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32003. Is Autophoretic Process possible for Fish Hooks
32010. Chef has questions about anodized cookware
32011. Alloy rim restoration
32012. Alternative to Cd plating
32013. Alternatives to Chrome Conversion Coatings over Zinc
32014. What is QQ-N-290 Grade G
32015. Obtaining Boeing Finishing Specs
32016. Poor powder paint adhesion on aluminum
32017. Does black oxide require baking?
32018. PVD plastic without chrome?
32019. Repair of Hard Chrome Plating
32020. Chrome plating problems on Tenzaloy
32022. Determination of Surface Area for NADCAP logs
32024. Magnesium Phosphate on high strength steel alloy
32027. What metal to resist corrosion in vaporized sodium?
32030. Formulation of chromating solution
32034. I need to tone down gold plated fixtures
32035. Will deionized water harm copper tubing in a heat exchanger
32036. Interpretation of ASTM B117 Salt Spray Corrosion panels
32038. Plasma ion nitriding plus cryogenic
32039. Thin, Hard, Corrosion Resistant Coating for use in Saline Solution
32040. Pinholes on an ENP 50 microns layer
32041. Can you anodize zinc?
32042. Carbon, silicon, aluminum contaminations on contact
32043. Removing heat treatment coating before cad plating
32045. sulfuric acid pickling
32046. Blast media for stainless bars that leave no iron deposits
32047. Garnet is high iron. Okay for stainless steel prep?
32048. Need steel tube cleaning, polishing, coating
32050. Turning Polished Chrome finish to a Satin Nickel
32052. Non Conductive Coating
32053. One part epoxy paint
32054. Ammonium Phosphate forming on stainless steel
32055. The reaction between stainless steel and bleach
32057. What is a Faraday hole
32059. How to do Silver Plating
32060. Where to get Copper Nitrate
32061. Looking for a way to discolor nickel
32062. Turn brass house numbers to black
32063. Possible Coating to preserve gold-like finish on a watch
32065. Need electroless zinc
32066. Black stuff inside newer pennies
32068. Can stainless steel be plated onto gold
32071. Plasma assisted PVD research
32074. Zinc curtains appear on galvanized steel coils
32075. Golf head nickel chrome plating corrosion
32076. Lead Leaching from Brass Faucets
32077. Black spots in zinc plating
32078. Trivalent chromating process availability and knowhow
32079. Corrosion protection by dipping in water solution
32083. Surface finish vs. friction
32086. Polishing galvanized pipe as decorative columns
32087. Gold plated vs. gold-tone finish
32088. Process on powdercoating aluminum products
32089. Electroforming foil to a step-down/recess
32091. Removing nickel contamination from Pd and Au solutions
32092. Plating life problem--failing in Salt Spray
32093. Passivation of 15-5 PH and 17-4 PH steel
32095. Quality of rinse water and phosphate coating weight for powder coating
32101. The order of corrosion resistance
32103. Steel vs. Aluminum for autos
32107. Frozen zipper due to salt spray
32108. Questions regarding Chrome Plated Wheels
32109. Comparison of properties of plating materials
32110. Silver-coating pens for copper rivets
32112. Treatment of Acidic Rinsewater with Hydrated Lime
32113. Use of EN rinse water in fume scrubber
32114. Teflon coatings as release agent for Bitumen Moulds
32115. Substitute solvent for hydro carbon in NC thinner
32116. Phosphate Black vs. Dacromet Black
32117. The effects of chlorine on 5454 type aluminum, buffed and anodized
32120. Bare Pipe Surface Finish
32121. Coating to stop erosion of mold texture
32122. Chemical attack from EN?
32124. Seeking passivation for small lot of 316 stainless steel parts
32128. Electroless coating on glass
32129. Annealing brass door handle
32130. Stripping brass for antique restoration
