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56000. Acid Copper Plating for Grinding Wheels
56002. Anodizing current per square meter?
56004. Is 304 stainless steel the same as 18-8?
56006. Why don't bright finish nails rust in the box?
56007. What will slow down the rusting of iron?
56008. Type B finish on Stainless Steel Type 304
56011. Deionizer Silicate Levels Suddenly Skyrocket
56012. Corrosion coupon supplier.
56013. Tin as addition agent in galvanizing
56014. Cold dip zinc phosphating
56017. Silver plating and its fixtures
56018. Making money recovering silver solder on circuit board
56019. Disposal of chrome solution
56020. Nickel-free Black plating
56021. Alodine necessary with powdercoat?
56022. Zinc plated piston compatibility with aluminum body
56023. Physical or Chemical Change?
56024. Peeling CuNiCr plating - help with root-cause?
56026. E-coating vs. black oxide
56027. Coating to stop condensation under stainless steel sinks
56029. pH balancing our caustic waste tanks
56033. Surviving in electroplating business in this market
56034. pH of my DM water is too high
56035. Advantage of chrome plating for high temperature cooking oil
56037. Is zinc plating too sensitive to packaging atmosphere?
56040. Historic tin roof refuses to allow primer to stick
56041. Seeking mechanical plating system supplier
56043. Electrolyte for plating copper on MIG wire
56044. Chrome plated vs. nickel plated
56045. Costing format for 3LPE coating for pipes
56046. Alcoholic vs. non alcoholic NC thinners
56048. Residue and flaking on HDG Basket Tray
56049. Imitation Gold Plating
56050. Repairing burnt engagement ring
56053. Can aluminum shaft be coated to hard enough to use an o-ring?
56055. New ideas for painting structural steel?
56056. Chrome-look paint
56058. Reducing appearance issues on Decorative Chrome automotive parts
56059. Are hardened steel test panels available?
56060. Does Passivation of stainless steel survive heat treatment?
56061. Pipeline for connection of burners with Diesel tank
56064. Type II Anodizing blows fuses, diodes, and thyristors
56065. Nano biopolymer as topcoat for silver
56066. Surfactants for clear violin varnish
56067. How to stain galvanized metal
56068. Do I need copper plating (cyanide and acid) under nickel chrome plating?
56069. Need supplier of ultra fine grade Silicon Carbide for composite plating
56074. Pros & Cons of glass bead matte finish on stainless steel surgical instruments
56075. Contamination in silver plating on copper
56077. Suitable coating for aluminium exposed to ethanol
56078. Wastewater from zinc plating in nail manufacturing
56081. Plating impact resistance
56083. How to treat chloride waters
56084. How to produce 99.999% (5N) Tin
56085. Better jig material for diamond electroplating of grinding wheels
56086. Plating black cast iron stove grids to a different color
56087. Zinc nickel alloy temperature limitations
56089. Conductive Black Coating on Aluminum
56090. Need nickel-plating and re-enameling of wood stove parts near upstate
56091. Zinc Electroplating for Car Restoration
56092. How to remove "Technibond" gold plating from diamond bracelet?
56094. Uncontrolled variations in flash gold plating colour
56095. Poor plating coverage in blind holes
56096. Need SCA-approved shop near NYC to do zinc metallizing
56097. Cleanroom Design, Built and Operation
56098. Is gold plating possible on DLC (Diamond like Carbon)?
56100. RoHS compliant Hard Chrome plating
56101. Need fume controller for chrome plating solution
56102. Making wood table look like chrome
56104. Science project: What kind of bond?
56106. Gold plating on the pre-tinned brass
56107. Bubbles resulting form electroplating
56108. Where did the cyanide go?
56111. Activation of 304 stainless steel with acids
56112. How to prevent titanium precipitation when analyzing an etch bath with a F- ISE
56113. How many hours of salt spray should painted appliance surfaces survive?
56114. What plastic is best for copper or nickel plating?
56115. How to do a matte finish Rhodium plating
56116. Coloring non-anodized threaded holes
56117. Salt spray endurance of black oxided 18-8 stainless steel
56118. Armor Processing - Grit Blasting requirements prior to E-Coat
56119. Etching a Ta/FeCo stack on silicon
56120. High phosphorous electroless nickel has poor salt spray life due to base metal porosity
56121. Our nickel plating is white and milky
56122. Cleaning solution for rusted st. steel balustrading/rails
56123. White haze and rainbow affect on chrome plated parts
56124. Composition of copper tarnish vs. tooth enamel
56125. How to make potassium cyanide from potassium gold cyanide ?
56126. Copper is peeling off of Wood's Nickel strike
56127. Optimizing hard chrome plating to pass CASS test
56128. RoHS compliant Alodine coating needed on 5052-H32 Al plate
56129. Corrosion of 316 stainless steel by Metalorganic Cp2Mg
56130. Lime marks on door of Stainless Steel fridge
56131. Rejuvenating cyanide based 24kt plating solutions
56133. Permanent blackening of stainless steel for replacement church ironwork
56134. Salt spray resistance of copper-nickel plating
56135. Corrosion testing method for Nickel Plating on brass
56136. Rapid White Rust in Flex Beam
56137. Purpose of copper flash plating
56138. Amount of Material Build Up from Plating
56139. Rusted powder coated pole repainting?
56140. Chloride Contamination in Chrome plating solution -- analysis and removal
56141. Need help for a teflon based paint
56142. What Powder Coating Thickness to Shoot For
56143. Is Bismuth the cause of white rust
56144. Zinc plating of diecast parts
