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metal finishing cover

22000. Deteriorating Hard Anodizing Tank?
22001. Cleaning of alumina on the surface of metal after the process of tumbling
22002. Stopping destructive properties upon hot copper by PVC sheeting
22004. Electroplating brighteners
22006. Re-nickel a drum in black, saving the engraving
22007. How to Clean Brass and Prevent Tarnishing
22008. Anodizing pitting problem
22009. Replacing fuses with circuit breakers
22010. Aluminum cathodes for anodizing
22012. Powdercoating aged Alodine
22013. Converting Zinc baths to Zinc-Alloy and Smart Zinc
22017. Electroplating Metals
22018. Control methods
22019. Maintaining a shiny brass condition in an adverse environment
22020. Cleaning a military bronze cemetery plaque
22021. Spearco Mustang intercooler coatings for corrosion protection
22023. Base metal choice
22024. MIL-C-5541 Class 3
22026. Alodine 600 rinsing question
22027. Titanio negro
22028. Machined Surface Value Mystery
22029. Make steel black without painting
22030. Cleaning oxidized solingen steel knife
22031. Rhodium plating in my jewelry shop
22032. TT-P-1757 types
22033. New technology replace vacuum metallized process
22034. Consumption of nickel anodes
22035. Need a replacement process for etching aluminum
22036. Sulfuric Acid coagulation issue
22037. Masking Technique for Jewelry with Irregular Shape and Cutouts
22038. Internal rust removal
22043. Conductive paint for RF shielding
22045. Black Oxide For Furniture Use
22058. Copper
22064. Reaction mechanism of silver immersion plating
22065. Painting over chrome on bicycle?
22067. Bending 316 stainless rod by heating
22069. Lacquer removal on copper cookware
22070. Chrome detailing interest
22072. Need information on electroplating copper to steel
22073. Testing of Black Chrome Coating
22076. Stripping of DLC with Ti underlayer
22077. Mechanical plating
22079. Antiquing of copper and brass
22080. Brush Chrome
22081. Crack in tin lead plating
22082. Nickel/chromium plating method
22083. Chromate conversion coatings
22084. Selection of Surface Finish For Steel Structure
22092. Ruthenium Plating Process
22093. How to bond nickel
22096. Polishing a Cast Aluminum Intake Manifold
22099. Painting galvanized steel swing set
22100. Zinc nickel/cobalt plating and hex chrome
22101. Teflon for molding
22107. How to put the bling back in chrome
22108. NiTi market?
22109. How to remove magnetism caused by mechanical shaping of stainless steel plate?
22110. How to clean ABS plastic parts before plating process
22111. The repairing process of roller bearing axle
22112. Patchiness on black anodized parts
22118. Adhesion problems
22121. Cleaning and etching of titanium
22122. Muriatic solution uses in a metallurgical setting
22123. Ra vs. Hardcoat Anodizing
22131. Can I Refinish a Trombone?
22132. Does re-plating require removing gemstones
22133. Alloy wheel refurbishing
22135. Fumes in Galvanized Plumbing
22136. Mercury disposal treatment
22137. Paint Peeling problems on Prepainted Galvanized Steel Sheets
22138. A-2 CAM PLATING
22139. Satin Anodized Aluminum
22142. Sterilizing Manicuring Implements Utilizing An Autoclave
22143. Malcomize of 316SS material
22150. Modulus of elasticity without the weight
22153. Electroforming
22154. Aluminum Cast Finish for Plasma Process Chamber
22156. Stripping e-coat racks
22159. Copper tungsten
22160. Chrome plating machines price range
22161. How to preserve the shine on copper
22162. Chrome bath
22163. Rhodium question in a wedding band
22164. Difference between electro galvanized steel and hot dip galvanized steel
22165. Early Rhodium Plating History
22167. Help for setting up a duplex nickel plating line
22168. Parkerizing of rubber to metal bonded parts
22174. Green Engraver Parts
22177. Old Copper Fire Extinguishers
22179. Shiny brass plated to antique brass
22181. Refinishing stainless steel with a brush finish
22186. Black Organic
22187. Alternative to 316 SS for a leaf spring
22188. Barrel Plating Anode Design
22189. Copper Oxidation Level
