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Questions about cartridges for color photocopying

I have a couple of questions? I work in a laser printer/copier Place(part time) They recycle Toner cartridges, as well as sell copiers and laser printers and do service. Also sell supplies. I work behind the scenes and put out garbage, sweep floors stuff like that. Well I have had the chance to take the end caps off the used drums to recycle the alumamenim( sorry spelling is wrong) and also dispose of the obsolete color cartridges.(what I mean by obsolete is they do not recycle them). Now to my questions: 1.)What are the gold colored end caps and long blades in the color cartridges made of? 2.)When heated does gold turn to copper.( when heated by a propane welding torch, the kind the average person can buy at a hardware store) would like to thank you in advance and for being here to answer my questions.

Leonard Thomas
Hobbyist - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Most likely the end caps are either spun bronze, brass, or copper. The main element in most printers is being able to transfer heat well, so I'm betting that it is copper or an alloy, you get the darker reddish color from the heating.

Marc Banks
- Elizabeth City, North Carolina

Ok sounds real. I did try to do some test's of my own. The thing is I'm under the thought that copper or brass would rust in water and that gold would not even be interrupted by the water.(meaning no effect). Am I right. They need some way of having static and then some way of having none at all. Would gold be able to create this on a milasecond time. Or would brass or copper be able to do this. By the way thaks for the responce. I was starting to think I would have the new beside my question for ever.

Leonard S Thomas
- Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Brass, bronze, and copper do not "rust" as common steel and iron do. They do oxidize (the process of the surface of the metal bonding with oxygen in the air). If there is ANY gold on the surface of these caps is is most likely electroplated on and is only a few molecules thick at most. Copper, bronze, and brass all conduct electricity very well. Both bronze and brass are simply copper alloy. More likely it is plain old copper with a light surface protectant to keep it bright, copper is cheap, has good conductivity, and is used in a great many industrial applications.

Marc Banks
- Elizabeth City, North Carolina

Thanks you sir for the info and I appreciate the responces. My gratitude come to you in thanks.

Leonard Scott Thomas
- Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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