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The finishing.com Hotline includes more than 60,000 Shop Problems, Q&A's and RFQs about metal finishing. This page is an archive of a thousand of those discussions. You may prefer to start at our Home page, view the most recent threads, or search the site.

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3000. Problems in Gold plating
3001. Trivalent Chrome Plating Chemicals Available
3003. Dissolving gold deposit for analysis
3004. Treatment of Acid Gold Cyanide Baths
3005. Plating White Metal
3006. Corrosion resistance of tungsten heavy metal alloys
3007. Metal coating on fibers
3008. Poor zinc chromate
3010. Powder coating thickness vs. salt spray hours vs. real life
3011. Natatorium ductwork
3013. Satin nickel plating
3014. Titanium etching
3015. MolyPhos
3020. Future trends in the Metal Finishing Industry
3021. JS-500
3022. Durable,"Lifetime" outdoor brass finishes
3023. Anhydrous ammonia fuming of copper?
3024. Powder coating vs. polyurethane enamel coatings
3025. Pitting in tin
3027. Turn sandblasted steel deep brown
3028. Re-silvering plateware
3029. Pretreatment process for brake pads
3030. Chrome Plating Hanger or Rack Material
3031. Electrical Grounding of Anodized Parts
3032. Chromate in Chemical Conversions on Aluminum
3033. Bronze-Gold Coloring of Stainless Steel Window Handles
3035. How to specify yellow zinc chromate
3036. Palladium chloride as a precursor for silver deposition
3037. Nickel Quality
3038. Gold plating on Music Wire
3040. Plating codes
3041. Removing Chrome from Brass
3042. Mid-Phosphorous EN salt spray problems
3043. Cadmium Diffusion into Steel
3045. Black nickel plating in PCBs (circuit boards)
3046. Metal hydroxide sludge reuse
3048. Paint plugs in an e-coat system
3051. Carburetor Shaft Coating
3052. Iron-nickel / nickel-iron alloy plating
3053. Tarnish on silver plating of electronic components
3055. How to patina brass
3058. Black Spotting after Baking
3059. Wood spray toners
3060. 17-4PH stainless finishing
3062. Lithographic plate
3063. Looking for brightener in palladium nickel plating solution
3064. GMP Standards
3065. Low Chrome Seal For Anodized Aluminum
3068. Yellow drip stain on Iridite aluminum
3069. Antiquing Paint
3072. Anodizing of Tungsten
3073. Hard Anodizing 7050 Alloy
3075. Am I crazy to want to start a job shop?
3076. Hardness in Electroless Nickel plating
3077. Chemical Milling of FeCrAl Films
3079. Porcelain enamel surface prep
3080. "Finishing Shops for the 90's and Beyond"