32131. Alternate to use of K2CrO7 as a reagent?
32135. Trouble with powder coating and aluminum castings
32137. Burning in Hard Anodize
32140. Precipitant in chrome plating water treatment
32141. What is Bright Finish on Nails
32142. Which media for stripping paint off car
32144. How to distinguish real gold from plated
32145. Help with porosity of sulphamate bath
32147. Will duct tape fumes hurt me?
32148. Remove paint from copper doors of rehabbed bank?
32149. Treatment of complex copper in waste water
32150. Adhesion quality concerns of Powder Coating over Zinc/Clear Chromate
32151. Solvent for cleaning Teflon coated metal molds
32153. Powdercoat Spits - Do you know causes and cures?
32155. Discoloration and Stains after washing EN plated Aluminum plates
32156. Problems with EN adherence on 5083 aluminium from a specific manufacturer
32157. Bright control in copper acid bath
32161. Seeking a crimpable finish
32162. Wear treatment for aluminum yarn rollers
32166. Inquiry about 66 degree sulfuric acid
32167. How do I create a black patina on iron?
32168. How to waterproof Styrofoam to imitate waterfall rocks?
32169. Curing powder coat with IR
32170. Brass cleaner for cartridge cases?
32171. Why is 18/8 non-magnetic?
32172. Zn thickness measurement on wire
32174. Baking needed after nickel plating of neodymium?
32177. Blisters of sulphamate nickel plating after sintering
32178. PCB can plating and core materials
32179. Brown stain on aluminum alloy surface
32180. Etching of injection molds for leather graining
32181. Non-conducting permanent coating
32182. How to choose the right cutting tool plating technology
32183. Bonding (epoxy) material to hold broken Graphite at 700 degrees C temperature
32184. E-Coating of Magnesium Castings
32185. Aluminum Teflon non-stick coating
32186. Post-Chromating Fabrication
32187. Manganese phosphating of piston rings
32192. Plastisol suppliers please contact us
32194. Cost difference between zinc plating and hex chromate
32195. How do I refinish damaged aluminum wheels?
32196. Need a material to air brush onto lead products for chrome finish
32197. Need fish-safe clear coat on steel
32200. The History Channel wants to talk to homeowners restoring tin ceilings
32202. Boiler feed water treatment
32204. Aluminum powder coating problems
32205. Red oxide surface and primer: adhesion of powder coating or replacement
32208. Zinc metal build up in plating solution
32209. Coating to Prevent Plating
32213. Design student wants how to's for metal finishes
32215. Nickel Plating over aluminum without copper
32216. Chemical Cleaning Old Brass and Plated Musical Instruments
32218. How to turn Brass Faucet into black--black iron look
32221. Ra as compared to AA for surface finishes
32228. Beginning artist wants to etch copper and silver
32229. RoHS -- is the chromium in 6061 / 5052 aluminum hexavalent?
32232. Zinc plating vs galvanizing for rust prevention
32233. Electroless plating as a joining technology
32235. Avoiding rust inside close holes during chrome plating
32236. Gold flash is invisible, is it there?
32237. Lighting manufacturer wants to copper electroform organic items
32238. Help fix undersize O.D. on CDA958
32239. Activation of Platinum-Iridium for Nickel and Gold plating
32241. Anode baskets use in wood nickel strike
32242. Electrical Resistance of Chromate Coatings
32245. How to remove gold layering from a coin?
32248. Teflon powder coatings
32251. Brazing zinc plated parts
32252. Help: non removable film formed on hard chrome after black oxide
32254. Yacht Builder needs to fix scratches in anodized pipe
32255. Stainless Steel Rouging Problem due to CIP/ SIP process
32256. Chlorine attack of stainless steel in a public pool