56145. Problems with 416SS after e-polish
56146. Avoiding or Removing Laser Scale
56147. Black stains on passivated stainless steel
56148. 304 SS reaction with Latex
56149. Electrical connection to copper pipe antenna
56150. Black spots in nickel in plating
56151. Does electricity travel faster through tap, lake, or sea water?
56152. Galvanized lag bolts and stainless railing
56153. Rubber or plastic coating ceramic
56154. Plating to Prevent Rust on Gibeon Meteorite Wedding Bands
56155. How to remove concrete/cement from a gun
56156. Paint Waste Management
56157. Testing for Sulfur in Silver plating process
56158. How to bond ACM rubber compound to Zinc Nickel plated mild steel substrate
56159. Printing onto Chrome and Brass
56160. Bubbles in black e-coat
56161. Is hot dip galvanizing RoHS compliant, REALLY?
56162. Green plating is not ok
56163. Plating that will resist ammonia vapor test
56164. How do I hard chrome plate multiple jobs in the same tank?
56165. Aluminium finishing for brightness
56166. Re-treating Bonderite 1000 panels
56167. Need a substitute for Solin Products pm base and pm activator
56168. White film inside stainless steel tubing:
56169. Electroless nickel plating of ceramic powders
56170. Cost to set up a mdf powder coating set up
56171. Need Potassium Gold Cyanide
56172. Brass plating brass on cast iron
56173. Thick Nickel Erosion Strip not adhering to 6061 Aluminum
56175. 9th Grade Science Project on Electroplating
56176. Corroding nails lost no weight
56177. An essay about bronzed bead wire
56178. Plating old Monopoly game pieces
56179. Anodize Thickness vs Color
56180. I need bumpers rechromed
56181. "Lacquer" sealing of Anodising
56182. Duplicate the finish of a metal lamp base and metal shade frame
56183. Seeking electrolytic nickel plater
56185. Burnt paint stripes on upper surface of white gas stove
56186. Corroding nickel plating
56187. Equivalence of heat treatment specs?
56188. White powdercoating has turned yellowish
56189. Hard Anodizing Defect: "granulation"
56190. Need NiCr plated onto substrate
56191. Plating onto hard chrome
56192. Procedure to use granular activated carbon in tin electroplating
56193. Is 18/8 a food-safe metal?
56194. Unsealed anodized aluminum corrosion resistance
56195. Safe dip for removing paint from ornate bonze/brass NCR cash register
56196. Calibrating tool to check copper thickness on steel material
56197. Need help zinc plating of cast iron bodies
56198. Brush stainless steel without electric tools
56199. Compatibility of 400 Series Stainless Steel with Aluminum
56200. Need black nitride processor in Western states
56201. Any difference between Bright Zinc Plating vs Zinc Plating?
56202. Inconsistent stainless steel passivation color
56203. Silver plating on kitchen utensils
56204. Protecting small piece of aluminum from corrosion
56205. How is Sulfuric Acid Cleaned to High Purity?
56206. Boat Hull Anodes
56207. Spent Nickel Strike
56208. Ideal powder coating pretreatment process for aluminium Diecasting
56209. Dust Yellowish in Silver Spraying
56210. What do ohms say about my plating process?
56211. Chemical Brightening of Aluminum
56212. Does sanding a passivated surface mean that it is no longer passivated?
56214. Black Tendrils on Diamond Cut Aluminium Surface
56215. Chrome finish for plastic in marine environment
56216. Pitting of sharply shaped part in dye copper bath
56217. How to get natural finish in ms sections
56218. Re-plating Musical Instrument Keys for Nickel Allergy
56219. Need silver plated old tea set re-plated
56220. Deposit formation in high pressure boilers
56221. Again with the Test Panels? Process of elimination or eliminate the process?
56222. Wanted 55" Circumference x 70" Face Copper and Chrome and E/N Plater
56223. Plating of Stainless steel door handles and other hardware items
56224. Whitish colour after electropolish on SS316L
56225. What type of steel to use?
56226. Brass table with polish embedded in design
56227. Economy commercial size stove from early 1900s--need information please
56228. Blotchy Decorative Electroless Nickel
56229. Decorative gold plating for chandeliers and clocks
56230. Best Tank Material for Chromic Acid Anodize
56231. Leak test in Nickel plating
56232. Cost of automated plating tank covers
56233. Prepping metal for billboards in the jungles of Africa
56234. 302 passivated stainless steel turns black
56235. Making a reflective surface with silver nitrate
56236. Analytical Method for Phosphorus/Phosphate Detection on Hastelloy Surface?
56237. Hard gold plating efficiency drop
56238. Reducing the brittleness of Ni-P electroformed parts
56239. QA Practices for Chrome Plating
56240. Guidelines for acceptable rack marks and other non anodized areas
56241. Provisions and precautions for sea transport of mill scale
56242. Galvanized surface went dark grey in storage
56244. Passivation with trivalent vs. hexavalent chrome
56245. Painting doesn't adhere on gooseneck of lamps
56246. Titanium Nitride coating warps small diameter gauge pins
56247. Electropolishing using a welding power supply
56248. How to make steel bolts rust so a nut is harder to remove
56249. Want to Know Complete Process of Blackening
56250. Nickel plating blisters when zinc die cast parts are heated to 500 deg F
56251. Seal/weatherproof Tim Burton-ish "rusted" steel garden gates?
56252. Price checking wedding bands
56253. Anodizing to MilStd 595 colours, 34094, 33446
56254. Protecting aluminum against liquid de-icing agents
56255. Seeking Gold Plating Consultant
56256. Etching solution process control
56257. Pinholes and craters in E-coating of Nickel plated brass
