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8th-grade Dissolving Teeth Project


I'm doing my science fair project on which liquid dissolves your teeth the most.

I have already started my project with my teachers approval but now I need to look up notes on my project so that I'm staying with the rest of my class who have not started yet.

Do you know the pH levels for:(1)water (2)lemonade (3)Sprite and (4)Hcl or hydrochloric acid

*(my teacher disstilled but the extent of how much it was disstilled I do not know)*

Also if you had any notes on dissolving teeth in any of these liquids would also be helpful.

Alex S.
8th grade science fair - Austin, Texas



This seems like a great experiment. You most defiantly are going down the right path with finding the properties of each solution. Another thing you can look into is what teeth are made of. I am sure a dentist would love to answer that question. As for the pH of the solutions you should ask you school if they have a meter or some other means to test for the pH..

Good luck and have fun.

Kevin Dodd
- Austin, Texas



pH level scale runs from strong acid ph-1 through strong alkali pH 14. Water is technically neutral at pH-7.

(2) lemonade is citric in acid and depending on concentration can range pH 5.5 - 6.0.

(3) Sprite is a light acid pH 5.00 - 6.00

(4) HCl or Hydrochloric Acid is an extreme acid and depending on concentration falls between pH 1.00 - 3.00. PLEASE AVOID CONTACT WITH SKIN OR INHALATION OF VAPORS, it is quite armful.

You may want to substitute regular house vinegar for the Hydrochloric Acid. We put a chicken bone in a mason jar full of vinegar. Left it on the kitchen window sill for three weeks undisturbed. After three weeks, we removed the chicken bone from the liquid and discovered it(the bone) would bend like hard rubber. Imagine what high level consumption of vinegar would do to teeth. Now a quiz: What property do bone and teeth have in common?(What are bone and teeth made of?)

Fun with chemistry and enjoy!


Chris Friedberg
- Newington, Virginia


You can buy some litmus paper and test the pH level of the liquids.

Karen Sauler
- Atlanta, GA, USA


Sorry Karen but litmus paper will only tell you if it is above or below a specific pH for red and for blue litmus paper. A narrow range pH paper in several ranges below 7 will give decent results. For good results you will need a pH meter.

James Watts
- Navarre, Florida

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