32258. Antique dealer asks if object from 1900 could be Mazac
32261. Platinized titanium suitable as cathode
32262. Excessive plasma dross
32263. Paint over spray loss reduction
32264. Yellow Stains On Nickel Plated Strips
32267. Surface prep for 2024-T3 human powered vehicle
32269. Want to start electroless nickel plating plant
32271. Specific Applications of PVC and Nylon Coating
32272. Electronic and electroplating waste statistics
32274. Seeking decorative chrome plating of low volume plastic Ferrari restoration parts
32276. Plating die cast with silver nitrate
32277. Want Rust Remover that won't harm paint
32278. Fire vs. Water for nails science project
32279. Yacht welding repair question
32281. Help with dirt bike rims
32282. Passivation of carbon steel
32283. Formaldehyde poisoning from MDF
32285. What is an N8 finish?
32286. Upgrading 304 Stainless corrosion resistance
32287. Does Alodining violate EU banned CrVI
32288. Brown film on passivated stainless steel castings
32292. Corrosion problem in shell and tube chiller
32293. How to raise Iron Content in Mn phosphate bath
32294. Some parts aren't getting anodized
32296. Nickel diffusion through sputtered and plated gold
32298. Cleaning compounds off aluminum
32301. Applying hard coat for die steels with portable device
32302. Saline tolerant coatings for buried steel pipelines
32303. Differentiating nickel and chromium plating by simple observation
32304. Experiencing white rust on post-treated galvanized iron
32305. Pinholes / blowholes in aluminum casting components
32309. Reapplying Clear Chromate on AL 6061 after post machining
32310. Advance professional information of metal plating
32314. Looking for high temp. coating/ treatment for graphite crucibles
32315. Solder flux conductivity problem
32316. Allowable Iron Content in Passivation Bath
32317. Phosphate coating weights vs. sludge quantity
32318. There is a undetectable contamination in our analysis using a potentialstat
32319. Zinc phosphate for hot dipped galvanized?
32320. Problems in PVC piping system for hypochlorite
32321. Refinish metal motorcycle spokes?
32325. What should jeweler tell our customers about white gold?
32329. Keep fishing hook sharpness after nickel plate
32330. Hard anodizing formula query
32331. Over etch of silver/nickel
32333. Is it possible to solidify PVC glue in a mould?
32334. Repair of pot metal basket holder
32335. Maximum possible chrome plate thickness
32341. Need Resin Coatings for Fiberglass Tanks
32343. 8th-grade Dissolving Teeth Project
32344. Temporary passivation on carbon steel by hydrogen peroxide
32345. Toothpaste as a cleaning household agent
32346. Finding a job in chroming and plating
32349. Alochrome versus Iridite
32350. Removing ammonium ion in effluent
32351. HASL tolerance question
32352. Coating peel off / high enamel rating on 3-piece cans(603)
32354. TGIC powder coatings and cancer cases
32355. Black Oxide on Brass
32357. Barrel satin nickel bath?
32358. Minimizing damage to hardware during re-Alodining
32363. A debate about some basic concepts in plating
32364. 4130 Chromoly -- what are its properties and the meaning of 4130?
32365. Citrus effects on wastewater treatment systems
32367. Alodize Olive Drab Over Aluminum
32368. Cadmium vs. zinc-nickel on 4340 steel
32369. Info on this great art of chrome plating
32371. Hairline finish on stainless steel sheet
32372. Seeking a method for removal of white rust in Aluminum Casting
32373. Materials that can be coated with Teflon?
32374. Erratic Hydrogen Embrittlement Bake
32376. Laser marking on PCB silkscreen legend
32377. Color of anodized titanium
32378. 304SS Ag equipment gets rust spots
32379. 944 engine Nikasil coated with OEM Pistons TIN Coated: is this DANGER?