56258. Is Zinc Plating with RoHS Compliant Chromate also CPSIA compliant?
56259. Seeking a good silver smith
56260. What is Tinsteel, what is Copper Flashing?
56261. What phase -change material is best for thermal energy storage?
56262. Does electrocleaning harm brass plating?
56263. Must rust steel. Restoration project at stake!
56264. Looking for 13485 approved plater
56265. Current required for plating nickel?
56266. Silver Master problem on polyester
56267. Why so many cascade rinses?
56268. Appearance Specifications for Decorative Chrome Plating
56269. Sandblasting glass in prep for Al2O3 Coating
56270. Discoloration of Zinc Plating with Yellow Chromate Treatment
56272. Copper plating over Silver is dark at edges
56273. Looking for Replacement for Diffused NiCd plating
56275. 17-4PH stainless steel failure in 2-hour salt spray test
56276. How to get glossy finish on Aluminium Pressure Die cast products by Shot Blasting?
56278. Seeking to restore anodized truck grille
56279. Hardwood flooring on porch
56280. How to do Nadcap Audit despite no Prime Customers?
56281. Problems Bright Dipping Iron
56282. How to make paste for Dye-Sublimation coating
56283. Electroless nickel plating inside blind holes
56284. Blackening 302/304 Stranded Cable.
56285. Black Oxide Control
56287. Galvanize steel material converted to electrogalvanize, is this ok?
56288. Bacterial Problem in Electro Deposition Painting System
56289. Sealer over chrome-look paint?
56290. Hydrogen Embrittlement in Machine Screws?
56291. What is this yellow finish on steel?
56292. Problem rinsing silicated cleaners
56293. Controlling a general metal bright dip bath
56294. Rust preventative treatment for CRCA capacitors
56295. Ingredients in Hot Phosphating (Zinc Phosphating)
56296. Preparing aluminium boat after electrolysis damage
56297. Restoring a 105mm artillery canister for use as a beer mug
56298. How to do chromating or other coloring of zinc plating
56300. Immersion copper - A home experiment so far unsuccessful
56301. Stripping satin nickel and nickel chrome from zinc die casting
56302. Recovered powdercoating powder lacks gloss
56303. Yellow shade in LCD area of decorative chrome plating
56305. Problem is dyeing then grinding Hard anodizing
56306. Naval Jelly (Phosphoric Acid) left streaks in Stainless Steel Finish
56307. Need high quality gold plating of guitar parts
56308. Need my older baked enamel kitchen stove parts refinished
56309. Need Tantalum Coating Service
56310. Looking for old spray paints, varying brands, 1950s-1980s
56311. ASTM / ASME specs for Zinc Plating...Which one?
56312. Post-Plating Treatments for Inconel and Udimet?
56313. Is a shiny finish possible after Chromic anodizing?
56314. Bright Copper plating or coating over Nylon substrate
56315. Suitable Heat Treatment (case or through hardening) for consistent torquing
56316. Bronze finishing liquid for galvanized access flooring
56317. Need help stripping tin coat off of old copper and wood bathtub
56319. Sublimation Paper Sticking to Powder Coating
56320. Designer wants jewelry made and gold plated
56321. Need Nital Etch for Bell Helicopter
56322. Buying phosphoric acid in San Diego
56323. Removal of Gold Plating from Tungsten Ring [United Kingdom
56324. Electropolishing of Zamak Alloy
56325. Removing carbon layer from mild steel by alkaline cleaning method
56326. Mechanism of gas nitriding process (hardening process)
56327. Acid copper plating bath is contaminated with nickel
56328. Etching aluminium prior to sulfuric acid anodising
56329. Seeking plater to do Trivalent Chrome Plating on aluminum
56330. Help understanding torque screwdrivers
56331. Retaining the natural finish of exposed hot rolled steel structure in a new residence?
56332. Zinc-rich powder coatings
56334. Need bronze plating of steel
56335. Optimization technique for burnishing process
56336. Bulk electrolysis
56337. Activation of mild steel for EN Plating
56338. How to make Silver nitrate as large crystals
56340. Top layer coatings for pewter watches
56342. Alkaline zinc plating issues
56343. Want titanium nitride coating of my bike's hard chromed fork
56344. Need silicon carbide coating of graphite reg for continuous casting machine
56345. Need a silver plated butter dish gold plated
56346. Need zinc cobalt, black, plating on A380 aluminum castings
56347. Generating hydrogen as a fuel for automobiles
56348. Copper Strike on Iron Before Electrogalvanizing
56349. Spray painting brass plated(?) end tables
56350. Metal blueing problem
56351. Clad Aluminum Equivalent
56352. For dad's Christmas all I need is a good seal/clearcoat
56353. How to do copper electroforming onto wax surface
56354. How to match the look of Vintage cadmium plated parts?
56355. Can I use an automotive muffler in the fireplace as a heat exchanger?
56356. Is polyethylene suitable for a chrome plating tank?
56357. Theoretical consumption of zinc and acid in zinc galvanizing process
56358. Maintenance headache: corrosion of fasteners in plating shop
56359. Gold plating thickness recommendation for electrical connection
56360. Gas pitting problem in Nickel plating
56361. Trivalent bright chrome plating offers no corrosion resistance
56362. Eductors and Acid Copper Pitting
56363. Silver plating to differential thicknesses on the same part
56364. Hydrofluoric / Nitric acid solution for pickling PH 15-7 Mo stainless steel
56365. Need fiberglass tanks
56367. Seen our missing '69 Dodge Superbee parts?
56369. Ideal temperature and concentration of hydrochloric acid for pickling super high tensile steel before galvanizing?
