration determination
41525. Pretreatment of Steel (Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled)
41526. 304 SS electric storage water heaters are developing leaks
41528. Contamination of gold wire by touching nickel plated object
41529. Is Chem-Film OK to use on Cast Aluminum tooling plate?
41530. Info on Teflon Impregnated Hard Anodise
41531. How to clean an anodized part?
41532. Suitable surfactant for iron phosphate
41533. Need process for DEFRIC COAT HMB-2
41534. Is there any relationship between thickness of anodized film and hardness of the film?
41535. Silver/Tarnish
41536. Other Uses of DI Water
41537. Painting a Sandblasted Swimming Pool Steel Coping
41538. Chrome Plating Brushed Aluminum Wheels
41539. Silica removal from acidic ferric chloride [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon] solution
41540. Silver from x-rays
41541. Marine paints
41542. How to minimize diversion from zinc pot
41543. Deposition of ceramic layer over carbon as a substrate
41544. Suggestions for mirror silvering a complex shape
41545. Cadmium plating specification
41552. Aluminum engine block internal coating suggestion
41553. AMS-QQ-C-320 Type I vs Type II
41554. Removing sulfides in waste water
41556. HVOF Spraying and Grinding
41558. How to evaluate quality of Gold plating
41560. Parts found rusty after post rubber molding phosphating
41561. Antireflective coating for metal to reduce green laser reflectance
41564. Chromate Conversion vs. Electroless Nickel Plating
41565. Are CPU pins plated or solid gold
41566. Acid pickle contamination
41567. Ash stuck to brass
41568. Selective Tin Plating
41569. Restoring the original logos on cymbals that are faded or removed from cleaning
41570. Electroless nickel plating and solderability issues
41571. Zinc oxidation
41573. Need wood-grained engraved roll for printing on Ridged PVC Flexo or Gravure
41577. Starting an anodizing shop
41578. Hydrogen Embrittlement Failure in Chromium Plating
41579. What start-up procedure will you recommend for a bright nickel sulfamate bath after an idle period of more than 48 hrs