32380. Metal deposition on glassware
32382. Electrical contact resistance with electroless nickel plating
32383. Can you use Halfords top up battery water to make colloidal silver
32384. Phosphating weight determination
32385. Stripping off silver plate from pewter
32386. Restoring a cowboy movie pot
32387. Can I put the shine back in my putter?
32388. Electroplating
32391. Can copper be used for waterline if aluminum is added to water?
32392. Plating problem in thread of M3 screws
32395. Questions about cartridges for color photocopying
32398. Breaking rust that is connecting two metal surfaces
32399. 7th grade rust rate project
32400. Evaporative Coating using Black Chromium
32403. Nickel sulfamate plating bath chemical analysis
32405. Fixing blackened brass plumbing fixtures
32406. Hospital needs to color code surgical instruments
32407. Pitting in bright nickel bath--from algae?
32410. Is passivating ok for clean room use?
32411. Over etch / spangle effect
32412. Gauze for anode bags?
32413. Need sweet spirits of nitre
32414. Ends conversion of winders POY industry
32417. Need magnesium plating DOW 9 ASTM B893 or M3171-C
32420. How to make up ferrous sulphate solution for the prep of oak gall ink
32421. Want Nikasil coating and Nikasil bath
32422. Localized activity between silicated cleaners and phosphating on EG
32423. Cracking of 17-4 PH after chrome plating
32424. How to prevent black anode film when black nickel plating
32425. Gold coating on aluminum without any intermediate metals
32426. Capability of precipitation by sod. hypochlorite
32428. Copper pipe re-piping vs epoxy coating
32430. Corrosion of stainless steel
32431. Corrosion in zn plated steel wire rods
32433. Cleaning tiny aluminum car parts
32434. The Cleaning of Steel Pennies
32435. Need metal and solution for blistery finish for artwork
32436. I suspect an inferior metal was used to repair my ring
32439. Looking to build a plating rectifier
32442. Reduce scratches on stainless steel sections
32443. pH of DM water is a mystery
32444. Paintability of electrogalvanized vs. galvannealed
32445. What is electrophoresis coating
32449. In-situ burnishing of brass shopfronts
32450. Protective finish for hot coiled springs
32456. Heat Treating a 4140 axle shaft
32457. Changing White Gold Ring to Yellow?
32458. ASTM B 348 Titanium anodizing
32461. Alternative coating to zinc (cost effective)
32463. Rainbow colors and changing color when angle changed
32464. Hydrogen Embrittlement after Chromium Plating
32466. Stainless steel knives are rusting
32467. White crystal deposits on galvanized steel for in ground pool
32468. Allergic reaction to alleged 14K white gold band
32469. Melonite vs Tennifer on semi-auto pistol slides
32470. Difference between Mechanical and Electro Plating ingredients
32471. Stop chrome plated polypropylene from flaking
32474. White patches under the powder coated film
32476. Zinc sulphate vs. zinc chloride for fluxing
32477. Absence of plating/dullness at low current density area
32478. Cadmium/zinc interaction between mating connectors
32479. Nickel Passivation Problem
32480. Biocompatibility of 302 SS wire parts - passivation issue?
32481. Finishing an aluminum die casting
32482. Effective Tumbling Media For Brass Fittings
32486. Looking to get a few small household items re-chromed
32492. Coating aluminum onto steel
32494. Tin plating scraping into slivers during stamping
32495. Shrinkage allowed on Zinc Diecast parts
32496. Can someone help me identify/solve this anodizing part flaw?
32497. Copper finish manipulation
32498. What is US equivalent for "UN-D469" Germany finish
32499. Zn and Ni co-deposition from wastewater
32500. Achieving mosaic damascus colors on steels
32502. Red color engraving for Medalert bracelet
32503. Chrome plating plastic
32504. Anti bacteria finishing processes
32505. Niflor coating
32507. Measurement of surface emissivity at high temperature
32508. Plating copper onto layered steel (pattern welded damascus)
32510. Alochrome plating inside and outside an aluminum box
32511. Lighting mfgr. needs maintenance free stainless finish
32512. Inhaling Muriatic Acid
32513. Finishing process for Hydraulic Cylinder rods other than Hard Chroming
32514. Double Zincate/Cyanide Copper 2:1 aspect ratio
32515. Need zinc plating from a shop with a 20 foot tank
32517. The use of precipitation to extract heavy metals from wastewater
32519. Need Airstream stovetop refinished/plated
32520. Need ASTM B689 nickel over copper
32522. Weld prep of stainless steel
32527. Information about the element nickel