56370. White burn, smoke on chrome plated parts?
56371. Downside to Nickel S-Rounds in a Wood's Nickel Strike
56372. What finish is best for stainless steel water fountain spigot?
56373. Seeking someone to plate vacuum form cast resin pieces
56374. Saccharin content for hard sulfamate nickel
56375. Losing cylindricity by anodizing, and burnishing doesn't fix it
56376. Need Antique Copper, Ant. Brass, Ant Nickel, Oil-rubbed Bronze finishes on solid brass
56377. Need Ferroxyl Test Supplier
56378. Need chemicals and compounds for vibro finishing of zamak castings
56379. Electroless nickel microscopic photos
56380. Silica showing up in vodka bottles after storage
56381. Jewelry Coating Business
56382. Glue for crack repair of Painted vintage mirror
56383. How to sand and prime carbon fiber bed on '95 GMC
56384. Best silver for water sterilization/purification
56385. Reblasting of Aluminum Motorcycle Parts
56386. pH determination of zinc plating solution which kills pH meters
56388. What is the difference between distilled water and millipore water?
56389. Stripping Automotive Paint from ABS
56390. Allowable Iron Loss in Galvanizing Kettle
56392. Value of Electroplating on Plastics in North America
56393. Step test for duplex satin nickel
56394. Chrome coating visual finish concern
56395. Clarification of undercoating tin with copper/nickel
56396. We want to sell plating chemicals
56397. Lab tech has Anodizing 101 questions
56398. Best way to do silver coating on copper beryllium alloy
56399. Is plain steel okay sprocket material for sea water screen?
56400. Best pH for neutralization of carbon steel and copper piping after cleaning with inhibited HCl
56401. Attaching aluminium roof sheeting with galvanized screws
56402. Need black chrome plating of automotive bumpers
56403. Recovery of silver from silver tip contacts
56404. Crazy man wants to paint a zebra design on his sterling silver tenor saxophone bell
56405. PVD TiN Coating on Stainless Steel 17-4
56406. Steam ageing test failure after tin plating (bright tin & matte tin)
56407. White powder stains from electrocolouring of anodized aluminum
56408. Polishing stainless steel after its been sanded to remove vandalism
56409. Increasing the surface area of Stainless Steel mesh
56411. Change in dye color of anodizing from black to blue after cleaning with IPA soln
56412. Copper plating of ABS
56414. Designing a round phosphating tank of 500 cm3 capacity
56415. How can I achieve a rainbow colored chrome finish over aluminum?
56416. Need Stainless Steel Flatware polished
56417. Want pictures of Galvanizing defects
56419. Putting Dad's old copper plating stuff to use
56420. Bathroom remodel: copper plating for fun and distinct deco
56421. Printing on gold bar
56423. Electroless Gold won't adhere to Electroless Silver Plating
56424. Plating supplier in Mexico or Arizona needed!
56425. Concrete mixing drum: mild steel or medium carbon steel?
56427. Best location for chlorine injection in residential well water system
56428. Looking for best light cleaner of electroless nickel pistols
56429. Components of anisotropic vs. isotropic etching
56430. Sanitation of Animal Water Troughs using CuSO4 crystals
56431. Antique brass bed for my 10 year old daughter- concerns
56432. Black Chrome okay for Fork Tubes?
56433. "Commercial zinc plating" vs ASTM B633 standard
56434. Plating peels off from ABS
56435. White crystals are forming on zinc nickel plating
56436. How to do non cyanide copper silver alloy plating
56437. Silver or Tin plated bus bars and rain water
56438. Performance of decorative chrome plating at high temperature
56439. Alkaline treatment during Alodine process
56440. Cleaning oil stains From Monel wrapped cables
56441. Etched stainless steel surface for live bone removal.
56442. How to protect the steel hull and the ecology?
56443. Why the black spots after thermal cycling of electroless nickel plating on aluminum
56444. Plating Stainless Steel Hardware
56445. Appearance of A36 that has been zinc-nickel alloy plated
56446. Can galvanized MS pipes be used for hydrogen lines?
56447. Good coating for aluminium injection mold for rubber?
56449. Effect of sulfuric acid and nitric acid on stainless steel
56450. Using fabric for bar top
56451. Any good books / info source on sulfamate nickel plating?
56452. Sawtooth lead anodes
56453. Quantitative analysis of Zinc and Iron impurities in Trivalent Passivation Solution
56454. Will Olive Drab solve rusting issue on yellow chromated parts?
56455. Need Chrome Plate on Spring Ends {1/6/11}
56456. Need Conforming Anodes for chrome plating {1/6/11}
56458. Saline molarity and electrical conductivity
56459. Making a custom silver skull ring age
56460. Paint Curing and Hydrogen De-embrittlement Bake Oven
56462. Topcoating of galvanized pipes
56463. Etching 2 micron features into stainless steel
56464. Removing hardware stains on cabinets
56465. Test procedure for sodium dichromate solution for galvanizing?
56466. Cadmium plated bolt grade
56467. I want to recycle electronics can someone tell me how.
56468. Plating on Zamak #2 vs. #3
56469. Black spot after zinc plating of SG iron
56471. How to get Pitted Black iron texture
56472. Cleaning Stainless Steel tube before manual carbon arc brazing
56473. Pricing: black zinc coating vs. standard clear zinc
56474. Worried about hexavalent chromium in environment in Brazil
56475. Looking to powder coat for better salt spray life than nickel-chrome plating
56476. Seeking white PVD coating
56477. Black nickel plating is rainbow color in high current area
56478. Measuring the thermal conductivity of silver plate
56479. Bonding aluminum to polypropylene foam
56480. Mirror polish stainless steel
56481. How To calculate elongation/prevent warping of high temperature 304SS solder pot
56482. Need PGC (potassium gold cyanide) gold salt {1/10/11}