22191. Acrylic Metal Lacquer Breakdown
22192. Electroless platinum weld to electroless Indium
22193. Pits in copper plating
22194. Need for woods nickel strike
22201. Looking for copper sulphate for roots. What happens in the sewer pipe
22204. What chemical can I use to turn a copper pipe verdigris?
22205. Brass Candle sticks re-tarnish almost immediately after polishing
22206. Using hypochlorite to clear murky water
22207. Keep Copper Coating from blackening
22208. Trivalent chromate compounds and international standards
22209. Hazards of pickling in sulfuric acid
22210. Electroless cobalt plating
22212. S.S. scratch finishing machine
22217. Sacrificial anode
22218. Does deionized water affect nickel plated aluminum
22220. Putting an interesting finish on sheet metal
22221. Experimental formulas for carbon steel figurative sculptures
22222. German Finish Nomenclature
22224. Corrosion problems on aluminum ambulance bodies
22227. Oxide scale formation - copper plated bolts
22231. Rust in pipelines
22236. Black Spots in Chromic Acid Anodizing
22239. Blue finish for iron and steel
22245. Machining requirements for part to be electropolished
22247. I need very rough plating, like spikes or 40 grid sandpaper
22248. Is passivation the cure for identifying weld inclusions?
22249. Follow-up question-powder coat problems
22253. Refining of Palladium and making its salt
22255. Help needed on painting brass!
22257. Tributyl tin analysis in paint
22258. Expected problems from chromic acid anodizing
22259. Zinc Cyanide
22264. Chemistry concentrations
22266. Stainless Steel 304L properties
22267. Solder and finishing problem
22268. Lack of depth in deep etching stainless steel and aluminum
22269. Copper sheeting
22270. Painting old Winnebago
22272. Starting chrome refinishing business
22274. Effects of repeated burning off of powder coating to the galvanized steel sheet metal
22276. Problems anodising turned 7075 T6 aluminum
22281. Aluminum 6061 Deteriorating?
22282. Painting Plastic Fender Flares
22283. Turning white gold back to yellow gold
22286. Bright Polish of a Brass Casting needed
22288. Thinning of SS foil
22290. Removing rust from inside a bicycle frame
22291. How to make Polyresin items?
22295. Welding galvanized steel
22296. Can white gold be electroplated?
22297. What may be causing Acid Copper to peel from a Cyanide Copper Strike?
22298. Codeposition NiSiC
22299. High vacuum compatible finish for aluminum?
22300. Burnishing of 300 Series Stainless Steel
22306. Electroplating in Basic Solution/How pH affects electroplating
22307. Fuzzy pennies are bad for the grade
22309. Adhesion of electroplated nickel on gold
22310. Scale removal from brass
22311. Sulfamic acid reactions
22314. Remove Scratches on Mirror Glass
22317. Help with blue water
22319. Ebonol C durability and suppliers
22320. Hull Cell Test
22321. Extreme pH Suitable Tank Material
22325. Plating Nylon 66 as ABS, Is it possible?
22326. ENIG discoloration for pcb
22328. Hot spots
22330. Acid deburring
22331. Welding spots and finishing techniques in Stainless Steel
22332. Corrosion resistant stainless steel (Magnetic)
22334. Cast Iron Restoration
22335. Copper sealer to keep fence caps shiny
22336. Nitrotec surface treatment information request
22337. Alodine Composition
22340. Looking for "SILVERON"
22344. Alternate Chromate Coating to meet European Council requirement
22346. Permalloy plating bath stabilization
22347. No plate around contact point
22349. Electropolishing
22350. Nitric Acid Purity for Titanium Passivation
22351. Difference between nickel chrome plating and electroless nickel plating
22352. How do I restore an iron doorknob that has been subject to weather and salt water?
22355. Is PARA-DI-CHLORO-BENZEN carcinogenic ?
22357. Looking for a place to re-porcelain my stove grates
22361. Seeking Tarniban D
22362. Need 50 gal paraffin wax
22364. Application method for Ebonol C
22365. Chemicals for Shining Aluminum
22366. Hypo-allergenic 317L ?
22367. Remove Anodize on Aluminum and Polishing
22369. 1,000 lb hazmat exclusion?