32528. How do I repair a rusting stainless steel bed?
32529. Certification for pickling and passivation of stainless steel
32530. Prevent rusting more effectively at coastal areas
32532. Need real Cu-Ni-Cr plating of plastic re-pro parts
32535. Why does fake jewelry turn your skin colors
32536. Conductive, heat resistant plastics for welding screens
32537. Removal of oven cleaner from aluminum
32538. What's a Butler Finish
32539. De-embrittlement after nickel plating
32541. Paint system to dissipate heat from control cabinets
32542. Substitute for MEK for solvent cure test
32543. Process flow for electroless nickel
32544. Question about plating copper or copper/tin on nickel
32545. Blackening steel and stainless
32546. Pickling SS for consistent architectural finish
32548. Black build up on stainless steel from belting
32549. Electroplating v. powder coating of musical drums
32552. Etchant for Cu, Cr and epoxy
32553. Can parrot eat the chrome plating off his cage?
32555. Yellow Chromating for zinc alloy
32560. Silver plating chemical process
32561. Mathematical model for electrodeposition of composite coating
32564. Researching finishes on magnesium bicycle components
32566. Oil-Rubbed Bronze hardware highlights
32567. Painting bare aluminum
32568. How do I clean ring of white gold and cubic zirconium
32570. Concentration and Strengths for various chemical baths
32572. CARC thermal conductivity
32573. VCI spray is rusting tin coated steel
32574. CED problem
32575. Why can't I get tin plate on mild steel canisters consistently good?
32576. Electro-Zinc Plating and Passivate Plating
32577. Excessive precipitation of chrome
32578. Hard chrome fume suppressant not working as expected
32579. Black zinc chromate plated on steel vs on stainless steel
32580. Low cost finishing of aluminum diecastings
32581. Hot and cold phosphating-difference and advantages
32589. Current Density Confusion
32590. What is the volume of an ounce of gold
32591. Rhodium separation
32592. If you're allergic to nickel get it treated fast
32593. Aluminum gets black from etching
32595. Effect of 1000 deg burn-off on 4130 tubing
32597. Electrical Insulating Paint
32598. What media for electroless plating?
32599. Improve the quality of the zinc yellow chromate coating
32600. Electrogalvanising - how to make your own passivate, brightener, etc.
32601. Will barrel plating give me uniform thickness?
32602. Chrome rework on extruded bronze
32603. Titanium bolts used for anodize racking are breaking
32604. Recognizing phosphate coated hex nuts
32606. Need blue coating (oxide) on stainless steel to withstand 450F
32611. Okay to connect tin plated to silver plated electrical bus?
32612. Cleaning anodized aluminum chemically without damage
32613. Chromate and Iridite temperature limitations
32614. Anodizing Al cast
32616. Can't passivate 15-5 and 17-4
32618. Mirror polishing on brass forged parts
32621. Nickel peel-off
32622. Black zinc plating turning green
32623. Black Patches in Acid Zinc Plating
32624. Nickel Acetate - What is my percentage (weight / volume)
32627. High School Teacher has some metal questions
32628. Stalagmometer usage
32629. Current density recommended for 7075 in sulfuric acid
32630. Cleaning sheet copper
32632. VW coating specifications on wheel bolts
32633. Tube modules vs plate settler clarifier
32634. Neutralization of passivation dip
32635. Testing for Silicates
32636. Strip copper plating from diecast zinc
32637. How to overcome compressive stress?
32638. Black spots appearing through a platinum plating over silver
32639. Colorizing Aluminum Handles
32640. Iron in Passivation Bath
32644. Absorption of toxic substances through the skin
32645. Lacquer Clear Coat Not Sticking To Finished Parts
32647. Gold Plating looks good but blackens with age
32648. Gold plating issues on beryllium copper
32649. Acid finish at Yale Center for British Art
32650. Jeweler asks what is 18 kgp white gold
32651. Preventing air pollution from gold purification
32653. Improving pretreatment for slider painting
32654. Rust in saltwater vs. fresh
32655. Rust on steel
32656. Prospects for Stainless Steel in Future Architecture
32659. Does rebar next to copper pipe cause electrolysis?
32660. Gold jewelry turning white when boiled with laundry powder
32662. Hopelessly lost looking for cobalt blue
32665. Can you use mild steel instead of spring steel?
32666. How to repair colored enamel
32667. Is there a lacquer for silverware to prevent tarnishing?
32670. Water soluble versus water based
