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New company seeking assistance


Hello, This letter goes out asking for help with a newly patented product that I have been working on for ten years. Yes, ten years. What the utility patent that I hold is on a new type of hunting, bird watching or military concealment system. What does this have to do with finishing you say. The concealment system is to be a light weight, portable square or rectangle with a true rigid break proof mirrored exterior. Quite the challenge. We have tried pleximirror it breaks. we have tried PETG and poly carbonate on an aluminum frame, but any screws or rivets distort the true mirror reflection and needless to say the cost of polycarb will knock you out of the market. We are now considering making our own mirror. we have a formula of silver nitrate, ammonia 26%, distilled water and rochelle salts. We do not want to blow our selves up either as we here rumor mixing silver nitrate and ammonia will do. We are thinking of coating gator foam or kapqa block with the formula then clear coating it. Once a surface of this formula is exposed to air will it oxidize or will we get a true mirror? We are looking for suppliers and manufacturers.

christopher williams 
- colorado springs, colorado


you can use silver nitrate with KOH solution first to increase the pH over 8 . it will precipitate then redissolved safely with ammonia .then you can reduce the silver complex to silver metal with mirror looking by formaline. we are interest in your products please give more information

Dr sami-
Cairo Egypt


In the late 40s, I served an apprenticeship with a Railroad where we made our own mirrors and did silver plating. The mirror silvering formula was totally different from the plating bath formula.I have the mirror silvering formula and may have the "bath" formula. We used a 6 volt battery to transfer the silver to the metallic object.The bath formula was held in a lead lined wooden box tank.. Please understand the formulas I have are archaic and I am sure time has allowed newer and better formulas to be found and put into use today..

Jack Venable
- Amarillo, Texas

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