22372. Has The Formula For W3700 Optical Paint Changed
22376. Carburizing 316 SS
22377. Clear coat
22380. Simple yet interesting investigatory project
22381. Role of hexavalent chromium in the inhibition of corrosion of aluminum
22382. Composition of Pickling Solutions
22392. Brasso Polish
22394. Cr expansion coefficient
22395. Conductive pigment
22398. Illness from water softener
22399. Checking Methods
22400. Zinc plating conductivity comparison
22402. Springs - powder coating vs blackening
22403. Dark Finish to Stainless Steel
22407. Cold limits for tin plate
22409. Electrodeposited Zinc Plating Thickness and Tolerance
22411. 416 passivation problems
22414. Flaking issues with Electroless Nickel Plating on aluminum parts
22415. Paint ingress in tapped holes
22419. Removing Rust on BMW
22421. Looking for the difference between Alodine and Conversion Coating
22422. Loss of amperage and glowing parts
22423. Alkaline runoff stripping anodized finishes
22430. How to make NaOCl, 50000 tons/day
22432. Tantalum wet etch
22433. What are the side effects of electroforming nickel sulphamate with insoluble anodes
22440. Chrome plating for piston/gas seal
22446. Refinishing an old lamp
22447. Metal plated ABS buttons
22450. Properties-Sulfamate-Nickel
22453. Unsolved plating problems
22456. Bright dip process, copper parts brightening
22457. Galvanic corrosion of rivets
22462. What are electrolytic black and yellow chromate bath solution for zinc?
22463. 1895 Cast Iron Stove - please help me bring it back to its former beauty
22464. Determining the copper content of acid/copper sulphate solution
22465. Hexavalent chromium removal by precipitation
22467. Nitrocarburize
22468. Deterioration of bright Ni electrolyte
22469. Chrome plating on aluminium
22470. Whisker - Pure t Tin
22474. Galling stainless....help
22479. Protective jewelry coating
22486. Changing the color of an asphalt roof
22487. Want personally designed platinum rings
22488. Cleaning up purple plumbers glue
22490. Repainting aluminum swimming pool coping
22492. How to powder coat chrome?
22494. Repairing Pitted Engine Bore
22495. Titanium pressure case coating
22496. De-smutting of aluminum
22499. Need magnetic, food-grade stainless steel
22500. Need non-stick, food grade, permanent coating
22507. Stripping Silver from Brass
22509. Combining Titanium and Carbon
22510. Muriatic acid on Brick Pavers
22511. Substitute for iron plating material
22513. Pickling of steel coils
22517. Consumption of NaOH in etch tank
22519. Moisture effect on 98% sulfuric acid
22521. Need zinc plating of sheet metal assemblies
22524. What is nickel silver?
22525. Tub repainting
22530. Why Not Alternate Current ?
22532. Need weakly conductive and smooth coating on ceramics
22534. Sea spray resistant paint
22536. Hoyt Metal Co of Great Britain thermometer
22537. Electroless Decorative Chrome Plating
22538. How to be polite?
22539. Zinc, Copper, Nickel, Chrome Bath (Cyanide-Free) Composition
22540. Use of Nickel Plating in Automobile Restoration
22541. Ceramic Coating vs. Powder Coating vs. Ceramic Powder Coating?
22542. Rusting Galvanized Nails
22543. Will Anodized Aluminum outgas in a cleanroom ?
22549. Problem with reinforcing Al6061 with Alumina
22551. Is there a danger in Cast aluminum cookware?
22553. Spots in nickel plating
22556. Metal Cosmetic Finish Issue : Steel Washer with Black Zinc
22558. Obtaining both Bright & Matt Anodizing on the one sheet
22559. Yellowing of stainless steel (304 grade)
22560. Does shotpeening change the previously machined dimensions
22575. Acid pickling
22577. Distilled water versus deionized water
22578. Epoxy for lacquering tinplate
22579. Voltage rise in rectifiers for electroplating
22580. Equations relating electroplating effluent parameters
22581. Rust remover product?
22582. How to dye perspex
22584. 1970 Bentwood Rocker - chrome is rusted and pitted
22585. Is Brass Statue OK Outside in Winter
22586. How hard is stainless steel?
22590. Refinishing Revere Copper Pans
22591. Electroplating science project
22594. Instruction courses in anodizing/powder coating