3081. Duplex Nickel
3082. Anti-galling Coatings
3083. Galvanizing startup
3084. Nickel and gold plating on Tantalum
3086. Cyanogen iodide destruction
3087. Anodizing aluminum baking pans
3089. Plating stained glass
3090. Hex chrome laser marking passivation
3094. Inexpensive black electroplate technique?
3096. Shielding your home from a power transformer
3097. Super fine finish for used stainless steel commercial kitchen equipments
3099. Nickel or copper coated graphite powder
3100. Getting into automotive gold and chrome plating
3101. Getting mercury to adhere to copper
3102. Electroplating and ISO9002
3104. Zinc nickel
3105. Wastewater treatment created "peanut butter" sludge. Help!
3106. Gold Plating Tools
3110. Aluminum oxidation remover/cleaner
3111. Raw aluminum finish
3112. Plating Line Info Needed
3113. Blue Zinc Passivate
3116. Anodizing, salt spray results
3117. Titanium conductive coating, dark grey, on titanium
3119. Limiting Galvanic Corrosion, 302 SS & Zn-Ni Plated Steel
3124. How do I etch aluminum without producing smut?
3125. High temperature zinc plating application
3126. General waste water treatment directions
3131. Pretreatment for automobile components
3132. Chrome Plating Wood?
3135. Chelating agents from plating& photo processes
3136. Passivation of electroless silver with tin chloride solution
3137. Basic question about rotogravure cylinder plating chemicals
3138. Gold (Au) immersion removal
3140. Aging a Reproduction Civil War Canteen
3145. Rosemount pH and Toroidal Conductivity Meter
3147. Looking for Prelude wood finish
3148. Electroless nickel coat with a thickness of 0.004"
3149. Substitute for DEVCHEM 253 Heat Resistance Epoxy Coating
3150. Titanium Etch - Heat of Reaction
3154. Zinc Chromate Plated Steel Friction Coefficient
3156. Rectifiers ripple and metal deposit characteristics
3157. Food grade polymer as flocculent aid
3158. Cold sealing crystal problem
3159. Current density in copper strike
3161. Corrosion in gold plated stainless steel
3162. Electropolishing solution for stainless steel
3163. Plating titanium
3164. What exactly is the licorice in cadmium plating
3168. Aging brass and steel on reproduction firearms
3171. P-Salt or not?
3172. Stainless Steel Corrosion Woes
3173. Water Spots on EN
3175. How the chroming effect is done
3179. Seashell Cleaning and Refinishing
3180. Powder Coating Over Zinc Plating and Chromate
3181. Removing scale from Stainless Steel
3182. Help ! Remove nickel, chrome from cast iron cookware.
3183. Thickness of bell wall
3184. Primer not adhering to Hardcoat Anodizing
3185. Rust inhibitor and autophoretic coatings
3187. Best ABS for electroless Cu/Ni plating
3189. Detonation Coatings
3190. US 10B
3191. Power Supply for Hobbyist Zinc Plating
3193. Surface Finishes for Poly Crystalline Woodworking Tooling
3195. Oiled silver plated parts turning green
3196. Plating on Nickel-Titanium Alloy
3197. Organics and what to do about them
3199. Safety of Gold Cadmium Dichromate plating
3201. Copper plating
3204. Chroming and coating model plastic parts
3205. Painting polypropylene and polyethylene
3207. Thermal Conductivity Of Anodize?
3211. Measure paint usage
3212. Stripping Cad plate and choices
3213. Waste Cyanide Treatment by Hexavalent Chromium
3214. Tin Plating
3215. Electroplating of silver help: how does it work?
3218. Tin plate or Terne 2
3221. Current density software
3222. E Coat Definition
3223. Spray vs. steam wand for iron phosphates
3225. Chrome on Aluminum
3227. Uneven anodizing
3230. Chromate conversion coating on zinc plated steel
3232. Performance of powder coating on outdoor aluminium furniture
3233. Anode grade Graphite
3237. Ligands or chelates
3238. Hexavalent Chrome
3239. 500 hour electroless nickel
3240. Reflow of Tin-Lead Solder
3241. Topcoat/sealer after chromate
3242. Friction Coefficients?
3243. Exceptions from Pretreatment Regulations for Touch-Up
3246. Thickness measurement for copper-nickel-chrome plating on plastics?
3248. Pd-Sn solution activator necessary for plating on ABS plastics
3249. How much silver is needed
3250. Chrome plating protection from corrosion
3251. Solution for wear on diecasting
3254. To use plastic tanks or not
3256. Barrel plating aluminium
3258. Chemical Conversion Coatings on Al