56483. We are looking for a used automotive spray paint booth {1/10/11}
56484. Need acid etch process before Anodizing to hide extrusion die lines {1/10/11}
56485. How to clean platinum wire to recover reproducibility
56486. Making gold nuggets by dissolving gold in mercury and heating
56487. Nickel Itch from removing masking from parts
56488. Reducing COD in output water in winter
56489. Pretreatment for CED coating
56492. Converting 30 Ra to Microns
56493. Looking for electroforming expertise for foil fabrication {1/11/11}
56494. Alkaline cleaners and chromate sealers
56495. Looking for low cost food safe coatings for 1018 CRS
56496. Where to find platinum anode bag made of polypropylene {1/12/11}
56497. Want to start business in spray chroming {1/12/11}
56498. Need cyanide-free Cadmium plating chemicals {1/12/11}
56499. Electrodeposition of aluminum onto graphite
56500. Painting copper finned pipe for solar collector
56501. Finding Bronze Powder
56502. Cleaning alkyd painted surfaces
56503. Dots in powder coated profiles
56504. Chrome plating on ABS
56505. Immersion Silver Process window
56506. Discard frequency for surface activation bath
56507. Is there a way to increase Electrical Conductivity of Coating in Hot Dip Galvanizing Process.
56508. Plastic and it effects on life?
56509. Stripping and painting powder coated aluminum on a boat
56510. Make up AMS-M3171 type III with technical grade dichromate?
56511. Paint Testing
56512. Microscopic pores in galvanizing bath due to lead
56513. Anodize weight versus fatigue performance for thin anodizes
56514. Wait time between chemfilm process and prime/paint
56517. Micro deburring and surface refinement of small HSS metal cutting tools
56518. Sorting Alloy 42 from Invar 36
56519. Which Graham's '84 Electroplating Handbook is Best?
56520. Will nitrogen quenching harm stainless steel anneal furnace?
56521. Need Zincating service for Aluminum sheets {1/14/11}
56522. Straightened a bent tab on newly plated steel bumper part and it peeled
56523. Troubleshooting electrolytic plating rectifier fluctuations
56524. Science experiment testing different electrolytes for batteries
56525. Can splits in a silver plated teapot be mended?
56526. Seeking to have at least 100 bamboo rings chrome plated {1/17/11}
56527. Surface roughness for good electroplating
56528. Induced Magnetism in Metal, due to water flow
56529. Electroless Nickel Plating Cleanliness spec
56530. Test for Brass Vs Zinc Plating
56531. Method to identify tin plating versus nickel plating
56532. Palladium Plating has acquired a blue tint
56533. Is there any mercury in Iridite?
56534. Thick black foam in passivation tank ?
56535. Rust spots on nitric acid passivated stainless steel
56536. Need bronze plating for small resin castings {1/19/11}
56538. MG32 Etch Bath
56539. Nickel brightener formula book
56540. Blackodising of metal surface
56541. Improper "cell geometry" in acid copper plated gravure cylinders
56542. Rhodium plating wearing down prongs
56543. Electropolishing tub design
56545. Looking for a process to etch Zerodur - glass ceramic
56546. Seeking Valutect Wallpaper {1/19/11}
56547. Iron targets for PVD coatings
56548. Electrodeposition of NiCrAlY powder
56549. Titanium for galvanising jigs
56550. 316L swimming pool railings corroding
56551. How do I expose weld cracks prior to anodizing?
56552. High purity nickel balls for electroplating
56553. Composition of 'Brightener salts' in Acid Zinc bath
56554. Plating on wax - hollow forming
56555. What exactly does stardust mean?
56556. Building gold bug recovery system
56557. Simple insitu test for galvanizing adhesion?
56558. Preventing flash rust prior to Cathodic Arc PVD Coating
56559. Chrome plated rod surface defects
56560. Yellow Zinc Plating vs. Clear Zinc
56561. Difference between AC and DC Anodizing
56564. High temperature corrosion in polymer processing applications
56565. Gold Plating Alternative on Metal
56566. Platinum electroplating on mems device after fabrication
56567. Painting OUTSIDE of cast iron bath tub
56568. Galvalume Corrosion in Florida Roof Application
56569. copper sulphate test on passivated austenitic stainless steel surface
56571. Set Up of a 5 Stage Powdercoating Pretreatment Line with RO Water
56572. Saving zinc from zinc dross
56573. Galvanizing Pot Temperature -- Ideal temperature?
56574. Palladium activation for electroless nickel process
56575. Gassing from cyanide copper bath
56577. Molybdenum Oxidation Prevention Coating
56580. Need a reliable re-plating silver product!
56581. Rainbow effect / defect on anodized aluminum?
56582. Lines that appear to be natural grain in clear anodized parts
56583. Can hard chromium plating be spot repaired?
56584. Powder coating vs. aviation gasoline
56585. Cold Anodizing Of 6061 and 2024 Aluminum
56586. Blackened bronze finish and the outside environment
56588. No washing machine pipe outlet for washing machine
56589. Removal of HDPE and LDPE from Stainless steel
56590. Will nickel plated phosphor bronze pass salt spray if laser etched?
56591. Alternative to laser engraving on anodized aluminum (i.e. silk screening)
56592. How to produce a quarter dome shape
56593. Filiform corrosion on steel
56594. Thin Dense Chrome - Still a galvanic corrosion risk? Other options for gear teeth?
56595. Excessive growth of foam in zinc plating bath (NH4Cl)
56596. How to Passivate Invar-36 Alloy
56597. Effects of Alodining on steel inserts
56598. Sculpture project using "natural" rust stains
56599. Coating the inside of telescoping aluminum tubing?
56600. Restoring cast iron and alabaster floor lamp
56601. Will a titanium ring that has a gold plating hold up?
56603. Isolation of aluminum to stainless steel in pool railing
56604. Plating on plastics - small lots, R&D efforts {1/27/11}
56605. Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Fasteners used on Anodized Aluminum Finishes