32672. Cold blackening on steel turns yellow
32673. Blotchy black oxide
32675. Electroless nickel pricing
32677. Flat Black Anodize without etching or blasting
32678. Electropolishing 416 Stainless Steel
32685. Removing the mirror from shower doors to leave clear glass
32686. Where to check updated EN1811 nickel release standard?
32687. CASS hrs vs Life
32688. Chemical Analysis - Tin in Zinc
32690. Epoxy powder coat questions
32691. Problems e-coating aluminum
32692. Synthetic oil reacting with galvanizing
32693. Nickel-Teflon Plating
32695. Plating In House? Need a reference for cost
32697. Pitting corrosion on 7050-T7451 and 7451-T7351 aluminum alloys
32698. Chemically Polishing Aluminum
32699. Does phosphating improve blasted surface finish?
32700. Boilers chemical cleaning circulation with Nitrogen
32707. Mfgr. asks if ground current causes corrosion of aluminum garage doors
32708. Advantages and disadvantages of zinc
32709. The properties of copper versus stainless steel
32711. Furniture hardware search
32712. How do I find a reputable refinery for scrap electronics?
32715. Anodizing and heat transfer for stirling engines
32716. Removal of silvering from mirror
32717. What is Glow Bright #4
32718. Need a test for Cobalt in Hard Gold deposits
32719. Singing The Chem-film Blues
32720. Embrittlement relief after black oxidation
32721. Looking for real metallic sprayable exterior wood finish
32722. Negative results on Iridite touchup
32724. Concentration of acid required for passivation
32725. Fine Polishing of Stellite 6B
32726. Coating options for plumbing fittings (no contact w/ drinking water)
32729. Disappearing platinum coating on alumina
32732. Anode basket questions
32733. High Slip Aluminum Modifier
32735. Yellow residue after etching aluminum
32736. Insufficient cleaning of emulsion oil
32737. The Statue of Liberty: Why Copper, not Zinc?
32738. Why is this relevant to real life situations?
32741. ETDA lab problem
32743. Prep for electroplating copper onto brass
32744. Construction Anodizing Tank - Materials? Agitation?
32745. Zinc corrosion and corrosion inhibitors
32747. Concealing "abrasion" marks on anodized aluminum "roll up" doors
32748. Trying to de-plate a brass plated artifact
32749. Need plating advise, ideas for bolts, nails, wrenches used as jewelry etc.
32750. Water treatment for condensate return
32757. De-chroming exhaust pipes for painting
32759. Silver plated connecter pins outdoors
32760. Protective coating on magnesium alloy sheet
32763. Project on electroplating tank design
32764. What gas evolved during electroplating
32765. Composition of brighteners and wetters
32766. What conducts heat quicker copper or nickel?
32767. Is Oakite corrosive?
32769. Protecting oceanfront copper bar top
32770. Changing the finish of Nickel Plating
32771. Methods of resizing platinum rings
32772. Refinishing wrought iron staircase
32773. Are titanium or stainless steel watches more scratch resistant
32774. Battery acid leaked on garage floor
32775. False positive for cyanide
32777. Sulfuric acid titration indicator
32779. Sputtering vs. plasma spraying
32782. Problem holding Zn concentration in alkaline Zn bath
32783. Plating chrome over chrome in Heef 25 type solution
32784. The seal coat on anodized parts is inhibiting an epoxy cure
32785. Post-anodize cleaning with nitric acid?
32786. Prevention of white rust in aluminum castings
32787. Passivation Specifications
32793. Glue for stainless steel
32796. Metal chandelier restoration
32797. Hard coating for Zinc die-cast part?
32807. Nails rusting science project
32808. How to etch into perspex
32810. Stripping, priming and then painting faded, chalky aluminum
32811. Re-dipped or Not (18" Diablo Racing Wheels/Zerati Model)
32812. Is white gold still being made?
32813. MIL-STD-171
32814. Alternative to steam heating in strip dryers
32816. HF Analysis
32818. Saltwater spray/fog vs. submersion accelerated testing
32819. Hydrogen embrittlement in medium carbon heat treated and zinc plated steels
32820. Formula for NC Retarder Solvent
32822. I need Epoxies for Operating Temp of -40 °F to +150 °F
32824. How a powder coating oven operates
32827. Plating of Aluminum Gears
32828. Tantalum plating for pipe
32829. Lacquering aluminum- can it be done?
32830. Crazing problem in anodizing
32831. Changing the color of 304 or 316 Stainless Steel
32834. Looking for material to use for de-burring nickel plated engraved cylinder
32836. Is 18-8 Stainless Steel good for a bridge railing?
32837. Why does stainless steel rust
32838. sulphates in Chromium Plating Baths