3259. Nickel Plating of PolyCrystalline Diamond tooling
3261. International standard of phosphating process
3263. Flux in hot dip galvanization
3264. Zinc Flake/Chromate coating
3266. Best Finishing for Aluminum Microwave Waveguide
3267. Chrome plating apparatus
3269. Looking for fatigue data for 6061-T6
3270. Nickel sulfamate-failure of corrosion test
3272. Copper plating on aluminium wire
3273. Green Tarnish on Copper Courthouse Dome
3275. Excessive current in zinc plating
3278. Thickness of Black Oxide Coating
3279. OH&S student looking for sandblasting info
3280. Economic and environmental friendly technology to paint metal furniture in a third world country
3282. Tin plating terminals
3284. Beyond Titanium Nitride
3285. Paint shop to powder paint aluminum die cast parts
3286. Polishing a Huffer
3288. Chrome plating plastics
3289. Tin Pans
3291. Ion-exchange resin information required
3292. Passivation alternatives to Nitric Acid?
3296. Ambienol....have you tried it and what happened
3298. Substitute for cyanide as tarnish remover?
3299. Increasing ASF in barrel plating
3301. Etch Rate Table
3302. Chemical treatment/coating for cast iron machinery?
3306. Timeframe of diffusion of Cu into gold Through Ni barrier
3308. Black anodized finish
3309. Black Optical Coatings on 316L Stainless Steel
3310. Light Fastness of Anodized Panel
3311. Photosensitive Compounds
3312. Correlation between natural aging and lab tests on brass components with gold plating
3313. Equipment for measuring thickness of gold plating
3314. Hydrogen embrittlement
3318. Looking for training in aluminum anodizing
3320. Rhodium
3322. EA934 Bond Removal
3324. Sputtering Metal Coatings On Non-metal Substrates
3325. I need a practical guide to specifying plating
3327. Chrome plating/dipping
3330. Electrolytic deflashing
3331. Home brew anodizing help. Anodizing at home.
3333. Surface finish for IMP parts
3334. Waste water
3335. Chromate conversion coating failure on aluminum
3336. Activating hardened H13 tool steel for plating
3338. How do I stop copper oxidation?
3339. Electroforming on resin substrates
3340. Aluminum metallizing on HIPS
3343. Electrophoretic
3344. Salt spray testing of zinc plated and passivated MS parts
3345. Design of Experiments Methodology, Why?
3350. Reducing the throwing power of Nickel sulphamate solutions
3352. Looking for Winox - Gold Oxidizing Agent
3353. Quick Question: Typical Tin plating steel cathode surface area?
3354. Stainless steel corrosion by chloride ions ?
3355. Bronze Color Variation
3356. Hydrogen embrittlement testing
3357. Hard wear resistant Coating for Aluminium
3358. Curb welded nickel plated chain
3359. Sales suggestions
3362. Paint adhesion
3363. Removal of copper oxide using cyanide
3367. Scratches on chrome plated surfaces
3369. Alodine 1201 versus Alodine 1200S
3371. Filter press cloth selection
3373. Anodizing tank connections / super cooling
3374. Removing coatings from copper cookware
3375. Blacken Metal w/ Sulphuric Acid & Copper Sulphate
3376. Zinc Tin Alloy Powder
3377. Pitting & Anodic corrosion in SS316 in marine environment
3383. Hardness of hexavalent chrome
3384. Plating on Plastics
3386. Application of Ebonex® Electrode
3388. Coating Aluminum
3389. Etching solution for nickel-iron
3390. Silver Nitrate electroplating
3392. Wastewater treatment of zinc and iron phosphatizing processes
3397. Non-etch stripping of anodic coatings on aluminum
3399. Refinishing GI M-16 magazines
3402. Hydrogen Embrittlement
3404. Resin coating in vacuum for zamak parts to be chrome-plated
3406. Fluoborate bath info
3407. Looking for re-chroming services
3408. Plating Ultem 2300 and Composite Plastics
3410. Nickel on Stainless steel
3411. Proper pre-plate cycle for Electroless Nickel
3412. Chromate conversion coating testing
3414. Spotty Conversion Coating of Cold-worked Aluminum Clad
3416. Info needed: Chrome Plating and Anodizing
3417. Hydrogen Peroxide in finishing process
3420. Patchy stained Nickel chrome deposit
3427. In-house lab setup
3428. Bending aluminum pipe
3430. Source for heat resistant paint <300 °F
3436. Analysis of tin plate and tin-free steel
3443. Is Low volume Vacuum Coating feasible for plastic models?
3447. Electro plating polyamide
3449. E-paint vs. Powder Coating
