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Changing the color of an asphalt roof

Q. Can we change our asphalt shingle roof from white to green without replacing the shingles. I have heard of a transparent paint or coating. If possible were can I buy it or have a painter do the job.

Thank You,

John Zukas
- Barnesville, Pennsylvania, USA

A. You will never convince me that it is a wise choice, for many reasons. Also, if it is transparent, then the bottom color will show thru--by definition of transparent.

James Watts
- Navarre, Florida

A. Hi John, My husband and I are looking to do the same thing, great roof just wrong color. Here is what I found so far: BEHR roof paint - can stain it any color should be able to find at home depot but I have had no luck. See it's under specialty paint.

I also found a company on eBay (under shingles roof paint) they are out of Canada so the shipping was pretty high but check it out. Good Luck.

Beth Paul
- New Baltimore, Michigan

Q. I have a 50 Sq. Roof I'm trying to see how painting it would compare to cost of replacing. Cost of asphalt shingles is nearly double what it was a year ago....unreal!

I'll let you know what I find out.

Gerry Mack
- Grantville, Pennsylvania, USA
February 10, 2009

Painting over fiber coated roof coatings

Q. I desire advice and/or instruction. I have a pitched metal roof to paint. Years ago, it was painted with a fiber coated roof coating which is a dull gray in color. Last year, it was painted over with an oil base barn and roof paint of the color green. In many places, the oil base paint has begun to blister and peel, yet on the west side of the house, the oil base has held up quite well other than it has faded greatly. The oil base paint had been applied in mid fall of last year. I'm not certain the paint had actually hardened to its capacity due to the climate during that time of year. The west side of course receives ample sunlight which I thought must be the reason it held up. The fiber coated paint beneath the peeling oil base appears to be sound and is not gooey or soft. My question is, "Could I scrape and sand the loose, peeling paint and then effectively paint the roof with a 100% acrylic flat latex or would I need to stick with the oil base barn and roof paint or is there another product which would be more adequate? My thoughts for using the latex are based upon its quick drying properties and its ability to breathe. Living in southern WV, we do have occasional short showers this time of year late in the day and I'm not convinced an oil base would receive ample opportunity to set up hard effectively due to shorter drying periods as a result of cooler mornings, shorter days and cooler nights. The dew is fairly moderate in the early mornings thus shortening the work day. I sincerely appreciate your help guys and gals. Thanks so much! I shall eagerly await your responses.

Bud C [last name deleted for privacy by Editor]
painter - White sulfur Springs

thumbs up sign  I read on a couple of websites that changing color of roof extends roof life. Who doesn't want that? I intend to transition from a dark green to a sandstone.

Ginny Hronek
- Rochester, New York
September 2, 2019

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See also letter 11634, "Painting or coating asphalt shingles"

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