32840. Need Custom Made Pen Clips for Hand Made Pens
32845. Better uniformity for gold electroplating on wafer?
32848. Decorative etching of aluminum
32849. I want to know how to oxidise silver
32851. Can I add a filter inline with my agitation for Eductors
32852. Are 316L fans Spark proof?
32853. Should we use D.I. vs distilled vs r/o water
32854. Etching 6063 Aluminium to reveal microstructure
32855. Parts are good, Hull-cell Panels are bad
32856. Nickel Plating Problem
32857. LM24 versus LM2 for chrome plating
32858. Color unevenness for Cr3 black
32860. A problem in grinding Aluminum
32861. Copper -vs- Galvanized Steel Grounding Rods
32869. Returning mirror finish to pillowed copper backsplash
32870. How to fabricate a fume scrubber?
32871. Fiberglass electrolytic cell
32872. Still have a headache after welding galvanized
32873. Na2SO2O5 vs. NaHSO3 for neutralizing hex chromium to trivalent
32875. Blotchy MIL-A-8625
32876. Vapor Blasting stainless hardware a Viable Option?
32877. Is anyone familiar with SNB process for internal stress control
32883. Galvanised steel coating reaction with caustic chemicals
32885. Titanium Deburring
32886. We look for suppliers of electroplating intermediates
32890. My 5-month old belt is rusted
32891. I want my navel pierced but I am allergic to copper and nickel
32894. Melting down old gold to make new jewelry
32896. Small Scale Electropolishing of Cutlery
32898. What is the meaning of RAL
32900. Hydrogen Bake out after Ni Plating
32901. Kovar soldering
32903. Petroleum vapor compatibility of zinc alloy plating
32904. Clear vs. Bright Zinc
32905. Ban on azo dyes used in anodizing
32906. Scratch resistance of dyed aluminum anodizing
32907. Need masking help
32908. Surface texture improvement by phosphating?
32917. MIL-STD 171E finishing of metal
32919. Plating barbecue grill
32920. Failure of hard chrome coating on work rolls
32921. Need G.E. F50TF1 aluminum coating, inorganically bonded finish
32923. 4th grade project: what paint is best
32924. How to stop galvanic corrosion between copper and steel
32925. Get rust out of my water line
32926. What type of metal for walls and counters?
32928. Electroplating/Metal Coating of a wooden, wearable object
32930. Stripping Tin-Lead Solder Spheres
32932. Re-Coating powder coated parts
32933. Discoloration Solder Plating and Sn-Bi Plating Solution
32934. Chrome plate on low carbon steel with stainless steel hardware
32935. How to "quantify" coverage of clear chromate on aluminum
32936. A question about something called like "wet-polishing"
32937. Inkjet receptive coating for metal
32940. Need Alodize hot Alodine pre-paint treatment
32944. Help on gaining clientele for a first time powder coat shop
32945. Dissolution of pure gold and silver for electroplating
32947. Is polyurethane restricted to stained wood?
32948. Is it okay to paint a newly installed metal roof?
32949. Artist wants to locate paraffin wax wholesale
32950. Decorative etching on nickel plate
32951. Plating the inside of a gas tank
32952. Trivalent - Hexavalent - Chrome Checking method
32953. EC results?
32954. Electroless nickel plating problem
32955. Etching ABS: disposal of chrome-sulfuric acid and alternatives to it
32956. Masking problems on powder coated bus bars
32958. Best Media for blasting Iron and Aluminum Castings?
32959. Electrolysis 316 SS pipes on Galvanized pipe supports
32960. 402F stainless steel rusts, 303S doesn't. Why?
32965. Want to build a small zinc plating plant for steel pipes
32966. Need system to remove glycerine and NaCl from wastewater
32969. Rust and Bacteria
32971. Color Anodizing in Home Shop
32972. Bad chrome plating?
32973. How were metallized fishing lures from 1910 made
32974. Can I chrome 1930 Ford Model A Coupe original rims?
32975. Kovar electrical connectors
32976. Hydrochloric Acid Pickle Rubber Lining Tank Attack
32977. Diatomaceous Allergies?
32981. Stainless steel 430 rust - after boiling water
32982. Passivation of stainless steel pipes for gelatine production
32983. How to recognize passivation frosting?
32984. Making designs by Etching Stainless
32986. How to make polyresin coated real flowers
32988. Motorcycle frame - wheel polishing
32989. Steel and aluminum roof combo
32990. Nickel recovery/buyers
32991. The true value of impact testing on paint
32992. CNC wire bending, plastisol?
32993. Formulation of SS pickling paste
32995. Roughness measurement question
32996. Looking for suggestions for finishing Molybdenum sheet

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