3451. Alternative to Ferroxyl testing & Spot Indicator of Chromium and/or Nickel
3453. Nitrided Acme screw galling
3458. Gold Plating direct to copper
3459. Info on chrome stripper
3460. Transparent colors to go over chrome plating.
3461. How to make chrome black
3464. Spalling of sulphuric acid anodizing
3470. Electrolytic stripping
3472. Heat conduction & electrical insulation properties of 20 micron black anodised aluminium
3473. Chemical for brightening aluminium pressure die castings
3474. Tin sol bath
3475. Racking for passivation of stainless steel
3477. Oil used for pressed parts is incompatible with paint process. Help?
3480. Phosphating processes and hydrogen embrittlement
3483. Technical query regarding phosphating
3488. Shot peening aluminum for fatigue resistance
3490. Pollution Prevention Opportunities for Rinses and Toxic Chemical Paint Strippers
3492. Help with Cataphoretic (CED) Coatings
3493. Polishing Invar for mirrors
3495. Hardcoat anodizing coloration problem
3499. Adhesion of identification coating to high hardness steel
3500. Acid Copper Bond on Nickel Substrate
3501. Does UV light have a tarnishing effect on silver?
3504. Toroid/ferrite coating without jig marks
3506. Powder Painting of Wood
3508. Black without anodizing?
3509. Removing chrome plate
3510. How to etch "scenes" into aluminium?
3512. Aluminum finish and fatigue life
3515. Copper plating on graphite fibers
3517. Molybdenum Phosphate plating/coating on steel sheet metal
3518. Paint Adhesion Problems
3520. Longevity of Nickel Plating in Ice Machines?
3523. How can I restore my old tub?
3524. Need Nickel anodes
3528. Plating EN and bright Nickel on Mg
3529. Plating on Aluminum
3534. Gold Coating for high IR reflectance
3537. Alkaline cleaner temperature
3538. Stainless steel & brass anodizing
3540. Electroplating/electroforming onto etched silicon
3542. Coating aluminum parts used in industrial equipment
3544. Yellow chromate without Cr VI
3546. Electropolish current/voltage settings
3548. PVD - Fashion Jewellery Applications ?
3551. Excess lead in treated wastewater
3553. Ebonal "Z" 80
3554. Electroless indium baths
3558. Applying trivalent chromate conversion coating to zinc plating before hydrogen de-embrittlement baking
3560. Seal floors in plating shop
3561. Anodizing book needed
3563. Phosphate Removal
3564. Brightening process for aluminium required
3565. Iridite
3567. Musical Instrument Keys
3568. Restoration Detailing Colors
3569. Plating Silver onto Stainless Steel
3570. Best pH for Iron Phosphate
3571. Passivation problems with T304 stainless steel
3573. Epoxying together 2 Stainless Steel surfaces
3574. Looking for mil spec
3575. TiCad Substitution for Vacuum Cadmium plating?
3577. Permanently Marking a Hardcoated Part
3579. Gold Plating the ID of tubing
3581. Electrogalvanize difference between 60G60GE and 70G70GE
3583. Need help packing anodizing baskets
3584. Finishing aluminum reflectors
3585. Aluminium Polishing
3587. Help on hard anodizing?
3590. MIL-Std vs. AMS Std's
3591. Proper plastic material to build the tank of
3592. Turning leaded glass strips from yellow to white metal look
3599. Brass Polishing
3602. Aluminum Vapor Deposition Service per MIL-DTL-83488
3603. Restoring a tin ceiling
3604. Cleaning anode bags
3605. Alusil?
3606. Black Chrome
3608. Industry Standards for Repainting Cars?
3609. Removing Carbonates from a silver potassium Cyanide bath
3610. Removing copper from nickel
3612. Using reclaimed powder mixed with virgin powder
3613. Hazards presented by wastewater streams
3614. Anodizing LM24 Die cast Alloy
3615. Heating/cooling coils in chromic anodizing
3616. Removal of chrome plating from a monel (German silver) radiator shell
3617. Alternates to Zinc Chromate finish, for improved electrical conductance
3619. Noise reduction when Buffing
3620. Evaporation of rinse water
3623. How can I get 0.1 nm roughness on Si surface?
3624. Plating on plastic in Europe
3625. Creating Durable Ag/AgCl Wire
3627. Anodizing Coefficient of Friction
3628. Abrasion resistance of anodize coatings
3629. In house color dye for aluminum
3630. Looking for a Chip Resistant Finish for "Texas Washers"
3631. Chrome-plating a column
3632. Cherry Red; case hardening:?
3633. Want to do Black Nickel Plating