56606. Surface Energy of Pure Aluminium with various treatments
56607. Reducing COD by H2O2 treatment
56608. Need Plating of 150 pound steel console table {1/27/11}
56609. Protection for piece with Steel and Aluminum
56610. Seeking finisher of aluminum {1/31/11}
56611. Blister on nickel plated copper
56612. Magnetic coating for stainless steel
56613. Anodizing problems: paintball guns
56614. Question about Nickel Dragout
56615. Manganese-iron Phosphating of 2~1/4% Chrome F22 material
56616. Chrome plating on stainless steel
56617. Measurement of Zinc Coating Thickness on Wire Type Item
56618. Pearlitic rail steel etching (for microstructure)
56619. Inconsistent Powder Coating - Perforated Material
56620. Seeking Clear Anodizing of Walkway Shapes {2/2/11}
56622. How to achieve this copper backsplash myself?
56623. Sulfuric Acid Anodizing Emission Calculations or Emission factors
56624. Maximum DC Voltage Ripple % for Acid Copper & Nickel Electroplating process.
56625. How to dispose used plating sulfuric acid
56626. TDS is lower then Total hardness
56627. Test Method to Test Electroless Nickel and Zinc with Chromate Passivation Corrosion Resistance
56628. How do I clean the protective coating off a brass plaque?
56629. Failure of polyurethane coating on aluminum substrate
56630. How soon after casting aluminum should one paint the parts
56631. MIL-A-8625 Salt Spray Test Requirement on Type III Anodize?
56632. Masking adhesive?
56633. Designer wants metal-look plastic forklift step that doesn't wear into junk
56634. Paint peels off from AL6061 casting
56637. Reactive steel solution?
56638. Phosphorus ratio increases after galvanizing
56639. Pixie process for decorative chrome plating
56640. Antimicrobial Nickel Plating
56641. Shot peening required before replating?
56642. Treatment for a Carbon Steel bolt in acid service
56643. Shining up hot dip galvanizing for architectural use
56644. What science project should I do?
56645. What will be the best conductive coating for gold plating plastic ?
56646. Fine etchant for glass
56647. Can Soda Blasting Remove Anodized Coating on Aluminum Auto Trim
56648. Rusting 316 Stainless Steel Stair Near Ocean In SC
56649. I left my yellow gold in cleaner and it turned white?
56650. Post cleaning method after nitriding
56651. Zinc trivalent blue plating problems.
56653. Need a Brass Patina Consultant {2/7/11}
56654. What material for flexible contact for plating rack?
56655. Black spot on ground area after galvanizing
56656. Hot dip galvanizing of tiny object
56657. White rust in zinc plating on forged steel
56659. Tin plating abrades away too easily
56661. Different aluminum alloys respond differently to electroetching
56662. Do I need to test touchup of MIL-C-5541E Conversion Coating in my small shop?
56663. Electropolished vs. mass finished stainless steel
56664. Need consultant for copper purification and cathode production {2/8/11}
56665. How to clean copper sulphate stains from a 90% silver coin
56666. Preserve high-shine finish on textured copper panel
56667. Need PVD or sputtering of Titanium Alpha onto steel coupons {2/8/11}
56669. Impact of ferritic nitrocarburizing on galvanic corrosion
56671. Looking for AB-5 (medium bronze) Anodize in Class I (RUSH!) {2/8/11}
56672. What adhesive/grout for setting Copper flooring?
56673. Pump material to be used for 6 ppm chlorinated water
56674. Suitable material for covers for sumps containing caustic and acid
56675. How to coat Viton with a soft metal
56676. Spec'ing the Nickel plating on an aluminum heat sink
56677. Corrosion resistance of dichromated cadmium plated vs. zinc plated U-bolt
56678. Cutting up solid Zinc Dross
56679. Chrome Coating Over Cast Steel
56681. Zinc castings, food safe? dishwasher safe?
56682. A student question on tin electroplating
56683. Recent improvements to trivalent chromate surface finishes
56684. "Zinc Weld"? welding on hot dip galvanized railings
56685. Tarnish removed with cleaning plate; now silver goes yellow in dishwasher
56686. Rack plating spec equivalent to PS 8956 tin-zinc barrel plating
56687. Paint kitchen island range hood
56688. Urgent: In need of copper brazing source {2/15/11}
56689. Need short run plastic plater {2/15/11}
56690. What is throwing power cell?
56692. Help needed to extract gold from 1% min plated 44 awg Oxygen Free Copper
56693. Using gold potassium cyanide for hobby electroplating
56695. Water sitting in aluminum pot discolors
56696. PolyPro Tanks vs Stainless for a new Anodizing Line
56697. Is black film on stainless steel drinking cups hazardous?
56698. Coating Suggestions
56699. Sodium Nitrite & Potassium Nitrate bath accidentally contaminated with Sodium metabisulfite
56700. Black oxide layer wear off during ECD process
56701. Can old zinc be re-used when installing new zinc pot?
56702. Titanium Nitride coating to protect brass from tarnishing?
56703. Plated metals for hydrogen generators
56704. Need aluminum threads coated
56705. Interference fit - avoid galling with aluminum
56706. Discoloration after passivation
56707. Need brushed and mirror finishes on areas of the same part
56709. Plating Nickel over silver
56710. Welded galvanizing kettle will have a short extra joint
56711. Need Multi Position Semi Automatic Polish Line - For Aluminum Extrusions {2/16/11}
56712. Abnormal Happening on GI Sheets
56713. Color of Iridescent (yellow) Trivalent Chromate changes a week after plating
56714. Need a supplier for gold plating Type II and III, Code D {2/16/11}
56716. How to put a Boron film on metal substrate?
56717. Pitting when plating brass with nickel
56718. Want aluminum bar lamps to look like stainless steel
56719. What is the difference between satin finish and a 'normal' run of the mill stainless steel sink?
56720. Formulation of spray on silvering and best overcoat to protect process
56721. Changing Plumbing Fixtures from gold to brushed nickel
56722. How we can deposit COBALT on Nickel plated parts?
56723. Ship to shore transfer of 98% sulfuric acid by 12 inch carbon steel pipe
56724. Seeking Hard Anodized or other finish for R & D project {2/17/11}
56726. Removal of heavy metal from dye wastewater by electrolysis
56727. Gold Plating Iphones and mobile phones, Q & A's
56728. Stripping a metal filing cabinet
56729. How to attach perforated stainless steel sheets to an existing countertop?
56730. What chemical will free aluminum pistons stuck in cast iron block?
56731. Type II Aluminum Anodize - max temp limit in a vacuum
56732. Corrosion/rust in welded area of SS316L swimming pool brackets
56733. Soldering Galvanized Steel