22595. Definition of "architectural quality" stainless steel handrail
22597. Safe to drink alkaline water
22598. Analysis of aluminum in alum by XRF
22600. Re-coating carbide end mills
22601. Reworking gold plating
22602. Black Anodized parts turning brown after time
22603. SS316L contamination - remedies
22604. Understanding Phosphating...help
22605. Sintering the natural diamond for wire drawing dies
22607. Salt spray test
22608. Want to start a brass dipping business- help!
22618. Need bismuth oxychloride
22625. Price of machine to chrome plate wheels
22626. Pale Gold Powder Fine Metal Flake Search
22628. Home Restorers and Powder Coats
22633. Chroming SUV rims
22635. Tin/Lead accumulation on plastic
22637. Chrome stripping in hydrochloric acid
22638. Passivation Problem
22639. Clear coat on brushed steel
22640. Aluminum coating on steel
22642. PVD problem
22643. Cadmium plating vs surface finish
22645. Product of Non-Cyanide Alkaline Zinc Plating
22649. Titanium Oxide Removal
22650. How to avoid finger prints on matte finish pots?
22651. Joining steel and stainless pipe
22652. Help about passivation
22656. Waterproof electrically insulating dip-coating enamel
22657. Steps and composition for surface cleaning process for nickel electroless in steel samples
22659. Need general information!
22660. Inquiry about Nickel-Zinc alloy Electroplating
22669. Conversion factor needed
22670. Replacement of hexavalent chromium on zamak
22671. Definition of 'Micron'
22673. Carbon coating removal of ceramic devices
22674. Electrophoretic lacquering details
22675. Advice on pre-treatment on powder coating
22678. Diamond chrome plating?
22682. Precleaning of SS Cans
22683. Staining of 303 stainless steel
22684. Dissimilar metals in air conditioned environment
22697. Plating nickel on ceramics and TEFLON
22699. How to get rid of Shiny Aluminium
22704. Tricky and riveting question, can you solve it?
22705. Electroplate lead
22706. Rusting out metal
22708. Aluminum anodize
22709. Sizing rhodium plated white gold rings.
22710. Nitriding 316 Valve Shafts
22712. What is Zinc Clad?
22716. Hologram details
22717. Surface contaminant and electropolish methods for biomaterials
22718. Adhesion of ceramic to electroless nickel
22719. Electrode plating
22721. Testing Ammonia Concentration is a Brass Bath
22723. Vacuum deposition on powders
22724. Surface roughness values
22725. ABS Painting
22726. Trouble on black chromium plating
22728. Looking for suppler of Bis(3-sulfopropyl)-disodium-sulfonate
22733. Density of liquid copper
22736. Chrome Plating of Work Rolls on Aluminium Cold Rolling Mills
22743. Luster help needed in anodized al parts
22744. ABS contamination of well
22746. H2S resistance of nickel-plated aluminum
22747. Aluminum Oxide / Glass Bead Blast problems
22755. What are metal alloys?
22758. Ti-O-N phase diagram
22759. Connection of PC to FPC
22761. Antiquing of copper surface
22762. Uses for "Blue Stone" copper sulphate
22763. Making a titanium sword, the ultimate katana
22765. Looking for sealant protection for copper counters
22767. Speeding the aging of copper
22768. Weathered Anodized Aluminium Roof
22769. Keeping the brass bed beautiful
22770. Bonn Units
22771. Pretreatment plant design help required
22772. Hydrogen peroxide to reduce sludge in effluent treatment
22773. Disposal of liquid paraffin
22774. Rust effect
22776. Gold / Tin Alloy plating
22777. Plating connectivity problem
22778. What catalyst can be added to a phosphoric/sulfuric acid mix to achieve a good etch rate and quality?
22779. Inscribing letter on Tungsten Carbide
22780. Suggest a process to give a cosmetically appealing finish on brass
22783. How can I brush plate over plastic
22784. Hard Chrome Color?
22786. Hydrogen Peroxide as a possible substitute for HCl as a pickling agent?
22787. Vibratory finishing liquids
22789. Zinc plating temperature dependance
22790. 6061 Aluminum Extrusion Corrosion protection
22791. Zinc/aluminum-plated sheet treatment to darken finish
22796. Stripping rubber liner out of gas tank