3634. Plating Problem
3642. Looking for an analytical method for citric acid
3643. How should the acids and lye used during home anodizing be disposed?
3645. Is anodizing or chromating better for flat black finish
3646. Dog urine corroding galvanized steel flashing
3647. Flat black finish throughout a small tube
3648. Chromate coating time
3649. Anodizing Of Titanium Alloy per AMS2488 Type II
3650. Powder coated stainless steel laser engraving
3651. Chromic Anodizing on Titanium Racks
3652. Chrome alternatives
3655. Alternative for nickel plating of fasteners
3658. Cyanide free alkaline copper
3659. Phosphate removal from chrome solution
3667. Rust protection for etched carbon steel
3670. Diffusing the galvanic couple
3671. Stripping electroless nickel from copper
3674. Removing anodizing
3678. Anodized aluminum as a bearing surface. Anodizing layer peels off!
3680. Stripping silver from Nickel
3682. Need advice on electroplating
3684. Surface finish Symbols
3685. Plating Thickness/Eddy-Current
3687. Need for info. about gold plating
3688. Oxidation removal from electroless nickel plating for solderability
3690. MIL-C-5541E (CHEM FILM) Spec
3692. Black Chromate Alternatives
3694. Mechanical Galvanized Fasteners
3695. Looking for unsharpened razor blade source
3696. Book by Prof. Dott. Eugenio Bertorelle
3697. Costs of Anodizing Plant in Different Industries
3705. Powder Coating MDF
3707. Chemical milling of spark machined pressing tools
3708. Steel Annealing Smut Resists Conventional Cleaning Methods
3709. Information about a surface roughness symbol
3710. Seeking Technical Help for Hard Chrome
3711. Maximum Chromic Acid Anodize Thickness
3716. Seeking Information on Standard Nickel Plating Process
3717. Chrome plating of spheres
3718. Precleaning of painted parts spoils zinc passivation
3720. How to neutralize rust
3721. Precleaning procedure for powder coating
3723. Electroplating an aluminum pickup truck grille
3724. ACID DIP - How much?
3725. Stainless steel look for structural steel?
3726. Nickel coating on plastic surfaces
3728. Zamak polishing compound for vibrator
3729. Weeping from aluminum air bearings
3734. Coatings for Stainless Steel
3735. Problems With Danglers
3736. Aluminum emissivity and absorptivity
3737. Diatomaceous earth filters for nickel plating
3740. JF-500 or JS-500 Finish?
3743. Boron removal from wastewater?
3744. Alonisation?
3745. Barrel plating
3748. Room Temperature Blackening Problems
3752. Copper plating is not smooth but has texture
3753. How to color a threaded metal rod
3754. citric acid additive for dishwasher
3755. Clear coating Silver
3756. Toxicity of Zinc Phosphate pretreatment
3757. Phosphating coating - Harmful to Humans?
3760. Metal Plating Of Plastics
3762. Whisker problem
3763. How to polish stainless piping for Jet Fuel
3765. Bad adhesion between Wood's nickel & electroless nickel
3766. New steel over old galvanized roof, sealer available?
3767. New company seeking assistance
3768. Brass exterior Coach Lights
3769. Testing ductility of nickel deposits
3770. Anodizing small parts (aluminum and titanium)
3772. How can I achieve heavy gold plate on brass w/pen plater?
3773. Peeling of Nickel Sulfamate from steel
3774. Electrolytic blackening with CRS
3776. Chip resistance of powder coating is poor
3777. How to finish stainless steel
3778. Problems in Nickel Chrome plating on Zinc Diecast Parts
3780. How to plate fiberglass at home
3781. Pot metal repair
3786. Chrome Plating as substitute for silver
3787. Iron in HCl
3788. Waste Disposal - ANODISING
3790. Low-abrasive coating vendor?
3792. Home antique finish kit
3793. pH drop in Nickel Electroforming
3795. How to overcome non uniform thickness of coating in electroplating
3798. Water break free
3799. Where to get Automotive Specs
3800. Chrome Plating - benefits
3804. Caustic recovery
3805. Al2O3 foil by anodizing
3806. Dupont 303-S polishing compound. Is there a substitute?
3807. Zinc plating: De-embrittlement and passivation
3808. De-embrittlement for Chromium or Nickel Plated Parts
3811. Tank covers or ping pong balls?
3812. Electroless plating on silicon wafer
3816. Removing graphite.... how?
3817. Chromate slough
3819. SODIUM DICHROMATE on Stainless, dull black on anodize
