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1895 Cast Iron Stove - please help me bring it back to its former beauty



I need some help with detailing an old cast iron stove from 1895. I am hoping to find some answers on being able to clean up the ornate doors and other visible parts of the stove (the inside was redone 10 years ago). I don't want to harm the cast (?) and I'm not too sure on sandblasting, etc. (Obviously, I have NO IDEA!) Can I just use a wire brush gently or should I be looking at something else? I know this seems like a very 'ordinary' question but, as this is a very special stove I would like to do this myself, the stove has already been tried to be pinched by the people who did the inside. I do apologize for not being savvy in this area.


Kerri Greenwood
- Bentleigh East, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

At my company we often restore cast iron, this is how its done. Firstly, dismantle the whole thing completely. Arrange for the parts to be dry sand blasted, on a dry sunny day. Be there immediately it's finished, to paint with a product called p a 10 , steel etch primer. Its made by healing industries australia, its heat proof, never peels and only needs a coating of regular stove blackening or as I prefer, High temp paint, available at most auto parts shops. Take along gloves,breathing mask and old coat hanger wire to suspend the parts while drying.

Mark Gunn
- NSW, Australia

Remove Mica windows from stove. You can disassemble the stove if you want. Secure a plastic container the size of the entire stove or part being stripped of rust. Fill container with water to a level that will cover the part being stripped. Add one table spoon of powder lye per gal of water. Make sure you are waring eye protection. Secure a small piece of stainless steel about two feet long. Secure a 6 AMP or larger battery charger [on eBay or Amazon (adv.)] . Connect the neg. lead of the charger to the stove and the positive lead to the stainless steel. Depending on the degree of rust let stove set in the solution for a couple hours to a couple weeks. When removed brush off stove with soap and water and apply the finish you want.

Gerald Peters
- Solon, Iowa, USA

I am a metal finisher and my friend has a 1895 model stove (rival) ? and wanted it cleaned . so heres what I did .. I first took heavy metal polish in liquid form poured on thick, took Dremel [on eBay or Amazon (adv.)] with a bristle brush, not wire and just jet it clean very slowly. I went through 30 bucks of dremel brushes, 9.00 in polish and 3 1/2 hrs. of my time which is labor of 225.00 bucks.. it is beautiful, slightly polished with oxidization protection.

Cindy Humphrey
- Pleasant Hill, Washington
January 2, 2011

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