56734. Repainting peeling aluminum patio roof
56735. How to assure Mil-A-8625 anodize meets "Mass loss" limit
56737. Make old gold jewelry look new with a battery charger and homemade electrolyte
56738. Stripped and re-anodized parts are grey instead of clear
56740. Sewer gas smell from kitchen sink
56741. Need better than a Mirror Finish on Metal
56742. Electroless Ni coating over Cu coating
56743. Rhodium plating deposition per amp-hour
56744. Spec'ing a limit on Anodize Rack Marks
56745. Aluminized steel vs. galvanized steel for use in composting bin
56746. Should I enamel an antique fruit shop scale or chrome plate it?
56747. Ammonium chloride purpose in zinc plating
56748. Best method to check Zinc alloy plating thickness
56750. How to build spray pyrolysis equipment
56751. In need of a lusterless/dull electroless nickel
56752. Cleaning an Antique Candle Mold
56753. Aluminum limit in melted zinc, and its effect on zinc kettle corrosion rate
56754. Need to meet surface roughness of 12.5 Ry on pinion gears
56755. Alternative to zinc phosphate coating
56756. Will Powdercoated Aluminum stand up to Reclaimed Water?
56757. Galvanized Tub for making Root Beer
56758. Does white vinegar corrode all coins the same way?
56759. Contact mark size limits for chromium plating
56760. Alternatives to electroless nickel?
56761. Can we repair blow holes on stainless impellers by welding?
56762. Zinc plated bolts failed Kesternich test
56763. Stripping chrome from wheels but leaving the nickel
56764. Need glass beading of stainless steel {2/21/11}
56765. Looking for a special Rust Removal tool
56766. E-Coat equipment required {2/21/11}
56767. Steel hardware in re-dipped zinc & clear
56768. We sometimes get etching when vibratory finishing
56769. Scale formation after Heat treatment of P91 material
56771. Solution for continuous coating of lead bullets with Polyamide 11?
56772. Seeking Silver Plating {2/22/11}
56773. ZrN thermal analysis (by DSC)
56774. Electroplating in multi colours
56775. Can I paint vinyl windows?
56776. Difference between chrome and nickel
56777. Polishing a pneumatic trailer
56778. Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Type 316
56779. What is Al(PO3)3
56780. Suggested temperature of chromate solution
56781. Calculation of amount of Sodium Hydroxide to neutralise Citrisurf 8500
56782. Needing a good plating/anodizing shop {2/24/11}
56783. Water-based or Oil-based paint for the rusting of nails?
56784. Anodized pool cage is peeling
56785. Re-electroplate a gold bracelet?
56786. Hot water line leak in slab of home
56787. Touch up paint for oven
56788. Restoring Slipperyness to Old Roof
56789. Is there a difference in appearance of silvers mined in different parts of the world?
56790. Making Bronze part 2
56791. Heat treatment for maximum erosion resistance
56792. How to choose suitable agitation compressor
56793. Need Hardwood Equipment contact information
56795. Chemical neutralisation of bright dip
56796. Need consultant for salt bath process
56797. Color changes on weld seam of pipes during hot dip galvanizing
56798. Coating on plastics by PVD process
56799. Zinc Alloy differences and plating
56800. Difference between ETP and OFHC copper? Which retains its color a long time?
56801. Anodizing trouble with aluminum alloy 1050
56802. Durability of passivation coating on brass at high temperature
56803. Brass cable glands installed into a cast aluminum enclosure
56804. Chrome bolts paired with zinc nuts?
56805. Test Equipment to detect SUS under sputtered layer
56806. Molarity
56807. Refinishing Whirlpool Fixtures
56808. Chloride problem in copper stripping bath
56810. Warping problem in tungsten carbide coating
56813. Replating (Zinc Trivalent)
56814. What is 5052 aluminum vs. QQA 250/8?
56815. Black Zinc and Blackening turn out greenish.
56816. Discussion on resin oozing
56817. Black smut on pewter from Nitric Acid oxidising
56819. Discoloration after Cadmium De-Embrittlement Relief
56821. Raw materials for plastisol
56822. Cathode area compared to tank size
56823. Value of sterling commemoratives vs. spot price of silver
56824. Gold in Scrap Cars?
56825. Recovering Nickel from spent Nickel plating solution
56826. How to apply PVDF Coating
56827. Is "timesaving" of aluminum sheet necessary for a clear chromate finish?
56829. Black steel
56830. Powder coating steel fence panels
56831. Removing Knife scratches from stainless galley tables
56832. Seeking electropolishing {2/28/11}
56834. Electroplating copper to glass please HELP!
56835. Oven cleaner destroyed stovetop
56836. Copper plating a small snare drum part that already has a preexisting finish
56837. Painting a hippie van
56838. How I can determine Saccharin by classic volumetric titration?
56839. Peel off and Stains in PVD coating
56840. Corrosion on gold plated PCB edge
56841. Mirror finish polish of stainless steel
56842. Electroplating Technical Difficulties
56843. Dad's old copper plating stuff
56844. Steel composition for best galvanizing
56845. Problems plating near to holes
56846. Looking for UV cured painter {3/2/11}
56847. Seeking Electroless Nickel plating on large aluminum parts {3/2/11}
56849. Bad adhesion of chromate passivation on cyanide zinc
56850. Must threads be masked for Clear Alodine/ Iridite
56851. Source for WW2 era "KRONAK" plating solution
56852. Dullness problem on nickel plating
56853. Silver Recovery by means of electrolysis
56854. Joining the finishing.com for painting issues?
56855. White to yellow
56856. At what thickness will the chrome crack?
56857. Surface Finish roughness
56858. Difference between gold plating and silver plating contacts
56859. Stainless steel finishes for chemical reactors (emulsion polimerization reactors)
56860. How to achieve a black mirror-like finish on stainless steel
56861. Durability of an Oil Rubbed Bronze Hotel towel rack mounted inside a shower
56862. De-plate copper bucket. Unknown grey metal coating.
56863. Removing zinc coating & Aluminum Safety at bbq temps
56865. Galvanize wire hangers laundry plant
56867. Mystery Of Spotted Hot Dip Galvanized Finish
56868. Plating (CM2) coming off of fasteners
56869. Chrome plating of long small bores
56870. Mil-C-5541 "gumminess" problem
56871. Hexavalent-free conversion coating solution?
56872. Automatic buffing of stainless steel tubes
56873. Using iron-rich garnet to blast stainless steel
56874. Increasing of Trivalent in hard chrome
56877. Can chromium be electroless co-deposited with nickel? (Ternary Ni-Cr-P deposit)
56878. I need a black coating for aluminum that is conductive and ROHS.
56879. Curio Firearm Finish.. Is it Chrome or Nickel