3822. Pulse Plating and hydrogen Embrittlement
3823. Deburring internal passages in a Delrin manifold
3825. Photo resist for electroplating
3827. Yellow chromate on EN
3828. Powder coating
3834. Poor paint adhesion on galvanised surface
3836. Best Masking Materials
3837. Clear coat over Tremclad paint
3839. Copper plated steel problems
3841. Aluminum Electroplating
3842. Zinc/Chromate Powdery Residue
3843. Brass Sealer
3844. Ceramic coating for PVD chamber wall
3847. Silver plating
3850. Electrolytic polishing solution for cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloys
3852. Susceptibility of Cyanide Copper Plated Parts to Hydrogen Embrittlement
3855. Anodizing De-foamer
3856. Alodine for Marine Environment
3857. Iron/zinc plating
3859. Diatomaceous Earth Filters
3862. Removing annealing stains from stainless steel
3866. Making Surgical instruments non reflective
3867. Citrus based etching for titanium
3868. Splash Anodizing Techniques
3869. Anodizing. a lot of questions
3872. Cloudy CAD
3874. Fluoboric Acid
3876. Bright dipping of brass
3877. Magnetic Shielding on plastic
3878. Where to buy used copper anodes?
3882. Electrodeposition of chromium
3889. The affects of hydrogen embrittlement on cold headed threaded studs
3891. supplier of electrophoretic lacquer
3892. Titanium-Cadmium Plating -- What is its Purpose?
3895. Problems with nickel and chrome plating
3898. looking for black finish on bronze
3899. Wohlwill electrolytic refining process for gold
3901. High corrosion resistance coatings for die-cast zinc
3903. Honda automotive finishing specifications
3905. Prepping and painting hot zinc die castings
3906. Voltage rating for ML coating dielectric test of a PMG Stator
3907. Gluconate Analysis for Caustic Etch
3908. Should we stir a decorative chrome bath?
3909. 'Flash Attack' During Passivation Of Stainless Steels
3910. silver extraction from photographic fixer
3912. Eddy Current for Copper Black Oxide?
3913. Borates in Waste water
3914. Help with polishing stainless steel
3915. Technique for antiquing mirrors
3917. The Influence of Nickel Plating Treatments (like Kanigen) in The Fatigue Life of Steel
3918. Life cycle of molds for silicone rubber
3920. Multi-phase nano crystal matrix
3921. Rust on pickled & passivated 304 stainless parts
3922. Need advice plating electroless nickel plating on silicon wafer
3923. Contamination on Nickel Surface
3924. Stainless steel matte finish how
3925. Teflon coating
3927. Galvanic corrosion
3928. Phosphate contamination in sulfuric acid anodizing
3929. Fume Scrubber Size
3930. Looking for small quantities of pure H2SO4
3931. Black oxide process required
3932. E/N plating on tungsten?
3933. Judging quality of a zinc phosphate finish?
3935. Cross hole deburring
3936. MIL-C-5541
3937. Antique Brass
3939. HCD watts Ni roughness
3940. Carbonates in cadmium
3942. Metal surface finish measurement
3943. Vacuum coating question
3947. Emissions control from bright nickel
3948. Characteristics of wastewater from electroplating industry
3950. Plating Coating after Nitriding - Carburising
3951. Cleaning pieces after a polish process
3952. Aqueous inhibitor for iron phosphate rust
3953. Filling up of zinc kettle with: Technigalva, SHG...
3955. Magniguard Coating
3960. Low VOC paint formulation and market forecast
3961. Powder coating Aluminum 6063
3963. Dr. Cook flux
3964. Fireplace blackening
3966. E-coating dip painting
3967. Regenerating pickling acid (HCl)
3970. Colouring of Gold and Brass
3972. Vacuum Metallizing of Paper
3973. Q.C.manual + Software
3974. Black Oxide Coating Removal
3978. Small plating barrels
3980. Coloring Stainless and plated steels
3981. HELP with my chemistry report
3982. Acid waste streams and/or phosphate contamination in chrome baths
3983. Niobium Coating
3984. Water Filtering problems
3985. Aluminum discoloration
3986. Need Information about color anodizing cooking ware
3988. PVDF process parameters
3989. Need for cadmium plating on CRES in seawater
3990. Solderability problems
3991. Filiform Corrosion
3996. Nickel/gold plating of aluminum
3997. White milky areas during Nickel plating
3998. Electroless Nickel Finish for Zinc Die Cast Part
3999. Sorting plated hardware lots

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