41581. Effect on surface finish of zinc phosphate coating
41583. Phosphate and oil
41585. Runny Powder Coating
41591. Finishes for plastic
41592. What is "TDC chrome plating"?
41593. I would like to understand if it is possible to chrome plate chrome-moly racing car suspension arms
41594. Etchant for cold worked 6000 series Al alloys
41595. Remove ammonia from electroplating nickel
41605. White vinegar [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon] and steel
41610. Drawing a Tinned Copper Wire
41611. Prevention of loss of luster of milled cast iron
41614. Will a climbing ivy adversely affect a Corten steel bridge?
41615. Permanence of Rhodium Plating
41618. Iridite - RoHS compliant version of yellow chromate?
41619. Zinc Seal Finish Enquiry
41620. Gold bombing - recovery process suggestion
41621. Discoloration of Electroless Nickel on Powdered Iron
41622. Electroforming uniquely shaped mandrels
41624. How to deal with the surface of PC board to resist corrosion?
41626. Stop off lacquer
41627. Yellow chromating re-machined area on black anodized part
41633. Aluminum Sealing
41639. Hard chrome plating on Valve steel - weather it is Hexavalent or not
41640. MIL STD 105E
41641. How long can you wait before painting after your phosphate treatment is completed?
41643. How E-coating impact on mechanical properties
41644. Powder metal - bleeding out salts after Zn-Fe plating
41647. Corrosion of SS304 sheet metal
41648. Printing on phosphate coated steel component
41649. Performance comparison of cast steel shot vs. stainless cut wire on stainless steel bar stock
41652. Water soluble anti-tarnish solution for silver jewelry
41653. Standard test reference for analysis procedure
41654. % Nitric Acid
41656. What is the standard temperature for powder coat burn-off and how does it effect threaded holes
41657. Painting over galvanised surface
41658. Galvanize (Hot Dipped) vs. Galvanneal vs. E-coat ... Corrosion Prevention
41659. EN Plating - Bending Test for peeling off check
41660. Nickel Chrome Peeling
41661. Red Rouge Coloring Compound
41662. I need a conductive filler to electroformed ophthalmic submasters
41663. Blue Chromate Plating
41664. Type 1 and Type II Class 2 anodizing
41665. Type II hard anodizing
41667. Satin chrome plating plastic/tin?
41670. De-phosphating formula (for zinc phosphating)
41671. Black anodised (organic coloration) parts turn red when exposed to light
41674. Copper coating + Hard chrome plating - reg
41675. MIL-C-13924C vs AMS 2485 rev J
41678. Jigs for hand tool industry
41682. Screw plating process
41687. How to create rust on tin
41688. Removal of anodised surface
41689. Velvet coating
41690. Best materials for bushes and sleeves on galvanizing line
41692. What is the effect of applying 250 °C on acidic zinc plating
41694. Blister Problems in Cu-Ni-Cr on Diecastings
41695. Pre-paint chemical treatment for better salt spray results
41696. Finger prints on brush finished stainless steel
41697. Rust and Scale removal on metal casting like control valve body
41698. How to prevent rust after removing oil?
41699. How to know metal surface is oil free
41700. Longitudinal polishing of SST tubing
41701. Reflective Heat Gains
41702. Best material to handle iodised salt
41703. Does 35% H202 need to be stabilized for a hot tub? If so, with what?
41704. Why CRS is likely more chargeable versus tin plate ?
41705. Gold SG problem
41706. Passing Salt Spray, DPS 11.05-2 Ty IIB Thin Film Anodizing
41707. Passivating SS
41709. Hard anodizing on LM6 Aluminum sand casting part
41711. Surface pitting of titanium - AMS 2488 anodize
41712. Red rust
41714. Choosing between Galvanized Landscape Spikes
41715. Painting a chrome shower door to look like brass
41716. Metal Finishing Handbook
41718. Zinc plating on MS parts and then powder coating instead of hot dip galvanising
41719. Conditions of reaction between steel surface and molten zinc
41720. Strong Zinc-Coated Passivation
41721. I am try to find out root cause of flake on the edge at the contact point of Dull Ni plating
41722. Yellow to White Passivation
41723. Chromic Acid Anodizing Substitute
41724. Aluminum anodize
41726. Organic Clear Top Coat
41727. Copper Plating on Stainless Steel Pump Impeller
41728. Non skid application
41729. Surface Treatments of Titanium to Improve Adhesion
41730. Concentration polarization
41732. RoHS Generic Questions
41733. Rubber lining for sulfuric acid
41734. How to analyse for sodium nitrate
41735. Black parts after zinc plating process
41738. Stainless Steel / Iron leaching from cookware
41740. DIN 50960 A2E
41741. Iron titration for acid pickle bath
41745. Anti fingerprint coatings
41748. ARCOR C2
41749. How to differentiate borohydride and boric acid if both of them are present together?
41751. Hardness for black chroming
41753. Barrel Polishing
41759. Removing rust from chrome kitchen table
41760. Can you paint over a mirror?
41761. Field finish for bright aluminum boat
41762. Repair kit for custom chrome rims
41763. Test method to identify chrome or tungsten carbide on shafts
41764. Gun Blue Causes Discoloration of Cadmium Plated Aluminum Part
41765. Plating the inside of a box
41766. Zinc plating of 12L14 steel shafts
41767. Corrosion in Stainless Steel
41771. Silverplate accidentally put in dishwasher
41772. Big Dog motorcycle engine stain
41778. Which material for industrial water
41781. How to color brass, something like anodizing
41784. Enquiry regarding ceramic coating
41785. Treatment of Fe-Zn-Al alloy in top dross
41787. Galvanic action between stainless steel and galvanised steel
41792. Nickel Plating on .012 thick steel per QQ-N-290 Class 1 Grade C
41795. Copper sealant to retain bright colours of torched finish
41801. Electroplating plastic
41802. Problems with Powder Coat over Tin Plate
41804. Differences between SS304 and SS316 stainless steel; choosing between 304, 304L, 316, and 316L
41805. Simultaneous injection molding and chrome finish