22798. Re-Finishing Zinc Pot Metal replica guns
22799. Zinc plating for plane's aluminum floats
22800. Equivalence between ASTM B-117 vs. ISO 9227 NSS
22801. Powder paint won't charge properly
22802. Powder coated machine skins in a cleanroom
22803. How do 'Safer hot black oxides' perform?
22804. Keeping castings shiny after machining
22807. Refinishing and repairing stone sculptor by Ike Boring
22808. Ultrasonic Cleaner specs
22809. Information on MIL-STED-105
22811. Electropolishing
22812. Electro plating or buffing on steel pots
22817. Stripping chrome to restore authenticity
22818. Faux antique mirror
22820. Pre-weathering of galvanized roofing
22821. Plating onto SS416
22822. Treatment for magnesium exterior parts
22834. Machining aluminum and magnesium castings on same CNC
22836. Dielectric Properties of Anodized Aluminum
22844. Preservatives for copper
22847. Cross reference RAL to FED-STD-595
22848. RUST RUST RUST and more RUST
22849. How do I spot galling? prevent galling on 304 on 316?
22854. Air Tube Frequent Failure
22859. Dive Knives - Titanium vs. Stainless Steel
22865. Clear-coating insects
22866. 18/8 versus 18/10 stainless flatware
22867. Why would yellow gold turn silver?
22868. I may have received bad advice about chrome removal
22869. Etching of aluminum sculpture
22871. Starvet Info Required
22872. How many times can cadmium and chrome be stripped?
22873. Effect of oxidation on conductivity of ETP Copper
22874. Painting Stainless Steel
22875. Moisture Resistant Powder Coating
22876. Masking problem and pilling off problem in powder coating
22878. Immersion silver over copper bus bars
22882. Etching tantalum without embrittlement
22883. Cleaning of Stranded Steel Wire Coils
22887.Aluminum cleaner and polish for pontoon boats
22889. How to measure the unknown quantity of phosphoric acid of soft drinks
22893. Antique brass finish
22894. Sulfuric acid in PE tank
22895. Material for exhaust manifolds of marine engine
22901. Titanium alloy for surgical instruments
22902. Refinish a faucet
22903. Help! phOSPHOric acid prep leaves tacky film
22905. DI water attack
22906. How to prolong the life of my evaporator tanks ?
22909. Plating Aluminium Wheel
22911. Stainless steel polishing
22912. Stainless steel--type 304--in a coastal environment
22913. Brown deposit on 304 stainless steel buckles
22915. Zinc and Copper needed
22917. Restoring copper gutters
22922. Black marks after electropolishing wire
22923. Oversize reamed holes
22928. Minimizing scratches on solid brass
22930. Plating abs plastic
22932. Heating up EN Baths
22933. Leaching Test Failure on Terminal
22934. Care and Cleaning of Aluminum Surfaces
22935. Acceptance Criteria for Passivation of a Mfg Vessel
22936. Finishing Weld Seams On Stainless Steel #4
22939. Request for Comparison and Advise
22940. A-380 Finishing Options for L.E.D. Emergency Lighting
22941. Finishing per MIL-HDBK-808, table XIII "DG" Final Film
22942. Want to buy Ross Miles Apparatus
22944. Zinc plating to code QQZ2325A
22946. Phosphate coating spec
22949. Need Infrared clear coatings
22958. Investigatory Project Related to Metals
22959. Nickel Allergy
22960. How To Tarnish Steel
22961. Can titanium in ink score gravure cylinders
22962. Effluent settlement rates
22963. Finish for aluminum flooring
22965. Ti 6AL 4v Silver Plated according to MIL standard
22968. Velocity measurement using visualization technique
22969. Recovery or separation of palladium and tin
22976. Refinishing (replating) of oil-rubbed bronze (US10B)finished hardware
22977. Protection of mild-steel during shipping
22978. Desire an aluminum to wood screw with no galvanic action
22980. Unknown heat treat spec
22984. Removing oxide layer from NiTi wires
22985. Sb doped SnO2 coating on metal mesh required
22986. Etching of titanium dental implants
22987. GOLD silly :-)
22988. Etching machinist files
22989. Aqua Regia Gold and Aluminum
22990. "Frosted Duco" Finish
22991. Stripping of Cu/Sn alloy
22992. Print the steel to make good resistant

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