56880. Window frames
56881. Thickness of nickel plating grows during drying
56882. Seeking a plating shop for nanoparticle-based plating R&D {3/8/11}
56883. Anodizing results suddenly gone south
56884. Restoration Shop seeks Brite Dip and Polishing of Aluminum {3/8/11}
56885. Standard for productivity in electroplating process
56886. Material finish required for a solenoid can?
56887. Aluminum alloy/bagasse ash piston finishing
56888. How to do cadmium plating on deep Cavity area
56889. How to strip Tin Plating from Alloy 42
56890. Best way to Chrome plate plastic doll figures?
56891. Cleaning stainless steel with minor pittings for storage
56892. Optimum time for acid pickling before galvanizing
56893. Dual sourced 240S (polished) panels have differing look and feel
56894. What does "white steel plating" mean?
56895. Rhodium plating problem: not white anymore
56896. Can White Gold replace Yellow Gold for electrical contacts?
56897. What plating is oxidation and corrosion resistant at high temperature?
56898. Can you plate on top of HDG?
56899. Hallmarked silver ring turned yellow when heated?
56901. Polishing compound for stainless steel tubes
56902. Need better cleaning before zinc-iron plating
56903. Alstan or Bondal plating process required {3/10/11}
56904. Is HCl certificate-of-analysis lacking?
56905. Chloride in Sulphamate Nickel Plating Solution
56906. Nickel plating peels off from a SAE65 copper alloy
56907. Great Nickel Plating for Scooter Exhaust and Fireplace Tool Handles Needed
56908. Hard Chrome Plating engraved rollers for Hot glass casting
56909. Coating stainless steel watch to reduce shine
56910. Can shortening be left in anodized deep fryer?
56912. Hot tin dip bath composition and additives?
56913. Standard for rhodium plating thickness (double dipped)
56914. Acid degreasing additive for galvanizing process
56915. Embedded Aluminum that does not Anodize
56916. Bad metal from China is used in jewelry what about flatware?
56917. Problems with Alodine not sticking on AL7075-T6
56918. Anti-tarnish for stain free copper plated surface on CRS?
56919. How to determine lead content in jewelry
56920. Polygonal Surface Cracks on Alpha Beta Titanium Welds
56921. We increase magnetism of electroless nickel plating by baking, but oxide becomes a problem
56922. Using alumina in parts washer as an adhesion-promoting pretreatment
56923. Nickel plating an exhaust manifold
56924. ASM Aluminum Handbooks wanted
56925. Wire drawing without Pickling
56926. Seeking Zinc Plating 24' Long Parts {3/16/11}
56927. Making a copper sulphate plating solution
56928. Seeking Source for Hard Chrome treatment or NIPLATE 500 treatment {3/17/11}
56929. Difference between Ra and Rc - surface roughness
56930. When Sections are blasted for anodizing is brightening process necessary?
56931. Buffing down to mirror finish on stainless without grease or oil
56932. Casting aluminum engine blocks from recycled cans
56933. Fungus on chrome plating
56934. What are alkaline coatings? Can they replace acid coatings?
56935. Product/service to remove black off of apple butter kettle
56936. What is C CURT Coating silly :-)
56937. JIS Plating Spec."M-NI"
56938. Acidity in activator bath for electroless nickel plating
56939. How to weigh electroformed part while still in solution
56940. Why should our hard anodizing start at 20 volts and not 0?
56941. Improve surface finish of cast iron by washing with abrasive powder
56942. Copper cable blackening in transit
56943. Need replating of copper pot rack {3/21/11}
56944. Need .00025" hard chrome on 37 foot long rods {3/21/11}
56945. Norwegian Standard NS 153
56947. Recommended voltage for hard chrome plating
56948. How much etching for uniform anodizing of 3004 aluminum?
56950. Avoiding electroplated gold diffusion into nickel at 700° C
56951. Drying Alodine CCC in aqueous solutions rather than in air stream
56952. Multi-layer Alodining
56953. Sealing Alodine CCC
56954. Does coating inside of barrel with Melonite increase muzzle velocity?
56955. Testing to insure that stainless steel is Grade 304 and not below
56956. Difference between mill finish aluminum & chromatized finish
56957. Chromed stampings have rust after 5 months; mfgr. claims environmental cause
56958. Electrophoresis - copper from pickling causes problem with painting
56959. Nitriding Problems related to seasonal changes?
56961. Can anodizing change aluminum temper?
56962. Powder coating over anodising - results in pin-holes
56963. Kohler satin finish lavatory sink damaged by acid
56964. Corrosion of Cad Plated Rivets on Unplated Steel
56965. Chromic Acid Anodize line switch to Sulfuric Acid Thin Film Anodize
56966. Increased Corrosion Protection Options for 316 Stainless Steel
56967. I want to remove orange dichromate discoloration from stainless
56969. Conversion coating for high pH (cow manure) protection
56970. Passivated Aluminum... Will electroplate be adhesive?
56971. Does white gold pit like stainless steel when exposed to chlorides
56972. Containers broke: Chlorine mixed with muriatic acid
56973. Filter cake is hex chrome not trivalent
56974. Why is de-gasser after Strong Acid Cation and before Strong Base anion?
56975. Yellow Precipitate in H2SO4 Titration
56977. Mirror polishing thin aluminum sheet on both sides without warping
56978. Mag wheel is fused to steel wheel hubs
56979. Painting nickel coated samples to reduce rust formation
56980. Will gasoline affect nickel electroless-plated plastic?
56981. How to remove the turning lines from Aluminum
56982. Failure of adhesion of powder coating over hard anodizing.
56983. Neutralization requirements when Passivating per AMS2700
56984. Need copper electroplating equipment {3/31/11}
56985. Chromate conversion coating application via plasma
56986. Avoiding tin-embrittlement of steel through coating or material selection
56987. How to detect whether it's Zinc or Cad or Chrome on small fasteners
56989. Removing/preventing corrosion on 100 yr. old tinplate roofing
56990. Black Phosphate coating attacking zinc coating
56991. How to clean a type 304 stainless "chrome seal" tank
56992. Magnesium salts for whiter nickel plating
56993. Cyanide-free alkaline zinc plating: KOH vs NaOH-based
56994. Copper flash directly on 302 Stainless?
56995. Corner Line Shrinkage: rusting despite passivation
56996. Silver plating yellow gold wedding rings
56997. Repairing Chromed Plastic Jukebox Parts
56998. Selectively Plating Out Copper Impurities in Nickel Plating Baths
56999. Biocompatible Coatings for Screws

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