41808. Green deposit on brass zipper
41809. Hot dipped galvanized vs. electroplated galvanized
41810. Gold plated slip rings
41811. Small pores at the surface SF20T
41818. Silver Immersion Bath
41819. Silver electroless plating
41820. What and how to start setting up aluminum anodizing for industries
41821. Electroless deposition interchangeably describes three different plating mechanism?
41823. Individual current to anodes
41824. E-nickel coating tolerance
41825. Neutral salt spray resistance for zinc plating with clear passivation
41826. Silver plated copper busbar
41827. Bubbles observed on the plated parts after 15 days
41828. Boehmite from boiling in water compared to commercial anodization
41829. Smut again!
41830. How to electroless polish 316 Stainless Steel tube ID?
41831. Using pure bismuth to coat copper
41835. Parkerizing (manganese phosphate) different types of metal
41836. Mils of plating
41837. What is GM Finish Code 3359?
41838. Black Oxide Handrail
41839. Spot formation on printing rollers
41840. Ozone resistant black finish on aluminum
41841. Comparison between hot dip galvanizing and spray galvanizing
41842. High Phosphorous Electroless Nickel Plating failing in 15W40 motor oil during thermal cycle
41845. TCP coating
41847. What paints to use on brass
41848. Silver smut and oxide removal
41849. Laser etch survival durring passivation
41856. Motorcycle fork tube restoration. Hard chroming
41857. Painting raised white letters on instrument panel
41859. Copper Restoration Assist Requested
41860. Aluminum Re-skinning
41861. Remove Cu+Ni Plating From Mild Steel
41862. Electrostripping
41863. How to quickly clean nickel plated steel before applying a brass lacquer without affecting lacquer
41865. Economics of tri alloy plating vs Ni plating on turned brass components
41866. Anode burns v/s lead deposits
41868. Cleaning of welds internally on stainless steel pipework
41869. Iron sulphate versus manganese phosphate (blackening) information needed
41878. Au Plating on Cu and on Ni
41879. I'm mad they ruined my mom's ring and I'm not gonna take it...
41880. Can anyone give me directions to make my old car body trim look great, cheaply?
41881. Spray on pvc
41883. Could acid be destroying my family's lives and home?
41884. Black Oxide versus Black Chromate Conversion Coating
41891. How to dissolve stainless steel but not gold
41894. Small rust spots on my paint
41895. Recycling steel (plated or not plated)
41896. High TDS problem at effluent treatment plant
41899. Plastic painting of automobile plastic parts
41900. Electrically conductive ED coating
41901. Autophoretic for parts with Residual Stresses
41902. Electroless nickel plating in a KOH environment
41904. Selecting yellow zinc plating equipment
41905. Chrome plating thickness
41906. What is the meaning of "dummying" a bath?
41907. Adhesion - Chem-film vs. Type I anodize
41908. Rack plating - process description
41909. Can grilled with galvanized steel wire to wrap your chicken on the rotisserie hurt you?
41910. Black coating on chromium on glass patterns
41911. Black oxide look, without the treatment
41913. De-magnetizing prior to plating steel
41917. Best, easiest and safest brass bright dip
41918. Hot dip galvanizing run-out pots (containers) to recover zinc from kettle failure
41919. Plating to make aluminum magnetic
41921. How to tarnish/age nickel plated furniture spots
41922. Plating defect-white patches
41923. Increase the aluminum content in sulfuric acid anodising bath
41924. Naxidic Acid for Pickling of Steel
41927. Plating wood with tin-antimony
41929. Reverse Etch for Hard Chrome
41930. Galvanic (electrolysis) Corrosion between Galvanized Steel and Aluminum
41937. Anodized aluminum vs brass in small gearing applications?
41938. 32% HCl solution turns reddish in storage
41939. Ni-P-MoS2 electroless composite coatings
41941. What is the best acid mix to use on aluminum such as 7075 and 2024
41943. Thermal conducting paint for painting ELECTRIC MOTORS of 5hp or more
41944. Nickel plating
41945. Hard chrome plating on the parent bore of old cylinder block
41946. Acid Pickling
41947. Want to learn art of chroming small items such as bike , car or other small items
41948. What is "Hot 16" Anion Electrodeposition?
41951. What underlayment for Powder Coating?
41952. Dacromet coating
41953. Replating chrome faucet in Antique Bronze finish
41954. Cyanide plating of oily components
41955. Over 100 Years Ago, How Did They Sponge Plate Antiques On One Side Only?
41956. Trivalent yellow chromate for zinc die cast?
41957. Surface condition for anodizing
41958. Masking material for a part for electrodeposition of paint (CED)
41959. Can Acetone/DI Water Cleaning cause weight gain in 304SS 26Ga Needles?
41960. I need to coat copper wire with molybdenum
41962. Help! looking for galvanizing test specs
41963. Teflon impregnation
41965. How can you tell if white gold jewelry is going to discolor?
41966. MIL-STD-1501 Vs SAE AMS-QQ-C-320 What are the differences
41967. Want name of a good galvanizing book
41968. High temperature resistant plating process
41970. Appropriate chemicals for electropolishing
41971. Adding strength to finished aluminum bicycles parts
41972. Grandma's iron porch swing - A-frame
41973. IPL reflector research
41974. Aluminum dyes
41975. Seeing surface residue on Black Anodize finish after Autoclaving. ( A Mega Steambath)
41976. Anodizing on investment casting parts made of 356 Alloy?
41983. Dark Spots on Aluminum Casings
41984. Metric Blue or Yellow Zinc
41991. How to make ferric chloride [affil links to item on Ebay & on Amazon] solution from its powder to apply in clarifier
41992. Lead and Zinc Bath for continuous wire galvanizing line
41995. Corrosion Protection for Titanium
41996. Etching Super Invar
41998. Standard for number of hours in salt spray test for HDG
41999. Basic instructions for stripping and repainting aluminum bicycle frames

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